Jam Chart for shows in the city of Cincinnati, OH (35 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1992-12-03 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 9:55 Another creative and different '92 take on the "SOAM" jam. And being that's it's 1992, there is sick shredding taboot!
1992-12-03 Antelope Cincinnati, OH 15:02 Some cool "Cities" teases in the intro (last performance 9/13/88). The jam starts with a brief jam on Santana's "Gypsy Queen," then breaks into several distinct sections of perhaps not beautiful, but VERY exploratory jamming. Returns to "Antelope" with several peaks and Trey shredding.
1992-12-03 Weekapaug Cincinnati, OH 7:15 Although essentially straightforward, it has a cool quiet section, then atypical melodies from Trey which serve to crank up the tension as the jam builds to a frothy peak.
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 15:55 Mike is HOT in this version, despite the short B&D. "Tequila" tease and a -> to "Cocaine" in the jam segment.
1993-08-06 Cocaine Cincinnati, OH 1:05 -> in from "YEM." A jam on "Cocaine" is sandwiched in "YEM" and precedes the vocal jam. -> back to "YEM."
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 2:31 -> in from "Cocaine." "YEM" VJ includes "Cocaine" teasing and "Tweezer" lyrics and -> to "Halley's."
1993-08-06 Slave Cincinnati, OH 8:14 First time played in 241 shows. Serious tension/anticipation building early on in the jam, making the release glorious.
1994-06-21 My Friend Cincinnati, OH 8:08 The jam includes a nice little tease/jam on Rick Derringer's "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" (which sounds similar to Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick").
1994-06-21 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 15:02 The jam starts into a tense, exploratory groove before launching into a stunning, melodic Mike/Trey duet. At 12:00, the tension and power return, but the jam doesn't return to "SOAM" proper until 14:00.
1994-06-21 Esther Cincinnati, OH 8:39 Mike mows everyone down on this bass-centric version. 1994 is a great year for "Esther," and here is one reason why. Page's and Trey's solos smoke, but it's Mike's powerful playing that distinguishes this version, not a song one normally associates with Mike.
1994-06-21 Hood Cincinnati, OH 13:01 The jam has spots of improvisational playing, including an unusual and dark section from 6:55 - 8:00, and a nicely trilling peak.
1998-11-14 Tweezer Cincinnati, OH 16:30 Strong, above-average version worth your time to check out.
1998-11-14 Bowie Cincinnati, OH 15:47 A very good version, especially given the year, when "Bowie" was well past its improvisational peak. Gathering power as it progresses, the "Type I" jam builds on classic "Bowie" fundamentals - dark under and overtones, mounting tension, and strong musicianship by all four.
1999-12-03 Possum Cincinnati, OH 11:47 Sort of a call and response between Trey and Page that becomes more of a Page-led jam. A very different, relaxed vibe.
1999-12-03 LxL Cincinnati, OH 16:21 Departs from "Limb" proper around 8:00 and heads into a dark, subdued jam during which Trey plays keyboard for a good portion. Not to everyone's liking, but more exploratory than most versions. Returns to "Limb" to conclude.
1999-12-04 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 18:11 The jam begins with a haunting, scary groove over the basic structure. At 9:30, there's a transition segment with standout playing by Page and Mike. Then at 10:45 Trey hits the keyboards in a weird sonic combo. Released on Live Bait Vol. 7.
2000-09-20 Wolfman's Cincinnati, OH 13:47 Extended release, almost a groove-based hose jam emerges from the post-funk section. Good '00 sounds near the end.
2000-09-20 Jibboo Cincinnati, OH 11:19 Pure, unadulterated, straight-on HOSE!!! This one is for fans of the standard "Gotta Jibboo" vamp-based jamming, that just continues to peak with swirling intensity.
2000-09-20 It's Ice Cincinnati, OH 14:32 Extended jam that is markedly different from the typical Page-led jam. A spacey, rambling jam, but worth a listen. Unfinished.
2003-02-21 DwD Cincinnati, OH 17:12 Nothing too deep, just a nice "feel good" jam that bops along with sprinkles of improvisation from Trey and Page before returning to "DwD" to close.
2003-02-21 Boogie On Cincinnati, OH 6:47 Breakdown jamming.
2003-02-21 Mike's Cincinnati, OH 14:40 The jam begins with a semi-dark tone, includes some nice Trey/Page interplay, and Trey makes it more interesting by varying the melodic lines away from standard "Mike's.". Around 10:00, the jam settles into more spacey, effects-heavy play, where it remains until a -> "Free."
2003-02-21 Velvet Sea Cincinnati, OH 8:07 Rough, rugged, and raw, a glimpse (the video is up on YouTube) of the band - Page included - at their most vulnerable. But boy, man. It's Phish. Pouring it on through an incredibly difficult point in their history. Listen to Trey's sustain. Then stick around for the closing coda. It's almost too much.
2003-02-22 Weekapaug Cincinnati, OH 7:57 Good -> in from "Piper," this is the first ever stand-alone "Weekapaug." The jam is spirited, exploratory, and includes a dark, tension-filled section from 4:40 - 5:30 that makes the ensuing return to "Weekapaug" all the sweeter.
2003-02-22 WotC Cincinnati, OH 19:57 Extended "Type I" jam with building energy.
2003-02-22 Tube Cincinnati, OH 11:31 Great interplay between Page and Trey and an extended guitar-led jam. > to "Bathtub Gin".
2003-02-22 Gin Cincinnati, OH 25:47 Intense and highly improvisational jam with more of a rocking, propulsive and edgy sentiment, and in this way similar to the '94 - '95 "Gins." In the final minutes, the band toys with the "Gin" theme in a dark, twisted manner.
2003-02-22 Bowie Cincinnati, OH 17:00 Lots of good exploration in this intense version with a little lull midway. Fish is really excellent.
2009-11-20 Jibboo Cincinnati, OH 10:59 By far the strongest of early 3.0 "Gotta Jibboos" that starts with extremely quiet and patient interplay from all four band members, building up to an extremely happy peak that delivers everything "Jibboo" fans want in a feel-good and celebratory jam. The build is rapid and somewhat abbreviated, but this leaves more time and space for both the quiet introductory interplay and the strong peak.
2009-11-20 BOTT Cincinnati, OH 5:35 Very quick tempo on this short, funky version. -> out of "Light" and -> into "Possum."
2009-11-21 SOAMelt Cincinnati, OH 13:01 While closely following Trey's winding solo, Fish mirrors this patterned play, the musicians providing the others "room" to altogether drop anything by way of melody, setting Trey up for a patient and tense syncopated exploration which smartly culminates in "Melt's" coda.
2009-11-21 R&R Cincinnati, OH 16:13 Very good, funky version with some nice Page/Trey interplay. Extended spacey ending.
2011-06-05 Fee Cincinnati, OH 7:18 A serene outro, similar to 7/29/03. > into "Backwards Down the Number Line."
2012-06-22 KDF Cincinnati, OH 11:21 Includes an eerie outro full of creepy effects that sounds like it was taken right out of the IT festival and transitions (>) to an equally menacing "Twist."
2012-06-22 Twist Cincinnati, OH 14:13 At 6:15, the jam breaks from "Twist," taking on a haunting, spectral tone that grows increasingly powerful. The jam settles briefly, then gains energy and gets more upbeat, launching into a "Heaven On Their Minds" jam (from Jesus Christ Superstar), before winding down and > to "Halley's Comet."
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