Jam Chart for the state of OH (149 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-03-28 Tweezer Granville, OH 8:10 First version. Long drum intro.
1990-03-28 Runaway Jim Granville, OH 7:10 Debut.
1992-05-07 Weekapaug Cleveland, OH 8:17 Cool and atypical jam that includes a stop, some key changing, rhythmic change-ups, a quiet calm, and an explosive and raging return to the typical ending.
1992-07-31 YEM Cuyahoga Falls, OH 18:37 Very strong pre-'93 version, released by Kevin Shapiro on LiveBait 07.
1992-12-01 Llama Granville, OH 4:55 Cool beginning to this version. Training the machine gun at the Dennison College crowd, Trey fires at will.
1992-12-01 Bowie Granville, OH 0:17 "Bowie" -> "Baby Elephant Walk" (debut) -> "Bowie" in intro. Excellent and riveting jam with syncopated playing and cool rhythmic shifts.
1992-12-01 Baby Elephant Walk Granville, OH 3:23 -> in from "DB." This debut adds a little something special to an already strong version of "Bowie."
1992-12-01 Bowie Granville, OH 12:31 -> in from "Baby Elephant Walk." This is a thrilling and riveting "Bowie" well worth checking out.
1992-12-02 YEM Columbus, OH 19:13 The intro to "Wedge" is in the jam segment!!
1992-12-02 Possum Columbus, OH 9:38 Interesting start to the jam leads to a tense, somewhat dissonant remainder with great playing by Trey.
1992-12-02 Tweezer Columbus, OH 13:47 Weird jam, that was a "Big Ball Jam" at one point. Goes from beautilful/melodic to thrashing "Tweezer" jam off and on.
1992-12-03 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 9:55 Another creative and different '92 take on the "SOAM" jam. And being that's it's 1992, there is sick shredding taboot!
1992-12-03 Antelope Cincinnati, OH 15:02 Some cool "Cities" teases in the intro (last performance 9/13/88). The jam starts with a brief jam on Santana's "Gypsy Queen," then breaks into several distinct sections of perhaps not beautiful, but VERY exploratory jamming. Returns to "Antelope" with several peaks and Trey shredding.
1992-12-03 Weekapaug Cincinnati, OH 7:15 Although essentially straightforward, it has a cool quiet section, then atypical melodies from Trey which serve to crank up the tension as the jam builds to a frothy peak.
1993-04-20 Fluffhead Columbus, OH 14:49 After successfully navigating the treacherous early sections, there's a palpable sense of energy as the lyrical section of Clod ends, leading to a super Page solo complimented by great play from Trey. An excellent Bundle of Joy gives that momentary sense of an impending train wreck, before the band explodes into a powerful, notably strong Arrival, featuring pounding Fish and great licks from Trey.
1993-04-21 Antelope Columbus, OH 12:07 Unusual, intense and improvisational jam that almost sounds like a "SOAM" jam at times.
1993-04-21 SOAMelt Columbus, OH 11:36 The jam from this fiery, intense version was attached to the end of the song "Demand" on the studio album Hoist. In a 1994 interview, Trey noted this performance marked the beginning of a watershed, 14-month period, during which the band really clicked and coalesced on "SOAM's" complex jam rhythm. Not surprisingly, the golden age of "SOAM" overlaps with this 1993 - 1994 period of technical mastery considerably.
1993-04-21 Weekapaug Columbus, OH 9:12 Nice interplay between Trey and Page in the breakdown section, then the jam seems to be headed for home with a fiery peak, but instead veers off-course into more improvisational jamming, gradually diminishing unfinished, and (arguably) > to "Gumbo."
1993-04-22 Stash Cleveland, OH 12:23 Some versions of "Stash" peak and seem like they're concluding, then head out on another exploratory jam. This gripping and probing version is an excellent example.
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 15:55 Mike is HOT in this version, despite the short B&D. "Tequila" tease and a -> to "Cocaine" in the jam segment.
1993-08-06 Cocaine Cincinnati, OH 1:05 -> in from "YEM." A jam on "Cocaine" is sandwiched in "YEM" and precedes the vocal jam. -> back to "YEM."
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 2:31 -> in from "Cocaine." "YEM" VJ includes "Cocaine" teasing and "Tweezer" lyrics and -> to "Halley's."
1993-08-06 Slave Cincinnati, OH 8:14 First time played in 241 shows. Serious tension/anticipation building early on in the jam, making the release glorious.
1993-08-08 Bowie Cleveland, OH 11:51 A wild and crazy "Bowie." After a punchy, rhythmic start, the jam accelerates into sheer chaos.
1993-08-08 Hood Cleveland, OH 13:57 First of several strong August '93 "Hoods." Improvisational and restrained playing by Trey shifts at 10:00 when Page plays some low register piano chords, and the power starts to surge upward. Fantastic "Hood."
1993-08-08 Fluffhead Cleveland, OH 13:55 The Chairman of the Boards shines once again. Trey's confident guitar work gets the ball rolling with a strong Fluff's Travels, and continues through the perilous Chase section. An intense, frenzied, Who Do? We Do! and crisp Clod evince a band performing at a mastery level, the stuff of August '93 lore. Arrival includes some great and iconic Trey licks, and rock solid Fish.
1993-08-08 Possum Cleveland, OH 11:02 August '93 = improvisation. This "Possum" inculdes a cool intro, a jam with moments of improvisation spread throughout, a "Tequila" tease, a crafty transition back to lyrics, and then hysterical Mike singing an octave lower.
1994-06-21 My Friend Cincinnati, OH 8:08 The jam includes a nice little tease/jam on Rick Derringer's "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" (which sounds similar to Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick").
1994-06-21 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 15:02 The jam starts into a tense, exploratory groove before launching into a stunning, melodic Mike/Trey duet. At 12:00, the tension and power return, but the jam doesn't return to "SOAM" proper until 14:00.
1994-06-21 Esther Cincinnati, OH 8:39 Mike mows everyone down on this bass-centric version. 1994 is a great year for "Esther," and here is one reason why. Page's and Trey's solos smoke, but it's Mike's powerful playing that distinguishes this version, not a song one normally associates with Mike.
1994-06-21 Hood Cincinnati, OH 13:01 The jam has spots of improvisational playing, including an unusual and dark section from 6:55 - 8:00, and a nicely trilling peak.
1994-06-22 Stash Columbus, OH 10:51 Although this version mostly stays inbounds, the boys play the tension card to full-effect, and the ending is unusual.
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 1:22 Crazy medley, where "Simple" is played to the melody of the Allman Brothers' "Midnight Rider" at one point, and segues back and forth to "Catapult" and "Icculus" in a must-hear "Mike's Groove."
1994-06-22 Midnight Rider Columbus, OH 1:38 -> in from "Simple." Lyrics to "Simple" are sung to the melody of the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider." -> to "Catapult."
1994-06-22 Catapult Columbus, OH 2:10 -> in from "Midnight Rider" Jam, part of an incredible version of "Simple." -> to "Simple."
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 3:54 -> in from "Catapult," as this "Simple" medley of songs continues. -> to "Icculus."
1994-06-22 Icculus Columbus, OH 3:42 -> in from "Simple." A high energy, highly amusing version of "Icculus," ripe with NBA references, appears midway through an incredible "Simple" medley.
1994-06-22 Simple Columbus, OH 1:52 This concluding section of "Simple" follows a classic performance of "Icculus" and -> to "Mike's Song."
1994-06-22 JJLC Columbus, OH 10:22 Trey brings the volume way down, then he and the band bring the intensity up to a near boil. Fish is great.
1994-06-25 YEM Cleveland, OH 24:57 Excellent jam segment.
1994-11-12 Foam Kent, OH 10:29 Riveting, powerful version. Page travels way up the keyboard, and the ending of his section is so dynamic that it sounds like the grand finale. Then Trey works all the way up the fretboard, with Page briefly (and uncharacteristically) on the B-3, before launching the band into a blistering build-up.
1994-11-12 Stash Kent, OH 14:00 Another typically strong Fall '94 version with improvisational play and a wacky ending section with a vocal jam.
1994-11-12 DwD Kent, OH 14:08 Fantastic, improvisational '94-style jamming. One of the very best versions of "DwD," but oh so different from the funk versions of later years. Includes a -> "Have Mercy" -> "DwD." Somewhat unusual ending with -> to "Lifeboy."
1994-11-12 Have Mercy Kent, OH 4:33 Excellent "Have Mercy" section of a huge and jammed early "DwD."
1994-11-12 DwD Kent, OH 5:12 -> in from "Have Mercy." More excellent '94-style jamming on this epic combination which -> to "Lifeboy."
1994-11-12 Hood Kent, OH 15:01 Awesome version in which Trey brings the volume down close to zero, things start to rebuild, then from 10:50 - 11:30, there's this great section where you can feel the explosion coming before it arrives. And it does, BIG TIME.
1994-11-17 Bowie Dayton, OH 15:25 No major mode "nice" jamming here, this a gripping, intense, old-school thriller. Awesome.
1994-11-17 YEM Dayton, OH 22:30 "Frankenstein" teases.
1994-11-17 Slave Dayton, OH 10:49 Mike and Fish lead this one early on, with Mike playing way up the fret bar and Fish maintaining the pulse. Trey adds power chords and little flourishes. Then Trey has takes the lead, with Fish and Page hammering away.
1995-06-20 Foam Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:44 Great mini build-up at the end of Page's solo. Mike is strong during the quiet section of Trey's solo. Powerful build-up.
1995-06-20 If I Could Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:23 Trey skillfully deploys the Leslie to great effect following some beautiful Page piano action.
1995-06-20 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:56 Typical '95 Phish where they manage to pack a ton of music and jamming into a relatively short space of time. This jam explores multiple directions. High quality fare.
1995-06-20 Mike's Cuyahoga Falls, OH 20:39 A quick, uneventful 1st jam drops swiftly into deep, dark Summer '95 exploration. At first, this 2nd jam is mostly a threatening, evil soundscape. But a steady beat from Mike and Fish, and directed playing by Trey bring it back to a rocking form. Following some pulsing play from 12:00 to 15:30, things slip back into the murky abyss, where they remain until a welcome brightening and -> to "Contact."
1995-11-30 Tweezer Dayton, OH 19:23 This is what the "HOSE" is all about. Excellent -> "Makisupa."
1995-11-30 Makisupa Dayton, OH 7:07 Spry, tropical sounding jamming, with some especially strong percussion -- Trey moves over to the kit for a while. Excellent, extended transition > "Antelope."
1995-11-30 Antelope Dayton, OH 10:55 "Tweezer" -> "Makisupa" -> "Antelope." An excellent and intense though largely straightforward version which includes some "Tweezer" teases in the "Rocco" section.
1995-11-30 SOAMule Dayton, OH 12:17 Trey follows Page's long solo with some vocals, but mostly a beautiful guitar solo. Page responds in kind, with marvelous classical piano stylings.
1995-11-30 Hood Dayton, OH 14:47 No bells or whistles on this "Hood." But the build and peak sections are simply gorgeous, even by '95 standards.
1995-12-08 Tweezer Cleveland, OH 17:38 "KUNG" sandwich. This version is "type II" in large part and just wild and crazy.
1995-12-08 Kung Cleveland, OH 4:16 -> in from "Tweezer." "Kung" is sandwiched in the "Tweezer" jam.
1995-12-08 Tweezer Cleveland, OH 4:09 -> in from "Kung" to complete this strong "Tweezer."
1995-12-08 Antelope Cleveland, OH 12:00 Rhythmic-oriented jam that is ripe with great tension and dissonance.
1997-12-05 Runaway Jim Cleveland, OH 14:02 Fantastic, very improvisational jam that is quite different than most including beautiful quieter parts. -> into "My Friend."
1997-12-05 LxL Cleveland, OH 10:45 The '97 "Limbs" were a great vintage, and this version is another excellent bottle well worth opening.
1997-12-05 Julius Cleveland, OH 17:04 At about 7:30, departs from standard "Julius" into several new directions. Returns to the song several times, only to venture out again, further into new territory, including funk and reggae modes. Perhaps fitting that the only, truly exploratory "Julius" transitions to the only, truly exploratory "Slave."
1997-12-05 Slave Cleveland, OH 16:42 The "Type II" version. The band breaks into a dissonant, spacey jam following the standard one that eventually > to "The Lizards." "Slave" purists may not care for this one, but cannot deny its improvisational aspect.
1997-12-05 Loving Cup Cleveland, OH 8:03 Would be interesting to know how many calories Trey burned while shredding the hell out of this one.
1997-12-07 JJLC Dayton, OH 10:21 Fantastic -> in from "Psycho Killer." Played at a faster tempo, this one is more of a rocker and includes a "Rocky Mountain Way" tease.
1997-12-07 It's Ice Dayton, OH 6:41 "Swept Away" and "Steep" sandwich. Flawless segue to "Swept Away."
1997-12-07 Swept Away Dayton, OH 1:05 -> in from "It's Ice." "Swept Away" and "Steep" form the meat of this "Ice" sandwich. > to "Steep."
1997-12-07 Steep Dayton, OH 1:57 > in from "Swept Away." Part II of the meat of this "Ice" sandwich. > back to "Ice."
1997-12-07 It's Ice Dayton, OH 1:54 > in from "Steep" to complete this version of "Ice."
1997-12-07 Theme Dayton, OH 10:20 Precise and coordinated modulation between major and minor modes by Trey, Page and Mike give this excellent version a subtle sense of tension and release.
1997-12-07 Tube Dayton, OH 12:36 The first "Tube" to break out of the box begins with sweet funk in the first jam, while the jam reprise drops into some space, builds back up to more funk, and coasts into the -> to "Slave". A fan-favorite.
1997-12-07 Slave Dayton, OH 12:24 -> in from an awesome "Tube." Fan favorite version. Trey is really out in front on this one, soloing beautifully.
1997-12-07 Timber Ho Dayton, OH 9:12 "Timber" opens Set II for the 5th consecutive time in as many appearances. This excellent version has a slightly less dark and somber vibe than most and is an almost upbeat, contemplative piece.
1997-12-07 Wolfman's Dayton, OH 7:15 > in from "Timber." Great, short version loosens out of funk mode briefly, mellows into more funk and -> to the first "Boogie On Reggae Woman" in 988 shows (last seen on 9/13/88). The "Wolfman's" release really comes in the sweet jam out of "BORW."
1997-12-07 Boogie On Dayton, OH 7:55 Busted out after a 989 show gap and segues smoothly out of Wolfman's Brother. The '97 style outro jam is distinct and deviates from the structure of "Boogie" at 5 minutes and is played at a slower tempo than recent versions. Transitions to a hot "Reba".
1997-12-07 Possum Dayton, OH 12:38 "Camel Walk"-like licks and polka scales in the intro. Very tight straightforward jam that ends with more polka-style chords.
1998-07-31 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:25 Pretty straightforward, but a nice, stretched-out, rhythmic jam with a cool closing.
1998-07-31 Roggae Columbus, OH 8:34 More relaxed and cerebral than the version from Prague, this style for the jam section would become typical for most versions through late '00.
1998-07-31 Cities Columbus, OH 15:17 Outstanding, R&B-esque, and quite melodic jam emerges from "Cities" proper that gets more and more rocking before cycling down. This is what the "HOSE" is all about.
1998-07-31 Free Columbus, OH 9:53 Sweet, funky, almost bluesy groove. A great version.
1998-11-13 Wolfman's Cleveland, OH 9:22 "Wolfman's" -> "MLB Jam" -> "Wolfman's." "MLB" from 9:22 - about 11:52. Returns to "Wolfman's" with "Manteca"-like jamming then ends.
1998-11-13 Mind Left Body Jam Cleveland, OH 2:30 -> in from "WB." Cool jam for a for a couple of minutes in the middle of "Wolfman's."
1998-11-13 Wolfman's Cleveland, OH 1:10 -> in from "MLB Jam." Brief return to "Wolfman's" with "Manteca"-like jamming to conclude.
1998-11-13 DwD Cleveland, OH 17:55 A hard rocking straightforward jam finally breaks into a great upbeat and swinging groove which works back to "DwD."
1998-11-13 BOAF Cleveland, OH 9:50 Stretching the boundaries of "Type I" jamming, this version is dark and ominous.
1998-11-13 Meat Cleveland, OH 10:48 A really nice, low intensity jam emerges on the back end of "Meat" proper, and continues until > to "Hood."
1998-11-14 Tweezer Cincinnati, OH 16:30 Strong, above-average version worth your time to check out.
1998-11-14 Bowie Cincinnati, OH 15:47 A very good version, especially given the year, when "Bowie" was well past its improvisational peak. Gathering power as it progresses, the "Type I" jam builds on classic "Bowie" fundamentals - dark under and overtones, mounting tension, and strong musicianship by all four.
1999-07-23 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:22 Fairly ordinary, but much more spirited and up-tempo than 7/4/99, until the ending gets a little spacey.
1999-07-23 Ghost Columbus, OH 16:48 Relentless molten neon electro rockslide that comes to rest in a glistening mountain lake. [Fish and Mike lead a fantastic, uptempo groove, and as Trey pours it on, you can literally hear the audience get whipped into a frenzy, then soothed with a great outro.]
1999-07-23 BOAF Columbus, OH 25:23 An upbeat and snappy groove develops beyond "BOAF", which then bounces between spacey and pumped-up forays. The band was apparently playing along to a wild thunder and lightning storm occurring at the time.
1999-12-03 Possum Cincinnati, OH 11:47 Sort of a call and response between Trey and Page that becomes more of a Page-led jam. A very different, relaxed vibe.
1999-12-03 LxL Cincinnati, OH 16:21 Departs from "Limb" proper around 8:00 and heads into a dark, subdued jam during which Trey plays keyboard for a good portion. Not to everyone's liking, but more exploratory than most versions. Returns to "Limb" to conclude.
1999-12-04 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 18:11 The jam begins with a haunting, scary groove over the basic structure. At 9:30, there's a transition segment with standout playing by Page and Mike. Then at 10:45 Trey hits the keyboards in a weird sonic combo. Released on Live Bait Vol. 7.
2000-07-14 Timber Ho Columbus, OH 8:07 More similar to pre-'97 versions with driving percussion and intense guitar work. A raging storm.
2000-07-14 Jibboo Columbus, OH 9:36 While shorter, this one has a stronger peak than most with lots of classic Trey/Page interplay - definitely a top-shelf "Gotta Jibboo."
2000-07-14 Foam Columbus, OH 10:10 Interesting version in which Trey strums chords during the build-up rather than striking individual notes (as is customary).
2000-07-14 Mike's Columbus, OH 16:38 Awesome yin yang version. The 1st jam is a rocking, intense incendiary groove, while the 2nd is its serene, blissful and introspective foil. This version was the last "Mike's" to feature a significant 2nd jam until 2015.
2000-07-15 DwD Columbus, OH 26:45 Another big and rocking groove-based jam that neatly -> into "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."
2000-07-15 YEM Columbus, OH 19:59 This jam is why some people hate jambands. A noodle factory. (but I still dig it) The jam just segues into the VJ (no WUDMTF lyrics). (No B&D.)
2000-09-18 Boogie On Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:37 Very improvisational version. Trey adds nicely to the basic outro, then the group moves on to a bluesy swing, swirling '00 funk, some rhythmic jamming, and a spacey transition with a -> to "Twist."
2000-09-18 McGrupp Cuyahoga Falls, OH 12:33 Trey deploys the Leslie, evoking shades of a '95 "Slave," a bit of an anachronism pleasantly befitting '00. The jam provides a welcome cool down, featuring great and extended Page soloing augmented by Trey, who leads the band through an outro notable for an additional ambient pasage.
2000-09-18 Halley's Cuyahoga Falls, OH 16:26 A raging rockfest loaded with liquid metallic sounds for most of this jam, before finally unwinding in the final minutes.
2000-09-18 Taste Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:54 Page's solo is excellent, but also atypically unhurried and gentle. Trey matches this sentiment initially, before the whole band cranks it up for the show capping finale.
2000-09-20 Wolfman's Cincinnati, OH 13:47 Extended release, almost a groove-based hose jam emerges from the post-funk section. Good '00 sounds near the end.
2000-09-20 Jibboo Cincinnati, OH 11:19 Pure, unadulterated, straight-on HOSE!!! This one is for fans of the standard "Gotta Jibboo" vamp-based jamming, that just continues to peak with swirling intensity.
2000-09-20 It's Ice Cincinnati, OH 14:32 Extended jam that is markedly different from the typical Page-led jam. A spacey, rambling jam, but worth a listen. Unfinished.
2003-02-21 DwD Cincinnati, OH 17:12 Nothing too deep, just a nice "feel good" jam that bops along with sprinkles of improvisation from Trey and Page before returning to "DwD" to close.
2003-02-21 Boogie On Cincinnati, OH 6:47 Breakdown jamming.
2003-02-21 Mike's Cincinnati, OH 14:40 The jam begins with a semi-dark tone, includes some nice Trey/Page interplay, and Trey makes it more interesting by varying the melodic lines away from standard "Mike's.". Around 10:00, the jam settles into more spacey, effects-heavy play, where it remains until a -> "Free."
2003-02-21 Velvet Sea Cincinnati, OH 8:07 Rough, rugged, and raw, a glimpse (the video is up on YouTube) of the band - Page included - at their most vulnerable. But boy, man. It's Phish. Pouring it on through an incredibly difficult point in their history. Listen to Trey's sustain. Then stick around for the closing coda. It's almost too much.
2003-02-22 Weekapaug Cincinnati, OH 7:57 Good -> in from "Piper," this is the first ever stand-alone "Weekapaug." The jam is spirited, exploratory, and includes a dark, tension-filled section from 4:40 - 5:30 that makes the ensuing return to "Weekapaug" all the sweeter.
2003-02-22 WotC Cincinnati, OH 19:57 Extended "Type I" jam with building energy.
2003-02-22 Tube Cincinnati, OH 11:31 Great interplay between Page and Trey and an extended guitar-led jam. > to "Bathtub Gin".
2003-02-22 Gin Cincinnati, OH 25:47 Intense and highly improvisational jam with more of a rocking, propulsive and edgy sentiment, and in this way similar to the '94 - '95 "Gins." In the final minutes, the band toys with the "Gin" theme in a dark, twisted manner.
2003-02-22 Bowie Cincinnati, OH 17:00 Lots of good exploration in this intense version with a little lull midway. Fish is really excellent.
2009-11-20 Jibboo Cincinnati, OH 10:59 By far the strongest of early 3.0 "Gotta Jibboos" that starts with extremely quiet and patient interplay from all four band members, building up to an extremely happy peak that delivers everything "Jibboo" fans want in a feel-good and celebratory jam. The build is rapid and somewhat abbreviated, but this leaves more time and space for both the quiet introductory interplay and the strong peak.
2009-11-20 BOTT Cincinnati, OH 5:35 Very quick tempo on this short, funky version. -> out of "Light" and -> into "Possum."
2009-11-21 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 13:01 While closely following Trey's winding solo, Fish mirrors this patterned play, the musicians providing the others "room" to altogether drop anything by way of melody, setting Trey up for a patient and tense syncopated exploration which smartly culminates in "Melt's" coda.
2009-11-21 R&R Cincinnati, OH 16:13 Very good, funky version with some nice Page/Trey interplay. Extended spacey ending.
2010-06-12 BDTNL Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:39 Excellent "Type II" version which starts to break away from "BDTNL" at 5:30 in a rocking and upbeat direction. At 8:30, the jam shifts into an ominous, dark Mike-led groove with great playing by Fish and Page as well as Mike.
2011-06-04 BOTT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:25 Page shines from start to finish.
2011-06-04 Possum Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:21 The jam includes a number of tempo downshifts, grinding things to a near stop, including during the ending lyrics.
2011-06-04 Steam Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:09 Debut. A pleasant, relaxed Trey solo.
2011-06-04 Sneakin' Sally Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:03 Following the vocal jam, the band breaks into a funky groove with a very 2011 sound to it (a bit of the staccato or "plinko" funk, somewhat similar to the 12/28/11 "Cities") that eventually gets "Manteca"-esque before dissolving into a spacey jam. > to "Harry Hood," a highly acclaimed combo among fans.
2011-06-05 Fee Cincinnati, OH 7:18 A serene outro, similar to 7/29/03. > into "Backwards Down the Number Line."
2012-06-22 KDF Cincinnati, OH 11:21 Includes an eerie outro full of creepy effects that sounds like it was taken right out of the IT festival and transitions (>) to an equally menacing "Twist."
2012-06-22 Twist Cincinnati, OH 14:13 At 6:15, the jam breaks from "Twist," taking on a haunting, spectral tone that grows increasingly powerful. The jam settles briefly, then gains energy and gets more upbeat, launching into a "Heaven On Their Minds" jam (from Jesus Christ Superstar), before winding down and > to "Halley's Comet."
2012-06-24 Golden Age Cuyahoga Falls, OH 11:17 A very good, psychedelic jam including an introspective ambient section in which Trey uses his delays/pedals to great effect. > to "Ghost."
2015-08-07 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 15:00 Again, a jam emerges following the closing refrain. Beginning in a relaxed, minor mode groove, the mode shifts to major, and Trey works into a great theme/melody. After bringing the play to a peak and transition settling, the energy rebuilds and -> to "Tweezer."
2015-08-07 Tweezer Cuyahoga Falls, OH 19:18 Spectacular improvisation that traverses titillating terrain before mellifluously mellowing into "Lizards."
2017-07-18 Free Dayton, OH 10:51 Trey pushes through a few early miscues to share in Mike's incendiary groove. Via rhythmic shifts in meter and tone, Trey constructs a mellow, effects-enriched jam, which, colored by Page's wraithlike atmospherics, coasts atop Fish's steady beat, before driving the version to a strong conclusion.
2017-07-18 DwD Dayton, OH 22:50 Mixing some great new sounds, especially Page, with a fairly familiar jamming pattern, the band succeeds in recycling a formulaic, major mode and upbeat-oriented jam into a warm and very fresh sounding performance with a Trey-led peak.
2017-07-18 Ghost Dayton, OH 16:31 If Super Bowl LI were a song... it would sound like this. [Excellent, unusual, and highly musical version. As if a malleable substance, Trey employs any number of ideas - and works an array of pitches - to fashion light from an atonal sort of darkness.]
2017-07-18 Wombat Dayton, OH 13:01 "Wombat"'s second big ride shrugs off some dubious vocals to deliver a hard-charging "Ghost"-esque late night groove that morphs into delicious major key rocking out. Mike's work, in particular, is a joy to behold. Collapses into bubbly ambiance, then > into "Chalk Dust Torture".
2019-06-19 BOAF Cuyahoga Falls, OH 23:30 Fan favorite from 2019. Immediately moves into a warm and soothing zone with Page's electric piano leading the way, then briefly picks up steam and lets Trey cook before sliding into a grimy synth-laden groove that Fish drives with some thunderous drumming. A nice semi-tropical jam emerges and gives way to a woo/sample-off, and then the band rebuilds the jam and pushes for a super peak. The nifty little post-peak groove they tack onto the end is just icing on the cake.
2019-06-19 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:47 Amusing "BOAF"-inflected song portion (with an equally amusing botch). Briefly pops its head into the clouds for some major-key bliss at Trey's urging, Page flips his electric piano to the "calypso" setting to add some nice color to the jam. Trey hits on some neat repeating riffs as the jam builds up a nice low-key power, then gently steers the band into "Slave".
2022-08-02 46 Days Cuyahoga Falls, OH 9:02 The typical rock-out jam gives way to a brief but profound diminuendo which ends > "YEM".
2022-08-02 YEM Cuyahoga Falls, OH 20:10 This early-to-mid-first-set version could not be a more "average-great" version until, only about ~80 seconds into the Vocal Jam, they start playing their instruments and launch into a second jam, during the first minute of which Fish quotes "Strawberry Fields Forever." This second ("type II") jam doesn't last too long but not only is it melodic and soaring, is also concludes with the band launching into "Tube."
2022-08-02 Free Cuyahoga Falls, OH 24:46 The usual jam section is perfunctory, but improv continues after the normal ending and soon ascends to a more ethereal plane with thick bass counterpointing magisterial guitar and piano leads. Around 13:00, dirty synth sounds are introduced briefly and then melded into another round of upbeat melodic play which continues through 18:00 when the jam shifts to minor and becomes more rock-oriented, before a final delicate coda > "Esther".
2022-08-02 Scents and Subtle Sounds Cuyahoga Falls, OH 16:32 At first dark and simmering, then becomes even more fiery after 10:00 and seems to be cooling off by 12:00, but then revvs up once again for a high-flying, trill-filled peak. A final sedate outro > "2001" wraps up this thrilling jam.
2023-10-10 Cool Amber and Mercury Dayton, OH 8:59 In its first outing in over 100 shows, "Cool Amber and Mercury" makes a strong impression with arguably its most spirited appearance to date.
2023-10-10 Gin Dayton, OH 14:44 The jam begins with intentional, cerebral playing from Trey before quickly breaking for minor key. Page's clav and electric piano dominate along with Mike's enveloped synth sounds and Trey's stacked looping. The music shifts back to major key, building patiently and inspiringly towards a crescendo before winding back to the "Gin" melody to close.
2023-10-10 Mike's Dayton, OH 19:14 After a standard and somewhat introspective first jam, the band once again charges into the fabled second jam, ready to explore. The music grows inward, as Page's rich, gorgeous grand piano catalyzes a delightfully layered and stunningly spacious melodic section, replete with gorgeous loops from Trey. At 14:25, a modulation leads the band toward a darker zone that builds to a shoegaze-y peak before yielding to the closing chords to finish.
2023-10-10 Pillow Jets Dayton, OH 10:24 Dark, brooding and sometimes searching, this is the epitome of latter-day Evil Phish Improv.
2023-10-11 Ruby Waves Dayton, OH 30:28 A multi-section monstrosity that features highly inspired melodic playing, atypical modulations, an extended passage based on either "Roll with the Changes" or "Paradise City", and a false ending that catalyzes a deep dive of inter-dimensional sonic alchemy rarely heard in the modern era. Must-hear.
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