Jam Chart for shows in the city of Mountain View, CA (37 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-08-29 Maze Mountain View, CA 8:02 Great, rapid-fire playing by Page is followed a shortish but demonstrative display of Trey's machine gun-like guitar skills.
1995-09-30 Reba Mountain View, CA 13:09 > in from the "White Rabbit Jam," perhaps the earliest glimpse at the band attempting to execute "Reba" at breakneck speed. After a clean composed section, Trey powers through the version, the playing straightforward and direct until the band slows at 7:40 to create an interesting and controlled passage, akin to "DEG"-like playing, before breaking for a spirited conclusion (the band once again playing incredibly fast through the whistling section).
1995-09-30 Antelope Mountain View, CA 10:36 Good improvisational version with rhythm shifts and great tension.
1997-07-31 Ya Mar Mountain View, CA 14:04 First version since 6/20/88 that really breaks into a jam outside of typical "Ya Mar" structure. Not too far out there, but definitely a quality version.
1997-07-31 LxL Mountain View, CA 11:39 Band-wide cohesion on display here, as all four deftly contribute to this complex and well-played version.
1997-07-31 YEM Mountain View, CA 28:58 Magnificently intricate, spell-binding, hypnotic jam (with strange "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" teases). (No B&D.)
1997-07-31 Runaway Jim Mountain View, CA 23:16 Multi-faceted improvisational version that includes funk, power jamming, quieter space, punchy, rhythmic funky stuff, and more space with a -> to "When The Circus Comes."
1997-07-31 Mike's Mountain View, CA 15:16 The 1st jam begins in moderately funky mode and the power intensifies as it goes, but otherwise is straightforward. The 2nd jam starts in rock mode, then settles down to quieter, contemplative play. Finally, the power throttles up into a slightly dissonant and intense peak.
1998-07-19 Ghost Mountain View, CA 17:26 Great Wentian "Mind Left Body Jam"-like build into driving groove through "Who Knows" and "Manteca" themes culminating in blistering rock with "Ghost" vocal reprise. [Solid "Ghost" jamming releases, returns to funk with "Manteca"-like jamming, then builds to a raging and spirited celebratory blow-out with Fish vocals adding emphasis.]
1998-07-19 YEM Mountain View, CA 21:49 "Things That Make You Go Hmm" teases from Mike. They would become very, very common from him from this YEM onward, especially during the B&D section. They are often not noted in this chart or elsewhere on Phish.net because he teases this riff so much. (No B&D.)
1998-07-19 Llama Mountain View, CA 6:59 Set II opener. Trey uses a lot "wah" effects throughout his extended section. Trey proves he's still lightning fast.
1998-07-19 JJLC Mountain View, CA 11:20 -> in from "Tweezer." More uptempo, less of a bluesy feel than many versions. Page jumps back and forth between the piano and organ, and plays both simultaneously at one point. Trey and the boys rock this one hard.
1998-07-19 McGrupp Mountain View, CA 9:25 With Fish nicely keeping time, Page embarks on a charged solo, playfully recreating Mike's bass line. Even with Page out in front, there is a growing sense that all are contributing to this classic '98 version. For the second consecutive time, an archetypal, ambient-style "Jam" emerges on the heels of a very fine "McGrupp."
1998-07-19 Jam Mountain View, CA 6:02 Following a strong "McGrupp," Trey embarks on a melancholic, soulful, and ambient interlude. Thoughtful Page runs counterpoint, until Fish and Mike team to drive the jam more deliberately. Seemingly composed, this music cools into classic '98 space with delicate soloing by Trey, and then -> to "DwD."
1999-09-16 Hydrogen Mountain View, CA 4:24 Slow and very enchanting (after a creepy segue!).
1999-09-16 Weekapaug Mountain View, CA 15:15 Following some soaring straightforward play, at 6:00, the jam settles into a great low-key groove. Trey and Page build the intensity, leading a climactic and spirited return to more familiar ground. Trey's playing is incredible at the peak.
1999-09-17 Piper Mountain View, CA 15:27 The typically high energy "Piper" jam settles down after 12:00 into a low key, blues-tinged exploration, with quiet, looping space bombs from Trey, and great Mike/Page grooving.
1999-09-17 YEM Mountain View, CA 21:53 "YEM" jam with PHIL LESH! (No B&D, no VJ) -> to a Mike and Phil bass "Jam."
1999-09-17 Jam Mountain View, CA 3:47 -> in from "YEM." Bass duet with Mike and Phil Lesh.
2000-10-06 Sand Mountain View, CA 15:34 > from "Cities." Starts with a mellow, airy loop and Trey on the keyboard before he switches to guitar and gives the jam a boost with some great playing.
2000-10-07 2001 Mountain View, CA 12:37 Power rhythm clinic from Trey. This baby rates very highly on the danceability scale. Grab your helmet.
2000-10-07 Tweezer Mountain View, CA 16:08 Good version and the last one in "1.0."
2003-07-09 Simple Mountain View, CA 10:25 Seamlessly weaved in from YEM ->. In a sense, a paradigmatic version with a gorgeous, melodic jam.
2003-07-09 Gin Mountain View, CA 26:29 Excellent, very "Type II" jam. Once it leaves "Gin" behind, this one works through several sections, and gets way, way out there, ending up in some abstract space, before finally coming back to "Gin." A good one if you like 2.0-style jamming.
2003-07-09 Piper Mountain View, CA 19:14 An excellent version. Like 3/1/03, the jam has one basic, propulsive groove. However there are a variety of dynamic and timbre shifts layered over this driving jam that finally cycles down into a subdued ending.
2003-07-09 Scents and Subtle Sounds Mountain View, CA 10:37 Beautifully played straightforward version, with great Page and delicate trilling by Trey in the jam.
2003-07-09 Weekapaug Mountain View, CA 9:11 A funky breakdown section begins about 4:00 with good improvisational play, even Mike striking the fight bell several times, before returning to the standard.
2003-07-10 Moma Mountain View, CA 12:36 The jam segment starts off hot, quiets down slowly, and becomes quite mellow around 7:45. It remains minimalist and repetitive, but the last few minutes are sneakily powerful, with everyone adding color, especially Mike. Unfinished; -> to "Antelope."
2003-07-10 Divided Mountain View, CA 18:59 An easy going summer version breaks into an unusual groove at about 16:00 with "DEG"-like jamming for a couple of minutes, before returning to "Divided" to conclude.
2015-07-24 Blaze On Mountain View, CA 14:58 Despite being only the second "Blaze On", this rendition has strong tension-and-release jamming with Eastern scales from Trey, before circling back to the main theme and jumping off the deep end into a pool of fractals and spacey effects used to signal Pluto.
2015-07-24 Twist Mountain View, CA 16:45 The beginning of the jam while structurally standard has a decidedly different timbre, as Trey and Mike deploy a gnarly and raw tone. At 9:00, the jam breaks free into the now familiar major mode Phish bliss style typical of the last few years.
2015-07-24 Light Mountain View, CA 15:12 A solid version which follows a trajectory similar to other recent strong versions. Towards the end, many hear jamming similar to "I Know You Rider."
2021-08-31 Stash Mountain View, CA 17:18 Mike, Trey, and Page layer in an array of textures and tones as they cycle through their respective palettes in this tremendous jam that sees each member trade lead and complementary roles with frequency. Retains at least a loose sense of "Stash" for the duration but explores widely within that tense Latin-esque minor zone heard in previous standout versions (8/11/18, 7/10/19).
2021-08-31 Soul Planet Mountain View, CA 46:38 Smoothly runs the gamut from dark grooves to a lovely uplifting space to double-time rocking out to a muscular jamming zone where Mike's drill (!) takes center stage to anthemic bliss to something akin to an alien distress signal that could've only come from Summer 2021 to sludgy industrial noise to even faster rocking out to snappy funkiness to a perfect -> into "The Final Hurrah". A cornerstone jam of Summer 2021, and the third longest of their entire career. Yes, you read that right, their entire career.
2021-08-31 The Final Hurrah Mountain View, CA 8:25 How to follow Shoreline's epic "Soul Planet"? By -> into a new Trey favorite, KV's classic "The Final Hurrah." Dancing around a wonderful groove by means of his envelope filter, Trey's improvisation is at turns melodic and jazzy, inciting an impossibly cool jam and fitting end to one of the band's most impressive cosmic journeys.
2021-09-01 Cities Mountain View, CA 16:23 The band moves into a more driving version of the usual "Cities" jam, thanks to Fishman, before Trey makes the move into a brief bit of major key bliss, and then takes the jam into smoother and more relaxed waters. A very nice first set jam, with a wonderful -> into "Passing Through".
2021-09-01 Tweezer Mountain View, CA 34:01 Yet another exploratory "type II" adventure, this version's jam goes all over the globe, with segments that at times seem to have vigorous "Manteca" and "Jingo-Va" themes, and even "Lizards" and "Dave's Energy Guide" teasing and a cacphonous "Split Open and Melt" jam, that are separated by a mellow, spacey-but-mellifluous and playful, improvisation. Best listened to, closely, with headphones.
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