Jam Chart for shows in the city of New York, NY (255 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1989-10-26 Possum New York, NY 9:22 Experimental, mildly dissonant playing by Trey for much of the jam. Machine Gun Trey earns his name by the end.
1989-10-26 Bowie New York, NY 17:43 Cool little jam on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" in the intro. The jam immediately breaks into exploratory terrain. The energy, tension and dissonance build nicely. If you wonder where the Providence "Bowie" came from, start here.
1990-03-03 YEM New York, NY 16:46 Awesome segue into "Possum!"
1990-03-03 Esther New York, NY 8:53 Great "Esther" with strong, full-band playing. Both Page and Trey standout amidst this version which features a unique, shuffling tempo.
1990-06-09 Foam New York, NY 9:32 -> in from "Fee." Groovy and excellent Page section with solid backing from Mike and Fish. It's all good from there.
1990-06-09 Antelope New York, NY 11:38 Good exploratory version that gets nicely beyond the standard. Great tension, dissonance and experimental jamming.
1990-09-13 Tube New York, NY 3:15 Debut. Like other 1990 versions, the jam includes some building tension which is largely absent in later versions and does not include a guitar solo to end the jam.
1990-09-13 Magilla New York, NY 6:40 Jazzy, extended, and inspired, all four members equally contribute to ensure a memorable debut.
1990-09-13 Stash New York, NY 8:53 Debut is straightforward but well-received by the audience.
1990-12-28 Coil New York, NY 8:00 A splendid full-band outro with melodic riffing that hints at the "Manteca" which fully emerges from the following -> "Tweezer".
1990-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 6:30 Deservedly popular early version with "Manteca."
1990-12-28 Manteca New York, NY 1:20 -> in from "Tweezer." "Manteca" is sandwiched inside the "Tweezer" jam.
1990-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 4:44 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this "Tweezer."
1992-03-14 Reba New York, NY 11:14 Notable playing in the composed section, featuring incredible percussion and spot-on syncopation. Mike and Fish maintain a cool vibe, with Page providing great fills. Fish is the star here though, with Trey seemingly soloing in response to Fishman's pinpoint persistence. Trey locks on to a great little theme, and thanks to more punishing drumming, he leads the band through a great rise, into a powerful, compact, peak. Even the drumming post-whistling is compelling.
1992-03-14 Foam New York, NY 7:53 A very tight, well-played version with solid contributions from all four and great cohesion. Nice, crisp sbd recording taboot.
1992-03-14 Hood New York, NY 13:18 Excellent intro to 4:24 with Page on the B-3 and strong Mike. The jam includes a sweet "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" tease and then builds up in a very rocking manner with solid playing by all four.
1993-02-05 Bowie New York, NY 0:18 "Vibration Of Life" in intro. Cool jam with some interesting rhythmic variation.
1993-02-05 Vibration of Life New York, NY 2:43 -> in from "DB." "VOL" is performed during the "Bowie" intro. -> back to "DB."
1993-02-05 Bowie New York, NY 11:56 -> in from "Vibration Of Life." Cool jam with some interesting rhythmic variation.
1993-02-06 Weekapaug New York, NY 7:40 An improvisational section begins at 4:40, with really great Mike and Page playing. Then Trey adds electric energy to the mix as the jam returns home to conclude.
1994-04-13 Stash New York, NY 11:07 Mike is noticeably strong in this dark and evil monster. Finishes with a "CYHMK" tease.
1994-04-13 Reba New York, NY 16:22 Another subdued jam with Page again complimenting Trey, whose patience is offset by Mike and Fish, their fills particularly spirited and on point. Trey works through patterned playing, which, cumulatively, has an almost hypnotic effect, before a concerted push works the jam up and into a mini-breakdown before rising into a trill-filled, soaring, release. (A strange bit of space before whistling brings this version to a close.)
1994-04-13 Bowie New York, NY 13:11 A very intense, high power version, loaded with tension and unusual rhythmic shifts, but not highly dissonant. Very solid.
1994-04-14 Antelope New York, NY 13:40 One of those great probing versions that leaves "Antelope," comes back briefly, leaves again, home again, off again, etc. etc.
1994-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 22:00 Page plays a solo in this unusual version, which like the other Fall 1994 versions of "Tweezer" is must-hear.
1995-12-30 It's Ice New York, NY 4:45 Another "Kung" sandwich makes up the meat of the "Ice" jam.
1995-12-30 Kung New York, NY 3:01 -> in from "It's Ice." Following "Kung," -> back to "Ice."
1995-12-30 It's Ice New York, NY 1:39 -> in from "Kung" to complete this version of "Ice."
1995-12-30 Hood New York, NY 15:35 A magnificent jam in this version ends a stellar year for "Hood." Released on FTA Superball IX, Part 2.
1995-12-30 SOAMule New York, NY 13:19 Great Page > Trey guitar/vocal > Page piano with Trey backing on guitar > klezmer > Mike singing high, then really low.
1995-12-31 Reba New York, NY 14:14 NYE's huge "Reba" finds the band recovering from a botched composed section to create a classic. Measured and magisterial, Trey leads the band as they blaze from one side of harmony to the other, the musicians collectively working their way through starts and stops - and all points inbetween - to build a bliss-tinged climax. Wonderful.
1995-12-31 Drowned New York, NY 12:27 A top highlight of this glorious and storied concert. A careful listen reveals extended "Fire On the Mountain"-like jamming from Trey in the post-"Drowned" section, as well as a bona fide tease near the ending and -> into "The Lizards."
1995-12-31 Runaway Jim New York, NY 15:53 Fish is phenomenal in this grand, melodic and driving jam that turns '95-style funky before rebuilding to "Jim."
1995-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 14:48 Wrapping up a historic 2nd set, the 1st jam segment is strong but fairly pedestrian until Page starts to signal the impending "DDL Jam." The 2nd jam begins with a slightly funky tone and strong Fish. The sentiment grows dark as Page shifts to piano, and the foreboding sense of impending doom is rendered complete as the jam blows into a cacophony and -> to the "DDL Jam" at 14:48.
1995-12-31 Digital Delay Loop Jam New York, NY 5:05 -> in from a stellar "Mike's Song." The dark and brooding nature of this jam serves as a fitting close for this historic Set II, before an improvisational and uplifting "Weekapaug" opens Set III.
1995-12-31 Weekapaug New York, NY 17:43 "Mike's Song" and "Weekapaug" separated by a setbreak. Masterpieces, both of them.
1995-12-31 YEM New York, NY 25:50 Two awe-inspiring jam segments. A fucking masterpiece! (No B&D section.)
1996-10-21 Possum New York, NY 8:57 Here's an odd one: the entire song is played in a different (lower) key. Go figure.
1996-10-21 Simple New York, NY 11:57 Funky version with Trey on the "mini-kit." -> to "The Horse."
1996-10-22 SOAMule New York, NY 12:35 Guitar/vocal response by Trey in jazz style. Combined piano and guitar/vocal response to Trey's jazz work, which gets really nuts at the end. Klezmer, chanting and finale.
1996-10-22 Weekapaug New York, NY 8:38 The "Freakapaug," as the band is joined on stage by circus dancers and Mimi Fishman, and the music rises to a fittingly celebratory peak.
1997-12-29 Theme New York, NY 12:31 Blistering, high octane version with nice concluding transition space and a > to "Fluffhead."
1997-12-29 Antelope New York, NY 15:55 Straightforward but well played jam, followed by some downright filthy funk jamming in the "Rocco" section.
1997-12-29 DwD New York, NY 22:00 Fearsome but exploratory jam. Moments of quiet settle are repeatedly upended by intense funk rocking. This legitimate monster "Disease" finally gives up a little belligerence only to -> into a very strong "David Bowie."
1997-12-29 Bowie New York, NY 19:49 Excellent and thrilling version with strong musicianship. Mode shift out of typical (but very well played) "Bowie" at 13:55 into a great groove which peaks and returns to "Bowie" by 17:00.
1997-12-29 Possum New York, NY 2:38 > in from a strong "Bowie". Fun version with two "I Can't Turn You Loose" jams, one at the onset of the jam and the other appearing after the last chorus.
1997-12-29 I Can't Turn You Loose New York, NY 0:50 -> from "Possum". The first "I Can't Turn You Loose" section pops up early in "Possum's" jam and then > back to "Possum".
1997-12-29 Possum New York, NY 5:39 The main "Possum" jamming occurs here and includes extended Page lead sections on organ and piano, before Trey gets his licks in later on.
1997-12-29 I Can't Turn You Loose New York, NY 0:30 Another round of "I Can't Turn You Loose" puts a cap on a solid "Possum".
1997-12-29 Tube New York, NY 10:50 Absolutely locked-in version with seamless interplay, breakdown solos by Trey, Page, and Mike, and "I Feel the Earth Move" teasing. One of the greats.
1997-12-30 Sneakin' Sally New York, NY 9:52 First performance in 920 shows, opens first set of a highly regarded show. Nice '97 style funk/rock groove follows the lyrical section. A very unhurried, patient feel to this one. -> to "Taste", and is reprised and finished in the 4-part funk-fest encore.
1997-12-30 Taste New York, NY 10:23 -> in from an historic "Sneakin' Sally." Strong version, but quite different from most of the Fall '97 versions. Here, Trey solos beautifully, but Page's role seems far more restrained. There is far less of a full band build towards the end than musical support for Trey's incredible soloing. To some ears, the best "Taste" ever. To others, it's too one dimensional.
1997-12-30 Stash New York, NY 12:59 Great version where Mike and Fish drive the jam into improvisational territory, including some "Manteca"-like jamming around 8:20, and the ending section dissolves in a quiet but tense manner.
1997-12-30 Bag New York, NY 24:38 Opening an incredible 2 1/4 hour-long Set II, the second monster "Bag" combines the same elements as the first - funk, rock, and delicate space, but in a completely different manner and configuration. Includes "Third Stone From The Sun" and "Psycho Killer" teases with a > to "McGrupp." A must-hear dynamo that belies a short description.
1997-12-30 McGrupp New York, NY 9:33 With Mike and Page out front early, Trey ultimately enters the fray, and he and Page break into an eerie, counterpoint-based duet of sorts, with Mike and Fish nearly absent from the mix. Mike and Fish finally jump back in, creating a tense, throbbing sentiment which gradually dissipates with no concluding section, and instead spills into an epic "Harpua."
1997-12-30 Hood New York, NY 19:57 With no final refrain, an atypically uptempo jam breaks into a rocking/bluesy groove at 16:45 and -> to "My Soul."
1997-12-30 Sneakin' Sally New York, NY 4:58 In from BEK ->, the second "Sneakin' Sally" of this fan favorite show functions as a funky reprisal of the major bust-out that opened the evening's festivities. Jumps right into a jammed-out show-closing > Frankenstein.
1997-12-30 Frankenstein New York, NY 10:40 > in from "Sneakin' Sally." Part 4 of an incredible 4-song encore, and this "Frankenstein" is jammed-out, taboot!
1997-12-31 Emotional Rescue New York, NY 15:21 Compared to Hampton, a snappier, more uptempo funk groove unfolds and intensifies in the later stages with brief rock flurries.
1997-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 14:00 Yeah, this is a badass version alright, with a monster, Mike-led groove (it is after all, Mike's song). It's got funk, but not as much as some of the other '97s. And it's got power. At around 9:40, there's a stop, and then a 2nd jam of sorts begins, delicate bliss mode play that sets up well for the "Piper" that follows.
1997-12-31 Weekapaug New York, NY 17:56 Among the longest "Weekapaugs" to date, this version provides a fitting capstone to 1997. After 14 minutes of balls-to-the-wall, but largely in-the-box jamming, Trey, then Mike, then Page -- and after some Trey banter -- Fish, take solos to send the crowd hurtling towards 1998 (and "2001").
1997-12-31 Maze New York, NY 17:22 > in from "Tweezer." Despite its duration, at various points this version seems to lose its bearing, especially from 13:10 on. But it's well worth checking out. Includes a "Birdland" tease and is unfinished with a > to "Prince Caspian."
1997-12-31 Loving Cup New York, NY 8:57 This is how to close a third set on NYE! Crazy-raw, rough playing by all!
1998-12-28 Taste New York, NY 11:27 Page has a magnificent solo, and then Trey waits for several measures before starting his solo. Very good band interplay during the build up. There is a cool little spacey cycle (just some long-held notes, to be fair) after the coda.
1998-12-28 Carini New York, NY 15:58 Multifaceted mind melter. Starts in typical brain-frying, hard-rocking mode, then paints an eerie, outer-space-like soundscape with chilling effects, and finally shifts into a rocking/bluesy groove.
1998-12-28 Wolfman's New York, NY 21:13 An improvisational jam which goes through the customary progressions, then pushes on to some ambient jamming, more funk, creepy, effects-infused space, and finally space rage.
1998-12-29 SOAMelt New York, NY 11:02 Page is the star, jumping around to various keyboards in this "Type I" but interesting and different space funk "SOAM."
1998-12-29 Free New York, NY 9:53 Trey out in front instead of Mike. Swirling metallic jam that sounds more '99 or '00 than '98. > to "Limb By Limb."
1998-12-29 LxL New York, NY 9:52 Page in particular shines brightly (but also Trey) in this strong, full-powered version. Segues to a stellar "2001."
1998-12-29 2001 New York, NY 17:24 Possibly the best intro ever. This version has it all. Aliens, tractor beams, Trey flamethrowing, "C&P" teasing, Liquid Nitrogen Mike in the second jam. It all combines for 17 minutes of "2001" magic.
1998-12-29 YEM New York, NY 23:39 Dynamic, captivating version from start to finish. (No B&D.)
1998-12-30 Reba New York, NY 14:56 Huge holiday version features extended "Manteca"-like playing (9:00), before Trey drops into familiar riffing. Super Fish propels the version, with Trey seemingly picking up "Manteca" again, before the band enters a great, full-band, mini-groove. Fluid and direct jamming builds to a false peak which dips to rise into playing warm with sustain and powerful trilling, before, surprisingly, drawing to a close, sans tomming.
1998-12-30 DwD New York, NY 20:59 Improvisational and intense. Several sections in this far ranging jam foreshadow the swirling sounds and groove-based jamming that would dominate '99 - '00. Triumphant return to "DwD" to conclude with a > to "Piper."
1998-12-30 Caspian New York, NY 14:04 Long serene intro. Trey's guitar is somewhat amped down from most '97 - '98 versions, and this restraint adds quality to the tone. Beautiful Trey/Page/Mike outro beginning at about 12:15 enhances the sentiment.
1998-12-30 Coil New York, NY 12:50 Full-band jam in place of traditional piano outro transforms Coil from predictable (if beautiful) set piece into surprising vehicle for textural improvisation. Unlike 5/8/93, this is not an unmotivated reentry by the rest of the band, but a smooth, natural progression: Rather than step back, the rest of the band just keeps playing. (Thanks @qushner for the lovely description).
1998-12-30 Possum New York, NY 11:19 Great intro with awesome Mike. The jam is basically a medley of "Wipeout" jams, with different little jams led by Fish, Mike, Page on the B-3, CK5, Trey, and Mike again. In the encore slot, this one sends the fans home happy.
1998-12-31 Mike's New York, NY 16:06 The 1st jam is pretty chill and just grooves along with typical melodic lines. The 2nd jam kicks in at 7:35, and immediately drops into serene and melodic heartfelt playing. The band seems completely at ease, enjoying the warm and upbeat nature of the jamming.
1998-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 15:45 Orgasmic "sleety" symphony which breaks down into throbbing B&D industrial metal that ratchets abruptly into "Ha Ha Ha." [The jam moves beyond the typical structure, breaking into gritty and pulsating play that bridges the ambient sound of '98 and sparser grooves of '99 and '00 quite well.]
1998-12-31 Tweezer New York, NY 14:45 Amazing -> "Cities."
1998-12-31 Cities New York, NY 8:31 Segues out of "Tweezer." Good funky version that gets eerie and spacey at the end before transitioning to "Velvet Sea."
1998-12-31 Antelope New York, NY 15:24 Jam breaks away completely from "Antelope" at 6:30 into a nice, slighty dark foray. Returns to the standard by 8:00.
1998-12-31 Simple New York, NY 18:31 Follows "Auld Lang Syne" with the sounds of balloons popping on stage. The initially straightforward jam grows rocking and dissonant, then eventually calms to a quiet space.
1998-12-31 Hood New York, NY 17:55 An extended and very unique intro to 7:30. The delicate and spiraling jam foreshadows the sound and tone of '99.
2000-05-21 DwD New York, NY 20:23 At 10:35, a very good quality, quick tempo groove-based jam emerges. It settles some and returns to "DwD" to conclude.
2000-05-22 Mango New York, NY 9:40 Essentially straightforward, but the band nicely extends the ending jam segment by a few minutes.
2000-05-22 Ghost New York, NY 26:56 Mesmerizing conglomeration of tesselation and coruscation. [Mellow groove with some spacey effects rolls along until 13:55, when the jam gets more rocking, then breaks into a fantastic and serene groove that swells and dissipates.]
2000-05-23 Ya Mar New York, NY 15:57 An excellent rhythmic, snappy jam emerges with a lot of "DEG" and "Digital Delay Jam"-like sounds from Page and Trey at first (from about 8:30 - 11:00). Trey started the song in the wrong key (G) but asked Page to modulate to the key of A (the proper key) before his organ solo.
2000-05-23 Taste New York, NY 10:12 A different version with a relaxed, toned-down feel throughout, but it is also deftly played with near precision.
2002-12-31 Piper New York, NY 14:55 Phish ended the Hiatus with this unusually placed set opener. Listen to the crowd's excitement and roars of approval as the band returns to the stage. Trey leads the boys in this fiery, and (appropriately) upbeat version, which features a "Low Rider" tease, a jam segment between verses, as well as the ending coda which was uncommon by this date.
2002-12-31 Waves New York, NY 10:30 Debut. Jam section features soaring guitar soloing and great complimentary piano from Page. Nice Page led outro jam after the final verse.
2002-12-31 Seven Below New York, NY 7:40 Debut performance and part of NYE spectacle.
2002-12-31 WotC New York, NY 18:17 Debut, which includes an excellent "Type II" section beginning about 11:00 that eventually returns to "WOTC."
2009-12-02 Light New York, NY 16:53 A multi-section improvisational heavyweight, which includes rhythmic, chordal play, upbeat major mode exploration, and a return to minor mode rocking with dynamic variation and great contributions by Page, Mike and Trey.
2009-12-03 DwD New York, NY 18:34 Intense and somewhat funky jamming morphs to major mode bliss before devolving to extended space and > to "Piper."
2009-12-04 YEM New York, NY 21:02 Strong jam segment and well-played all around.
2010-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 18:16 Kind of a mixed bag until this spell-bindingly intricate, spectacular "staccato-esque" improvisation takes over.
2010-12-31 Sand New York, NY 10:23 Staccato jam with great full-band interplay gives way to a more typical guitar-led conclusion.
2010-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 13:48 May this one find you when you are feeling down, it will lift your heart and your feet from the ground; building the euphoric bridge that allows you to cross that river of tears. [A strong straightforward version. By shifting to D major just before 7:00 and staying in that place for over 6 minutes, the bliss or release section is accentuated.]
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 10:47 Short, but very fun. "Manteca" sandwich and goofiness everywhere. Trey briefly cracks up at start of vocal jam when Mike says "Crab in my shoemouth" instead of WUDMTF.
2010-12-31 Manteca New York, NY 0:32 -> in from "YEM." "Manteca" is sandwiched in the "YEM" jam.
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 6:04 -> in from "Manteca" to continue this short but fun "YEM."
2011-01-01 Divided New York, NY 14:54 An inspired, full power yet nimbly executed version. Like a great "Slave" or "Hood," you can really hear Trey and the band pour their hearts into this one.
2011-01-01 Simple New York, NY 11:34 Glorious version that, while not departing particularly far from the typical "Simple" structure, does have a unique closing coda-like structure that almost sounds like a new song. Rave reviews from fans.
2011-12-28 Cities New York, NY 10:09 The jam soars beyond "Cities" into some rhythmic, exploratory, and gorgeous territory, but seems to fizzle out prematurely.
2011-12-28 Carini New York, NY 9:08 Psychedelic raging at first, with Fish screaming in the background repeatedly. Mode shift into some more serene space with some really nice subtle playing, before a great -> to "Tweezer."
2011-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 12:22 Segues nicely out of "Carini" and features a tight, melodic, soulful jam that dissolves beautifully into "My Friend."
2011-12-28 R&R New York, NY 12:18 The typical jam slows, and Page takes over on the B-3, leading a short, good foray with a nice rhythmic pop. -> to "NICU."
2011-12-28 Hood New York, NY 13:03 Some really nice variation by Trey throughout the jam, plus a strong ending section distinguish this "Hood."
2011-12-29 YEM New York, NY 18:54 Very good jam with a strong peak, albeit short.
2011-12-29 Weekapaug New York, NY 9:42 Solid jam which includes some plinko action early on, then covers enough non-standard terrain to make it interesting, before finishing with a particularly nice peak.
2011-12-30 Piper New York, NY 15:16 A rhythmic, swirling, and improvisational jam develops with nice work by Page. Becomes serene and dreamy towards the conclusion and transition to "Twist." Really an excellent version.
2011-12-30 2001 New York, NY 7:23 On the shorter side but chock-full of fresh ideas. The second jam has some sweet stop-start and Trey drops one of the sweetest tones around. No dull moments here.
2011-12-31 Steam New York, NY 10:35 Performed during the NYE "gag" (stunt), this exceptional version ends with a ferocious "Llama"-like jam leading up to "Auld Lang Syne."
2012-12-28 Wolfman's New York, NY 14:24 An excellent version that includes some really sweet bass action from Mike, a jam on the "Little Drummer Boy," and strong improvisation all around. The jam eventually winds its way back to "Wolfman's" to close.
2012-12-28 Tweezer New York, NY 20:23 A mesmerizingly incandescent psychedelicious soundscape of elephantine proportion.
2012-12-28 Bowie New York, NY 13:17 Although essentially "Type I," Fish-directed rhythmic variations, which Trey and the others pick up on, leads to some excellent tension building as the jam progresses. Old-school style "Bowie."
2012-12-30 Divided New York, NY 15:55 Minor flubs in the composed section notwithstanding, a very good jam segment, and long for 3.0.
2012-12-30 BOTT New York, NY 9:00 Crescendo-oriented jam, but this one has a false peak followed by bigger exclamation point.
2012-12-30 DwD New York, NY 19:00 Phenomenal improvisation. Dark, bright, introspective, spacious, beautiful, powerful, riveting - all applicable descriptors for this far-ranging, exploratory and must-hear version. > to "Twenty Years Later."
2012-12-30 Carini New York, NY 14:43 Righteous, improvisational version bucks the recent trend of mode-shifting to an upbeat groove, instead sticking to dark and eerie themes that evoke a Pink Floyd-like sentiment. Very exploratory, must-hear material.
2012-12-30 Slave New York, NY 10:33 Great Mike/Trey interplay early in the jam, a serene middle, and soaring finale to end a very strong 2nd set.
2012-12-30 Hood New York, NY 12:01 Great interplay, but what really stands out is varied and well-executed soloing by Trey as this "Hood" builds up power.
2012-12-31 Wedge New York, NY 9:04 Not only is "The Wedge" used to help pull off the golf gag, this NYE version is highly atypical in that it features lengthy and notable late-show jamming, playing that would remain unrivaled until July 20, 2014.
2013-12-28 Wolfman's New York, NY 10:49 A great "Wolfman's" which, while essentially straightforward structurally, includes some excellent and rocking playing by all four before a typically strong release section.
2013-12-28 Sand New York, NY 12:30 A typical "Sand" jam ensues before shifting to some ambience and then locking onto a repetitious riff from Trey. > to "Piper."
2013-12-28 Steam New York, NY 12:21 Among the finest versions to date, Trey's Echoplex adds extra power to the jam, which also features great playing from Page, weird shouts from Fish, and monstrous energy all throughout.
2013-12-29 It's Ice New York, NY 8:21 This one has a bad-ass "Ice" jam with some wild and rocking playing by all four. It almost sounds like some of the crazy versions from Spring '94 and also makes a nice clean return to "It's Ice."
2013-12-29 Gumbo New York, NY 6:31 Another clavinet-led outro, but with added mind-scrambling from Trey.
2013-12-29 DwD New York, NY 18:27 Great version which rocks along in familiar territory before becoming deep, dark and thought-provoking. The jam lightens in sentiment around 12:00, breaks into a power-rocking groove and makes a stately return to "DwD" to close.
2013-12-29 Carini New York, NY 15:16 > in from "DwD" (only the 2nd time ever). A very good exploratory jam that retains a largely dark sentiment throughout, features great playing by Mike and Page, and concludes with brief "Woo" jamming.
2013-12-30 CDT New York, NY 18:39 Extended, multi-section "CDT" which sticks close to the standard at first, settles a bit, then gathers up into some serious and fiery rocking.
2013-12-30 Simple New York, NY 10:24 Essentially straightforward, but the outro jam is a little different than the norm, is nicely played, and includes teases of "The Line," "Fuego," and "Magilla" from Page.
2013-12-31 Reba New York, NY 12:09 Back on the bus, pretty, direct, and straightforward play makes this "Reba" a highlight of a career moment. As usual, Fish is great, shuffling through various tempos and rhythmic shifts. Mike bounces around the room, and Page is particularly on point, his play lilting and airy. Trey opts for patient, sweeping sustain, which opens space for sweet syncopation, before alighting upon a perfect series of cascading notes, measured trilling, and the "note."
2013-12-31 Light New York, NY 16:49 Exceedingly good version. As with most of the 2013 Holiday Run the version itself doesn't stand out with noticable highlights, but the entire version is well above average. Focused throughout with a great peak.
2014-07-11 Gin New York, NY 16:21 A high intensity "Type I" jam breaks away at 9:45 into some low-key exploration. Page adds color as he switches keyboards, and Trey reignites the intensity with some moderate "hose." Finally, the jam gradually ramps down, closing with a return to "Gin."
2014-07-11 DwD New York, NY 18:22 The jam breaks at 8:00 into some funky stretching, but Trey quickly seizes on a great riff, which the band coalesces around. As the boys bring the jam up to celebration mode, there is some brief "Woo" jamming before it settles to quieter play with great Page.
2014-07-12 Ghost New York, NY 16:32 Those who believe in wormholes will shout "Timber" when they catch a chilling thrilling glimpse into a future haunted house during the early moments of this quarter speed heartbreaker that evolves into a twirling fountain of incandescent sparks passes through a cyclotron and emerges as a multi-dimensional space funk groove. [A strong, rocking "Ghost" includes jamming that is the likely genesis of "Timber," as well as an extended pulsing and electric outro jam that is well regarded by many.]
2014-07-12 Wingsuit New York, NY 9:24 Rising from "Ghost's" super spacey >, Trey takes us higher still, his patient soloing inspired and emotive, complimented by Fish's shuffling, upbeat drumming. An early example of the song's potential all but fully realized.
2014-07-12 Hood New York, NY 16:32 For the 2nd time in 2014, the band takes "Harry" for a ride into uncharted waters. This time, while Trey and Page alter the harmony away from the familiar, Fish keeps a steady hand on the rudder, eventually guiding the ship safely back to home port.
2014-07-13 SOAMelt New York, NY 12:34 A nice "old school" version with good dissonance and tension building, and also has some cool chanting by Trey and others towards the end (very '93 - '94ish).
2014-07-13 CDT New York, NY 27:49 A fantastic, improvisational and exploratory "CDT" that stands very comfortably with the best "CDTs" from any year or era of Phish. Must-hear material, the jam includes multiple sections, with each building smoothly and cohesively to the next.
2014-07-13 Light New York, NY 11:34 Near the 8:30 mark the band really keys in on the jam and Trey absolutley takes off for hyperspace at 10:00 for an amazing, albeit brief, crescendo.
2014-07-13 Tweezer New York, NY 15:54 Slow, steady, melodic climb to a triumphant peak, and then an old school ending with a few twists.
2015-12-30 CDT New York, NY 22:06 After a relatively straightforward first jam, albeit with a dash of dissonance, this "CDT" takes off post-refrain like all the other heavy hitting versions from 2015. A crunchy MuTron / Clav' groove kicks off the second jam. Things appear to be coming back to earth when Fish and Trey kick it into high gear, leading to a major mode bliss section that winds down into a freaky carnival vibe that -> Ghost.
2015-12-30 Gin New York, NY 15:17 After a kooky vocal jam the band eschews the typical "Gin" jam style, instead opting for a graceful groove which flourishes in stunning fashion.
2015-12-30 WTU? New York, NY 6:46 Unbelievable -> out of "Weekapaug." Drops into silence like Magnaball, then builds to a glorious peak. Sounds like a late '90s "Hood" style peak. -> back into "Weekapaug" without hesitation. Superb version.
2015-12-31 KDF New York, NY 13:38 Around 6:30, Trey leads this one into the "Type II" zone, where it remains for the duration as it drifts through some low-key psychedelia before a > to "Piper".
2015-12-31 Twist New York, NY 16:17 The final "Twist" of the year clinches its title for "Jamming Song of 2015". Like the Shoreline and Mann versions, after a relatively straightforward first jam, the band comes back home to the opening riff before taking off again. After some probing and warping and abstracting of the riff, things grow darker and sparser, before Fishman steps on the accelerator after the 11 minute mark, Trey goes Pink Floyd, Mike Meatballs, and Page plays Cap'n Crunch, leading to a Tweezer Reprise-like peak.
2015-12-31 NMINML New York, NY 21:02 Awesome NYE prank version. The jam begins in a mellow zone with sprinkles of bliss. After a sparse, ambient section, Fish kicks things back into a solid groove, before "Drive-In Jam"-like effects and sounds overtake. Must-hear Phish. Note: a few minutes were probably pre-recorded as part of the NYE "gag".
2015-12-31 Blaze On New York, NY 15:35 There's a reason Phish chose "Blaze On" as the song to open 2016, and this version delivers the celebratory goods. Like the past few versions, near the seven minute mark, Trey's chording sends the jam out into a world of spacey effects. These effects are reeled in quite quickly this time around, and Trey opts for a clean tone as he plucks beautiful trichords high on the neck and leads the band through a major mode passage that takes on a rough edge to it, grows percussive, and winds back to finish the tune.
2015-12-31 Bowie New York, NY 11:29 Clever major/minor mode contrasting by Page and Trey at a couple of different points, plus some good old fashioned tension provide the finishing touches for a solid year for "Bowie."
2016-01-01 Undermind New York, NY 11:15 Includes an additional segment of solid Type I jamming and teases of "Stash", "STFTFP", and "HMPAY".
2016-01-01 Light New York, NY 17:41 Trey thankfully abandons the typically atonal, dissonant "Type I" jam in favor of a more melodic and rock-oriented approach. Then Mike leads some solidly mellow grooving, before Fish steps it up into more rhythmic, percussive play. Trey hints at a peaking bliss finale, but instead sticks to the Fish plan. There is adept use of key modulation throughout this "Light."
2016-01-02 Tweezer New York, NY 21:36 With thrilling, melodic contributions from each band member, this version requires repeated listenings to fully appreciate, and peaks wondrously well.
2016-12-28 Wolfman's New York, NY 12:41 A swampy groove propels the jam forward in the first half before Trey revs up and caps it with a strong peak.
2016-12-28 Golden Age New York, NY 20:37 Coming effortlessly out of the song proper and oozing with wah-funk, the band comes running out of the gates. A thoughtful, almost ambient jam emerges before descending into a Page-led section; Fish consistently building up the percussive attack and Trey doing much the same on guitar. The transitions are seamless throughout, and the end result is a cohesive revelry of celebration. Like 10/28/16, > to "Simple."
2016-12-28 Martian Monster New York, NY 5:32 Starts off slower and funkier than the usual, then unexpectedly -> into "Tweezer Reprise".
2016-12-28 Tweeprise New York, NY 2:28 Part of a segue sandwich with "Martian Monster". Trey and Page sing "your trip is short" in lieu of the usual "Tweezer Reprise" vocals.
2016-12-28 Martian Monster New York, NY 0:32 -> back out of "Tweezer Reprise", with a "Tweezer Reprise tease thrown in at the end for fun. A tremendously fun version.
2016-12-29 Makisupa New York, NY 9:57 This version starts with fun banter and slips into a breezy, mostly bass-led jam. At around 4:40, Trey moves over to the Marimba Lumina, and then Mike and finally Page join in and a full-on percussion jam develops. It's enjoyable, but typical of the percussion excursions of '16. At around 9:20 the drumming stops on a dime and the band drops right back into Makisupa, finishing off the most musically significant version of the song since 11/19/97.
2016-12-30 Gin New York, NY 13:29 Trey dazzles in this patient and well-crafted "Type I" jam reminiscent of some late 1.0 versions.
2016-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 16:07 The jam slowly, patiently builds before (similar to 10/19/16) plateauing mellifluously, exploding triumphantly, and seguing into "Sparks" (after Trey arguably teases "Midnight Rider" for a measure or two!).
2016-12-30 Ghost New York, NY 16:53 Severe weather alert: if the thunder don't get you, then the lightning wheel. [Mike opens the door to a more contemplative major-key space, and Trey hits on a gorgeous repeating note pattern. Page moves to piano and the jam turns warmer and richer, then settles down into a chilled-out late-night groove. Superb version that > into a killer "Light".]
2016-12-30 Light New York, NY 22:43 Delves into a knotty space out of the verses at Mike's urging, then Page takes the reins and he and Trey bring in a cavalcade of spacey effects and the jam gets foggier and fuzzier, Fishman hanging back and adding color rather than driving the proceedings. Resolves into an almost calypso-style space, with some dissonant and atonal playing from Trey, then slides into an upbeat zone that Trey and Page briefly sing "Party Time" vocals over. The band builds to a pretty sweet peak, we get some more "Party Time" vocals for funsies, then > into "Velvet Sea". A strong jam from a killer set.
2016-12-31 Twist New York, NY 11:37 -> from Carini and with crunching power chords, this "Twist" initially wades in familiar waters with its emphasis on the upbeat bluesy song structure. Midway through, the band enters a slightly different movement that is more apt to trills and melody, not too dissimilar from a good "Gin." From here, the band strolls down a multifarious valley constructed on the infinite possibilities of Phish. A 3.0 "hose" climax awaits before > to "Piper."
2017-07-21 Timber Ho New York, NY 8:29 Unusual take. Unlike 11/16/97, which also features play that begins in traditional "Timber" style - before shifting to major mode play - here (just after the 4:00 mark) the move is neither delicate nor serene but, rather, is driven and forceful, so providing the foundation for the version's spirited conclusion.
2017-07-21 Seven Below New York, NY 13:02 Drops into a darker zone right out of the composed section, with Trey's fine guitar work and Page's synths leading the charge. Mike helps keep the jam at a low boil, before Trey makes the call for major key and they move to a blissful jam space, if a bit more restrained than previous jams from this tour. They build to a nice peak as Trey sustains one note before heading to Allman Brothers land, then they wind to a close on a bed of synths and > into "Billy Breathes".
2017-07-22 Moma New York, NY 17:30 Trey quickly strays from his typical "Moma" solo but the jam retains its usual character until around 9:20 when he introduces a brief darker-tinged passage. Strong group play continues as the mood shifts again, this time to a wonderful major-key zone with strong accompaniment from Mike and Page, and intensifies briefly before exiting with a > to a jammed "Breath and Burning".
2017-07-22 Breath and Burning New York, NY 10:08 > from 'Moma," the band breaks from the song proper to produce a sudden, unexpected jam, just the second since its debut. Trey works atop a great groove, alternately riffing and picking a lilting little melody, while Page provides fun, whirling fills. Strong bass and nifty percussion propel the version to a spacey outro and > into "Funky Bitch."
2017-07-22 Roggae New York, NY 10:26 Beautiful "Baker's Dozen" version quickly assumes a measured, metered pace, affording all four musicians room to seemingly solo independently, yet in unison, resulting in that special sort of cohesion wherein the band uses music to channel their collective energy to uncover a particular charmed and enchanted space.
2017-07-23 BOTT New York, NY 10:59 Super summertime version finds Trey channeling some sunshine to warm the Garden. Following a great groove - which slowly builds to gain serious traction - "Streets of Cairo" teasing functions as a change of sorts, with Trey skipping through a sweet little set of notes before shaping his tone and taking what amounts to a second solo. Bright and shimmering, this soon yields to a "simple," yet euphoric, release.
2017-07-23 It's Ice New York, NY 15:14 An absolutely outstanding version. Right out of the gate, Mike pushes the jam into a darker mode, and the band slides into a seductive groove, Lil' Punkin meshing beautifully with Trey's effects-laden playing while Mike and Fish hold down the fort. Trey fires off some lovely trills as a fog creeps over the proceedings, with Mike really stepping up his game in the latter half. The jam winds down into noise, then returns neatly to the "It's Ice" theme. Longest version to date.
2017-07-23 Wolfman's New York, NY 14:53 At the jam's onset, Trey takes the lead and pours it on for a powerful peak, after which there is some "Type II" exploration, including a beautiful and stylistically refreshing spacious segment. Out of this space, the jam rebuilds for a nice finish and transitions to "Twist".
2017-07-23 Twist New York, NY 15:59 Page's synthesizer gets a workout in this jam which goes from pleasant major key playing to boisterous rocking before returning home to close.
2017-07-23 Waves New York, NY 11:15 A delicate but somewhat perfunctory customary jam is followed by an outro jam which shifts from soothing piano play to more dissonant, eerie outer space exploration.
2017-07-25 Sample New York, NY 9:11 "Jam"-flavored show opener, Trey wastes no time busting "Sample" wide open, the spirited intro a sort of anthemia which unfolds via a huge, warm, solo. Play considerably cools, and the band enters a jam proper, with Page providing great fills, alternating between electric and acoustic piano. Trey works the version up and through a euphoric build, before a perfect change delivers the band to the song's closing verse.
2017-07-25 Lawn Boy New York, NY 29:59 Page keytar solo + sharp and funky groove + dark and lovely Mike-driven minor-key rocking + smooth turn into major-key bliss featuring a sustained note from Trey and excellent piano from Page + blastoff into a charging fiery jam that devolves into spaciness + immense playing from Trey as the band drives towards a massive peak + delicate finale and > into "My Friend, My Friend" = an all-time jam. Yes, in "Lawn Boy".
2017-07-25 My Friend New York, NY 11:39 > from a "Lawn Boy" so incredibly long that Trey forgets some of song. But what of it? Page assaults any semblance of calm with his "screaming" effect, and Trey, following some great interplay with Mike, sparks an extended improvisational passage, working a funereal line to create a sedate and spooky atmosphere, awash in a spray of Fish's cymbals. Page's stately play resurrects the jam from this welcome darkness, and the jam bleeds to brighten before a period of pleasant ambiance closes the longest "MFMF" to date.
2017-07-25 Fuego New York, NY 18:41 Patient and serene, the play here illustrates a band at the peak of their collective powers. Trey's smooth and textured play is matched by Page, whose work on the piano adds an effortless air. A subtle shift finds Page going electric, and the version assumes a sound surreal, with Mike working his drill, which seemingly opens a portal through which any number of ideas are released. Trey's tranquil strumming cum soloing provides a colorful legroom, which is filled by particularly fine play from Fish and produces a super > into "Thread".
2017-07-25 C&P New York, NY 33:07 An astounding version which opens up with some exquisite, melodious grooving and surges to a peak that would serve as a worthy finale, but as this took place in the "jam-flavored" show, there's still lots more to come. The second half begins with some quiet, uneasy space, only for another lovely progression to emerge from the void and produce one more exclamation point. A final funky segment leads back into the song's refrain to wrap up a magnificent display of improvisation and the longest "C&P" to date.
2017-07-26 Tube New York, NY 14:34 A wonderful Set One-ending surprise, this fabulous multi-part "Tube" features a groove not unlike "The Very Long Fuse", syrupy effects-laden rocking out, clavinet-driven gnarled funkiness, and warm, lovely major-key jamming, before neatly returning to the "Tube" theme.
2017-07-26 Carini New York, NY 16:02 A terrific "Type II" venture with multiple parts woven smoothly together. Inspiring major-key play gets its due early on and is contrasted nicely by a mysterious theme which takes hold in the latter part of the jam. Ends with a -> to "Mr. Completely" initiated by Fish.
2017-07-26 1999 New York, NY 14:37 After busting a 524 show gap, the band breaks from "1999" proper and drops into a synth-heavy and funky jam, the four seemingly pushing for maximum freak-out effect. Each musician's contributions deserve attention, their collaborative effort adding much by way of subdivision value. Trey's soloing adds gain and grit, before a marked shift into major mode play produces a spirited release. Cools. Super -> into "Steam".
2017-07-26 Steam New York, NY 13:39 The jam between verses begins with some guttural Trey soloing and briefly hits upon a riff close to "CYHMK". Mike then drives the band into a segment befitting the supernatural tone of the song with some propulsive bass, while Page and Trey add to the haunting atmosphere with effects and delays. Continuing after the final lyrics, a short outro serves as an effective bridge to the thematically similar "No Quarter".
2017-07-26 Character Zero New York, NY 9:41 Woah. Sweet show-closer finds the band biding their time, and taking it slow. Straightaway, the jam assumes a smooth, bluesy feel, tinged with some stomping "Martian Monster" texture. Trey augments his tone to shape a cool solo, Fish and Page drop out, and great guitar is met in equal measure by Mike, whose liquid tone gels as the two share a solo. Casually, the version builds to regain its customary intensity, and Trey leads the band through "Zero's" impassioned conclusion.
2017-07-28 Divided New York, NY 16:25 After a sluggish start, Trey settles in nicely, employing huge, warm blasts of sustain. Play cools to enter a quiet passage rich with texture and great full-band play, before Trey, toying with the song's familiar meter, altering his phrasing and timing - akin to 11/9/95's sublime version - works the jam to an inspired conclusion.
2017-07-28 CDT New York, NY 24:13 A sweeping "Type II" masterpiece brimming with inspired thematic jamming capped off with an outstanding peak. Unfinished.
2017-07-28 You Sexy Thing New York, NY 11:02 Hot Chocolate cover (befitting that night's "Double Chocolate" theme), with Mike using every last bit of his vocal range to sing it. Just like "1999", it turns into a surprising improv vehicle, with a weird Page-led groove emerging from the back end as Trey goes to the wah-wah and utilizes his effects. The jam grows in power, then gets deep and dark, with Mike really pushing things forward. > into a great version of "Mercury", which this song actually sandwiches.
2017-07-28 You Sexy Thing New York, NY 3:00 Hilarious -> out of "Mercury". Trey takes a soaring guitar solo, then things move into brief punchy funkiness. > into "BDTNL".
2017-07-29 Wilson New York, NY 9:10 Longest "Wilson" since their reunion, Phish has fun and throws down a version featuring two distinct jams, one truly bizarre "Blatt! Boom!" vocalization, and a spacey > into "STFTFP."
2017-07-29 STFTFP New York, NY 8:25 A really great version, with a easy-going, lilting, and generally upbeat instrumental jam section.
2017-07-29 Ya Mar New York, NY 8:27 Although somewhat brief, a cool little jam develops where Trey typically solos, and here, Trey and Page incorporate some interesting spacey effects, signature sounds from the historic Baker's Dozen run.
2017-07-29 Water in the Sky New York, NY 4:30 Unusual, up-tempo version, reflects the studio recording, but with a twist: Page's "synthesized" solo. Accompanied by beautiful play from Trey, Page creates a warm wave ethereal and gorgeous, before once again teaming up with Trey, going acoustic, and working through the conclusion with a spirited flourish.
2017-07-29 Blaze On New York, NY 23:20 Fish's dynamic drumming drives the jam early while the band probes for a hookup until a more defined, upbeat segment forms 13 minutes in. The next big shift occurs around minute 18 when Trey fires off some echoing chords and Page whips out the synthesizer as the jam heats up and climaxes strongly with Trey back in the lead. > to "Twenty Years Later".
2017-07-29 Hood New York, NY 16:05 Departing from the traditional jam, excellent Trey/Page interaction swirls atop dark, minimalist bass and percussion. Trey's well-placed and sustained "There is a Mountain" teasing functions almost as a cue, with the band transitioning from a dark, mysterious majesty, to "Hood's" characteristic build and euphoric release.
2017-07-30 Drowned New York, NY 21:27 Moving beyond The Who classic, the jam initially settles into some mellow, synth-infused grooving. Around 12:30, the sentiment brightens, and as the power builds, Trey unleashes some effects and trilling which recall the unique style and tone of '00. The jam gradually mellows into probing space.
2017-07-30 ASIHTOS New York, NY 18:02 After a nice low-key standard jam, the music dissolves into a delicate guitar scratch/minimal percussion duet, almost like King Crimson's "Moonchild". Page and Mike jump in and add color to the proceedings, then Page and Trey hit on a repeating pattern that reignites the jam. The band wallows in odd '94-style atonality, weird vocals and Mike's envelope filter and all, then a pitch-black late night groove emerges with Page's electric piano at the forefront and Fish adding a militaristic edge. Exceptionally deep music.
2017-08-01 Golden Age New York, NY 20:02 A bit slow to get going, but really takes off when an uptempo groove kicks in around 11:30 with Trey and Page providing leads over the swiftly moving rhythm section. Continues to pick up steam as Trey takes charge with some exciting playing and peaks the jam before it ends with some brief space.
2017-08-01 Steep New York, NY 12:37 Surprising jam vehicle from the Baker's Dozen. Grows dissonant out of the verses, then darker and more powerful as Mike fires off his meatball and Page leads the jam into cerebrally modulated pastures. Fishman's ride picks up and leads to some fine finger work from bluesy Trey.
2017-08-01 46 Days New York, NY 12:01 Seriously rocking version becomes seriously percussive. Strong, funky, full-band play finds Trey, Page, and Mike breaking from their rigs to join Fish upon his kit. Trey picks a nifty little line upon the Marimba Lumina - lifted from his play preceding "Drums" - and a cool, upbeat jam ensues. Seriously percussive version then becomes seriously spacey. Back with their instruments, the four gel to create a sonic outro which smartly >'s into "Piper".
2017-08-01 Piper New York, NY 13:05 A typically upbeat, rocking "Piper" jam more or less through 7 minutes then shifts into a raw and funky groove recalling a style of jamming commonly found in its "2.0" brethren. Gets more out there after 10 minutes and takes on a darker tone with "46 Days" quotes and lots of bass effects.
2017-08-02 Meat New York, NY 9:21 Baker's Dozen Hole-themed "Meat" - dropped as means to further develop the first set's "morbid" milieu - takes a humorous turn when, from deep within the silent section, Fish jumps the band and butchers the beat. This miscue unearths a slow sort of zombie stomp, which, rising from a bit of primordial ooze, assumes a life of its own. Inventive soloing from Trey, and super contributions from Page, slowly bleeds into "Maze."
2017-08-02 Mike's New York, NY 22:07 After a conventional first jam, this longest version since '96 transitions in the back-in-the-day typical way (i.e., after the "tramps segment closing chords" are played) to a Second Jam that is anything but typical. The lengthy exploration peaks triumphantly at minute 20 and segues into "O Holy Night" of all things after a brief foggy outro.
2017-08-02 Taste New York, NY 18:30 "Taste" gets its first true jam, and it's a doozy, too. Darker-than-usual jamming leads to a lovely shift to major-key blissfulness, Trey's chord playing giving the jam some real warmth. The music shifts to more powerful, if still low-key rocking out, Page's piano at the forefront, then builds to a superb finish. Dies out and > into a superb "Wingsuit".
2017-08-02 Wingsuit New York, NY 11:02 > from a huge "Taste" to cool a historic "Mike's Groove". While the version slowly builds with customary intensity, Trey (6:00) enters a passage of excellent inward play before joined by Page. This develops into pointed, inventive, and, for "Wingsuit", unusual full-band improvisation, before yielding to a strange, restrained, conclusion. > "Sally".
2017-08-04 Scents and Subtle Sounds New York, NY 16:34 Moves quickly into a sprightly upbeat zone with sharp playing from Trey and Page giving the ivories a good workout. The band shifts to a new gear and builds to a squealing fireball peak, replete with a "NMINML" tease. Downshifts into a casual, almost tropical groove (helped by Mike's relaxed basslines and Fish's metronomic work), a groove reminiscent of some 2.0 jams. > into a superb "Caspian".
2017-08-04 Caspian New York, NY 10:06 Blistering version > from an experimental "SaSS." Trey wastes no time finding his line - a huge blast of sustain ripped from the vocal refrain - and, accompanied by pounding Page, simply lays waste to any idea of melodic variation. Incendiary soloing seems to arrive from some other place before Page moves to his keys, Trey fades, and "Caspian" sinks into an eerie sort of abyss. Dark effects and "EIIRP" quotes float to color the surface space before the band breaks for "Fluffhead."
2017-08-05 Jibboo New York, NY 12:23 Some mildly meandering jamming at the beginning occurs as the band seeks a direction, but patience pays off as they eventually all lock into the groove and build energy together. This delivers a decent piano and whale call-dominated peak as the band continues to feed off the audience's energy.
2017-08-05 Plasma New York, NY 10:50 > from "Alaska," serious, introspective play stands out amidst a series of standout moments. "Plasma," at its finest, often evokes early "Timber" jams, with impassioned improvisation by Fish and Trey. There's much of that on display, here, before Trey, deep in a liquid pocket, rides a watery blast of sustain, the band in tow, working the jam to crest and deliver a sunshine of feeling.
2017-08-05 Ghost New York, NY 20:40 After YEARS of sustained lobbying by site users for its chart induction, it's time to have your doughnut, and eat it, too. Twelve shows in, it was just a matter of time before the band delivered a centerpiece "Ghost," and, following a smoking set-closing "Plasma," the band wastes no time, taking the stage and bathing the arena with a smooth sort of "pastiche," a accumulation of BD sounds that manifests around sixteen minutes in when Trey fires a series of notes (which Page traces in a sort of descending pattern) before Phish enters one of its most august moments.
2017-08-06 Most Events Aren't Planned New York, NY 10:49 Impressive debut. While colored with shades of Straus, the version remains true to Vida Blue through Page's vocal delivery. Trey then leads the band on a wonderful odyssey, swapping ideas with Page, who alternates between slinky synth and pointed acoustic, the duo driving the version to a rousing conclusion.
2017-08-06 Simple New York, NY 25:28 A multifaceted capstone, assuredly anchoring the final show of the historic Baker's Dozen run. Luxuriating in each movement, the playing morphs from dark, electro-funk, to brighter, swinging, groovy fun, and then to appropriately celebratory hose. The final winding down is a fitting glaze for this big doughnut.
2017-08-06 YEM New York, NY 24:01 Fiery jam segment with Trey really tearing it up. Mike teases "Izabella" during B&D, leading to a very cool full-band tease. The vocal jam includes quotes of songs previously played during the Baker's Dozen.
2017-12-28 Tube New York, NY 8:06 Page's signature '17 synthesizer, Trey's new organ tone, and Mike's bass effects all enhance this jam's texture which energizes and peaks with Trey out front.
2017-12-28 BOTT New York, NY 9:40 Cool, slight spacey sounds and effects are intermixed within the conventional jam structure, giving this version a decidedly altered tone. Page's return to the baby grand initiates a rousing finish to a solid performance.
2017-12-28 NMINML New York, NY 24:10 Quality NYE version. Drops down to minor key out of the verses as Trey switches on a gloopy effect and Page matches him on the synths, with Fish keeping the snappy "NMINML" beat. The jam grows more warm and upbeat, thanks to some really nifty electric piano work from Page and Mike stoking the mood, then melts away into gossamer-thin ambiance, albeit still pushed forward by Fish's insistent drumming. The tempo picks back up as Trey fires away with squealing notes and Page hammers the ivories, and they triumphantly return to the "NMINML" theme before the jam dies away and they make a neat effects-laden > into "Twist".
2017-12-28 Twist New York, NY 16:20 Nifty > out of "NMINML". Pushes its way to a really lovely major-key jam with Trey stepping up to the forefront, then gets gruffer and nastier thanks to Mike before collapsing into a stomping synth-laden finale and > into "Everything's Right".
2017-12-29 CDT New York, NY 21:02 Drops into a spartan jam right out of the gate, then makes a move to a major-key jam via some memorably neat playing from Trey. A relaxed low-key groove emerges, led by Fish's insistent rhythms and Mike's melodic basslines, then Trey steps back in front and drives the jam to a triumphant peak before maneuvering into "Ghost". Very fine version.
2017-12-29 SOAMelt New York, NY 13:14 Departs standard "SOAM" rather quickly and dips into some nebulous improvisation which straddles the line between light and dark before growing more tense and returning home.
2017-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 19:30 Key modulates a few mins into the jam, and a bright, effortlessly soaring groove transpires. Excellent interplay by the band as well, including as the jam mightily peaks before they return to the theme and conclude it old school.
2017-12-30 DwD New York, NY 28:21 Big-time version from the NYE run that moves smoothly through powerful grooves that touch upon several shades of darkness, thanks to some really heavy work from both Trey and Mike, before turning upbeat and anthemic and dazzling the crowd with a wonderful feel-good journey to The Land of Bliss. The band gooses some "woo"s, then wind down and segue neatly into "Steam".
2017-12-30 Steam New York, NY 14:09 -> from "DwD", a typically strong "Steam" dissipates well before the 8:00 mark. The band concentrates their effects to create an extended passage of pure space, its chilling, thrilling sounds informing an eerie and impressive din.
2017-12-31 Jibboo New York, NY 14:58 The most exploratory "Gotta Jibboo" since 7/4/00. After standard quiet interplay at the beginning, Page gets funky on the clavinet and Trey heads for funkier and bluesier pastures, until on a dime, the band modulates the key, and a light-hearted and bubbly jam warps time and space to ring in the new year.
2017-12-31 ASIHTOS New York, NY 18:54 Serving as the anchor of NYE's nautically themed set, this jam rides a current of warm major-key play into a funky groove and then sails to a swell peak before receding into the depths.
2018-12-28 Set Your Soul Free New York, NY 15:40 Synth lord Page pushes the jam to light and airy bliss pastures. Mike teams up with Fish's ride cymbal to create a delicate pad upon which Trey launches layers of whale call on the backs of delay. Mike uses effects to create a reverberant wash that blanket the fray; this leads to a passage marked by heavy rhythmic downbeats.
2018-12-29 46 Days New York, NY 12:22 Around 5:30, the playing shifts from the usual fire and brimstone stuff to a quieter, percussive groove. As Page and Trey link up, the jam develops energy and a brighter tone. The band neatly modifies the energy up and down several times, before cleverly -> to "Cities."
2018-12-29 Wolfman's New York, NY 16:01 Begins with a bit of vocal jamming and then gets into an upbeat clav-groove and continues building in a section bookended by "Party Time" quotes before some more "Wolfman's" scatting and a final ascent for a guitar-driven, high-energy conclusion.
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 19:54 First section features an extended, fiery jam that is akin to "I Know You Rider" (Grateful Dead) before funkily dissolving into "Death Don't Hurt Very Long."
2018-12-29 Death Don't Hurt Very Long New York, NY 6:50 Version is sandwiched between heaping slices of "Tweezer."
2018-12-29 Tweezer New York, NY 7:51 Second section is melodic, patient, and mystical, and includes a smooth transition to "No Quarter."
2018-12-29 No Quarter New York, NY 7:45 > out of a fan-favorite "Tweezer" > "Death Don't Hurt Very Long" -> "Tweezer" sequence. A particularly passionate version befitting the set it's in, with sharp playing from everyone and a truly fiery Trey solo on top. Reminiscent of the cooking-with-gas 2011 "No Quarter"s. > into an equally killer "Also Sprach Zarathustra".
2018-12-29 2001 New York, NY 9:49 A dynamite version that demonstrates Phish's mastery of the "Also Sprach Zarathustra" groove, as the band neatly weaves around Fish's four-on-the-floor beat and both Trey and Page wonderfully mesh together.
2018-12-30 Mike's New York, NY 9:14 Although no "second jam," the post-tramps-segment jam is extended, with Trey passionately soloing (and even trilling) quite fiercely, and there's an excellent peak to the jam taboot.
2018-12-30 Weekapaug New York, NY 12:38 Perhaps the real giveaway that this is a stellar, ferocious, extended 3.0 version is the segue into Crosseyed (which could certainly be smoother, but is still welcome).
2018-12-30 Tube New York, NY 6:04 Abandons funk for a spacey groove with plenty of synthesizer and twinkling staccato notes and then makes a surprise -> "Weekapaug."
2018-12-30 Weekapaug New York, NY 2:19 -> in from "Tube." Hot little "Weekapaug" reprise jam before -> back to "Tube."
2018-12-30 Tube New York, NY 1:36 -> from "Weekapaug" into the breakdown to wrap up another strong 2018 "Tube."
2018-12-30 Everything's Right New York, NY 15:30 Subtle, magisterial, and grand, the jam, bright as DMT (if, in actuality, colored with "WTU?" DNA), slowly builds, gently rising more than gaining intensity, the band riding Trey's wave of sound which crests to swell to become play notably restrained and pretty. This, then, into a perfect > for "Plasma."
2018-12-30 Plasma New York, NY 9:09 As a platform for improvisation, "Plasma" continues to impress. Here, > from a huge "Everything's Right," the band does not cool so much as they are cool. Trey lays way back, yet still manages to inform much of the version's signature sound. Fish's play is polyphonic. Page answers. And Mike offers some of the run's most interesting, and varied, runs. An awesome, cerebral, jam.
2018-12-30 Light New York, NY 20:01 Slides into a warm and relaxed Page-driven jam with Fish's woodblock adding color, then dives into a space not too far away from the preceding "Plasma" at Mike's urging, before building to a huge trill-laden finale and dying away into spaciness. Tremendous version.
2018-12-30 SOAMelt New York, NY 16:47 Almost one year later, the band closes another holiday set with a crazed "Melt." Like 12/29/17, the version sheds form after assuming nothing more than a perfunctory structure. Unlike the 17, however, the musicians - and Page in particular - expand upon 2018's "SOAM" sound, creating that haunting, Phishy sort of shoegaze; another mind-bender; in nature more spectral than musical.
2018-12-31 Seven Below New York, NY 17:41 Quickly takes on a more assertive and slightly darker tone with Trey and Page employing a variety of sounds to color the jam before reverting to major at 7:00 with some light and airy play. This section gradually intensifies and gets more rocking as it progresses, ending with a thick, locked-in groove and some "woos" before > "Twist".
2019-12-28 Free New York, NY 9:42 Active Trey/Mike interplay makes for a more dynamic jam than typical in this plus version.
2019-12-28 Piper New York, NY 10:30 The jam develops an upbeat, celebratory sentiment, with strong contributions from Fish and Page. The intensity continues to build and build, to a furious peak, before finally cycling down to quiet transition space.
2019-12-28 Drowned New York, NY 12:40 The jam first turns for dark, goopy textures on the coattails of Page's synths and Trey's effects. Eventually, this yields way to a spirited "Guy Forget" quote driven by Fishman.
2019-12-29 Carini New York, NY 13:20 After coursing through typical "Carini" territory, the jam breaks beyond at 7:30 into a pulsing, probing phase with cool effects by Page. The intensity ratchets up, then transitions to lighter, warmer exploration, which mellows and resolves to "BOTT."
2019-12-29 Gin New York, NY 15:44 Splits from typical "Gin" at 5:45, first moving through a darker rock section, then a lively organ-led romp and finally a spacey washout.
2019-12-29 Hood New York, NY 17:42 The jam swiftly shifts to minor mode, but the band takes some time to really probe and explore this darker terrain. The intensity increase, settles, re-builds, and shifts back to familiar "Hood" territory. As the jam begins to peak, Trey deploys a long sustained note, for 115 seconds, much to the delight of MSG fans, before finally releasing into the familiar conclusion.
2019-12-30 Blaze On New York, NY 17:17 A bouncy shuffle is led by Page's clavinet and Mike into a "Mind Left Body"-like chord progression. This returns to a mild shuffle, eventually turning into a bliss passage in Eb. A very pleasant melody erupts from Trey and Page, and a pleasant peak evolves. While not a prominent jam peak, it has some longevity and gets to a nice place before winding back down. A pleasant though not intense journey.
2019-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 34:58 Symphonic in scope, this version features a host of strikingly disparate sections with tempo and key and harmonic and melodic changes galore. Inarguably among the most sublime masterpieces of improvisation in Phish's illustrious history.
2019-12-30 Tweezer New York, NY 2:26 Punches out of "Steam" and soars triumphantly, hearkening back to the peak of the set's opening version, before seguing into "Ruby Waves."
2019-12-31 Halley's New York, NY 12:27 Featuring wonderful interplay between Trey and Mike in particular, eventually the jam's key modulates and Trey solos melodically, and then the jam grooves and concludes in an "On Broadway" -esque fashion before "Caspian" abruptly begins.
2019-12-31 Wolfman's New York, NY 10:44 Funk-driven groove emerges on the back of Mike's slap bass. Page switches from plinko Clavinet to Hammond to drive the groove home.
2019-12-31 Light New York, NY 12:31 Quickly drops into a low-boil minor-key zone, then heads into more upbeat waters. Swerves into a swaggering and funkier zone with Page doing work on the keys, then delves into a sprightly calypso-adjacent jam thanks to Mike's strong work. Trey takes the jam into more anthemic territory, and this blistering rockout ends with a nice peak. A compact version that still finds multiple moods. > into a ferocious "Twist".
2019-12-31 Twist New York, NY 11:32 A massive runaway freight train that builds up power from out of the verses (thanks to Mike's muscular basslines) and then picks up the pace at Fish's urging, with Trey hitting on a cool repeating chord pattern, before exploding into a flash of improvisational pyrotechnics. Some real heavy duty jamming in this NYE "Twist".
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