Jam Chart for shows in the city of Las Vegas, NV (85 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1996-12-06 2001 Las Vegas, NV 10:25 Smooth Trey in the first jam gives way to staccato-filled second jam. Unique version. Blast off into "Llama".
1996-12-06 YEM Las Vegas, NV 25:59 Great B&D!! VJ based on donuts.
1996-12-06 Julius Las Vegas, NV 9:10 Nice bluesy swing in this version, patiently played out before the rousing finale.
1996-12-06 Simple Las Vegas, NV 18:31 A must-hear version for "Simple" fans, and part of a huge "Mike's Groove." A stretched-out but conventional version until after ~11:40 where the jam soars into a pulsing, upbeat groove that mostly (but gloriously) stays within the "Simple" harmonic structure.
1996-12-06 Hood Las Vegas, NV 15:40 Top notch "Hood" follows a stellar "Simple" as the "meat" of a fantastic "Mike's Groove." The jamming highlights include cool percussion in the intro, super Page, lots of syncopation, great power rocking, and a terrific peak.
1996-12-06 Weekapaug Las Vegas, NV 10:33 Fantastic and fun jam begins with some early sounds of funk followed by a Page-led piano section. Next, Trey leads a couple of full-band stops, then the jam simmers down with a heavier dose of funk before exploding into a classic '96 peak.
1996-12-06 Suzy Las Vegas, NV 9:17 Guest artists include Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde, Courtney Gains, the Yodeling Cowgirls, and several Elvis impersonators. One of the Elvis impersonators leads a "Susie Q" jam at the end of "Suzy."
1997-11-13 BEK Las Vegas, NV 7:05 Debut. Standard version with a strong but typical jam, with assertive playing by Trey throughout. Page's grand piano lends some unique flavor as the jam peaks.
1997-11-13 YEM Las Vegas, NV 23:36 Very catchy theme in the jam! (No B&D.)
1997-11-13 Stash Las Vegas, NV 21:32 Jam shifts into major mode at about 10:40, then teeters between sentiments in quiet contemplation. Around 17:00, the jam begins to work its way back to "Stash" proper.
1997-11-13 Caspian Las Vegas, NV 11:30 > in from "PYITE." Just a rock solid '97 from start to finish. Trey really pours his heart into this one. > to "BATR."
1997-11-13 Mike's Las Vegas, NV 15:04 A really great and different groove is established early in the 1st jam, before drifting back into more typical territory. The jamming moves back out for more of the original groove, including great scratch funk around 8:30. The 2nd jam kicks in at 10:10 and features gentle and soothing play with "Born On The Bayou" teasing and glides into "Hydrogen."
1997-11-13 Weekapaug Las Vegas, NV 10:34 Spirited and soaring jamming mellow uptempo as after 5:10 with some solid "CYHMK" teases and jamming, before finishing in a raging style with "CYHMK."
1997-11-13 Loving Cup Las Vegas, NV 7:00 Quite a strong Trey solo, have a listen!
1998-10-30 Antelope Las Vegas, NV 16:48 A minute of exploratory action (6:20 - 7:20) in a jam that otherwise is straightforward. But following "Rocco" there several minutes of eerie and spacey effects and chanting by Trey before the final closing.
1998-10-30 Stash Las Vegas, NV 7:16 Straightforward "Stash" begins Set II (rare Set II placement for "Stash") and has a superb -> to "Manteca," the first of 3 consecutive segues (->) in this set.
1998-10-30 Manteca Las Vegas, NV 3:26 -> in from "Stash." Extended "Manteca" with an ambient feel rocks along and -> to "Tweezer."
1998-10-30 Tweezer Las Vegas, NV 16:50 Siiiiiiick Trey soloing! "Manteca" and "You Better Believe It Baby" teases.
1998-10-30 NICU Las Vegas, NV 5:37 -> in from "Tweezer." Straightforward "NICU" completes a string of great segues (->), comes to an end and > to a classic '98 ambient "Jam."
1998-10-30 Jam Las Vegas, NV 4:07 > in from "NICU." One of a number of great '98 ambient jams, this one emerges from "NICU" and > to "Prince Caspian."
1998-10-31 Sneakin' Sally Las Vegas, NV 10:56 Funky '98-style jam emerges, where Page on clavinet is the star. Rocks along until morphing into some more ambient, serene space, before a fantastic -> to "CDT."
1998-10-31 CDT Las Vegas, NV 8:22 -> in from "Sneakin' Sally." The -> is fantastic, and this is an excellent "CDT." It's "Type I," but very solid.
1998-10-31 Weekapaug Las Vegas, NV 11:45 A pretty wild "Type I" jam with a super-charged ending that threatens to get out of control, but is ultimately well-executed.
1998-10-31 R&R Las Vegas, NV 13:12 Debut as part of the Velvet Underground's "Loaded" Halloween costume. First run is an upbeat rocker with an extended jam that stays pretty close to the "Rock And Roll" theme and groove. Released on Live Phish Vol. 16.
1998-10-31 Lonesome Cowboy Bill Las Vegas, NV 10:05 Fiery jam segues into a magnificently enchanting, psychedelic horizon.
1998-10-31 Wolfman's Las Vegas, NV 30:11 Haunting Halloween Masterpiece. At 9:50, the jam descends from low intensity funk mode into 14 minutes of dark, chilling, effects-laden improvisation. A few movements to resurface are rebuffed, and the jam remains deep down until 24:00 when a bluesy shuffle provides some cathartic relief. -> to "Piper" which further brightens the mood.
2000-09-29 Gin Las Vegas, NV 16:57 The standard jam gives way at about 9:30 to a great Mike-led, bouncy groove that grows increasingly rocking and intense.
2000-09-29 Moma Las Vegas, NV 9:40 The last big "Moma" of 2000, played in the same powerful style as 7/6 and 9/23. Strong, rocking version.
2000-09-30 Roggae Las Vegas, NV 8:21 A more ranging and interesting jam than any performed up until this date. It's also blissfully serene and delicate. All performances after these September '00 versions would feature much greater variation in the jam.
2000-09-30 Esther Las Vegas, NV 9:12 "She's dead. She died." A flub paves the way for both lyrical and musical improvisation, and "Esther" truly goes for a ride. A feeling of warmth and mirth, as opposed to anger or frustration, informs great, soulful jamming, which eventually breaks for a > into "Weekapaug Groove."
2000-09-30 Weekapaug Las Vegas, NV 10:38 Not so much a groove jam as some excellent funky and rhythmic jamming with awesome playing by Mike and Fish. Has moments that recall the excellent "Suzy" from 9/14/00.
2000-09-30 Timber Ho Las Vegas, NV 7:49 Big contrast to the 7/14/00 version as this jam has a more eerie, morose sentiment. An ominous cloud.
2003-02-15 Wolfman's Las Vegas, NV 15:03 Some great exploration starting at 6:40, with no return to "Wolfman's." Upbeat, far-ranging, and funky, the jam eventually softens and > to "Reba."
2003-02-15 Antelope Las Vegas, NV 12:03 Beginning of the jam is straightforward, but once they head for the peak, it's worth hearing. Quite nasty.
2003-02-15 Ghost Las Vegas, NV 18:38 Swaggering space roullette "Oh Happy Day" groove with a watery wobblefunk rage side slide into deep space cathedral vespers outro. [An awesome and very groovy early section with great Page gradually cycles up to euphoric party mode, breaks into a funky reprise, and settles to great quiet play.]
2003-02-15 Hood Las Vegas, NV 18:46 The jam seems to peak at about 13:00, then breaks into several minutes of angry and dissonant rocking before returning home.
2003-02-16 Bowie Las Vegas, NV 17:49 First "Bowie" opener since 12/30/93. "Manteca"-like jamming early, then it breaks from the standard several times, only to return. Includes "Bowie" -> "Catapult" -> "Bowie" in the jam.
2003-02-16 Catapult Las Vegas, NV 0:33 -> in from "DB." Brief version near the end of a big "Bowie." -> back to "DB."
2003-02-16 Bowie Las Vegas, NV 2:03 -> in from "Catapult" to complete this solid version.
2003-02-16 Round Room Las Vegas, NV 11:53 Excellent and extended low-key outro jam.
2003-02-16 DwD Las Vegas, NV 11:05 "DwD" -> "Seven Below" -> "DwD." "DwD" gets a little beyond straightforward.
2003-02-16 Seven Below Las Vegas, NV 9:32 -> in from "DwD." A short but very good "Seven Below" -> back to "DwD."
2003-02-16 DwD Las Vegas, NV 2:24 -> in from "Seven Below" to close and complete the sandwich.
2003-02-16 Piper Las Vegas, NV 19:51 Short intro leads to up-tempo, rhythm driven, melodic jam. This is a favorite version for many fans, for reasons that will be obvious when you check this version out. Fishman's snappy work propels this funky jam.
2004-04-15 Moma Las Vegas, NV 13:48 Sloppy intro, but the first jam segment (1:55-4:25) is excellent. The main jam absolutely erupts and burns as hotly as "Moma" ever has.
2004-04-15 Roggae Las Vegas, NV 9:17 The jam starts off in very fine fashion, with a cool and different groove, but then veers increasingly toward chaotic dissonance. This darker sentiment is underscored by Page who shifts his harmonic underpinnings to minor mode.
2004-04-15 DwD Las Vegas, NV 16:58 Shaking off a rough start to this version, Trey leads the band into the jam which begins intensely with great thrumming Mike and growling, distorted guitar effects. The intensity gradually diminishes, resulting in more quiet play which retains an ominous sense of melancholy.
2004-04-16 R&R Las Vegas, NV 12:01 Jam mellows after a bit and sustains a decent pulse with nice Page work. "Low Rider" teases.
2004-04-16 BOTT Las Vegas, NV 7:56 Well played, extended outro jam with good segue (->) into "Possum."
2004-04-16 Jibboo Las Vegas, NV 13:56 Sloppy and takes time to peak, but when the band finally comes together and eventually peaks it's a gorgeous moment of clarity that cuts through everything and makes things happy for a minute, before getting goregously goopy and grimy like only '04 can.
2004-04-16 Twist Las Vegas, NV 23:58 Exploratory and multi-faceted jam emerges around 8:00 after some nice variations on the "Twist" theme. Intense, the jam includes power rocking, distortion and effects, and builds to a furious peak before returning to "Twist."
2004-04-16 Hood Las Vegas, NV 19:27 This "Hood" shifts to a rocking "Type II" groove at 8:45, briefly returns to "Hood," then departs into a dark, rhythmic minor mode section before finally coming home to close around 17:25.
2004-04-17 Pebbles and Marbles Las Vegas, NV 18:52 Despite a few brief departures from the norm, this version stays mostly in "Type I" territory through 15 minutes when it downshifts and works its way into a stop-start jam around 16:30. From there, it dwindles and > to "Caspian".
2014-10-31 SOAMule Las Vegas, NV 10:32 Page and Trey in a rocking, guitar-accented piano showcase > ghoulish and spooky Halloween jamming > klezmer > weird chanting by Mike > conclusion.
2014-10-31 The Dogs Las Vegas, NV 4:10 Promising debut. Following Laura Olsher's narration, Phish explodes into arena rock, replete with full-tilt guitar histrionics.
2014-10-31 Your Pet Cat Las Vegas, NV 4:25 Debut. Following Laura Olsher's narration and "screaming" sound effects, a plucky Trey leads the band into a jam that, prior to "Tube's" resurgence, would not have sounded out of place in a, well, "Tube" jam.
2014-10-31 Martian Monster Las Vegas, NV 14:00 Debut closes the legendary Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House Halloween set. This version includes extensive use of vocal samples, many of which are tempo and pitch-shifted, sounding at times like a "YEM" vocal jam performed by hamsters. After a crunchy encounter with the hungry landing committee, the longest version so far ends with a four minute fadeout of the spaceship blasting off towards the planet Mars. Your trip is short!
2014-10-31 Sand Las Vegas, NV 18:02 A multi-section winner, featuring extended funk jamming, a rocking peak with a "School's Out" tease, and a great -> into "Tweezer Reprise."
2014-11-01 C&P Las Vegas, NV 11:04 This version serves as the launching pad for one of the better sequences of songs from Fall 2014. It never turns into the full on shred fest that most expect out of this song. It sits on a loose funky groove based jam with some good synth work from Page. About 2/3's of the way through, Fishman escalates the tempo before they bring things back down and actually execute a smooth transition into Light.
2014-11-01 Twist Las Vegas, NV 11:13 While never departing "Twist" proper, this version includes "Lengthwise" and "Manteca" quotes, several "Manteca" teases, solid "Type I" play, and a cerebral ending transition.
2014-11-02 Gin Las Vegas, NV 14:29 A second and rocking section of strong "Type I" jamming helps to strengthen and elevate the build up and peak, giving this solid version a significant boost.
2014-11-02 Free Las Vegas, NV 8:03 Strong "Type I" version with lots of amusing quoting from the previous night's "Martian Monster."
2014-11-02 CDT Las Vegas, NV 16:23 After some "CDT"-like musings, the jam shifts after 6:00 to melodic major mode playing. At 9:30, the jam moves to lower octave, funky and semi-dissonant play, which continues until 13:40 when the upbeat theme returns, starts to boil over, then recedes into "Piper."
2014-11-02 Piper Las Vegas, NV 13:25 A solid and "complete" version, breaking first to some growly, echo-filled play, which settles to a rhythmic foundation for Page and Trey to play off. At 7:45, the jam brightens in tone, but remains low intensity, then mellows further with quiet musings led by Page.
2014-11-02 YEM Las Vegas, NV 26:08 While there's no Trey-led jam nor even a Bass & Drums section, the full band contributes, especially Page, to a raging improvisation that culminates with everyone on drums before the vocal jam concludes the festivities.
2016-10-28 LxL Las Vegas, NV 7:48 Strong interplay between Trey and Page, good syncopation, and solid Fish working like glue to hold it all together results in a quality performance.
2016-10-28 Steam Las Vegas, NV 10:31 Really nice band interplay between verses, then a heavy fog rolls over the post-verses jam, almost "Echoes"-like in nature. Very cool effects from Trey and Page here. Strong version, especially for a first set.
2016-10-28 Golden Age Las Vegas, NV 25:39 A multi-section, "Type II" behemoth which covers a lot of ground and peaks twice in the process. > to "Simple". Longest version to date.
2016-10-28 Light Las Vegas, NV 13:41 Moving beyond some rocking and melodic action in the instrumental section, the jam breaks into some swirling and rhythmic play, before settling into some excellent brooding, probing and charged intergalactic space.
2016-10-29 Gumbo Las Vegas, NV 9:07 Trey goes to the MuTron out of the final verse, and Fish hits on a "Manteca"-type beat that helps lead into a funky and psychedelic jam. Mike, in particular, is superb.
2016-10-29 Mercury Las Vegas, NV 16:06 Second set opener is anything but elemental, illuminating the song's jam potential. Mike is super, and Trey modulates his tone, a liquid sound darkening to offer a bit by way of transition metal. A pointed, effects-enhanced -> gives rise to a centerpiece "Piper."
2016-10-29 Piper Las Vegas, NV 14:31 The customary "Piper" jam is melodic, rocking, and somewhat different from the typical, trilling shred-fest of years past. Around 7:00, the jam takes on a percussive aspect that grows increasingly powerful. Following great Fender-Rhodes action from Page, things settle, then blast into a spirited, celebratory conclusion.
2016-10-30 Stash Las Vegas, NV 11:24 Beginning with some great quieter playing, including some "Manteca"-like action, the jam warms for bit, then heads into the familiar tension and release head waters, with excellent Fish and solid Page/Trey interplay.
2016-10-30 DwD Las Vegas, NV 21:15 An intense, driving and multi-faceted juggernaut. Initially breaking into quieter, probing play, the mood brightens into a rocking, upbeat section. Then Mike destroys the world as the sentiment turns darker, intense and ominous. Page and Fish are pivotal, but Mike rules as the energy rises to a second, ferocious peak, before settling a bit. Talk about Ass Handed!
2016-10-30 BOAF Las Vegas, NV 15:05 Supercharged -> from "DwD" sparks breezy, airy playing, which breaks down around the 5:00 mark. Page is great, and the jam never loses momentum as Trey modifies his tone and the band fluidly floats through a few different tempos before, ultimately, alighting upon a suspended plane of marked beauty and sustained grace.
2016-10-31 Sand Las Vegas, NV 12:57 Around the 8 minute mark, Page leads the band into a "Type II" segment of glorious, major-key play.
2016-10-31 2001 Las Vegas, NV 11:30 The longest 2001 since the MJ version, and best since Darien 2011. Trey leads out in the second jam and the MGM turns into a DMT paradise. Things get evil, spacey, and the band quotes "Fame" while Mike liquefies the crowd. Monster version fitting of the monster 2016 Vegas run.
2018-10-31 Halley's Las Vegas, NV 9:57 A solid, medium intensity exploratory groove emerges from the typical "Hallley's" outro, with nice interplay between Trey, Page and Mike.
2018-10-31 ASIHTOS Las Vegas, NV 9:24 Compact bliss jam full of sustained whammy guitar leads over a bed of wavy electric piano.
2018-11-01 CDT Las Vegas, NV 15:14 A second jam emerges post refrain with some brief funk and then works its way into a bouncy upbeat groove with a tasty "Third Stone From the Sun" tease in Trey's soloing. This vibe continues towards the end of the jam until the band makes a nifty move back to "CDT" for a second pass at the traditional song ending.
2018-11-01 Blaze On Las Vegas, NV 19:46 The jam breaks out into some raunchy, textured rock but does not last long before a shift to major around 10 minutes. From there, a mellow groove of bass, keyboards, and organ effects from Trey unfolds and gradually gains intensity as guitar becomes more prominent. After the peak, there is an outro of synchronized stop-start "woo" riffs and > to "NMINML".
2018-11-01 Twist Las Vegas, NV 12:38 The typical "Twist" jam features good variation and dynamics modulation. Things begin to peel away around 5:20, with a mode change. Following some brief, upbeat playing, the jam begins to rock, as well as further explore. Unexpectedly at around 9:35, Trey and others add moaning, vocal chanting to mix, which combines well with Page's circus-like organ playing. The vocals here are a big plus, providing an element of surprise to a quality, improvisational jam.
2018-11-02 Mercury Las Vegas, NV 24:29 The first segment consists of strong and varied "Mercury" style jamming, highlighted by a hypnotic groove in the 13th minute. After regrouping at 15:30 the song's theme returns but in a major key and propels the jam to a peak and a bit of echoey play at the tail end before > "Suzy".
2018-11-03 Tube Las Vegas, NV 10:50 Funk smoothly transitions to a warm major-key groove at 4:30 which comes together nicely from 7:45 - 8:15 with Trey employing delayed auto-wah tones at the peak, and then drops just as easily back into "Tube" at 9:00 to conclude.
2018-11-03 SOAMelt Las Vegas, NV 20:04 Quickly shrugs off the usual jam structure and embarks on a thrilling exploration of multiple disparate themes, the last of which is some spooky space that leads back to "SOAM" at 18:30.
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