Jam Chart for A Wave of Hope (13 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2022-06-04 Noblesville, IN 17:59 Coming on the heels of a noteworthy "YEM" this promising jamming debut brims with positivity as it unfurls over nigh 18 minutes and reaches a gleaming peak.
2022-07-24 Hartford, CT 23:10 A huge version that opens the second set, the band is locked in from the start of the jam. Fish's steady play ensures the tempo stays upbeat. Later, the jam becomes an effects-fest. Trey, determined as ever, gets the band back into the song before it > into a must-hear "ASIHTOS".
2022-07-31 Columbia, MD 13:43 From out of the pre-show chaos, a show-opening jam appears. The jam begins in a pulsing rock-out space, with confident Trey out front leading the way. In lieu of multiple sectional shifts, this jam retains its rhythmic pulse throughout. Fishman once again guides the band masterfully through rhythmic ebb and flow to maintain momentum. The music builds to a solid peak with some flashy Trey playing, then returns to the song's chorus to close it out.
2022-08-07 Atlantic City, NJ 19:22 Once again, Trey's newer material serves as springboard for some of the band's most compelling improvisation. Here we get a multi-part jam that moves comfortably between sections and which finds all members of the band communicating and contributing. Listen especially to Fishman and how he drives the musical conversation.
2022-12-28 New York, NY 19:36 Page makes good use of his L-R panning effects early on before Trey treats us to an Allman-esque climb up the mountain on the solid footing laid down by Mike and Fish. This version distinguishes itself especially in the post-peak outro section, taking an unexpected sonic turn as it segues into "It's Ice".
2023-04-14 Seattle, WA 19:38 A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the early stages but Fish keeps things afloat with constant forward motion. Around 12:00 the jam begins to gradually emerge from darkness with Trey wielding his guitar like a blazing beam of light cutting through the gloom as it builds and builds to a series of peaks.
2023-07-19 Wilmington, NC 19:46 Trey and Mike kick off the improv early in the first set with interlocking leads that propel the jam over an atmospheric bed of Page's keys matched by Fish's energetic pocket. Pointed play ensues, building some tension as both leads adjust tone. The mood eventually brightens and Trey picks out melodic lines as the jam accelerates pushed by Mike's pulsing attack. The band locks in behind Trey for a big trilling peak that leads to a full return.
2023-07-28 New York, NY 21:00 Setting the tone for the highlight-rich MSG run to come, the band drops a multi-faceted monster in the 2 slot. Pure inertia pushes the band through several sections with impressive cohesion before eventually coalescing around a triumphant chord progression. All four band members then lock in to deliver a powerful climax, before yielding to the closing chorus.
2023-08-25 Saratoga Springs, NY 22:12 The jam begins in earnest, propelled with vigor by the rhythm section while Trey and Page build layers. There is some searching midway as a slow build leads to fine peak directed noodling from Trey that eventually peters into transitional space. The band then pushes through several minutes of percussive grit before Trey takes charge again, steering them to Simple.
2023-10-08 Nashville, TN 13:40 Measure for measure extremely fire, fluid, and deceptively simple (yet exceptional) full-band play. Listen for some familiar "hose" throughout the jam before the band breaks not for "Uncle Penn," (they cool down, first), but a welcome "Cinnamon Girl."
2023-10-15 Chicago, IL 12:11 Compact, direct, Fish-driven version not unlike early powerhouse "CDT's" by way of intensity. Play breaks just before the 5:00 minute mark to feature a bit by way of Trey, but this version is really all about the drums. And then a shift! Around 7:44, Page leans into his keys, ripping a hole in a static wall of sound, and the improv unravels, becoming a kaleidoscopic shoegaze soundscape.
2023-12-28 New York, NY 23:35 > from "The Howling", "AWOH" continues its run of huge, improv-heavy versions in 2023. Heavy effects from Trey early give way to a slowed tempo by the 10 minute mark. The band shows patience as they work through the jam. At 17:00, in a place where you might expect a new song to pop out, they instead find a new groove. Sprite play from Trey sends the jam into a feel-good, upbeat place. The jam fizzles to an end and -> into "Rift".
2024-02-22 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 35:01 This tidal "Wave of Hope" raises the bar for one of the era's most consistent jam vehicles with a free-flowing marathon of improvisation. The opening 10 minutes are worthy in their own right, but the signature moment comes at 14:25 when the band in unison dives into deep-sea exploration of hard-edged rock. Relentlessly forging ahead with siren synths and wailing guitar over thunderous percussion and bass, the intensity remains at a fever pitch until the soothing exhale begins at 26:00, ushering the jam back to shore after the abyssal proceedings and > "Oblivion".
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