Jam Chart for Llama (35 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1990-10-27 Dallas, TX 0:00 Debut. No recording available.
1990-10-30 Crested Butte, CO 4:40 > in from "Reba." First recorded version is played at a slightly slower tempo. Format includes the now customary Page and Trey sections and has additional vocal refrains at the ending.
1990-11-08 Madison, WI 4:50 Some bluesy Page B-3 action, and sick Trey shredding. [Note: virtually every version from '90 - '92 features incredible playing by the aptly named Machine Gun Trey. You really can't go wrong with any of the versions from this period.]
1990-11-30 Keene, NH 4:43 Played at a quicker (normal) tempo than the earliest versions, this one features more, really sick shredding.
1991-11-30 Port Chester, NY 4:42 Unfrickenbelievable.
1991-12-31 Worcester, MA 4:35 > in from "Esther." Page is sick; Trey is very demented.
1992-03-12 Burlington, VT 4:44 Anything but "Lazy," this inventive version finds Trey taking a bluesy sort of solo, coloring his play with Deep Purple teasing, before entering customary blistering play.
1992-04-16 Isla Vista, CA 5:33 Extra jamming from Page and Trey. Recording has the bass cranked up, so check out the Mike action - sweet!
1992-04-18 Palo Alto, CA 5:18 There's almost a melodic section to Trey's solo before his fingertips ignite at about 4:00.
1992-04-24 Portland, OR 4:56 What do you call it when the sick get sicker?
1992-05-18 Burlington, VT 5:08 Great Page section with awesome tension. Trey's playing is so lightning fast here, they should have nicknamed him "Flash." A standout even on this chart. Must-hear.
1992-07-25 Stowe, VT 5:15 Carlos Santana on guitar and Karl Perazzo and Paul Rekow on percussion. Excellent version. First Carlos, then Page, then Trey. Carlos and Trey both tear it up, but have very different styles.
1992-08-14 Los Angeles, CA 5:11 > in from "The Squirming Coil." Trey is sick as expected, but Mike and Fish are awesome and add a lot to this ripper.
1992-12-01 Granville, OH 4:55 Cool beginning to this version. Training the machine gun at the Dennison College crowd, Trey fires at will.
1992-12-06 Chicago, IL 5:11 > in from "The Squirming Coil." Great Page section, the funky calm before the ensuing blitzkrieg. Trey rips, but the whole band just hammers this one home.
1992-12-08 Madison, WI 5:07 > in from "Wilson." Danger: listening to this version could cause your brain to involuntarily explode.
1993-02-11 Bloomsburg, PA 5:18 > in from "Fluffhead." Noticeable tension and dissonance from Trey as well as the expected rapid-fire action.
1993-02-13 Newark, DE 4:53 Some great Page, and then Trey cranks the tension up and Fish hammers it home.
1993-02-19 Atlanta, GA 5:11 Jimmy Herring on guitar. Section breakdown is Page, then Trey, then Jimmy. They all rock it, hard.
1993-08-07 Darien Center, NY 5:09 Some unusual and improvisational jamming during Trey's section. Mike and Fish are great responding to Trey here.
1993-08-13 Indianapolis, IN 5:57 > in from "Lengthwise." Cool little Mike solo between Page and Trey. Brief exploratory jamming towards end of Trey's solo. Blistering finish.
1993-08-21 Salt Lake City, UT 4:42 > from a terrific "Fee," and featuring Bela Fleck on electric banjo, Victor Wooten on bass, and Roy "Future Man" Wooten on drumitar, here's one of the coolest versions you've "ever heard." While sticking close to "Llama" proper, the musicians gel wonderfully, offering up a wonderful passage of chill improvisation, which offsets traditional fire play.
1994-10-18 Nashville, TN 10:25 It's like a "Mule Duel" between Page and Trey, except this is a "Llama Duel" between Bela Fleck, Page and Trey. The duel starts with acoustic instruments before switching to electric. Incredible, must-hear version. Sbd available on FTA - Bonnaroo Pt. 1.
1996-07-03 Trento, Italy 7:59 Carlos Santana on guitar and Karl Perazzo on percussion. -> in from "Taste." Version has a cool little percussive breakdown jam about midway through before returning to "Llama" proper.
1997-07-02 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6:01 -> in from "Stash." Incredibly funky Page section and an intense Trey section. No final refrain as the music cycles down, then rebuilds into a dark, ominous "Wormtown" Jam played to the melody of Steve Miller's "Swingtown," but changing lyrics to "Wormtown." Lots of Trey and Fish "Worm" banter. -> to "Velvet Sea."
1997-07-10 Marseilles, France 12:05 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Following the final refrain, the band breaks into a excellent heavily funk-infused jam that grows darkish towards the end. -> to "Velvet Sea."
1997-08-16 Limestone, ME 6:44 -> in from "Cities." Great Page and a nasty, growling and extended Trey section. -> to "Lawn Boy."
1997-11-19 Champaign, IL 5:55 -> in from "Bathtub Gin." Blistering playing by Trey harkens back to the "Llama" Golden Age of '90 - '92.
1998-07-19 Mountain View, CA 6:59 Set II opener. Trey uses a lot "wah" effects throughout his extended section. Trey proves he's still lightning fast.
1999-07-18 Volney, NY 7:28 > in from "Axilla." Incredibly deft Trey playing combines with that unique '99 - '00 high pitched sound. Extended ending.
2003-12-28 Miami, FL 6:03 > in from an extended "Frankie Says." Some awesome Page here and a cool and different Trey section.
2010-10-26 Manchester, NH 4:34 Solid Set I version of "Llama" with some great Page and an unusual refrain between Page's and Trey's sections.
2010-10-26 Manchester, NH 1:20 Ending Set II, a -> to "Llama Reprise" following "Weekapaug" to close one HOT show.
2015-08-14 Raleigh, NC 5:14 Debut of the slow, funky Llama. See 6/29/16, 10/20/18, and 11/30/19 for other versions.
2021-10-30 Las Vegas, NV 5:56 Strong version that really comes to a head with Trey wringing some gnarly notes from his guitar in the peak.
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