Jam Chart for shows in the city of Cuyahoga Falls, OH (23 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-07-31 YEM Cuyahoga Falls, OH 18:37 Very strong pre-'93 version, released by Kevin Shapiro on LiveBait 07.
1995-06-20 Foam Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:44 Great mini build-up at the end of Page's solo. Mike is strong during the quiet section of Trey's solo. Powerful build-up.
1995-06-20 If I Could Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:23 Trey skillfully deploys the Leslie to great effect following some beautiful Page piano action.
1995-06-20 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:56 Typical '95 Phish where they manage to pack a ton of music and jamming into a relatively short space of time. This jam explores multiple directions. High quality fare.
1995-06-20 Mike's Cuyahoga Falls, OH 20:39 A quick, uneventful 1st jam drops swiftly into deep, dark Summer '95 exploration. At first, this 2nd jam is mostly a threatening, evil soundscape. But a steady beat from Mike and Fish, and directed playing by Trey bring it back to a rocking form. Following some pulsing play from 12:00 to 15:30, things slip back into the murky abyss, where they remain until a welcome brightening and -> to "Contact."
2000-09-18 Boogie On Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:37 Very improvisational version. Trey adds nicely to the basic outro, then the group moves on to a bluesy swing, swirling '00 funk, some rhythmic jamming, and a spacey transition with a -> to "Twist."
2000-09-18 McGrupp Cuyahoga Falls, OH 12:33 Trey deploys the Leslie, evoking shades of a '95 "Slave," a bit of an anachronism pleasantly befitting '00. The jam provides a welcome cool down, featuring great and extended Page soloing augmented by Trey, who leads the band through an outro notable for an additional ambient pasage.
2000-09-18 Halley's Cuyahoga Falls, OH 16:26 A raging rockfest loaded with liquid metallic sounds for most of this jam, before finally unwinding in the final minutes.
2000-09-18 Taste Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:54 Page's solo is excellent, but also atypically unhurried and gentle. Trey matches this sentiment initially, before the whole band cranks it up for the show capping finale.
2010-06-12 BDTNL Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:39 Excellent "Type II" version which starts to break away from "BDTNL" at 5:30 in a rocking and upbeat direction. At 8:30, the jam shifts into an ominous, dark Mike-led groove with great playing by Fish and Page as well as Mike.
2011-06-04 BOTT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:25 Page shines from start to finish.
2011-06-04 Possum Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:21 The jam includes a number of tempo downshifts, grinding things to a near stop, including during the ending lyrics.
2011-06-04 Steam Cuyahoga Falls, OH 8:09 Debut. A pleasant, relaxed Trey solo.
2011-06-04 Sneakin' Sally Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:03 Following the vocal jam, the band breaks into a funky groove with a very 2011 sound to it (a bit of the staccato or "plinko" funk, somewhat similar to the 12/28/11 "Cities") that eventually gets "Manteca"-esque before dissolving into a spacey jam. > to "Harry Hood," a highly acclaimed combo among fans.
2012-06-24 Golden Age Cuyahoga Falls, OH 11:17 A very good, psychedelic jam including an introspective ambient section in which Trey uses his delays/pedals to great effect. > to "Ghost."
2015-08-07 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 15:00 Again, a jam emerges following the closing refrain. Beginning in a relaxed, minor mode groove, the mode shifts to major, and Trey works into a great theme/melody. After bringing the play to a peak and transition settling, the energy rebuilds and -> to "Tweezer."
2015-08-07 Tweezer Cuyahoga Falls, OH 19:18 Spectacular improvisation that traverses titillating terrain before mellifluously mellowing into "Lizards."
2019-06-19 BOAF Cuyahoga Falls, OH 23:30 Fan favorite from 2019. Immediately moves into a warm and soothing zone with Page's electric piano leading the way, then briefly picks up steam and lets Trey cook before sliding into a grimy synth-laden groove that Fish drives with some thunderous drumming. A nice semi-tropical jam emerges and gives way to a woo/sample-off, and then the band rebuilds the jam and pushes for a super peak. The nifty little post-peak groove they tack onto the end is just icing on the cake.
2019-06-19 CDT Cuyahoga Falls, OH 10:47 Amusing "BOAF"-inflected song portion (with an equally amusing botch). Briefly pops its head into the clouds for some major-key bliss at Trey's urging, Page flips his electric piano to the "calypso" setting to add some nice color to the jam. Trey hits on some neat repeating riffs as the jam builds up a nice low-key power, then gently steers the band into "Slave".
2022-08-02 46 Days Cuyahoga Falls, OH 9:02 The typical rock-out jam gives way to a brief but profound diminuendo which ends > "YEM".
2022-08-02 YEM Cuyahoga Falls, OH 20:10 This early-to-mid-first-set version could not be a more "average-great" version until, only about ~80 seconds into the Vocal Jam, they start playing their instruments and launch into a second jam, during the first minute of which Fish quotes "Strawberry Fields Forever." This second ("type II") jam doesn't last too long but not only is it melodic and soaring, is also concludes with the band launching into "Tube."
2022-08-02 Free Cuyahoga Falls, OH 24:46 The usual jam section is perfunctory, but improv continues after the normal ending and soon ascends to a more ethereal plane with thick bass counterpointing magisterial guitar and piano leads. Around 13:00, dirty synth sounds are introduced briefly and then melded into another round of upbeat melodic play which continues through 18:00 when the jam shifts to minor and becomes more rock-oriented, before a final delicate coda > "Esther".
2022-08-02 Scents and Subtle Sounds Cuyahoga Falls, OH 16:32 At first dark and simmering, then becomes even more fiery after 10:00 and seems to be cooling off by 12:00, but then revvs up once again for a high-flying, trill-filled peak. A final sedate outro > "2001" wraps up this thrilling jam.
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