Jam Chart for shows in the city of Rosemont, IL (27 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1995-10-31 Divided Rosemont, IL 15:06 An inspired version with some really beautiful moments before Trey leads the boys into an overdrive finale.
1995-10-31 Drowned Rosemont, IL 4:48 Debut as part of the 1995 musical costume, the Who's Quadrophenia. Straight forward version with no extended jamming.
1995-10-31 YEM Rosemont, IL 39:45 HEAR AT ALL COSTS!!!! "Fuck You (In)(Up) the Ass" VJ.
1995-10-31 JJLC Rosemont, IL 9:03 Dave Grippo on saxophone. Grippo kicks in where Trey would normally lead the playing and adds rich texture and a jazz sentiment to this fantastic version. Performed in Chicago, of course.
1995-10-31 Suzy Rosemont, IL 7:30 Dave Grippo on alto saxophone, Don Glasgo on trombone, and Joey Sommerville on trumpet. Excellent version with a distinctly bluesy feel to it.
1999-10-03 Bowie Rosemont, IL 16:57 An early, bass-led section, unusual space mid-jam, and a brief major mode shift distinguishes this one from the vast majority of '98, '99, and '00 versions which are almost all entirely "Type I."
1999-10-03 Funky Bitch Rosemont, IL 7:58 Sweet version with Sugar Blue on harmonica and vocals and Son Seals on guitar.
2000-09-22 DwD Rosemont, IL 17:07 An upbeat groove-based jam develops with building intensity leading to the return to "DwD" to close.
2000-09-22 Tube Rosemont, IL 9:22 The last Tube before the hiatus begins with Trey using effects while the rest of the band grooves along. Picks up steam in the second half of the jam and ends with Trey playing similar lines on the keyboard that he played on guitar earlier in the jam.
2000-09-23 Moma Rosemont, IL 11:11 Similar to 7/6 in its ferocity. Even the first jam segment (2:47-4:11) is pretty hot! Excellent version.
2000-09-23 Halley's Rosemont, IL 14:07 Nice rocking vibe to the early part of this jam. Fish keeps the pulse nicely until the end when space overtakes rhythm.
2000-09-23 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 15:39 Catchy, repetitive groove. "Sunshine of Your Love" tease at the end.
2000-09-23 Piper Rosemont, IL 19:13 After 10:00, Fish leads a quick step foray with spacey effects and sounds compliments of Page and Trey. A nice pulsing groove emerges after 15:00 with delicate musing from Trey, Mike and Page. This good version suffers from poor recording quality; a soundboard release would be welcome.
2003-02-20 Simple Rosemont, IL 18:09 Orchestral in dimension. Astounding jam that at times moves beyond standard "Simple."
2003-02-20 Jibboo Rosemont, IL 19:27 Hot on the heels of an 18-minute "Simple," this nearly-20 minute offering surprises, to close out set 1. A classic tension-release "Jibboo" gets accented with melodic blues work, before highly rhythmic Fishman fills push Trey to explore the classic hard-edged, uncompressed 2.0 tone, propelled by Page's complex chord work.
2003-02-20 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 20:44 Very badass in parts. Kinda messy in others, though.
2003-02-20 Seven Below Rosemont, IL 21:10 This is our first real taste of seven below. Gordon gets nasty in the middle section, and the rest of the band matches him in the funk department.
2003-02-20 Pebbles and Marbles Rosemont, IL 16:05 Caps a great set with a roaring, over-the-top jam.
2018-10-26 Reba Rosemont, IL 13:59 Airy grooves and sprite melodies create that quintessential sort of spirit, Mike's play on point and off-beat, driving an august sort of improvisation which, in time, Trey works to a truly impassioned conclusion.
2018-10-26 Mercury Rosemont, IL 18:39 A patient journey ensues as "Mercury" builds off of its straightforward jam. Just prior to the 13:00 mark, the music goes "Type II" by way of a smooth major key modulation. Page's synthesizers then envelop the music, as Trey melodically trills on top. This then transitions into a hazily introspective, yet muscular groove that puddles into "Moonage Daydream."
2018-10-26 Tweezer Rosemont, IL 21:30 The band, like one organism, seemingly processes varying properties of a periodic waveform, or signals that contain vital information, to be shared with some other, astral, life forms. Trey shines, but all four clearly articulate, or inform the several structures, or forms of this "Tweezer's" many "pieces," which, so sutured, create a sonic sort of euphoria (the audience reactions are truly memorable).
2018-10-26 Golden Age Rosemont, IL 16:39 > from "Tweezer." The jam embarks on a dynamic ride, traveling from cascading ear candy loops via Trey, to an effect-drenched minor key groove that patiently builds to a rousing peak. The music then cools into chilly ambience before appropriately moving into "Frost."
2018-10-27 NMINML Rosemont, IL 25:22 A brief but captivating groove takes hold from 9-11 minutes and another section of soothing, delicate play follows shortly after. The jam gradually gains energy and peaks with sustained blasts of guitar around 18:00 and then makes a left turn into a twisted, synth-aided march, ending -> "Steam".
2018-10-28 Everything's Right Rosemont, IL 14:13 The band walks on stage and opens with a line drive double to deep left center field. The classic fall '18 whale call bliss sound pops up halfway through jam. One-dimensional, but the dimension is intense. The triumphant and cathartic peak swells and overwhelms, eventually stumbling back to the bridge refrain.
2018-10-28 Tube Rosemont, IL 10:57 The jam first shifts away from the typical into upbeat major key play, cohering around Trey's staccato riffs, and then moves into a very cool darker segment which is infused with "I'm a Man" and leads into the last verse.
2018-10-28 No Quarter Rosemont, IL 12:15 A pleasant surprise from Fall 2018, as out of the final verse the band vamps on the usual "No Quarter" jam, before Page leads them into a brief but lovely major key jam with some nice Trey soloing. Grows briefly funky thanks to Page on clavinet, before Trey hits on the opening chords to "Cities", leading to a nifty ->.
2018-10-28 Plasma Rosemont, IL 12:45 Serving as the penultimate song in the second set, "Plasma" features multi-textured improvisation. Mike leads the jam early on, while Trey plays along using heavy effects. The band then locks into a solid groove for a few minutes before Trey Teases "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed," inciting a passage of major key jamming, with a "peak" that sounds straight out of "Blaze On."
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