Jam Chart for shows in the city of Nashville, TN (42 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1994-10-18 Stash Nashville, TN 10:47 Excellent version with a nice movement beyond "Stash" including moments of that Fall '94 spacious sound.
1994-10-18 It's Ice Nashville, TN 8:55 Nice rocking full band jam.
1994-10-18 Bowie Nashville, TN 13:42 Fantastic, multi-faceted version. Dissonance and Tension: check. Tempo and rhythmic shifts: check. But this one also has beautiful, upbeat jamming (aka major mode).
1994-10-18 Reba Nashville, TN 17:34 A huge "Reba" remarkable in that the band departs a really pointed and direct groove to enter a passag of marked space, noted, as some, for sharing similar qualities of "Eyes of the World." Complete with "Dave's Energy Guide" teasing, an experimental, probing version which again pushes against traditional form and convention.
1994-10-18 SOAMule Nashville, TN 10:31 Bela Fleck on banjo, with Bela and Page playing along together before the full band kicks into a low key jam.
1994-10-18 Llama Nashville, TN 10:25 It's like a "Mule Duel" between Page and Trey, except this is a "Llama Duel" between Bela Fleck, Page and Trey. The duel starts with acoustic instruments before switching to electric. Incredible, must-hear version. Sbd available on FTA - Bonnaroo Pt. 1.
1995-11-29 Reba Nashville, TN 15:27 Almost two months removed from Shoreline's speedy "Reba," the band again takes flight, whipping through the composed section at warp speed. The ensuing jam, while metered, does not relent, with passionate, inspired Trey leading the way, while focused, full-band play is infused with great syncopation and rich melodic variation.
1995-11-29 Timber Ho Nashville, TN 8:31 Set II opener. Unusual intro. Intense with ferocious percussion. Page jumps to the B-3 briefly to provide an unusual and chilling effect. Multiple movements in this incredible, jarring jam that will rattle your skull. > to "Sparkle."
1995-11-29 Possum Nashville, TN 17:20 Extended, percussive intro, almost like a "Bowie." Soaring, multiple peak jam with awesome Trey and Fish.
1995-11-29 Taste That Surrounds Nashville, TN 7:58 With Bela Fleck on banjo. This is a fantastic version; the banjo is a perfect addition for an intense, rhythmically complex, song like "Taste."
1995-11-29 Slave Nashville, TN 11:22 Bela Fleck on banjo. This is a fantastic version, with Bela and Trey pairing together incredibly well.
2015-08-04 Wolfman's Nashville, TN 10:34 Mike and Fish set a great chunky and snappy groove in the first part of the jam which Page and Trey ride to great effect, and quite patiently. Then they flip the switch and the jam concludes with the expected power peak.
2015-08-04 Mike's Nashville, TN 14:27 For the first time in over 15 years, the band breaks into a bona fide 2nd jam. While the 1st is typical 3.0 stuff, and the transition unusual, all is forgiven as the 2nd jam begins in classic "Mike's" rocking and rhythmic playing before settling. After 10:30 the jam develops a dark and introspective bent, and Trey's time "in the woodshed" before the FTW concerts is noticeable in his soloing.
2015-08-04 Weekapaug Nashville, TN 13:50 Following a nice tempo slow down early on, the jam departs the standard and coalesces on an "Electric Funeral"-like theme (Black Sabbath). "C&P" vocal quotes are added as the jam picks up tempo and returns to familiar "Weekapaug" ground.
2016-10-18 Twist Nashville, TN 15:48 This "Twist" gets Weir'd from the beginning as the (new) band continues getting their sea legs, but once things get rolling, they stay Weir'd throughout in the best way possible. Not the deepest version ever, but must-hear nonetheless.
2016-10-18 Playing in the Band Nashville, TN 11:28 The only Phish version of "Playing in the Band" marks the peak of Bob Weir's Nashville sit-in. Upbeat and melodic, this jam serves as a nice reprisal of Trey's GD50 work.
2016-10-19 Tube Nashville, TN 6:40 "Tube" continued its '16 comeback campaign with this sweet version featuring active back and forth between Page and Trey and a Moog-filled climax.
2016-10-19 Tweezer Nashville, TN 16:48 Funky, powerful start transitions to a melodic plateau with soaring improv.
2016-10-19 Plasma Nashville, TN 8:40 "Plasma" assumes a fluid, late second-set form. Atmospheric and introspective, with strong elements of "Timber (Jerry)," Mike and Fish create a brooding, cosmic space within which Page provides on-point fills, and Trey works through a number of styles and rhythmic shifts, coloring the jam with really cool and pensive "feedback" intraplay.
2016-10-19 Hood Nashville, TN 16:23 On the heels of a strong "Plasma," yet another wandering "Hood" serves to anchor a strong show. While the exploratory sections (5:00 - 12:30) offer some excellent playing, the return home leaves room for improvement.
2018-10-23 Mike's Nashville, TN 12:50 The jam swiftly pushes outside typical playing, breaking into dark, funky rock. Around 6:30, the mood lightens, and inspired, upbeat playing ensues. Another shift happens at 9:00, and the mood darkens again, with evil-sounding Mike taking the lead, before one final, brief flip back to warmer sentiments.
2018-10-23 Ghost Nashville, TN 17:30 > from "Mike's Song", Trey starts off a very improvisational dark, full-band jam, dominated by low tone synths from Mike. Play stays crunchy, infused with distortion and delay, the band riding a spooky groove, offset be terrific Page. Trey teases "Tired of Waiting for You" before the band, led by Fish, coalesces, each member contributing interesting ideas that beautifully combine into high-energy Trey, who, after turning on an echo, employs brain-scrambling delay before the four slow things down to close. H/T to @Col_Radicones_Ascent for the language.
2018-10-23 Everything's Right Nashville, TN 12:24 A part of a set-long "Mike's Groove." No time is wasted before the bands jumps into a pulsing, driving jam. All four members seem to function as a single unit. Around 8:00, Mike and Trey lock in on a riff together that takes the jam to a new level. By the 10:10 mark, the jam slips back to more familiar "ER" territory. > into "Set Your Soul Free."
2018-10-24 Gin Nashville, TN 18:20 An inventive set-closer which explores numerous spaces beyond the norm including gentle dreamlike play, fuzzy rock, and Santana-esque vamping before smartly returning to "Gin" for a smooth finish.
2021-08-04 Fluffhead Nashville, TN 17:08 While Hampton will forever remain "The" comeback version, the band, more than a decade later, may have, after some close calls, "arrived." While "Fluff" is terrific live, and there have been powerful moments, one might have to revisit 10/29/10 to find, on tape, a version that rivals this beauty from note to note. Just another in a long list of examples demonstrating Phish's incredible 2021 full-band power.
2021-08-04 Mr. Completely Nashville, TN 18:55 The opening to one of the year's strongest second frames, this "Mr. Completely" indulges in its usual jam before Fish switches up his flow and Trey moves into a new key. Page's electric piano cuts through the mire, and a warm groove emerges as a result. Fish starts throwing in the "Mr. Completely" drum fill almost as a challenge to himself, and Trey moves to stabbing echo-laden chords as the jam picks up speed "Bathtub Gin" style. Something funkier and stranger emerges, and Mike flips on his envelope filter as the jam builds to a ferocious climax, then dies away with some more "Mr. Completely" drum fills by Fish for fun. > into "BOAF".
2021-08-04 Ghost Nashville, TN 13:19 With more lives than a cat, this "Ghost" showcases what's so fun and great about Summer 21. While jams are often considered "soupy," here the band simmers, producing play that cooks to a slow boil. Dark and intense, the band uses space as a canvas, splashing their patterned, space-age, electro rock, with all four contributing in equal measure before Trey, in Jedi-fashion, stumbles upon one of his most thrilling lines - if you don't know the one, listen - which Pages hears, seizes, and owns. This informs a tremendous run and one of the Phishiest segues (-> "Gin") in some time. Must. Listen.
2021-08-04 Gin Nashville, TN 12:56 Amidst a "Gin"-soaked tour, this version, -> from a wonderful "Ghost," embodies so much of what is so cool about Phish. Wild, carefree, and careening, the jam lifts elements from earlier in the set, mixes them with new ingredients, and produces an intoxicating jam which settles to become more traditional. Obliterating all traces of night one's hangover, the > into "2001" is the olive on the top.
2021-08-04 2001 Nashville, TN 7:12 In a year where effects have shaped many jams, this 2001 is no different. SLOWWWWW start but the jam shows off the unique sounds of summer 2021. Page in particular is showcased and sneaks a cool Bathtub Gin tease.
2021-08-04 SOAMelt Nashville, TN 16:27 The jam begins with some quiet musing that quickly veers beyond the norm. Largely dark in tone, the music gradually builds a percussive base and power. The intensity builds until around 15:00, when the jam returns to "SOAM" proper to close.
2021-08-04 Character Zero Nashville, TN 7:05 Yeah, "Zero" has a JC. And not just to feature 11/26/97. Strange version, and while not on par with, say, what we get during the Baker's Dozen, the play is atypical, with Trey seemingly shearing off blocks of sound, and laying into his effects. Summer 2021. Anything goes. And that's the case here, with this interesting version.
2023-10-06 Jibboo Nashville, TN 12:20 Goes minor just for an instant around 6:15, after which another key change brings the jam back to major while it becomes more dreamy and soothing, allowing a build unlike "Jibboo" to flourish with a charming peak and ends -> "Oblivion".
2023-10-06 Oblivion Nashville, TN 21:23 - > from a "Jibboo" worth your time. This sprawling jam starts patiently as the band jams around the structure of the song for a good bit before spreading its wings. Ever so slowly, the tempo gradually builds until things reach a "mini-peak" before Trey winds things back to sing the chorus again.
2023-10-07 Mull Nashville, TN 7:58 Great "Mull," with more than a few "Destiny Unbound" undertones. Jamming breaks for a bit of "2001," a callback to the show's strong show-opener, before > back to "Mull."
2023-10-07 2001 Nashville, TN 1:21 > "Mull" and > back to "Mull" to inform part of a snappy first-set passage of musical exploration.
2023-10-07 Mull Nashville, TN 0:34 > "2001" to close a snappy first-set passage of musical exploration.
2023-10-07 Stash Nashville, TN 15:02 A fun first set jaunt. Starting slow and bluesy, the tempo builds and builds until the band is in a controlled frenzy. It's a mix of old and new Phish, alike. In a jam-heavy first set, this may be the crown jewel.
2023-10-07 SOAMelt Nashville, TN 18:19 A fine example of "SOAMelt's" late-period renaissance, with an ambitious, multipart jam which remains uncommonly coherent even while exploring a number of dizzying directions before a celebratory knockout ending leads back into "Melt".
2023-10-07 Cities Nashville, TN 16:04 The "Music City" inspires another big 2023 version of "Cities". Mike's fat synth bass carves out the initial funky path. Trey and Page dial in the murk in response, crossing through some vague "MLB"-isms on the way to a major mode shift. The music turns on a dime toward celebratory fare, but retains some of its spacious-ness, as Trey alternates between clean melodic phrasing and long echoed notes. Play then cools back towards da funk and -> "Llama".
2023-10-08 BOAF Nashville, TN 15:10 Terrific full-band play remains true to the song's primary melody before breaking near the 6:45 mark. Here, more cerebral, contemplative play, led by Fish's supreme off-beat drumming, informs a passage of imaginative improvisation, featuring some great Page way up in register. Play nearly stills, a breathless moment inviting Trey to get active and rather interesting, before a few signature licks works to incite the band to drive the jam home.
2023-10-08 A Wave of Hope Nashville, TN 13:40 Measure for measure extremely fire, fluid, and deceptively simple (yet exceptional) full-band play. Listen for some familiar "hose" throughout the jam before the band breaks not for "Uncle Penn," (they cool down, first), but a welcome "Cinnamon Girl."
2023-10-08 Golden Age Nashville, TN 16:23 Standard but quality play breaks for new directions after the 7 minute mark. Ambient synths, Trey's bevy of effects, and big drawn out waves of bass are all anchored by Fish's expert dynamics. The stew grows ever weirder, as a beat switch leads to a bizarre, carnival-esque dissonant passage before collapsing > "The Well". Excellent.
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