Jam Chart for Free (30 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1995-05-16 Lowell, MA 8:32 Debut. Jam section similar in tone, but less with percussion and with less Page than later '95 - '96 versions.
1995-06-26 Saratoga Springs, NY 16:16 -> in from a great "Down With Disease." Multi-movement masterpiece. Starts in typical (for 1995) style, but morphs into rhythmic, eerie and psychedelic piece. The jams then takes on a jazz-like vibe. After some quiet moments, picks up tempo and energy for a rocking, upbeat finale.
1995-11-22 Landover, MD 33:02 The second extended, highly improvisational "Free." This one is a monster with several movements well beyond "Free" proper and "No Quarter" teases and a "BATR" tease. -> to "Llama." Must-hear.
1997-06-14 Dublin, Ireland 11:48 The new or modern "Free" jam is hatched with funky, bass-led sound. Great Page on clavinet, organ, synthesizer and piano.
1997-06-24 Strasbourg, France 12:03 Nice funky jam that gets pretty rocking. Great Mike and Trey.
1997-07-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands 11:03 More of the modern "Free" jam, with a great bass-led breakdown and some good delay/resume action.
1997-07-06 Desenzano, Italy 10:30 Slow tempo, very funky jam with Trey taking the lead.
1997-08-08 Tinley Park, IL 9:25 Great -> in from a very solid "Wolfman's Brother." The jam while similar to the post '95 - '96 jam is its own beast; very cool.
1997-11-30 Worcester, MA 10:36 -> in from a monster "Stash." The only performance in Fall '97. In addition to an excellent, extended version, the band tacks on a nice 4 1/2 minute ambient jam to the back end of "Free." -> to "Piper."
1998-07-15 Portland, OR 11:22 -> in from "Tweezer." An awesome jam develops that is unique, with great Fishman and Page on the B-3. Unfinished.
1998-07-31 Columbus, OH 9:53 Sweet, funky, almost bluesy groove. A great version.
1998-11-09 Chicago, IL 11:53 Nice rocking and funky jam that adds a little mustard to the typical "Free" jam.
1998-12-29 New York, NY 9:53 Trey out in front instead of Mike. Swirling metallic jam that sounds more '99 or '00 than '98. > to "Limb By Limb."
1999-06-30 Bonner Springs, KS 13:56 Starts in customary manner, with a lot of bass and nice Trey. A kind of echo-filled groove develops, very mellow.
1999-07-18 Volney, NY 10:26 -> in from a huge "Runaway Jim." Super lazy, summer-style Mike led jam. > to "Meatstick."
1999-12-15 Washington, DC 16:11 Jam starts in typical fashion, but then Trey hits the keyboards for an extended and very different version.
2000-06-11 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 10:01 After the initial bass solo, Mike and Fish lay down a really great groove for Trey and Page to play off.
2003-12-29 Miami, FL 11:36 -> in from "Ghost." Jam starts in customary manner, but then features an excellent bass and guitar duet/jam.
2004-06-17 Brooklyn, NY 10:18 -> in from an epic "Moma Dance." Sick bass by Mike. Maybe the best straightforward version. Great interplay by Trey and Mike.
2004-06-26 East Troy, WI 12:05 > in from a big "Boogie On" -> "Ghost" combo. This one has a really excellent jam.
2004-08-14 Coventry, VT 9:54 Some sweet Mike bass, then gets very quiet with just Mike and Trey playing, then Fish and Page jump back in.
2014-11-02 Las Vegas, NV 8:03 Strong "Type I" version with lots of amusing quoting from the previous night's "Martian Monster."
2017-07-18 Dayton, OH 10:51 Trey pushes through a few early miscues to share in Mike's incendiary groove. Via rhythmic shifts in meter and tone, Trey constructs a mellow, effects-enriched jam, which, colored by Page's wraithlike atmospherics, coasts atop Fish's steady beat, before driving the version to a strong conclusion.
2019-12-28 New York, NY 9:42 Active Trey/Mike interplay makes for a more dynamic jam than typical in this plus version.
2020-02-20 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 8:15 Builds on Free's recent uptick (12/28/19) in a big way with extra attention being given to the usual funky jam section (watch out for Mike's thumping bass) and then > into the always-welcome "Shipwreck".
2020-02-20 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 2:59 -> from "Shipwreck" as "Free" creeps back in and concludes a great segment with "Rescue Squad" quotes thrown in for good measure.
2021-10-23 Chula Vista, CA 16:30 > out of "NMINML". Trey weaves in one of the many "NICU" teases from this show into the first jam, then he suggests minor-key and Page follows him on synths, leading to a lower-boil groove replete with repeating loops and Mike goodness. The band climbs out of the muck and returns to a more upbeat rock jam, with the loops still going, and very neatly returns to "Free" proper.
2022-05-28 Orange Beach, AL 10:44 Some dirty chord work from Trey nudges the jam out of the usual bass-guitar duel into a into a full-on barrage of synths and effects creating a killer atmospheric groove. Filthy, filthy version.
2022-08-02 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 24:46 The usual jam section is perfunctory, but improv continues after the normal ending and soon ascends to a more ethereal plane with thick bass counterpointing magisterial guitar and piano leads. Around 13:00, dirty synth sounds are introduced briefly and then melded into another round of upbeat melodic play which continues through 18:00 when the jam shifts to minor and becomes more rock-oriented, before a final delicate coda > "Esther".
2022-08-05 Atlantic City, NJ 10:03 "Free's" second encore and first-ever show-closing appearance comes loaded with heaps of extra synthy spank and filthy wah guitar.
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