Jam Chart for Soul Planet (11 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
2018-07-28 Inglewood, CA 16:12 Breaks out with some brief funk and quickly evolves into a warmer groove with Page and Trey trading lead duties before guitar takes over as the jam gallops to a peak and dissolves into "Wingsuit".
2018-08-04 Alpharetta, GA 23:40 Pivots out of the verses into a grimy jam that briefly picks up speed before devolving into envelope-filtered-Mike-led funk, then blossoms into a warm and relaxed jam full of delicate synths from Page and sympathetic Trey soloing. Things take an anthemic turn at Mike's urging, then appear to be coming to a close, but then gathers up energy once more and builds to a driving peak. But rather than close out, Fish and Page lead the way to another filthy and funky groove, with tinges of 2.0 jamming style, before dying out and > into "ASIHTOS".
2018-11-02 Las Vegas, NV 16:04 Soaring, anthemic play from Trey combined with gooey bass from Mike highlight this second set opening version. After a mini-peak, the jam eventually fizzles to > "Down With Disease".
2021-08-10 Hershey, PA 13:27 The other Summer 2021 "Soul Planet", this bad boy doesn't take long to move into a quicksilver minor-key boil with Trey's gnarly effects taking center stage. Fish picks up the pace and a solid groove emerges, then Trey switches to major-key and the band follows with a powerful bit of hose. Fish then switches up his beat and Page takes center stage, before Trey elbows his way in with some wicked riffing and Fish steers things to more rock-oriented waters. Trey then fires up some stabbing chords before neatly -> into NICU. Inspired, melodious jamming.
2021-08-31 Mountain View, CA 46:38 Smoothly runs the gamut from dark grooves to a lovely uplifting space to double-time rocking out to a muscular jamming zone where Mike's drill (!) takes center stage to anthemic bliss to something akin to an alien distress signal that could've only come from Summer 2021 to sludgy industrial noise to even faster rocking out to snappy funkiness to a perfect -> into "The Final Hurrah". A cornerstone jam of Summer 2021, and the third longest of their entire career. Yes, you read that right, their entire career.
2021-10-22 Phoenix, AZ 18:28 "Hmm... this jam is okay, I can imagine many of my friends lapping this up but I'm mostly disintere-SWEET HEAVENLY LORD THIS FINAL PEAK IS AMAZING."
2021-10-31 Las Vegas, NV 14:16 Deep in the third set of the Halloween show, the band still has enough creative juice for one more killer jam, as Fish kicks up the tempo and Page does some fine electric piano work, before a slower and more contemplative jam emerges. Fish picks the pace back up and the band enters anthemic mode, Trey's funky new filter adding extra spice, then things get darker and nastier almost out of nowhere with a stomping and powerful jam. -> into "Death Don't Hurt Very Long" out of the muck.
2022-05-27 Orange Beach, AL 17:38 A handful of peaks scattered about a casual stroll through multiple musical ideas, both major and minor. Towards the back end, the jam becomes upbeat and bubbly and segues -> into "Quadrophonic Toppling".
2022-05-27 Orange Beach, AL 1:11 -> from "Quadrophonic Toppling" to bookend "Soul Planet's" jam.
2022-08-05 Atlantic City, NJ 14:52 > from "Axilla (Part II)". Mike's bass is thumping as the jam begins. Trey solos over a cool texture provided by Mike and Fish. A slow tempo gradually picks up steam, possibly because of Fish dropping a "Yeah" sample seemingly out of nowhere. The jam comes to a head around 13:00 with Trey and Mike both heavy in their effects arsenals. It melts into almost nothing before > into a big "Down With Disease".
2023-07-22 Burgettstown, PA 14:13 Hard-charging out of the gates through 7:15 when it settles into an ethereal transition, then winds up again for a heartening resolution and floats into -> "Twist".
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