Jam Chart for the state of NJ (151 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-10-07 Weekapaug Sayreville, NJ 6:12 Jam has some interesting key changes as well as the expected 1990-style Machine Gun Trey rapid fire action.
1993-05-03 Esther New Brunswick, NJ 9:06 Very pretty and delicate soloing. Impressive Page and a strong conclusion. Proof positive that "Esther" is not necessarily best reflected in the studio.
1993-05-03 Tweezer New Brunswick, NJ 10:18 "Earth Move" tease. Sandwiches "Manteca"!
1993-05-03 Manteca New Brunswick, NJ 2:04 -> in from "Tweezer." "Manteca" is sandwiched in the "Tweezer" jam.
1993-05-03 Tweezer New Brunswick, NJ 4:40 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this "Tweezer."
1993-07-25 Bowie Stanhope, NJ 0:12 "Bowie" -> "Donna Lee" -> "Bowie." After a gentle start, the jam grows typically dissonant and tension filled. Some "DEG"-like jamming adds to this effect.
1993-07-25 Donna Lee Stanhope, NJ 1:40 -> in from "DB." Played during the "DB" intro. Sadly, this is the band's last performance of this classic Charlie Parker jazz tune.
1993-07-25 Bowie Stanhope, NJ 10:45 -> in from "Donna Lee." Great jam with tension and dissonance and some "DEG"-like jamming as well.
1994-07-02 Divided Holmdel, NJ 15:16 A classically high power '94 version which wastes no time kicking into gear, includes great trilling and rapid-fire action from Trey, strong B-3 from Page near the ending, and thunderous Fish throughout.
1994-07-02 FEFY Holmdel, NJ 6:44 With his tone dialed in perfectly, Trey patiently builds in both pitch and intensity upon the typical "FEFY" theme to a climactic catharsis of melodic magnificence. As with many '94 "FEFY"s, > "SOAMule."
1994-07-02 Tweezer Holmdel, NJ 11 Lots of siiick soloing from Trey.
1994-07-02 Weekapaug Holmdel, NJ 11:14 Thrilling version which peaks with the melody of "2001" and also teases "Antelope" in the jam.
1994-07-02 McGrupp Holmdel, NJ 9:29 The jam section begins with good energy, settles, then rebuilds with Trey, Mike, Fish and the audience contributing rhythmic support. Then there's a brief "Landlady"-like section before the tension mounts and finally breaks as the closing section begins.
1995-06-23 Reba Stanhope, NJ 14:46 "Plinko" play from Trey, periodically offset by strumming, jumpstarts the jam, and works to create incredible syncopation. Predictably great guitar is matched by Mike, with the two musicians not so much dueling, as driving the version through any number of impressive ideas and rhythmic shifts. Great and unpredictable improvisation follows, with all four members contributing in equal measure, as if exacting a singular vision.
1995-06-23 YEM Stanhope, NJ 24:15 THRILLING jam!
1995-06-23 Runaway Jim Stanhope, NJ 13:16 Red hot, strong, compact, and unusual second set opener, Fish, direct from the vocals, drives strong and Impassioned play, the four Creating a controlled cacophony (typical fare for the year), with Mike holding some great notes and igniting great patterned play, page Pounding his keys before Trey alights on a riff which rises to break free to inform incendiary soloing. Play gets really cool as the band drives to a false peak and the jam becomes demented, an extended passage of "not at all what's expected,'" before the traditional spirited release -> into "The Lizards."
1995-06-23 Antelope Stanhope, NJ 13:51 1995's most exploratory, improvisational version. One of the "Antelope" clan which weaves back and forth between familiar ground and improvisation. The jam here gets out into some spacey and eerie Summer '95-style territory.
1995-06-23 Jam Stanhope, NJ 2:15 John Popper on harmonica. -> in from "Harpua," during which Jimmy decides he hates the band Abba, and needs to listen to some rocking harmonica music, which is precisely what this jam is. -> to "Llama."
1999-07-10 Wilson Camden, NJ 7:12 Another extended, high-octane shredder from the late 90s, "Wilson's" most consistently strong era, and sets the table for the monumental "CDT" that follows.
1999-07-10 CDT Camden, NJ 14:10 Fantastic version that treads along the periphery of "CDT" for several minutes before making a total departure at about 8:55. Morphs into a blissful, celebratory jam, then gradually fades into a rhythmic pulse. Includes a tease of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and -> to "Roggae."
1999-07-10 Roggae Camden, NJ 7:46 -> in from an awesome "CDT." Some cool strumming by Mike and really the first version to mix the jam up a little.
1999-07-10 Water in the Sky Camden, NJ 5:58 High octave and soaring soloing by Trey in this fantastic version.
1999-07-10 Gin Camden, NJ 16:09 Overlooked gem. A really nice, ethereal "Type I" "Gin" morphs into a great jam on "I'm A Man" (Spencer Davis Group).
1999-07-10 Tweezer Camden, NJ 20:33 Very groovy jam eventually segues into some intense, beautiful space.
1999-07-10 BOAF Camden, NJ 14:06 At about 7:25, breaks from the mold into an up-tempo jam that recalls the excellent "CDT" jam from earlier in this show. Version then morphs into a punchy, funky groove which transitions, unfinished, into "When The Circus Comes."
1999-07-10 Fluffhead Camden, NJ 17:11 Played at a slower tempo than earlier versions, the first several sections are far from spotless. The pace seems to normalize during Fluff's Travels, and then The Chase proves once again why it is perhaps the most difficult of all sections to perform cleanly. Despite some additional bobbles, all is forgiven, as this Arrival proves worth the wait. Whereas the typical Arrival lasts for roughly 2 minutes, this one basks in '99-style celebratory glory for over 4 minutes.
1999-07-15 Farmhouse Holmdel, NJ 9:46 Great extended "Type I" version which demonstrates the song's potential as a straightforward jamming vehicle. Here, the jam moves beyond the typical Page/Trey interplay to a full-band swing with a relaxed beginning that builds in power to a soaring crescendo.
1999-07-15 YEM Holmdel, NJ 23:58 Killer jam segment! (Available on LiveBait Vol. 04) (No B&D.)
1999-07-15 Meatstick Holmdel, NJ 20:42 Coasts along in a low-key ambient groove, picks up energy and direction at about 16 minutes, and then returns to more of the same easygoing jamming until > to a very strong "SOAM." Longest version to date.
1999-07-15 SOAMelt Holmdel, NJ 10:30 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 Kung Holmdel, NJ 3:02 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 Jam Holmdel, NJ 16:59 Epic, exploratory "SOAM" -> "Kung" -> "Jam." "SOAM" has excellent tempo shifts and dissonance before the -> to a wild "Kung," which leads to an incredible, multi-part groove-based jam (and which is really a return to "SOAM").
1999-07-15 CDT Holmdel, NJ 12:09 Some raging Trey in this high energy, extended jam that never quite breaks free from "CDT," but rocks HARD, including an accelerated tempo towards the end.
1999-07-16 Mike's Holmdel, NJ 12:20 A solid, mellow groove jam, with a fair amount of "Manteca"-like melodic playing from Trey. The energy level gradually builds, but the jam is generally pretty even sloped. Although there is a brief 2nd jam, it's little more than a quiet transition to "Hydrogen."
1999-07-16 Weekapaug Holmdel, NJ 10:36 A nice funky breakdown groove with strong Mike and Page concludes with Trey teasing "2001" several times before returning to "Weekapaug" to wrap up.
2000-06-28 Taste Holmdel, NJ 11:22 Fish adeptly intensifies the percussive effects to compliment Trey's very spirited soloing.
2000-06-28 Gin Holmdel, NJ 17:09 Excellent and exultant "Gin." The jam breaks into a funky groove that grows increasingly rocking and uplifting. Though it never gets far removed from "Gin" proper, the jam has magical, spirit-moving power.
2000-06-28 If I Could Holmdel, NJ 7:18 Magnificent set-closing version.
2000-06-28 Jibboo Holmdel, NJ 10:56 Another strong summer '00 straightforward "Gotta Jibboo," which ebbs and flows like the best of them. Tightly played, and the band doesn't hold back anything from its bag of tricks.
2000-06-28 Mike's Holmdel, NJ 11:27 Bad ass dark and stormy groove-based jam which eventually comes to a complete stop, pauses for more than a few, and resumes right where it left off.
2000-06-29 LxL Holmdel, NJ 12:35 Very solid with excellent playing by Trey. The intensity modulates up and down in the jam, with two enormous peaks.
2000-06-29 Drowned Holmdel, NJ 18:25 Great version with an upbeat, pulsing jam that morphs into a celebratory, "Gin"-on-steroids-like section that segues seamlessly into "Rock And Roll."
2000-06-29 BOAF Holmdel, NJ 13:40 "A Love Supreme" tease. Around 7:50, the jam migrates away from "Birds" into a deep and somewhat dark groove-based jam. Unfinished with solid -> to "Catapult."
2000-06-29 Sand Holmdel, NJ 16:58 Dark jam with Trey on the keyboard for a good portion and effects/loops throughout.
2000-07-03 Runaway Jim Camden, NJ 32:33 Incredible journey of improvisation. Very far ranging, the last 10 minutes are thrilling and intense.
2000-07-03 Theme Camden, NJ 10:07 Beautifully played version that has that unique '00 dreamy feel to it. > to "Sand."
2000-07-03 Sand Camden, NJ 13:18 Groovy funk jam with a stop-on-a-dime ending and a brief reprise of the jam to end the song. The "Die" effect heard in the 9/29/99 "2001" also makes an appearance.
2000-07-04 Jibboo Camden, NJ 28:40 The longest and most expansive "Gotta Jibboo" to date. At first, there is standard "Jibboo" tension-release playing, followed by a passage of rhythmic complexity propelled by Fish's wood blocks. This section eventually shifts to a celebratory hose passage which culminates in a breathtaking peak; this devoloves into dissonant and chaotic jazz that would feel at home in '95, which -> "Saw It Again."
2000-07-04 Saw It Again Camden, NJ 7:05 In from -> "Gotta Jibboo," the hard rocking vibe swells and recedes, leaving in its wake an ambient space from which the band miraculously builds towards -> "Magilla."
2000-07-04 Magilla Camden, NJ 3:56 A surprise version emerges from "Saw it Again," with Page on his keyboard before breaking for his acoustic piano. The traditional sound emerges, with Trey particularly strong, plus drum and bass breakdowns.
2000-07-04 Twist Camden, NJ 17:21 A powerful and somewhat ominous groove-based jam emerges from the standard. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.
2000-07-04 Slave Camden, NJ 12:11 Very cool version with a series of peaks. You keep thinking, that's gotta be it. But then it keeps going. Excellent.
2003-02-24 Halley's East Rutherford, NJ 13:44 Starting at a slower tempo than most versions, this "Halley's" has a groovy swing to it, as well as a few sprinkles of a darker sentiment. Excellent dynamics modulation, with the energy rising and falling.
2003-02-24 Twist East Rutherford, NJ 18:57 An excellent, improvisational jam with a sinister sentiment enhanced by effects develops from the standard.
2003-02-24 Farmhouse East Rutherford, NJ 6:19 This strong 2.0 version features great Fish and Trey teaming, some nice licks from Trey, and a cool fakeout ending of sorts. 2.0 doubters should give this surprising encore selection a spin to cleanse their senses.
2003-07-30 Scents and Subtle Sounds Camden, NJ 29:00 At times dark and brooding, this wildly improvisational jam on balance is remarkably upbeat and very exploratory.
2003-07-30 CDT Camden, NJ 10:05 Shorter than some, but a lot more improvisational than most versions, much of it with a dark sentiment.
2003-07-30 Twist Camden, NJ 22:52 Very improvisational and thrilling jam with excellent dynamic modulation. The intensity builds and ebbs repeatedly, and at times has an "On Broadway"-like vibe. It ends with an upbeat sentiment that gradually dwindles.
2003-07-30 YEM Camden, NJ 26:22 Superb jamming in a version whose energy never quits.
2003-07-31 Moma Camden, NJ 12:41 A quality version which includes a second segment of grimy funk fueled by fat bass.
2003-07-31 Piper Camden, NJ 21:45 The third big, powerful, and highly improvisational "Piper" from summer '03. This one has some beautiful, yet eerie and unsettling space in the middle before a full throttle finish.
2003-07-31 Weekapaug Camden, NJ 12:29 "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to some good restrained, improvisational play. The energy builds as the jam returns to familiar ground. Following the final refrain, the jam keeps rolling along in a funky groove with a sweet "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" tease before -> to "Free."
2003-07-31 Hood Camden, NJ 23:42 Must-Hear "Type II" version. With a more melodic bent than 7/25/03, the jam seems to retain at least some vestiges of "Hood," while still ranging far. Returns home to conclude. One of the top "Type II" jams of '03 - '04.
2004-08-12 Piper Camden, NJ 12:28 A really nice, mellow and low-key movement beyond standard "Piper" develops, energizes, and > to "Sneakin' Sally."
2004-08-12 Sneakin' Sally Camden, NJ 10:54 > in from "Piper." Similar to 7/17/99, where an easy-going groove picks up steam and energy by the conclusion.
2004-08-12 Scents and Subtle Sounds Camden, NJ 21:14 No intro. Very improvisational version that ranges from edgy and propulsive to subdued and ends with increasing dissonance and space-like strong effects.
2009-06-07 Fee Camden, NJ 9:20 Like 7/5/98, a vocal flub leads to an extended outro jam that quickly moves beyond the norm. Page's ambient effects and Trey's use of the whammy pedal combine to create a jam reminiscent of the late '90's sound.
2009-06-07 Sand Camden, NJ 22:21 One of the first great jams of 3.0. This version contains an old-school groove which goes "type 2" via a funk jam and an uplifting conclusion by way of a repetitive, descending riff from Trey.
2009-06-07 Tweezer Camden, NJ 13:58 The "Camden Tweezer." Old school, repetitive, amazing groove. Like a '92-'94 version.
2010-06-25 CDT Camden, NJ 16:30 Upbeat, rocking jam until things settle down and Mike adds some interesting bass effects at about 9:45. The jam then becomes at once both funky and spacey. Gets into a tight pulsing groove, and Mike is HUGE. A top 2010 jam.
2010-06-25 2001 Camden, NJ 5:57 The version to beat from the 3.0 era. This Michael Jackson-infused "2001" is not just a novelty. Serious funk and the interplay in the last couple minutes is top notch. This section -> to the debut of "Billie Jean".
2010-06-25 Billie Jean Camden, NJ 4:00 -> in from "2001." This debut version is sandwiched inside a strong 3.0 version of "2001" and includes a "Thriller" tease. -> back to "2001."
2010-06-25 2001 Camden, NJ 1:34 -> in from "Billie Jean" to complete this standout 3.0 version.
2010-10-29 Cities Atlantic City, NJ 8:49 All four team up in the well-played, extended jam that gets somewhat spacey at the very end.
2010-10-29 Sand Atlantic City, NJ 13:11 > out of "Punch You in the Eye." Another strong version with a dynamic groove and tension-filled playing from Trey. Also includes an upbeat, "type 2" outro jam that seems to hint at "Cool it Down" and a -> into "Carini."
2010-10-29 Fluffhead Atlantic City, NJ 15:44 Despite more frequent rotation from 2009 - 2012, this song continues to challenge the band from a precision perspective. In this strong modern version, Fluff's Travels and The Chase are largely free of mistakes, but then the band hits a few bumps in Who Do? We Do! Clod is solid, with call and response action between Page and Trey, followed by nice Fish and Mike support during Page's solo. Ending this second set with emphasis, Arrival is extended compared to most versions, showing a spirited, enthused band, with strong playing by Trey and Fish, taking a couple of extra victory laps.
2010-10-30 CDT Atlantic City, NJ 5:39 "CDT" -> "Whole Lotta Love" > "CDT" from the Zeppelin fest.
2010-10-30 Whole Lotta Love Atlantic City, NJ 1:14 -> in from "CDT." Brief jam, part of Led Zeppelin oriented thematic set. -> back to "CDT."
2010-10-30 CDT Atlantic City, NJ 1:37 -> in from "Whole Lotta Love." Returns to "CDT" to conclude.
2010-10-30 Wolfman's Atlantic City, NJ 10:13 A nice vocal jam is followed by some great "Manteca"-like jamming played in a funky, staccato and rhythmic style. The jam never builds to the typical release, but retains a rhythmic focus and -> to "Undermind."
2010-10-30 Undermind Atlantic City, NJ 7:49 -> from a notable "Wolfman's Brother." Cohesive, full-band effort in this solid "Type I" version. > to "Bathtub Gin."
2010-10-30 2001 Atlantic City, NJ 10:24 Want to know what Mike Gordon can do in the 3.0 era? Look no further than the second jam in this Cactus masterpiece. This is a dancing beast. A top 3.0 version.
2010-10-30 Bowie Atlantic City, NJ 12:07 A couple of brief major mode departures lend some melodic variation and grace to this one.
2010-10-31 Stash Atlantic City, NJ 13:28 Features an unusually melodic, major mode groove that builds beautifully before returning to the norm with great tension.
2010-10-31 Wilson Atlantic City, NJ 7:56 Looney vocalizations preceding "BLAT BOOM" lead to an extra-large, type 1.5 version, in which the band quickly hooks into a thematic blues rock riff. They collectively toy around with the riff, pushing the idea into a soupy mire, before dipping into a mystical Halloween outro where Trey recapitulates the blues rock riff over lush organ drones.
2010-10-31 Julius Atlantic City, NJ 9:17 With horn and percussion accompaniment. Fantastic version. The percussion and horns are added in a particularly complementary arrangement that makes this one a real standout.
2011-05-31 After Midnight Holmdel, NJ 11:16 The jam tracks "After Midnight" fairly closely for a stretch, then around 9:00 it breaks into a nice upbeat groove which swiftly settles down.
2011-06-01 No Quarter Holmdel, NJ 9:50 Debut of the "Led Zeppelin" classic emerges > from a foggy "Tweezer".
2011-06-01 BDTNL Holmdel, NJ 9:50 Fiery and rocking "Type I" version with a nice big peak.
2011-06-10 Curtain With Camden, NJ 14:28 There are a few spots here and there in The Curtain and the beginning of With that seem a bit off. Nonetheless, Trey soloing in With seems particularly inspired, and Mike is also noticeably strong. The jam reaches a fairly intense peak, before expectedly settling to conclude.
2011-06-10 Steep Camden, NJ 6:40 Trey's wonderful, pretty, and soulful soloing, accompanied by Mike's on-point, cascading runs, work to create a truly notable version. Per netter @jerryguscia, Trey quickly shifts towards a bit of jamming featuring some rhythmic, low-key strumming, play which breaks to become dark and funky improvisation before dissolving into those hazy waves of sound typical for the era.
2012-06-15 Tube Atlantic City, NJ 6:33 Strong 3.0 version with start-stop jamming and fantastic playing from Mike as per usual. Spacey outro into "Cities".
2012-06-15 BOAF Atlantic City, NJ 14:37 Following a good straightforward "Birds" jam, this one moves beyond "BOAF" proper into an upbeat, pulsing jam. From there, it shifts again into 3.0-style ambient space, before regaining some rhythm and -> to "BOTT."
2012-06-16 Light Atlantic City, NJ 5:01 A fast break from "Light" -> to a quick rendition of "Manteca." Fantastic stuff. Remainder of the jam is Fish-driven and unlike another "Light" jam. There is quality "Type I" jamming as the band shreds over "Manteca" and "Crosseyed" teases.
2012-06-16 Manteca Atlantic City, NJ 0:32 -> in from "Light." Brief rendering of the Dizzy Gillespie classic occurs early in this "Light" jam. -> back to "Light."
2012-06-16 Light Atlantic City, NJ 8:36 -> in from "Manteca" as the strong "Light" jam really takes off in its aftermath.
2012-06-17 2001 Atlantic City, NJ 8:19 Second jam is a journey down slankytown lane. Slow, with some stop-start funk. Go to Atlantic City for the shady off-Boardwalk atmosphere. Stay for this "2001".
2012-06-17 CDT Atlantic City, NJ 9:22 Jam gets unusually dissonant near the end, then there is more dissonance and noisy space and a > to "Prince Caspian."
2013-07-10 C&P Holmdel, NJ 16:06 Trey seems less interested in the typical type-I shred fest and more interested in a nice space funk jaunt. He sits back on rhythm, but his lack of presence in the lead position does not cause this jam to suffer. Gordon and Page bring a lot fresh ideas and deliver a jam that never lacks direction or focus.
2013-10-31 Stash Atlantic City, NJ 10:05 Excellent short "Stash" with mounting tension. Like a '93 or '94 version!
2013-10-31 Wingsuit Atlantic City, NJ 6:12 Debut of the song leads off the "musical costume from the future" set at this Halloween show.
2013-10-31 Fuego Atlantic City, NJ 10:47 Debut. First version hints at future jamming potential for "Fuego."
2013-10-31 Wombat Atlantic City, NJ 6:34 Debut with "Abe Vigoda" and the Abe Vigoda Dancers.
2013-10-31 Winterqueen Atlantic City, NJ 6:23 Phish debut includes Page nicely jumping around from the Fender-Rhodes to the B-3 to the piano, and a rock driven jam from Trey.
2013-10-31 Carini Atlantic City, NJ 18:41 Serious heavyweight version kicks off with rhythmic and swirling playing. The jam brightens for a stretch, then IT builds and builds as the "HOSE" is turned on. Finally the jam recedes delicately as the spigot is turned to "off."
2013-11-01 Possum Atlantic City, NJ 11:04 A quality "old school" version with a lot of good "Type I" variation in the jamming, building up to an intense peak.
2013-11-01 Twist Atlantic City, NJ 21:02 The jam breaks away at 6:15, growing melodic and upbeat. Mike adds some great bass effects before a euphoric groove emerges. Then a fun "Under Pressure" jam develops, followed by beautiful low-key jamming.
2013-11-01 Makisupa Atlantic City, NJ 8:11 Another fun, funky version with "Kush" and "Bush" chanting, lots of weirdness, and a few genuinely musically impressive passages interspersed here and there.
2013-11-01 Boogie On Atlantic City, NJ 5:42 > from "Meatstick". There's some extra funky mustard on this one and it also includes alternate lyrics referencing bush and kush, as well as a tease of the "Theme from the Rockford Files." Ends with a > to "The Wedge".
2013-11-01 Sneakin' Sally Atlantic City, NJ 11:06 A solid and funkified breakdown jam follows a good vocal jam and includes Trey banter near the ending.
2013-11-02 Theme Atlantic City, NJ 13:58 As a standard "Theme" jam draws to a close, it morphs into a jam on the "Theme From Shaft" with amusing banter from Trey and Fish. Some good funky jamming follows the banter before returning to "Theme" to end.
2013-11-02 DwD Atlantic City, NJ 16:18 The jam breaks into a good percussive and rocking groove, then it lightens and brightens, re-energizes, and -> to "Piper."
2013-11-02 Roggae Atlantic City, NJ 7:36 A delicate and beautifully played version with a dreamy quality to it, but which also builds to a powerful peak. > to "Waves."
2013-11-02 Tweezer Atlantic City, NJ 15:22 Very repetitive, melodic, spirited, funky jam... check. this. OUT!
2018-08-07 DwD Camden, NJ 24:08 "Orchestral" in nature, the band smoothly transitions through several distinct "movements", each refined and offering something different by way of nuance or texture. Be the passage airy or muscular, driven or restrained, the jam remains engaging and highly musical, ultimately yielding to patterned, tripped-out effects, culminating with an august, psychedelic conclusion.
2018-08-07 Light Camden, NJ 16:30 Strong vocals yield to pure, fun-in-the-sun jamming. Trey shapes his tone around 4:30, and alights upon a melody, matched, in equal measure, by Page. Trey lays back and Mike steps up - his play characteristically super - and in-step with Page, who soon bathes the stage with synthetic waves. Trey again enters the fray, finds a warm, melodic line, and the four musicians gel as one, summoning an easy-going, yet spirited vibe. Fish offers terrific fills; sound swells; and energy builds to a plucky rise, culminating with Trey creating a shimmering, feel-good, paint-by-number peak.
2018-08-08 Theme Camden, NJ 8:23 Trey's solo is short and to the point but played with inspiring confidence and results in a strong collective peak.
2018-08-08 Everything's Right Camden, NJ 16:13 A multi-passage monstrosity grows its sea legs out of the Delaware River as the band walks this "Everything's Right" around the corner and back. Up top, dark minor-mode jamming is propelled thanks to Page' synth and stellar bass work from Mike; this eventually paves the path to a happy and fluid bliss jam. A second key change first heads for grimy Leslie-driven plinko, until Trey steps up with whale call and a second prominent bliss peak unfolds thanks to Fish's dynamic improvisation. An abrupt return to the final chorus winds down to close out the tune and, in turn, the set.
2018-08-08 Scents and Subtle Sounds Camden, NJ 12:07 Played with the intro for only the 3rd time in 3.0 (SBIX, 8/12/15). A warm and delicate jam builds out of the verses proper, which morphs into a darker zone with Page and Mike taking point as Trey goes to his effects. Builds to a pretty sweet peak as Trey takes the reins, then comes to a gentle close.
2018-08-08 Character Zero Camden, NJ 7:37 > from a memorable "Melt", "Stop-Start" / "Woo-Driven" action yields to smooth, fluid soloing (featuring Trey's incredibly warm tone), atop bedrock bass, drums, and Page's groovy play. Short but sweet, a fun way to send 'em home.
2019-06-28 Mercury Camden, NJ 20:40 Typically impressive play splits open and melts into one of the summer's more interesting extended improvisational passages. Around the 14:00 mark Mike works his effects and Trey follows suit, a bit of lead bass fronting a super bit of creativity which toys with the song's melodic variation, at times funky, at others maintaining a bit of delay-heavy darkness, before the jam, ultimately, moves from a carnival-vibe to become joyous. In other words: More Great Phish.
2019-06-28 NMINML Camden, NJ 11:09 Relatively short but very sweet. Around 4:30 in, the jam takes a turn to a driving groove in A, which the band weaves into darker territory. Dominated by swirls in the key of Mike and thick Clavinet work, the jam weaves back to a happier bliss key around 6 minutes in. Trey goes for swirly Leslie tone before a soaring bliss lead propels to the heavens on the back of Page's piano. Finally paying off with a big sustained note around 7 minutes in, celebratory and continued peaking winds back into the verse at 9:30.
2019-06-29 46 Days Camden, NJ 10:06 A thick churn of clav, filtered bass, and growling guitar suddenly morphs at 5:20 into a triumphant release with a powerful peak.
2019-06-29 Ruby Waves Camden, NJ 13:38 Smoothly pivots to a fuzzed-out and warm space, then grows darker and heavier with some real nice work from Mike in particular. Page flashes his stuff on the keys as the jam grows busier and more intense, and with a few strums of his guitar Trey moves the band into a quicksilver blissful upbeat hose jam. Things get murkier and heavier, a perfect setting for "DDHVL" to emerge.
2019-06-30 Twenty Years Later Camden, NJ 21:14 The band shows a willingness to let things develop slowly and organically at a level normally reserved for soundchecks in this relaxed, free-form exploration. Numerous styles and moods are employed with each movement given time to breathe before subtly transitioning to the next. From the initial grungy outro to floating bliss to the final funky riffing and everything in between, this jam covers a surprising amount of ground and does so without building to any singular peak.
2021-08-13 Blaze On Atlantic City, NJ 13:14 Makes a pretty sweet move to major key bliss before Trey switches on his fancy pedals and does some pretty nifty soloing and the band heads back to "Blaze On" proper. A more concentrated dose of the diffuse improvisation of the 8/6/21 "Blaze On".
2021-08-13 Tweezer Atlantic City, NJ 22:10 Soulful, soaring soloing by Trey with fierce accompaniment, this second-set-opening version arguably stays "Type I" but still delivers. Oh, if every 20 min version could pay off like this.
2021-08-13 Gin Atlantic City, NJ 13:45 At around 7:45, the jam peels away from the typical "Gin" jam and shifts into a rolling, swinging groove. The music builds to an effects-infused peak before winding down into transition space.
2021-08-14 Drowned Atlantic City, NJ 15:54 While staying somewhat close to typical "Drowned" jamming, the music explores those bounds widely until 10:30, when there is a distinctive shift to new terrain. The jam becomes pulsing and percussive before finally settling to quiet transition space.
2021-08-15 Moma Atlantic City, NJ 14:06 Adventurous first-set jam loosens up after 8 minutes with Trey's throaty tone engaged and then soon heads for warm and delicate waters.
2021-08-15 YEM Atlantic City, NJ 19:28 Deploying the echoplex and envelope filter during the WUDMTF segment, Trey seemed to signal that this would be an atypically strong version, and it proved to be: he melodically soared during the jam segment, with excellent accompaniment from Fish, Mike and Page.
2021-08-15 Carini Atlantic City, NJ 15:14 Mike's inventive playing combined with some heavy effects from Trey kick this jam off. It doesn't take long for all four members to jell and lock in. Trey hearkens back to days of old with some longer, sustained notes which lead to a laid-back, beachy jam perfect for the setting of the show. By the 12:00 mark, the tempo picks back up for a Page-led, synth-heavy party. > "Set Your Soul Free."
2021-08-15 Piper Atlantic City, NJ 10:54 Yet another modern era jam whose length tells you nothing about its quality. Trey's goopy effects, Page on electric piano, Mike doing work, Fish switching out of his usual "Piper" beat into something heavier and more powerful - it all comes together in wickedly downbeat fashion. A hidden gem from the Summer tour, and the neat -> into a reprise of "Carini" is the icing on the cake.
2022-08-05 Sand Atlantic City, NJ 11:19 After a brief passage of standard "Sand" fare, the music modulates at 5:15 for major key. The band immediately locks onto an anthemic chord progression, with Page's grand piano bed providing a solid platform for Trey's soaring guitar. The main "Sand" riff reappears at the 10 minute mark, as the tune patiently winds down. > "Plasma."
2022-08-05 Sigma Oasis Atlantic City, NJ 21:29 A multi-sectioned monstrosity emerges from the Atlantic City Beach. The jam begins in familiar, but strong territory with excellent melodic interplay. The music grows deeper as Trey and Mike dip into their effects. Shortly after the 14 minute mark, Fishman blasts the band off into hyperspace via a double time tempo change. An aggressive and high energy jam follows, evocative of 2.0 era "Piper"s. The band then cools down into a thick funk segment that -> "Cities." Must hear.
2022-08-05 Soul Planet Atlantic City, NJ 14:52 > from "Axilla (Part II)". Mike's bass is thumping as the jam begins. Trey solos over a cool texture provided by Mike and Fish. A slow tempo gradually picks up steam, possibly because of Fish dropping a "Yeah" sample seemingly out of nowhere. The jam comes to a head around 13:00 with Trey and Mike both heavy in their effects arsenals. It melts into almost nothing before > into a big "Down With Disease".
2022-08-05 DwD Atlantic City, NJ 20:51 Big version that anchors a magical second set. The jam begins in highly melodic and patient territory. An easy-going but sonically complex jam follows, with the band shifting through effects while Fishman gallops along. As the music deepens and intensifies, Trey dips into the "bullfrog" effect, Page stacks synthesizers, and Mike taps into his synth bass palette. Fishman cuts the beat in half, and we enter a passage of effect-drenched space funk. Amidst the murk, Trey and Mike coax out a seamless "Midnight Rider" tease/jam at 16:55, much to the delight of ABB fans and tease-chasers alike. The jam then cools down into a gorgeous and remarkably delicate major key section. > a fiery "Ruby Waves."
2022-08-05 Ruby Waves Atlantic City, NJ 14:39 Ruby emerges from the ether of a big "Down with Disease." This jam gallops along through various vignettes in butter-smooth fashion (including a brief passage of dissonant jamming) before the band lands on a super connected major key rock groove. Trey begins a repeated lick that builds patiently to an absolutely incendiary hose-y peak. Fishman kicks it into an overdrive with a tempo change and the band segues into the "DWD" ending in once again, butter-smooth fashion.
2022-08-05 DwD Atlantic City, NJ 0:50 "DWD"'s closing section emerges from the ashes of an incendiary "Ruby Waves", finishing a brilliant segment of music. > an equally inspired "Ghost."
2022-08-05 Ghost Atlantic City, NJ 12:17 Mike isn't always featured in JC entries, but when he is...Well, for what it's worth - and more - check out this late-show "Ghost." Per .netter @DetectiveFrankShark: Coming out of the last chorus, deliberate three-note chromatic play prevents the band from settling into predictable jamming. Fishman drops out to play atmospheric, scattershot, offbeat "lead"; Trey matches Mike's strange play; and, suddenly, we're in foreign territory. The way the band builds up the rest of the jam is a testament to just how great they played this Friday night. This, then, > a terrific "Hood."
2022-08-05 Hood Atlantic City, NJ 13:45 It's all the same notes but a modal shift gives this inspiring jam a different tenor before it reverts back to "Hood" for a smooth finish, and combined with a super synth-funky intro, makes this a version well worth seeking out.
2022-08-05 Free Atlantic City, NJ 10:03 "Free's" second encore and first-ever show-closing appearance comes loaded with heaps of extra synthy spank and filthy wah guitar.
2022-08-06 555 Atlantic City, NJ 6:53 Inverts the tonality to major just before 5:00 and soars into a "Norwegian Wood" tease before slipping back to nasty old "555" to conclude.
2022-08-06 Gin Atlantic City, NJ 17:21 Slow fizz ... For a song in such "Heavy Rotation," the band continues to impress. Atop predictably solid, bedrock Fish, Trey works a number of hard rock riffs to inform major play offset by Page, sprite on his piano, the sound becoming, like waves lapping the shore, a gentle sort of echo, as the musicians, Mike included, work their effects. Play briefly cools before a giant blast of sustain (Trey) vaults play into minor madness and a return to the song's classic coda.
2022-08-06 Character Zero Atlantic City, NJ 9:10 The trend of pushing familiar songs out of their musical comfort zone in 2022 continues with another nicely extended version of this traditional set closer that goes beyond the normal rock peak, first by heaping on some extra fire, and then with an experimental outro that slowly peters out.
2022-08-06 NMINML Atlantic City, NJ 14:48 After a delightfully melodic first jam, the band turns to explore the darker realms of "No Man's Land" in a jam awash in loops and echoes that taps into a swirling and growling sonic space until finally resolving in a momentary bliss that decays only to give way to the opening notes of "Tweezer".
2022-08-06 Simple Atlantic City, NJ 12:42 An "Under Pressure" tease shakes things loose, allowing for a wispy, cyclical jam to take hold, which ratchets up moderately before an eerie alien outro possibly setting up a > "2001" but instead > "BDTNL". Quite a nugget of improvisation.
2022-08-07 Tube Atlantic City, NJ 12:07 Jam begins in its normal uber-funk space with Page pounding the clavinet and Trey outlining with simple but pointed lead guitar playing. The band then hooks up on a riff that leads them into a more contemplative, dark space. The music then shifts into a breezy major key groove very appropriate for the setting. Another shift towards minor key occurs, and the music morphs into a rocking jam that executes a great segue back into the blues shuffle portion of the song.
2022-08-07 Ocelot Atlantic City, NJ 11:10 One has argued it's not the wind, but, rather, the trees that create the breeze. Here, Trey as tree, drives an airy, guitar-driven jam that moves effortlessly across sea and sand. Fish, solidly in the pocket, anchors the band as the four take the song for another deceptively simple ride before, as if a wave, breaking for "Fluffhead."
2022-08-07 A Wave of Hope Atlantic City, NJ 19:22 Once again, Trey's newer material serves as springboard for some of the band's most compelling improvisation. Here we get a multi-part jam that moves comfortably between sections and which finds all members of the band communicating and contributing. Listen especially to Fishman and how he drives the musical conversation.
2022-08-07 YEM Atlantic City, NJ 23:46 Although Trey is very rough in the opening, he soon recovers, and the version coasts along as per "average-great-normal" until 11:45 of the jam segment when Trey teases "Mr. P.C.," and the jam takes off and eventually reaches a BLISTERING peak. Bass and Drums segment is average-great, and the Vocal Jam is as well, but it's only ~95 seconds long, before (as in other recent versions) a second jam segment begins, in that Fish begins drumming and the others begin playing their instruments in short order, largely mimicking the final measures of the vocal jam during the first few minutes of this second jam segment. This second jam is thrilling, and peaks triumphantly.
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