Jam Chart for Gotta Jibboo (19 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1999-09-10 George, WA 8:02 Phish debut.
1999-12-05 Rochester, NY 10:04 A strong, prototypical '99 "Gotta Jibboo," with patient and careful Trey/Page interplay at first, a smooth and linear - but predictable - build up in energy and tension, and culmination in an intense, if somewhat short peak. One of the strongest standard '99 "Jibboos."
1999-12-10 Philadelphia, PA 14:09 Careful and patient, the front half of this jam features strong Rhodes and synth work from Page, to create a twinkly and spacey vibe. The band slowly accelerates this "Gotta Jibboo" to a smooth pinnacle, with multiple, very pleasant peaks; other "Jibboos" peak harder, but this one peaks cleaner and longer than its '99 peers. A true culmination of groove-based jam ideas from fall and winter '99.
2000-06-22 Antioch, TN 12:48 Swift and high-energy playing throughout. A clean, linear build in energy, from patient and quiet interplay between Page and Trey at the beginning, building with whale call bends and rotary swirl, finally ascending to a heavenly peak. Very happy and massive hose during the peak; spacey jam on the back end -> to "2001."
2000-06-28 Holmdel, NJ 10:56 Another strong summer '00 straightforward "Gotta Jibboo," which ebbs and flows like the best of them. Tightly played, and the band doesn't hold back anything from its bag of tricks.
2000-07-04 Camden, NJ 28:40 The longest and most expansive "Gotta Jibboo" to date. At first, there is standard "Jibboo" tension-release playing, followed by a passage of rhythmic complexity propelled by Fish's wood blocks. This section eventually shifts to a celebratory hose passage which culminates in a breathtaking peak; this devoloves into dissonant and chaotic jazz that would feel at home in '95, which -> "Saw It Again."
2000-07-14 Columbus, OH 9:36 While shorter, this one has a stronger peak than most with lots of classic Trey/Page interplay - definitely a top-shelf "Gotta Jibboo."
2000-09-09 Albany, NY 10:55 Gorgeous Trey/Page interplay in the beginning of the jam; a nice, clean, somewhat straightforward build to a massive but abbreviated peak.
2000-09-20 Cincinnati, OH 11:19 Pure, unadulterated, straight-on HOSE!!! This one is for fans of the standard "Gotta Jibboo" vamp-based jamming, that just continues to peak with swirling intensity.
2003-02-20 Rosemont, IL 19:27 Hot on the heels of an 18-minute "Simple," this nearly-20 minute offering surprises, to close out set 1. A classic tension-release "Jibboo" gets accented with melodic blues work, before highly rhythmic Fishman fills push Trey to explore the classic hard-edged, uncompressed 2.0 tone, propelled by Page's complex chord work.
2003-07-29 Burgettstown, PA 11:36 Despite "Gotta Jibboo's" rarity in 2.0, it remained a consistently strong offering when appearing in shows. This version always feels like it's about to peak, but the band continues to push the jam forward and deeper at each turn, offering variety to create a more complex "Jibboo" than meets the ear.
2003-12-28 Miami, FL 13:04 This one has everything to love about a good "Gotta Jibboo" jam - gorgeous Page/Trey interplay, a nice steady climb to the heavens, a massive peak that just plateaus and stays at the happy place, and whale call Trey delivers the icing on the cake. Sizable celebratory hose peaking towards the back half of the jam.
2004-04-16 Las Vegas, NV 13:56 Sloppy and takes time to peak, but when the band finally comes together and eventually peaks it's a gorgeous moment of clarity that cuts through everything and makes things happy for a minute, before getting goregously goopy and grimy like only '04 can.
2004-08-14 Coventry, VT 15:23 The yang to 4/16/04's yin. Tight playing for '04. Dark and grimy up front, but once it pushes through to the heavens this "Gotta Jibboo" is breathtaking.
2009-11-20 Cincinnati, OH 10:59 By far the strongest of early 3.0 "Gotta Jibboos" that starts with extremely quiet and patient interplay from all four band members, building up to an extremely happy peak that delivers everything "Jibboo" fans want in a feel-good and celebratory jam. The build is rapid and somewhat abbreviated, but this leaves more time and space for both the quiet introductory interplay and the strong peak.
2011-06-15 Alpharetta, GA 9:23 Clean and fast playing, gorgeous interplay from all band members, super clean and happy peak. Nice jazzy accidentals at the peak help with tension and release, especially when it hits the last and highest peak. Some light, airy, and rapid playing - more so than usual in 3.0 - from Trey in the peak.
2017-08-05 New York, NY 12:23 Some mildly meandering jamming at the beginning occurs as the band seeks a direction, but patience pays off as they eventually all lock into the groove and build energy together. This delivers a decent piano and whale call-dominated peak as the band continues to feed off the audience's energy.
2017-12-31 New York, NY 14:58 The most exploratory "Gotta Jibboo" since 7/4/00. After standard quiet interplay at the beginning, Page gets funky on the clavinet and Trey heads for funkier and bluesier pastures, until on a dime, the band modulates the key, and a light-hearted and bubbly jam warps time and space to ring in the new year.
2023-10-06 Nashville, TN 12:20 Goes minor just for an instant around 6:15, after which another key change brings the jam back to major while it becomes more dreamy and soothing, allowing a build unlike "Jibboo" to flourish with a charming peak and ends -> "Oblivion".
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