Jam Chart for shows in the city of St. Louis, MO (28 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-12-04 Possum St. Louis, MO 11:48 Mostly straightforward, but the jam has multiple sections, and with each, Trey alters the riff or jam style. Solid.
1993-04-14 Stash St. Louis, MO 10:48 "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash." The jam is typically great Spring '93 stuff with exploration beyond the norm. Returns, seemingly to conclude, then heads out again for more exploration, winding up in the Land of "Kung."
1993-04-14 Kung St. Louis, MO 3:27 -> in from "Stash." Great combination, a tense, improvisational "Stash" paired with "Kung" in the middle, which includes "DEG" jamming. -> back to "Stash."
1993-04-14 Stash St. Louis, MO 1:13 -> in from "Kung" to conclude this excellent version of "Stash."
1993-04-14 YEM St. Louis, MO 14:19 Excellent jam segment -> to a "Spooky" sandwich.
1993-04-14 Spooky St. Louis, MO 1:00 -> in from "YEM." A "Spooky" jam is sandwiched in this "YEM" jam. -> back to "YEM."
1993-04-14 YEM St. Louis, MO 9:40 -> in from "Spooky" as this excellent "YEM" jam continues.
1993-08-16 Possum St. Louis, MO 12:37 Several breakaway moments in this exploratory jam. When it's not moving beyond "Possum," the jam is wild, rocking and intense with incredible playing by Trey. Unusual and spontaneous ending with whistling.
1993-08-16 Reba St. Louis, MO 19:25 Magnificent. A huge, fantastic, multi-faceted, and improvisational odyssey, this version features three-distinct segments which culminate in a blistering peak. A truly wonderful "Reba," the second to arise in the middle of an historic month for the song.
1993-08-16 Foam St. Louis, MO 11:24 Very improvisational version. Fish is the star here, varying the rhythmic structure several times during Page's solo, and during Trey's solo, which has moments of reggae-like sound, as well as a brief jazz-like swing. Then at 7:10, the band begins a silent jam which continues until 9:00. (NOTE that several versions from 1993 and 1994 include "silent jams" such this one. See 8/25/93, 8/28/93, 4/8/94, 5/12/94, 11/22/94 and 12/4/94 for examples that are also excellent versions).
1993-08-16 SOAMelt St. Louis, MO 11:48 Superb exploratory playing. While it has neither the dissonance and chaotic jamming of many '94 versions, nor the psychological edginess of many '95s, the overall quality places this "SOAM" in good company among the best.
1993-08-16 Mike's St. Louis, MO 12:38 A typically short, strong '93 1st jam moves on to some good improvisational play in the 2nd jam. This one hangs together musically pretty well despite a few signature August '93 oddities. The jam gets pretty sweet and rocking as it progresses, with a "Crossroads"-like vibe.
1993-08-16 Weekapaug St. Louis, MO 15:16 Highly improvisational version including jams on "Gypsy Queen" (Santana) and "I Wish" (Stevie Wonder).
1994-11-23 It's Ice St. Louis, MO 5:40 Another strong Fall '94 version which -> "Mind Left Body Jam."
1994-11-23 Mind Left Body Jam St. Louis, MO 1:24 -> in from "It's Ice" for a solid jam featuring the iconic descending chord riff.
1994-11-23 It's Ice St. Louis, MO 2:26 > in from "Mind Left Body Jam" to complete this "Ice."
1994-11-23 Tweezer St. Louis, MO 20:00 Some gorgeous, must-hear jams and "space." Just magnificent at times. "Power of Soul" tease.
1994-11-23 YEM St. Louis, MO 1:42 Spectacular version in every way -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening segment.
1994-11-23 Vibration of Life St. Louis, MO 1:41 -> in from the "YEM" opening segment. -> back to a fantastic "YEM."
1994-11-23 YEM St. Louis, MO 24:02 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to return to this spectacular "YEM."
1996-11-15 Mike's St. Louis, MO 13:12 After a relatively brief (for this period) 1st jam, the 2nd begins with some early funk-infused playing. Around 8:20, the sentiment shifts to rocking, upbeat hose jamming, similar to several of the great "Simple" jams from Fall '96. An excellent rock-the-house jam.
2009-06-16 Halley's St. Louis, MO 13:23 Although the jam doesn't stray too far from the basic "Halley's" structure until the final few spacey minutes, it is nonetheless a good quality version that segues nicely to "Runaway Jim."
2012-08-28 CDT St. Louis, MO 9:01 There's a second, pleasant jam segment after the customary ending, and a very smooth -> into "Frankie Says."
2012-08-28 Undermind St. Louis, MO 6:14 Well crafted -> from "Frankie Says." Quality "Type I" version features all the members in top form. After the lyrical refrain, Fish loosens up the beat as Trey deploys syncopated loops, which -> to "Sand."
2012-08-28 LxL St. Louis, MO 13:24 A great exploratory version. Pushes the edges of "LxL" until about 7:30 when it breaks well beyond into an upbeat groove that builds intensity. Ultimately returns to "LxL" to finish and > to "Julius."
2019-06-11 Stash St. Louis, MO 16:04 At around 8:00, the jam shifts away from the typical into a pleasant major mode section. From there, a synth/keyobard-led section morphs into cool, groovy music with nice Page/Trey interplay. The energy builds becoming more rocking, until finally returning to "Stash" proper.
2019-06-11 Tube St. Louis, MO 9:39 After an appropriately funky opening, things relax a bit with Mike making his presence known melodically and Page supplying the now-ubiquitous samples of "The Final Hurrah" while Trey lays back. Later Trey reasserts himself with some striking soloing as the energy picks up towards the jam's conclusion.
2019-06-12 Loving Cup St. Louis, MO 11:34 The longest "Loving Cup" to date is a clever - if not forced - nod to a Stanley Cup win for the St. Louis Blues minutes before this jam. A quiet bounce led by Page's piano and fast rotary tone from Trey explores quiet space at first. A rhythmic plinko jam follows, with Page on Wurlitzer and Fish's wood blocks providing occasional accent. At 7:15, Trey hints at a shift from minor to major key tonality, although the band winds back down into the patient rhythmic shuffle. Finally, at 8:45 Trey plays a few trills and Page switches to synthesizer, as a deserved - though again, if not forced - peak matches the elation of the city's first NHL championship. Whale call and twinkly Rhodes dominate the forefront of the peak, which winds down to > "Twist."
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