Jam Chart for Stash (132 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1990-09-13 New York, NY 8:53 Debut is straightforward but well-received by the audience.
1991-03-08 Tuscaloosa, AL 9:15 First version that really stretches beyone standard "Stash." Somewhat dissonant, with interesting Trey soloing.
1991-12-31 Worcester, MA 8:37 Another great early version that stretches the "Type I" boundary and is well-played and loaded with tension.
1992-03-06 Portsmouth, NH 8:24 "Stash" starts to get interesting in 1992. First version of the year is a good one, with lots of tension and the beginnings of pushing the jam beyond convention.
1992-03-31 Columbia, MO 10:22 Unusually long version for this time period. Although largely straightforward, the jam features some great stacatto plucking by Trey and great tension building.
1992-04-19 Santa Cruz, CA 8:35 Great version where the notion of the standard "Stash" jam is tested repeatedly. Trey moves horizontally in his melody rather than vertically several times which adds good tension.
1992-04-24 Portland, OR 10:24 The first seriously exploratory version with rhythmic gyrations, unusual melody from Trey, and experimental playing.
1992-04-30 Madison, WI 8:50 A very good version with brief departures beyond standard "Stash," and lots of tension and dissonance.
1992-07-09 Portland, ME 9:23 Pounding percussion from Fish, screaming guitar from Trey, and loads of dissonance make for an excellent version.
1992-07-15 Charlottesville, VA 9:42 Excellent straightforward "Stash" with great playing by Trey.
1992-07-25 Stowe, VT 9:22 Mike and Page are awesome! Actually, Trey and Fish are pretty awesome too. A rock solid version.
1992-10-30 Boston, MA 9:53 Excellent and unusual version. A great quiet section and good improvisational playing.
1992-11-20 Albany, NY 11:25 The first "Stash" with an extended section that breaks away from the song proper. While similar to 10/30/92, this one is more developed and spellbinding, and includes "Linus And Lucy" teasing. Returns to high tension, standard "Stash" to conclude.
1992-11-28 Port Chester, NY 10:16 Great, inspired version which gets out there and has very good Fish/Trey teaming.
1992-12-06 Chicago, IL 11:50 Although mostly "Type I," this one has a great quiet early section to the jam, cool strumming by Trey, and some rhythmic shifting near the end.
1992-12-08 Madison, WI 9:56 Trey is like a demon possessed here. Doesn't matter that's it's inside the box, it's a great version.
1993-02-04 Providence, RI 11:32 Very cool and experimental beginning to the jam. Some good thrashing around elsewhere. First time with Page on the acoustic piano, which sounds great!
1993-02-09 Rochester, NY 10:20 By far the most exploratory and different jam through this date. Very innovative and very excellent. Unfinished.
1993-02-21 Atlanta, GA 10:38 "Stash" -> "Manteca" -> "Stash" at the close of the jam. The jam itself is also very good, with nice improvisational action throughout, an unusual ending, and a -> to "Lizards."
1993-02-21 Atlanta, GA 0:55 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this strong version of "Stash," which ends in an unusual manner and -> to "The Lizards."
1993-02-23 Orlando, FL 9:47 Unusual, exploratory ending section (beginning at 8:00) with rhythmic variation and a different vibe. -> to "Lizards."
1993-02-27 Gainesville, FL 11:31 Breaks away from the standard jam at 8:20 into a quiet but tension filled section. Returns home to wrap up.
1993-03-14 Gunnison, CO 10:10 Departs "Stash" entirely at 6:55 into an intense, high power jam that eventually (about 9:30) gets back to "Stash."
1993-03-25 Santa Cruz, CA 10:51 The jam leaves the standard behind, comes back, leaves again on a different tangent, and finally returns to wrap up.
1993-03-30 Eugene, OR 14:21 Spectacularly improvisational and MUST-HEAR . Takes "Stash" WELL beyond anything performed up to this date. Starts exploring right off the bat with an un-"Stash"-like groove, a brief "CYHMK" jam, and a power finish.
1993-04-01 Portland, OR 10:38 Moves beyond "Stash" at about 7:00 for a good 2 minutes of exploration before returning.
1993-04-03 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 12:34 Fantastic improvisation in a very cool and very different jam than most. Mike and Fish are awesome keeping pace with Trey, who excels. Dissonant and blistering ending.
1993-04-05 Seattle, WA 13:38 Excellent, very exploratory version that includes some "DEG"-like jamming. Well beyond "Stash" proper.
1993-04-09 Minneapolis, MN 10:50 Several minutes of growly, percussive, dissonant, and atypical jamming.
1993-04-12 Iowa City, IA 10:50 Brain-splitting tension and dissonance on display here. The ending release is welcome relief!
1993-04-14 St. Louis, MO 10:48 "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash." The jam is typically great Spring '93 stuff with exploration beyond the norm. Returns, seemingly to conclude, then heads out again for more exploration, winding up in the Land of "Kung."
1993-04-14 St. Louis, MO 1:13 -> in from "Kung" to conclude this excellent version of "Stash."
1993-04-17 Ann Arbor, MI 11:53 Trey hits on a cool little riff which he incorporates into much of this very good, unusually less dissonant jam.
1993-04-22 Cleveland, OH 12:23 Some versions of "Stash" peak and seem like they're concluding, then head out on another exploratory jam. This gripping and probing version is an excellent example.
1993-05-05 Albany, NY 11:57 Breaks into a punchy, rhythmic groove, returns home, heads out again for more improvisational play, then builds into a powerful ending.
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 12:32 "Stash" -> "Kung" -> "Stash." Intense, high voltage jam in "Stash." Great segues.
1993-05-08 Durham, NH 1:01 -> in from "Kung" to conclude this excellent version.
1993-07-15 Weedsport, NY 11:00 The usual great fare for this period, but then at about 8:45, there is an upbeat departure and "Little Drummer Boy" jam.
1993-07-22 Stowe, VT 11:14 Great repetitive and thematic jamming which cranks the tension up several notches.
1993-07-24 Mansfield, MA 10:29 This is a sick, sick puppy. All kinds of improvisation combined with a generally mean-spirited sentiment.
1993-08-03 Miami, FL 10:37 Being that it's August '93, you can expect some quality improvisation. This one has some twisted meanderings and a deranged little section near the end.
1993-08-07 Darien Center, NY 12:24 Breaks into an unusually upbeat groove that gradually grows dissonant. Makes a brief return to "Stash" proper before settling, unfinished, with a -> to "Makisupa."
1993-08-11 Grand Rapids, MI 11:31 Insane, tension-filled, extremely improvisational "Stash." This is a vicious animal. Totally awesome!
1993-08-13 Indianapolis, IN 11:08 Very exploratory, but also remarkably musical. Lots of tension, but without so much chaos and dissonance.
1993-08-15 Louisville, KY 17:56 Almost unquestionably the finest, most improvisational and thrilling stand-alone version of "Stash" ever performed (11/14/95 taking the song combination honor). SBD from FTA - IT - Part 2. Download this, NOW!
1993-08-21 Salt Lake City, UT 14:58 Extremely improvisational, with multiple movements. Perhaps lacking the melodic grandeur of 8/15/93, it is nonetheless stunning, fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants exploration.
1993-08-25 Seattle, WA 14:48 Yet another wildly exploratory August '93 "Stash." This one gets far from home, but doesn't quite gel cohesively.
1993-08-28 Berkeley, CA 13:32 Another killer, improvisational, and multiple movement version from the strongest month of arguably, the peak year for "Stash."
1994-04-06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:39 "Stash" starts off '94 in a jarring, intense manner, seems to peak, then breaks into a 2nd, really excellent improvisational section.
1994-04-09 Binghamton, NY 10:23 Gnarly and heavy-duty power rocking jam. Not for the meek.
1994-04-13 New York, NY 11:07 Mike is noticeably strong in this dark and evil monster. Finishes with a "CYHMK" tease.
1994-04-16 Amherst, MA 12:45 Jam breaks into an upbeat, melodic but intense groove. Then, nasty old "Stash" makes a roaring comeback.
1994-04-20 Lexington, VA 11:34 The great thing about "Stash" from '93 - '94 is how fluidly the band weaves back on forth between familiar ground and exploratory territory. This intense and gripping version shifts back and forth several times.
1994-04-23 Atlanta, GA 11:47 Similar to 4/20/94, except that the jam gets further away from the norm as it develops, becoming more malicious.
1994-04-30 Orlando, FL 11:00 Every version of "Stash" from April '94 is on this chart and with good reason. This one mutates and thrashes nicely.
1994-05-03 Antioch, TN 9:52 Enchanting little version that shifts back and forth from minor to major mode several times, then explores.
1994-05-06 Houston, TX 12:23 An excellent exploratory version. It's too bad that the recently discovered recording for this show is not of the same quality as this fine "Stash."
1994-05-08 Bee Cave, TX 11:21 A strong, mostly straightforward jam is followed by a rocking and upbeat groove and a blistering return to "Stash."
1994-05-13 Tempe, AZ 11:35 High power, intense and pounding jam that is mostly straightforward at first. But then, just when it seems to be finishing, the jam swerves abruptly, becoming a sick, growling and angry monster.
1994-05-16 Los Angeles, CA 10:52 A couple of exploratory movements. The second has some beautiful space similar to several Fall '94 "Tweezers."
1994-05-19 Eugene, OR 11:30 High power jam that at moments borders on heavy metal rocking. A very intense version with a screaming end.
1994-06-11 Morrison, CO 9:35 "As spirited, kinetic, and vigorous as Stash gets. Incendiary peaks by Trey, anchored by booming, seismic Mike/Fish rhythms akin to those in 12.2.95 Tweezer." Thanks @FunkyCFunkyDo!
1994-06-16 Minneapolis, MN 11:21 A belligerent, aggressive, volatile, and bad-ass jam. If you like the really sick versions of "Stash," you're in for a treat.
1994-06-19 Kalamazoo, MI 11:51 The jam gets out there well beyond "Stash." The tension is cranked up repeatedly with great pounding by Fish.
1994-06-22 Columbus, OH 10:51 Although this version mostly stays inbounds, the boys play the tension card to full-effect, and the ending is unusual.
1994-07-01 Philadelphia, PA 12:28 Two exploratory jam sections here. The second, beginning at about 10:35, is a great little "cool down" section.
1994-07-05 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 12:12 Especially after 8:00, this one falls into the "extreme" category, with dissonance and chaos run amuck.
1994-07-08 Mansfield, MA 12:16 A Live One version. Jam doesn't get too far out there, but there is a repetitious section beginning at 7:00 that ratchets up the tension considerably. The ending section is drawn out, furthering this effect.
1994-07-10 Saratoga Springs, NY 12:42 Multifaceted improvisational version, including a quieter section, a thrilling rebuilding of energy and dissonance, a second settled section, and a pulsing push back up over the top.
1994-07-16 Fayston, VT 10:13 Fishman and Page star in this chaotic, noisy version. It's essentially straightforward, but a pounding jam nonetheless.
1994-10-18 Nashville, TN 10:47 Excellent version with a nice movement beyond "Stash" including moments of that Fall '94 spacious sound.
1994-11-02 Bangor, ME 11:39 An unexpected and largely upbeat groove emerges from the typically chaotic jam for this time period.
1994-11-12 Kent, OH 14:00 Another typically strong Fall '94 version with improvisational play and a wacky ending section with a vocal jam.
1994-11-16 Ann Arbor, MI 14:54 Incredible journey of exploration well beyond the standard. The second section, at about 8:30, includes quite of bit of "DEG"-like jamming, followed by some quiet moments and a killer return to "Stash."
1994-11-20 Madison, WI 11:56 An absolute thriller, moderately exploratory, but intense with great tension building throughout.
1994-12-06 Goleta, CA 10:59 Aggressive, all-over-the-map improvisation.
1994-12-10 Santa Monica, CA 10:48 A riveting and exploratory jam that gets more and more out there as it progresses.
1995-06-15 Atlanta, GA 13:29 Psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat as the tension ratchets up. Unfinished with a -> to "IDK."
1995-06-17 Bristow, VA 16:39 Great version that gets well beyond "Stash" into some serious dark exploration. Classic Summer '95 jamming. And a powerful ending to top it off.
1995-06-24 Philadelphia, PA 14:49 Another very good Summer '95 version, loaded with tension and with a psychological edginess to it.
1995-07-01 Mansfield, MA 18:36 Dissonant and extremely tension filled jam. Seems to be concluding, but then at about 14:10, the jam morphs into a gnarly, experimental jazz-like foray. Unfinished with a > "Stange Design."
1995-10-14 Austin, TX 18:10 Some cool quiet playing early on, then the jam veers away from the norm into some deep exploration. A different animal than the creatures from '93 - '94. No big peak, instead the jam dissipates with a -> to "Catapult."
1995-11-14 Orlando, FL 15:32 "Stash" -> "Manteca" -> "Stash" -> "Dog Faced Boy" -> "Stash". Many would rank this combination among the Top 10 Phish jams ever, and with good reason. This magnum opus is a stunning, thrilling masterpiece.
1995-11-14 Orlando, FL 12:27 -> in from "Manteca." This epic "Stash" continues. This section includes some cool grooving on "Esther" before growing intense and incendiary, and then settling down and -> to "Dog Faced Boy."
1995-11-14 Orlando, FL 6:05 -> in from "Dog Faced Boy." A blistering cacophony follows "DFB," before this monumental "Stash" arrives home on familiar, but unsettling ground. This entire "Stash" sequence is absolutely MUST-HEAR for any serious fan.
1995-12-04 Amherst, MA 12:28 Although largely "Type I," this typically strong '95 version is an intense thriller, and has excellent dynamics modulation.
1995-12-17 Lake Placid, NY 11:40 One of the most spirited, cacophanous versions from '95, even though it's straightforward. Fish and Page go ballistic.
1995-12-29 Worcester, MA 17:58 Very improvisational considering this version largely stays in bounds. Like many versions from '95, the band stretches the duration, creating a psychological thriller, but the music is less exploratory than '93 - '94. Not a good trend for "Stash."
1996-08-07 Morrison, CO 12:42 Jam shifts to major mode at about 8:08, continuing until about 9:30, for some upbeat jamming.
1997-06-19 Vienna, Austria 21:34 Straightforward until 11:30 when the sounds of funk start to creep in. Becomes a full-blown funk jam after 14:50. Unfinished with a -> to "Ghost."
1997-07-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands 30:23 Unusual intro with delay effects. The jam breaks from standard at about 15:07 into a rocking groove which then morphs into a melodic, upbeat groove capped with a bass solo. Dissolves into dissonant space and -> to "Llama."
1997-07-06 Desenzano, Italy 16:58 Another version where the jam has a funk section (9:40 - about 14:30) which is quite good and different.
1997-07-30 Ventura, CA 15:06 Although largely straightforward, there is a nice shift to major mode at about 7:42, plus a very gradual build up to the peak.
1997-11-13 Las Vegas, NV 21:32 Jam shifts into major mode at about 10:40, then teeters between sentiments in quiet contemplation. Around 17:00, the jam begins to work its way back to "Stash" proper.
1997-11-23 Winston-Salem, NC 17:04 After a brief shift to major mode, the tension ratchets up noticeably. At 10:45, Mike and Fish break into a droning, repetitive groove which Trey and Page play over. This thunderous thrumming continues and -> to "NICU."
1997-11-30 Worcester, MA 20:33 Has a magnificent, melodic jam in it beginning about 13:10. Pure unadulterated hose at one point. Unfinished with a -> to an excellent "Free."
1997-12-30 New York, NY 12:59 Great version where Mike and Fish drive the jam into improvisational territory, including some "Manteca"-like jamming around 8:20, and the ending section dissolves in a quiet but tense manner.
1998-04-02 Uniondale, NY 19:24 The jam almost immediately breaks into exploratory ground that is unusual for this period. Following an ending section without vocals, the jam at 13:10 breaks into a gorgeous ambient jam (first of '98) with "Frankie Says" quotes.
1998-06-30 Copenhagen, Denmark 13:34 This is a cool and very different version. Combines great tension with a little ambient sound and some funk. -> "Cities."
1998-10-30 Las Vegas, NV 7:16 Straightforward "Stash" begins Set II (rare Set II placement for "Stash") and has a superb -> to "Manteca," the first of 3 consecutive segues (->) in this set.
1999-09-09 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 14:12 Haunting and eerie version that is very unique. Trey and Page deploy effects to create a chilling, lunar soundscape.
1999-10-10 Albany, NY 17:14 Some gorgeous major-key jamming in this one (from 9:00 - 11:15) and good staccato playing by Trey later in the jam.
2003-02-26 Worcester, MA 18:26 Largely straightforward, but with a nice 2.0-style funk breakdown with staccato plucking by Trey from about 9:40 - 12:55.
2003-07-21 Noblesville, IN 13:43 Not way out there, but has some good moments that stretch beyond normal "Stash" (8:45 - 11:45) and a solid finish.
2003-12-31 Miami, FL 22:20 Excellent and very improvisational version that gets far, far removed from "Stash" before finally coming home. Multiple sections, including quiet rhythmic stuff, effects-laden space, and some great upbeat jamming.
2004-08-14 Coventry, VT 20:42 While the composed section is far from spotless, the jam is very good and multi-dimensional, including a nice move to major mode followed by some great exploration. Unfinished with a > to "Free."
2009-07-30 Morrison, CO 17:35 Extended major mode groove (9:53 - 14:53) establishes this good Red Rocks version as the first noteworthy 3.0 "Stash."
2010-10-31 Atlantic City, NJ 13:28 Features an unusually melodic, major mode groove that builds beautifully before returning to the norm with great tension.
2012-08-22 Kansas City, MO 13:42 A very good version that shifts back and forth between minor and major modes, creating tension between dark and bright.
2013-07-14 Columbia, MD 13:42 Great, multi-section "Stash." Jam breaks to major mode (6:36) and returns. Then it grows funky and percussive (8:52), shifts again to major mode while staying funky (10:12), and then makes it way back to familiar territory.
2013-07-31 Stateline, NV 10:16 A very good "old school" "Stash," with a dark tone and real tension throughout, plus some dissonance and rhythmic shifts.
2013-08-30 Commerce City, CO 11:56 Some very cool and unusual percussion in the jam, which breaks into major mode, then returns with good intensity.
2013-10-31 Atlantic City, NJ 10:05 Excellent short "Stash" with mounting tension. Like a '93 or '94 version!
2014-07-01 Mansfield, MA 10:50 A really nice break to major mode with good Page/Trey interplay smoothly works back to typically tension-filled "Stash."
2015-08-12 Philadelphia, PA 12:14 Traditional "Stash" jam which dwells in the domain of darkness throughout, covers some different terrain in this realm, and ups the tension nicely before releasing its underworld grip.
2015-08-16 Columbia, MD 10:43 "Stash" is an old fashioned tension/dissonance -> release type song. Trey's frequent use of the off beat to begin his melodic runs keeps it interesting, nicely building tension up to the final release.
2015-08-23 Watkins Glen, NY 12:21 Some good and varied playing, in addition to a warming modulation to major mode provide the differentiation that make this version well worth checking out.
2016-10-30 Las Vegas, NV 11:24 Beginning with some great quieter playing, including some "Manteca"-like action, the jam warms for bit, then heads into the familiar tension and release head waters, with excellent Fish and solid Page/Trey interplay.
2018-08-11 Columbia, MD 10:59 While not flawless, certainly one of the era's finest. Mike's salsa-riffing (around 7:00) seems to inspire Trey, whose minor-key jamming creates a "Spanish Jam" vibe, while, interestingly, evoking 4/26/96's "David Bowie" - particularly the version's "Caravan" jamming (around 9:20) - both of which assume similar melodic lines.
2019-06-11 St. Louis, MO 16:04 At around 8:00, the jam shifts away from the typical into a pleasant major mode section. From there, a synth/keyobard-led section morphs into cool, groovy music with nice Page/Trey interplay. The energy builds becoming more rocking, until finally returning to "Stash" proper.
2019-07-10 Uncasville, CT 12:49 The jam breaks into a really cool, "Caravan"-like (Duke Ellington) or "Spanish" minor mode jam section at about 8:00, which continues for several minutes and grows increasingly intense and includes a fleeting "Manteca" tease by Trey as well. This tension-filled playing winds its way back to "Stash" proper by 11:30, concluding a terrific version.
2021-08-07 Noblesville, IN 16:13 Makes a significant departure from "Stash" proper into largely nonformulaic bliss, save for a minute-long rock section from 11:00 - 12:00. Trey's ascending swells at 12:30 are a highlight, after which a few delayed riffs and a push for -> "NICU" from Fish ultimately leads back home at 14:30.
2021-08-31 Mountain View, CA 17:18 Mike, Trey, and Page layer in an array of textures and tones as they cycle through their respective palettes in this tremendous jam that sees each member trade lead and complementary roles with frequency. Retains at least a loose sense of "Stash" for the duration but explores widely within that tense Latin-esque minor zone heard in previous standout versions (8/11/18, 7/10/19).
2021-10-19 Eugene, OR 15:29 Moves out of the typical tightly-wound "Stash" jam into an upbeat and almost tropical groove, then moves into a stomping classic rock mode with some standout play from Fish and Trey really throwing out some tasty licks, before heading back home.
2022-04-20 New York, NY 12:15 Trey enters the fray with tight staccato picking which Mike counterpoints with a fat and funky tone. From there, the jam skirts around the edges of "Stash" proper with a playful swagger, all the while the music focused and suspenseful, until boiling over around 11:00 with Trey tearing it up and Fish really digging into his kit. A dank "Stash" indeed.
2022-08-03 Clarkston, MI 14:35 Dating back to 2021, "Stash" has resolidified its position as a premier jam vehicle, and this version continues that trend with a jam that changes keys and grows in power but remains tense and minor through 10:00, after which major breaks through as the band skyrockets to a big peak.
2022-08-10 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 11:56 A nice three-minute departure of lovely, low-key major musing tucked inside an otherwise typical "Stash" jam.
2022-12-28 New York, NY 13:44 After a moody start and key change, the jam pivots to major at 9:45 with Trey later emulating a signature move from the BD "CDT" just before 11:00, after which the festivities really kick off as the jam races to a celebratory peak.
2023-02-24 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 15:42 Terrific Phish. Yes, the old-school "Stash" formula continues to melt, but the band, while eschewing tension and release, doesn't break for "major," or "bliss" jamming; instead, driven by Fish, the friends quickly enter an extended passage of full-band improvisation - a jam (given there are two) better left playing than reading someone labor to describe. Or, if you like: It's as if current runs at "Melt" and "Stash" produce a love child. All this and the band doesn't veer so far that "Stash," as song, becomes unrecognizable. Amazing.
2023-07-21 Burgettstown, PA 14:45 Gets a tweak and changes keys shortly before 7:00 but retains "Stash's" light-on-its-feet jazzy swing. Later, a lovely underwater passage leads into major bliss, where the jam stays for the remainder.
2023-10-07 Nashville, TN 15:02 A fun first set jaunt. Starting slow and bluesy, the tempo builds and builds until the band is in a controlled frenzy. It's a mix of old and new Phish, alike. In a jam-heavy first set, this may be the crown jewel.
2024-04-20 Las Vegas, NV 14:45 Like "Melt," Stash has seemingly assumed a new form (see 8/11/18, 7/10/19, etc.). Like "Melt," many of these jams astonish. (See just about any, recently.) Here, right around 6:50, we see Trey at the apex of his cerebral prowess, fingers and feet in lockstep. Pushed by Page, the friends move through wonderful drums and bass to create a jam that’s as pleasant as it is demented, as melodic as it is measured.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
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