Jam Chart for Mike's Song (120 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1985-03-16 Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. No recording exists.
1985-05-03 Burlington, VT 7:20 First known recorded version. No Page yet, although he sat in later in this show. Jeff was still in the band. Tempo is slower than later versions. The jam features solid, fairly intense soloing by Trey. Following the descending closing chords, there is a brief, lyrical outro.
1986-10-15 Burlington, VT 7:09 Very melodic, Grateful Dead-like vibe to the jam. Trey is great, nicely complimented by Page. Fish becomes increasingly prominent as the energy builds. A brief percussive section precedes the closing chords, followed by a short lyrical outro.
1986-12-06 Shelburne, VT 8:34 Played at a slower tempo (or possibly a tape issue), the jam is fairly open ended, working through several progressions, including some "DEG"-like jamming. -> to a cool and first known Phish performance of the "Little Drummer Boy."
1987-08-21 Hebron, NY 13:14 Very improvisational version, for any period. Has "Fluffhead"-like moments, a Grateful Dead vibe at times, and the jamming covers a huge range of exploratory ground. Must-hear early Phish improv.
1987-08-29 South Burlington, VT 9:04 The jam has a great swinging, rocking vibe to it at first, and is very unlike the typical modern "Mike's" jam. Fish is noticeably strong as the energy of the jam builds. First time that "Hydrogen" follows "Mike's."
1988-07-23 Underhill, VT 8:43 With an unknown percussionist, there's a cool little intro section. The jam is really the first version that starts to sound similar to the modern "Mike's" jam. There's decent improvisation within the jam section, as well as a nice spirited peak leading to the closing.
1988-08-03 Telluride, CO 12:17 Another very improvisational early version with jamming that goes all over the place. Perhaps a bit noodly at first, after 6:55 the quality improves markedly. Mike is also notable for excellent play throughout. Recall that this was just 4 guys in an empty bar in Telluride, CO.
1989-03-24 Boston, MA 6:48 This fiery version marks the first instance of the 2nd jam, separated from the 1st jam by D, E, and F# chords at 5:22. While only 20 seconds in duration, over time, the 2nd jam would at times become significant. The 2nd jam concludes with a repeat of the D,E, and F# chords, followed by the closing chords.
1989-12-09 Castleton, VT 8:23 This is a really awesome early version, very different from almost all other versions from late '88 to late '91. Trey's playing is much more melodic and less dissonant. The jam builds to a great peak, and then the short little 2nd jam features sick trilling by Trey.
1991-05-12 Burlington, VT 6:17 With the Dude of Life on vocals and Dave Grippo on saxophone. The Dude adds several verses and is hysterical. Grippo is excellent, making the jam far more interesting than most versions from late '88 - late '91. Even the little 2nd jam is great. Check it out!
1991-07-12 Keene, NH 6:27 Giant Country Horns version, definitely worth checking out if you haven't heard "Mike's" avec horns before. GCH also performed on "Mike's" in 1991 on July 11, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23, 25, and 27.
1991-12-31 Worcester, MA 7:42 The first jam is solid but typical for this period. But the 2nd jam, which breaks into a great percussive and rocking groove is really the first noteworthy instance of the 2nd jam. In nearly all prior versions, the 2nd jam had been little more than chaotic, dissonant playing.
1992-04-06 Gunnison, CO 7:00 In the first section, Trey opts for a more melodic jam, which become very rocking and driving. Fish and Trey add exclamation to this sentiment in the brief 2nd jam.
1992-04-13 Tempe, AZ 6:52 Bad Ass Mike early in the jam, followed by some excellent "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) jamming. The short 2nd jam is a nice kicker.
1992-04-16 Isla Vista, CA 8:17 More great Mike early in the 1st jam. When Trey jumps in, he begins with rocking/dissonant play, which was typical in this period. Then his play gets more melodic, before jacking up the tension and dissonance again. The 2nd jam is short but pretty cool and rocking. Go Mike!
1992-04-19 Santa Cruz, CA 8:06 A less dissonant, more melodic approach to the jam began to flourish in April '92, and this version is a great example. The jam here is very rocking and percussive, while the 2nd jam makes good use of tension, but without so much chaos and shrill dissonance.
1992-04-21 Eureka, CA 7:56 Played at slightly slower tempo, the jam includes great Mike, "HYHU"-like jamming, then a tense, spiraling jam. The 2nd jam has some unusual descending riffs, dissonance, and more spiraling tension.
1992-04-24 Portland, OR 9:05 While the first section is another solid April '92 showing, the real meat here is the 2nd jam, which has unusually exploratory and improvisational play for this period, even jazzy sounding Mike and some carnival-like melodies from Page and Trey.
1992-05-14 Port Chester, NY 7:48 Mike and Fish kick it off nicely, then Trey provides some great variation in his playing, including some rapid-fire trilling. The short 2nd jam gets intense and electrifying, with more solid machine gun action from Trey.
1992-05-18 Burlington, VT 8:43 Awesome early version which breaks into a cool, staccato-infused groove. The intensity builds to a fever pitch, with great comping B-3 action and strong rocking play. The little 2nd jam, with solid stop/start playing, is icing on the cake.
1992-11-28 Port Chester, NY 9:22 Beginning with excellent "Walk This Way" jamming, the energy builds up to the first break. After a momentary cloud of dissonance, a percussive, exploratory groove expands nicely. A great version with 2 equally strong jams.
1992-12-08 Madison, WI 8:49 The jam has a bit of a darker sentiment, amplified by some "MLB"-like jamming towards the end of the first jam. The 2nd jam features repetitive, heavy metal type playing, which transitions nicely back to the typical closing sequence.
1992-12-29 New Haven, CT 8:49 The first "Mike's" since '88 to have something other than "Hydrogen" follow. The 1st jam gets way out there into serious improv, including twisted "On Broadway" teasing. The short 2nd jam is rhythmic and has "Blue Bayou" teasing and a drum outro. After a brief stop, the band decides to play "Blue Bayou," which began a trend of inserting songs other than "Hydrogen" between "Mike's" and "Weekapaug."
1993-02-18 Knoxville, TN 7:08 After a nice "In The Hall Of The Mountaint King" tease from Page, the 1st jam is centered around "Another One Bites The Dust" (Queen) teasing, then the 2nd jam features more jamming to the same tune, but in a twisted and distorted way.
1993-02-20 Atlanta, GA 7:57 Tease-heavy version includes melodic winks at "Tweezer," "Wilson," "Reba," "The Lizards," and "Stash." This version also includes a "MMGAMOIO" sandwich.
1993-02-20 Atlanta, GA 0:49 -> in from "MMGAMOIO" to complete a tease heavy version of "Mike's."
1993-03-13 Boulder, CO 7:47 The 1st jam has some good variation away from the standard, while the 2nd jam is typical for 1993, somewhat crazed and chaotic, but also way out there and well removed from boiler plate "Mike's."
1993-03-25 Santa Cruz, CA 9:16 Strong Mike in a somewhat dissonant 1st jam. The 2nd jam is the first of several '93s which have jamming similar to the future "Simple." This one also has some good stop/start action, before more dissonant Trey and a percussive lead up to the closing.
1993-03-27 San Francisco, CA 8:56 Solid but typical play in the 1st jam leads to good improvisation in the 2nd jam. Beginning with sounds similar to the as yet unhatched "Simple," the jam returns to typical "Mike's" jamming, then breaks into Mike-led, rhythmic and exploratory play, before coming home to wrap up.
1993-04-18 Ann Arbor, MI 8:14 A somewhat dissonant, straightforward 1st jam morphs into nice melodic play before breaking into some cool and unusual "Low Rider" jamming in the 2nd. With no formal return to "Mike's," the jam concludes with a great -> into "Ya Mar."
1993-04-25 Geneseo, NY 10:50 The song begins in a different and cool manner, while the 1st jam includes intense and rocking play with Trey ripping it up. The 2nd jam is gnarly, percussive stuff, and includes Trey screaming "Will the good lord save, will I dance on grave" before mellowing and becoming more melodic. A classic '93 "Mike's" which combines serious improvisation with a touch of the bizarre.
1993-04-29 Montréal, Québec, Canada 9:20 The strong 1st jam includes jamming that hints at "Crossroads," before breaking into a repetitive, grundge-like Mike and Fish-led groove. The 2nd jam sounds very much like an early stab at what would evolve into "Simple" the following year, played atop a similar groove to the 1st jam, and then ends in a ripping and intense manner.
1993-05-01 Upper Darby, PA 10:01 A high energy, solid 1st jam is followed by a nice, melodic groove, with great Page on the B-3. After rebuilding some energy, the jam briefly settles before roaring back to close.
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 6:23 Following a strong but typical 1st jam, the 2nd jam gets really rocking and blues-infused, then neatly -> to a great version of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads," before -> back to "Mike's" to wrap up.
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 1:13 -> in from the debut of "Crossroads" to complete a strong, sandwich version of "Mike's."
1993-07-24 Mansfield, MA 9:20 The 2nd jam begins with a rocking, percussive tone, then cycles down to dream-like, easy going melodic play that sounds akin to "Blue Bayou." The energy then ramps up, with "Crossroads"-like playing as it returns to "Mike's" proper.
1993-07-31 Atlanta, GA 8:58 Cool "Heartbreaker" jamming highlights the 1st jam, while the 2nd had good rhythmic, repetive play which is also decently melodic compared to some '93 siblings.
1993-08-02 Tampa, FL 8:34 Straightforward version until just before the customary closing chords would end the song and "Hydrogen" might begin, in that where "Simple" eventually would start-up, the band launches into what old tapes called a "Heavy Metal Jam," which features Joe Rooney screaming on vocals (and then that jam segues into "Sparks").
1993-08-07 Darien Center, NY 9:52 Of all the improvisational but slightly off kilter '93 versions, this one may take the cake. The solid 1st jam includes a "2001" tease. The 2nd is all over the map - rhythmic, dissonant exploration, a semi-return to "Mike's," quieter musing with a "New York, New York" tease, an Irish jig of sorts, a "Kung" sandwich with signals, and finally a crazed return to "Mike's" to complete an exercise in improvisational abstraction.
1993-08-07 Darien Center, NY 1:51 -> in from "Kung" to complete one of the more bizarre but improvisational versions of "Mike's."
1993-08-11 Grand Rapids, MI 12:14 The 1st jam includes a unique repeated riff from Trey and Mike. 2nd jams in 1993 were often a bit odd, even bizarre. That description fits here, as the 2nd jam is very improvisational, but also unconventional, including "Games Without Frontiers" vocal quotes from Mike.
1993-08-13 Indianapolis, IN 12:24 A shredding 1st jam with good variation is followed by yet another improvisational but somewhat wacky 2nd jam. Here the band settles into some quiet, Mike-led play, before thematically rebuilding, with the band's weird chanting/screaming adding to its crazed nature.
1993-08-16 St. Louis, MO 12:38 A typically short, strong '93 1st jam moves on to some good improvisational play in the 2nd jam. This one hangs together musically pretty well despite a few signature August '93 oddities. The jam gets pretty sweet and rocking as it progresses, with a "Crossroads"-like vibe.
1993-08-24 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 11:36 Rounding out a strong August '93 for "Mike's," the 2nd jam here fills in the unchecked "heavy metal" box. Replete with screams and gnarly riffing, the band displays it penchant for unbridled improvisation to Canadian fans. Acoustic "Ginseng" follows. Go figure.
1993-12-30 Portland, ME 12:44 Fantastic version which sounds light years removed from the improvisational wackiness of August '93. This "Mike's" has melodic grandeur that distinguishes it from almost any '93 siblings. The signature 2nd jam has moments of hose foreshadowing a bright future for "Mike's."
1994-04-06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11:03 Awesome and very unique version in which the 1st jam is the centerpiece of the improvisation. The jam slips away from typical "Mike's" into a repetive motif, which then breaks into nice melodic play that grows increasingly tense. Then the jam picks up a rocking head of steam. The 2nd jam adds color with great "Tweeprise"-like jamming. A kick ass version for a surprisingly mediocre year for "Mike's."
1994-04-29 Clearwater, FL 10:20 A typically fiery, intense '94 1st jam breaks into great rhythmic, medium intensity playing, which mellows into some super melodic Trey-led jamming with hints of "MLB." Collapsing to drums, the jamming returns to "Mike's" proper to conclude.
1994-06-09 Salt Lake City, UT 10:43 The 1st jam is rocking and ass kicking, with a clever little "Tweeprise"-like walk up. The 2nd jam is basically a non-vocal version of something very "Simple"-like. Just listen and you'll hear it. The return to "Mike's" has more crazed '94 scream-infused power action.
1994-07-10 Saratoga Springs, NY 8:20 Following a predictably intense '94-style 1st jam, the 2nd jam begins with good exploratory play. Much like the strong version from 5/8/93, there's some great improvisational action before the -> to the sandwich meat, in this case "Low Rider."
1994-07-10 Saratoga Springs, NY 1:48 -> back to "Mike's" adds an emphatic exclamation point to this solid version.
1994-12-31 Boston, MA 8:47 "Mike's" -> "Buffalo Bill" -> "Mike's." While the 1st jam is standard, incendiary '94 material, the 2nd jam has solid, varied improvisational play before the ->.
1994-12-31 Boston, MA 1:48 -> in from "Buffalo Bill," the return to "Mike's" is several steps better than "normal," well worth checking out.
1995-06-10 Morrison, CO 20:02 The 1st jam segment (to 7:20) is loaded with tension and moderate dissonance. The 2nd jam begins with sounds akin to "Simple," but gradually descends into a murky caldron of eerie and spacey improvisation. At 14:00, the jam begins to emerge from the underworld with low key play, a rhythmic pulse, and growing, dissonant energy, before finally returning to "Mike's" proper to wrap up.
1995-06-20 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 20:39 A quick, uneventful 1st jam drops swiftly into deep, dark Summer '95 exploration. At first, this 2nd jam is mostly a threatening, evil soundscape. But a steady beat from Mike and Fish, and directed playing by Trey bring it back to a rocking form. Following some pulsing play from 12:00 to 15:30, things slip back into the murky abyss, where they remain until a welcome brightening and -> to "Contact."
1995-06-25 Philadelphia, PA 17:21 The 1st jam features some Eastern sounding notes and scales and is relatively brief. The 2nd begins is an intense, pulsing and rocking mode. The jamming gradually settles down into quiet exploration, which then grows eerie, gains power and a pulse and -> "WDWDIITR."
1995-06-30 Mansfield, MA 17:38 After a quick, typical 1st jam, the 2nd begins in a driving, rhythmic manner. Downshifting a few of times, the rhythmic pulse remains, but the jamming gets increasingly abstract. By 14:00, a spacey envelope has overtaken, and remains in place until a > to "Contact."
1995-10-11 Chandler, AZ 12:14 A great 1st jam includes different melodic material from Trey, and grows tense and dissonant as it progresses. The 2nd jam begins with a swirling, rocking tempest, grows spacey, and then some rhythmic low-key, Page-led exploration emerges from the haze.
1995-10-19 Kansas City, MO 14:30 A Page and Mike heavy 1st jam, in which Trey hangs very much in the background. In the 2nd jam, screeching play from Trey and B-3 fills from Page compliment the funky, rhythmic base. Then there's a 3rd jam of sorts at 9:50, which features Trey retaking the lead in a plucky and upbeat conclusion.
1995-10-25 St. Paul, MN 17:07 A quick tempo, energetic 1st jam gets fired up, then takes a few more laps before breaking to the 2nd at 9:30. Dropping into a rhythmic groove, Mike and Page front while Trey goes mini kit. At 14:15, space takes over and gains a pulse and ominous sentiment, before -> to "Breathe Jam." The jam on this Pink Floyd classic provides fitting closure for another big '95 "Mike's."
1995-11-11 Atlanta, GA 13:29 Solid 1st jam with good variation. The 2nd jam is relatively short by '95 standards, but includes another good Mike and Page showcase while Trey uses the guitar to create a soundscape background before hopping to the mini kit briefly.
1995-11-15 Tampa, FL 18:38 A multi-section "Mike's" begins with a rocking, somewhat dissonant opening section. In the 2nd part, Trey nicely decides to stay on guitar, and the jamming here is both intense and rocking, but also melodic. Finally around 14:00, the jam settles into a quieter, spacey section, but as Trey adds Leslie-infused touches, things end on a hopeful and upbeat vibe.
1995-11-21 Winston-Salem, NC 14:02 After a high powered but otherwise typical 1st jam, the band breaks into a nice melodic 2nd one, with Trey electing to stick with the guitar, and good accents provided by Page and Mike. The jam ends with a nice -> to "Keyboard Army."
1995-11-25 Hampton, VA 11:30 Following "Kung", which is performed like a hymn, "Mike's Song" takes the long journey home: A typically fierce version bending to break into an incredible "Rotation Jam" (like @SomethingsPhishy points out: If you didn't know better, it's tough, on tape, to realize the band swaps gear) which, ultimately, finds the four on Page's rig - this, before a seamless -> back into "Mike's." Fall Phish at its finest.
1995-11-25 Hampton, VA 5:15 -> from the first "Rotation Jam," the musicians return to their instruments to complete the first segment of a momentous "Mike's Groove."
1995-12-01 Hershey, PA 20:16 A driving and furied 1st jam leads off. The 2nd begins with a somewhat dark sentiment, buffeted by an intense rhythmic sense. The jam then quiets briefly, before regaining its propulsive high energy nature. At 15:00, Page takes the lead, adding '95-style funk, while Trey opts for the mini kit. At the end, Trey returns to guitar to lead a clean -> to "Weekapaug," the first ever "Mike's"/"Weekapaug" pairing.
1995-12-07 Niagara Falls, NY 17:24 Compared to the preceding version, this one begins in a less frenzied state, but builds up pretty good head of steam, including "Crossroads"-like jamming. The 2nd jam begins with Trey mini kit action, until 11:40, when Trey returns to his main instrument, transforming the rhythmic oriented jam into hose-filled, "Weekapaug"-like, major mode celebration. -> to a great "Weekapaug"/"DDL Jam."
1995-12-31 New York, NY 14:48 Wrapping up a historic 2nd set, the 1st jam segment is strong but fairly pedestrian until Page starts to signal the impending "DDL Jam." The 2nd jam begins with a slightly funky tone and strong Fish. The sentiment grows dark as Page shifts to piano, and the foreboding sense of impending doom is rendered complete as the jam blows into a cacophony and -> to the "DDL Jam" at 14:48.
1996-07-23 Hamburg, Germany 16:53 Single jam version which organically moves away from standard fare at around 8:50 and grows dim, quiet and probing. Eventually, the play morphs back into powerful, tense "Mike's" jamming, settles, and transitions to "Hydrogen" without the customary closing chords.
1996-08-05 Morrison, CO 13:37 An intense and hard rocking 1st jam with spiraling tension is followed by an equally powerful, but different 2nd jam. No mini kit action here as Trey is clearly out in front guiding this powerhouse jam.
1996-08-13 Noblesville, IN 22:47 A super-heavyweight, multi-section version features a 1st jam that includes exotic sounding scales and serious tension loading. At 9:05, the 2nd jam begins with intense, rhythmic rocking and swirling guitar play. By 15:30, the firestorm has cooled, and Page takes the lead on multiple keyboards as Trey opts for the mini kit, before a final cathartic conclusion, reinforced by the "Lifeboy" that follows.
1996-08-16 Plattsburgh, NY 16:00 The longish (to 9:00) 1st jam is crisp and well played, but covers pretty familiar territory. However the 2nd jam breaks into solid and intense rocking action, with all four band mates contributing in good measure.
1996-10-29 Tallahassee, FL 18:39 With Karl Perazzo on percussion. The 2nd jam lives up to its accolades, but honestly, the 1st jam, even with Perazzo's strong presence is a bit plodding. But that 2nd jam, wow! It's literally a synthesis of Phish styles past, present and future. Combining '95-style arena rock with '96 percussion/keyboards and '97 funk, the building hose-filled jam including "MLB"-like moments is 100% Grade A Phish.
1996-11-06 Knoxville, TN 23:37 In '96, the band seemed to stretch out the "Type I" 1st jam considerably, and this one is a good example, which continues to 10:05, but not much really happens in that time. In the 2nd jam, Page treats us to a run through his gamut of keyboard toys, including the Moog, B-3, Fender-Rhodes, and piano, while Trey is noticeably hanging back in a support role.
1996-11-15 St. Louis, MO 13:12 After a relatively brief (for this period) 1st jam, the 2nd begins with some early funk-infused playing. Around 8:20, the sentiment shifts to rocking, upbeat hose jamming, similar to several of the great "Simple" jams from Fall '96. An excellent rock-the-house jam.
1996-12-04 San Diego, CA 16:21 The 1st jam begins with some nice staccato-funk action, before slipping back to more conventional playing. The 2nd jam starts in rhythm and Page mode, with Trey on his favorite mini kit. He moves back to guitar quickly, and at 10:00, the jam starts to get a funky and rocking sense. The vibe and energy uptick, there's even a little "MLB"-like action, all resulting in a nice peaking jam.
1996-12-28 Philadelphia, PA 16:02 Patience is a virtue, and this version is proof of that concept. The 1st jam is frankly below average by '96 standards, but the patient listener is rewarded by a 2nd jam that begins with some great rocking hose, and mellows to delicate Trey, Page and Mike interplay before -> to "Strange Design."
1997-02-23 Cortemaggiore, Italy 14:57 The 1st jam of the first '97 "Mike's" is actually less funk-infused than many Fall '96 versions, and is straightforward but fairly intense. The serene and soothing 2nd jam portends the ambient sounds that would emerge in '98 and '99, and has a melodic feel akin to "Blue Bayou."
1997-03-01 Hamburg, Germany 13:52 Some funky sounds and good variation away from the standard underpin the 1st jam. The 2nd jam breaks into an easy going groove and features some crazed lyrical and musical references to the Doors and Pink Floyd, including quotes of "The End," Peace Frog," and "Careful With That Axe, Eugene."
1997-07-22 Raleigh, NC 14:34 This single jam version breaks into a thick soupy funk groove right off the bat, with lots of good variation. At 8:20, there's some shifting of instrumental sounds, but the basic grooves stays intact. Then at 10:45 the jam breaks into a new, completely different and exploratory section with a threatening, semi-evil tone. The abrubt switch back to "Mike's" is a bit forced, but all in all, that's trivial nit picking.
1997-07-31 Mountain View, CA 15:16 The 1st jam begins in moderately funky mode and the power intensifies as it goes, but otherwise is straightforward. The 2nd jam starts in rock mode, then settles down to quieter, contemplative play. Finally, the power throttles up into a slightly dissonant and intense peak.
1997-11-13 Las Vegas, NV 15:04 A really great and different groove is established early in the 1st jam, before drifting back into more typical territory. The jamming moves back out for more of the original groove, including great scratch funk around 8:30. The 2nd jam kicks in at 10:10 and features gentle and soothing play with "Born On The Bayou" teasing and glides into "Hydrogen."
1997-11-22 Hampton, VA 16:32 Single jam format, but there's a lot going on in this funk filled fan favorite. Patient but clearly directed, the band works the basic groove over and over, adding texture and accent, swelling and shrinking the energy. Around 12:00, the focus shifts to quieter musing and exploration, before finially slipping neatly into "Hydrogen."
1997-12-02 Philadelphia, PA 20:41 Exceptional single jam version which begins in funk/rock mode and grows increasingly powerful until 8:30, when the jam shifts into serious funk mode. After 12:00, the jam quiets to delicate, introspective play, before regaining its original juggernaut sense of power and -> to "Simple." This is entire Mike's Groove is must-hear material.
1997-12-09 State College, PA 11:58 The single jam has a funky bent at first. After working through some typical terrain, the funk comes back, especially after 8:30 when the jam takes on a "BEK"-like vibe, accentuated by some nice stop/start action.
1997-12-31 New York, NY 14:00 Yeah, this is a badass version alright, with a monster, Mike-led groove (it is after all, Mike's song). It's got funk, but not as much as some of the other '97s. And it's got power. At around 9:40, there's a stop, and then a 2nd jam of sorts begins, delicate bliss mode play that sets up well for the "Piper" that follows.
1998-04-03 Uniondale, NY 13:47 Show opening "Mike's" has a funky, well played 1st jam with little touches of ambient sound. The 2nd jam kicks off with a dark and powerful tone that gradually mellows into quiet musing which warms in sentiment and -> "The Old Home Place."
1998-07-17 George, WA 18:38 Some might characterize the heavy duty, groove-based 1st jam which continues to 10:55 as repetitive and dull. Regardless, the 2nd jam is so different, melodic, and inspired that bopping along to a sludge-like groove for a bit is well worth it for the ambient hose-down payoff that follows.
1998-07-21 Phoenix, AZ 16:57 After opening in a nice groove, this long single jam settles into familiar "Mike's" ground. After some "Manteca"-like jamming, the play settles and grows more funky. When Page hits the piano just after 14:00, the big peak kicks in with all guns blazing.
1998-08-07 Raleigh, NC 13:53 Although the single jam segment follows a fairly standard structure, this version is a great example of Trey taking the lead and directing the jam, with strong backing from Page. With swirling and shredding guitar play, the energy ebbs and flows, before culminating in a final ecstatic peak which hits the transitional D, E, and F# chords and > to "Simple."
1998-08-12 Vernon, NY 18:02 Opening with a thick, soupy groove, this long single jam has several sections. The basic groove builds up until 7:15, when things settle down into more ambient/funky terrain. Around 12:00, led by Fish, the guys bring the big guns back out for a few minutes, before closing out with a grundge-like, repetive theme.
1998-11-07 Chicago, IL 14:43 The jam immediately breaks into a great, late '90s-style groove, with loops and ambient funk, and seems far removed from the typical "Mike's" jam. Then at 9:30 the 2nd jam begins, a breathtaking and incredibly lush, beautiful foray filled with the distinctive ambient sound of '98. This melodic section sounds a bit like the typical soothing outro to "Simple."
1998-12-31 New York, NY 16:06 The 1st jam is pretty chill and just grooves along with typical melodic lines. The 2nd jam kicks in at 7:35, and immediately drops into serene and melodic heartfelt playing. The band seems completely at ease, enjoying the warm and upbeat nature of the jamming.
1999-07-09 Columbia, MD 17:28 Awesome, improvisational version which proves that "Mike's" doesn't have to have 2 jams to kick ass. Immediately breaking into a lilting, un-"Mike's"-like groove, the jam settles down, gets punchy, settles again, all with a sense that tension is loading. The release begins at 13:30, and by 14:30, a melodic hose-storm is unleashed, repleat with "Sweet Emotion" vocal quotes and jamming.
1999-07-16 Holmdel, NJ 12:20 A solid, mellow groove jam, with a fair amount of "Manteca"-like melodic playing from Trey. The energy level gradually builds, but the jam is generally pretty even sloped. Although there is a brief 2nd jam, it's little more than a quiet transition to "Hydrogen."
1999-07-21 Burgettstown, PA 12:53 Once again, the band uses the instrumental space in "Mike's" to launch a groove-based jam. In this one, there's a nice ebb and flow of energy, with great Page B-3 action around 7:30. As the jam progresses, it gets increasingly incendiary, with good '99-style Trey shredding.
1999-08-01 Niigata, Japan 14:30 An excellent, somewhat overlooked version which begins with a dark and funky repetitive groove. The temperature gradually reaches the boiling point, at which point (8:40) the 2nd jam kicks in, a soothing, beautiful and ambient one that perfectly captures the unique '99 tone.
1999-10-07 Uniondale, NY 12:05 A cool and different single jam version, with Trey on the mini keyboard at first, while Page and Mike rock out. Trey jumps back on guitar around 6:30, laying down iconic and swirling '99 sounds. Things settle down, and the stretch after 10:00 features great ambient sound.
1999-12-30 Big Cypress, FL 15:27 "Immigrant Song" teasing early on sets the tone for this dark, angry wall of sound. A single jam segment, but it's heavy duty stuff, filled with spacey effects and a driving, seemingly accelerating Mike and Fish-led groove.
2000-06-13 Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan 10:22 The jam in "Mike's" often became heavily groove oriented in 2000. Here, the band locks into a stormy and brooding Mike-led jam, which becomes increasingly rocking and powerful.
2000-06-28 Holmdel, NJ 11:27 Bad ass dark and stormy groove-based jam which eventually comes to a complete stop, pauses for more than a few, and resumes right where it left off.
2000-07-14 Columbus, OH 16:38 Awesome yin yang version. The 1st jam is a rocking, intense incendiary groove, while the 2nd is its serene, blissful and introspective foil. This version was the last "Mike's" to feature a significant 2nd jam until 2015.
2000-09-12 Mansfield, MA 7:11 Don't be fooled by the duration. Despite its brevity, the band sets a quick tempo, but largely dark groove, and Mike is the champ on this one. Trey's playing is classic Y2K style, sitting nicely atop Mike's out-front bass lines.
2003-02-21 Cincinnati, OH 14:40 The jam begins with a semi-dark tone, includes some nice Trey/Page interplay, and Trey makes it more interesting by varying the melodic lines away from standard "Mike's.". Around 10:00, the jam settles into more spacey, effects-heavy play, where it remains until a -> "Free."
2010-08-06 Berkeley, CA 8:07 Calling this jam straightforward would be missing the point. The jam is intense and powerful, with strong playing by Page and Trey. The jam actually bears similarity to the excellent crop of groove-based jams in "Mike's" versions from '00.
2014-07-09 Philadelphia, PA 8:14 The jam begins with some nice funky clav playing, normalizes, regains the funky legs, and features strong playing by Fish, as well as Trey, who deploys several guitar effects to alter his tone.
2014-08-31 Commerce City, CO 9:12 The jam immediately breaks into rhythmic and percussive funk-infused groove, very different from the typical "Mike's" jam. While Trey and Page add good color, Fish and Mike are the real stars here, driving the basic groove. Near the end, Trey adds some "Manteca"-like melodies, and the jam then concludes. A cool, unique rendering for any era, especially 3.0.
2015-01-02 Miami, FL 10:06 Similar to 8/6/10 and many of the '00 versions, in which the jam is really more about a groove than it is Trey rehashing the basic "Mike's" jam melody for the 400 and umpteenth time. Both Mike and Fish play with ferocious intensity in this solid version.
2015-08-04 Nashville, TN 14:27 For the first time in over 15 years, the band breaks into a bona fide 2nd jam. While the 1st is typical 3.0 stuff, and the transition unusual, all is forgiven as the 2nd jam begins in classic "Mike's" rocking and rhythmic playing before settling. After 10:30 the jam develops a dark and introspective bent, and Trey's time "in the woodshed" before the FTW concerts is noticeable in his soloing.
2015-08-09 East Troy, WI 12:27 The 1st jam begins well with Echoplex-infused effects, before Trey drops into more familiar territory. Again, there is a 2nd jam, also with an unusual transition after the traditional closing chords. This time, a high octane section leads off, followed by a funky breakdown jam which grows intense with a "Help On The Way"-like sense around 9:30. Woos make an appearance, followed by more funk action.
2016-07-16 George, WA 8:20 Although straightforward in nature, the rocking jam has a completely different sound and melody than the typical 3.0 fare, supplemental by guitar effects and Page's keyboard selections. It's different and worth hearing.
2017-08-02 New York, NY 22:07 After a conventional first jam, this longest version since '96 (until being surpassed by 8/4/23) transitions in the back-in-the-day typical way (i.e., after the "tramps segment closing chords" are played) to a Second Jam that is anything but typical. The lengthy exploration peaks triumphantly at minute 20 and segues into "O Holy Night" of all things after a brief foggy outro.
2018-10-23 Nashville, TN 12:50 The jam swiftly pushes outside typical playing, breaking into dark, funky rock. Around 6:30, the mood lightens, and inspired, upbeat playing ensues. Another shift happens at 9:00, and the mood darkens again, with evil-sounding Mike taking the lead, before one final, brief flip back to warmer sentiments.
2018-12-30 New York, NY 9:14 Although no "second jam," the post-tramps-segment jam is extended, with Trey passionately soloing (and even trilling) quite fiercely, and there's an excellent peak to the jam taboot.
2021-08-08 Noblesville, IN 12:22 A neat first-set surprise, Trey mixing in some soupy effects right away, then making a surprise move to more upbeat waters, with Page complementing him nicely on electric piano. Fish really does some work in this warm and anthemic jam segment, including a particularly ferocious drum fill at the 8:30 mark. Neatly slides back into "Mike's Song" proper to finish up. No second jam, but a pretty darn good first jam.
2021-10-29 Las Vegas, NV 12:56 On the heels of a towering "Axilla II" jam, this "Mike's" starts with a distinct funky groove which soon evokes "Martian Monster" before returning to more typical play through 6:45. From there, the jam switches to major for a playful and increasingly suspended-in-air feel until the closing chords.
2022-05-29 Orange Beach, AL 10:45 > from an unexpected, massive "Character Zero." Fish hits the "Beaver" sample early and that kicks off a "Mike's Groove" that will last the rest of the set. The jam gets to an upbeat, feel-good bliss place before returning to what you'd expect from a Mike's jam. > to "Bouncing Around the Room."
2023-08-04 New York, NY 23:19 Almost exactly 6 years to the day, "Mike's" gets another monster run as the Set II opener at MSG after 8/2/17's Baker's Dozen stunner. After a spirited, if routine first jam, the second jam forges ahead at 8:45 with a progressively upbeat display of the band's ability to weave a tapestry of interplay as they cycle through the changes. Trey's walkup at 19:20 signals a blowout finale on the horizon which arrives in full a few minutes later, after which the closing chords are repeated, then > "Sand".
2023-10-10 Dayton, OH 19:14 After a standard and somewhat introspective first jam, the band once again charges into the fabled second jam, ready to explore. The music grows inward, as Page's rich, gorgeous grand piano catalyzes a delightfully layered and stunningly spacious melodic section, replete with gorgeous loops from Trey. At 14:25, a modulation leads the band toward a darker zone that builds to a shoegaze-y peak before yielding to the closing chords to finish.
2023-12-28 New York, NY 10:32 The namesake sound effects from the set's preceding "The Howling" are repeated in the intro, and then this "Mike's" launches into an appropriately funky jam to further cement the former's influence before becoming more typical at 7:15 as it crescendos into the closing chords, then > "Simple".
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