Jam Chart for shows in the city of Burgettstown, PA (37 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1997-08-13 Gumbo Burgettstown, PA 19:22 The longest version to date starts off with a loose funk groove that develops into an air tight polyrhythmic groove which Trey eventually starts to solo on top off before fading out into "The Horse."
1997-08-13 C&P Burgettstown, PA 14:59 The song portion is played slower than normal. The beginning of the jam is vintage '97 funk, goes into some classic "crosseyed-esque jamming" before drifting into some spacier realms.
1997-08-13 Wilson Burgettstown, PA 6:10 Christmas comes early to Star Lake when the full band delivers a "Little Drummer Boy" jam in the post "blat" section.
1997-08-13 Runaway Jim Burgettstown, PA 9:05 Incredible, straight-forward set-opener. What the jam might lack in terms of inventive improvisation (evinced earlier, and throughout Summer 1997's tour) is more than compensated for by way of tight, full-band play, and absolutely incendiary Trey, who puts on a clinic.
1997-08-13 2001 Burgettstown, PA 11:35 Big deep groove, with some sweet staccato patterning from Trey in the second jam.
1998-08-11 Wolfman's Burgettstown, PA 11:10 "Type I" with extra mustard. Little sprinkles of improvisation all around on this solid version, including a great -> to the first "Time Loves A Hero" in 1,021 shows (last seen on 11/5/88).
1998-08-11 Fee Burgettstown, PA 8:27 A nicely stretched out version of a typical outro in this classic pairing of "Fee" > "Maze."
1998-08-11 Maze Burgettstown, PA 15:26 Obviously, Trey is playing the dissonance/tension card, but it's really Mike, Page and Fish in the background during Trey's solo who twist this extended version into the abyss.
1998-08-11 Runaway Jim Burgettstown, PA 34:47 An epic summertime odyssey of exploration, and among the best "Jims" ever. Loaded with improvisation and near-ambient sound, the opus closes with a "Maria" (West Side Story) tease and a triumphant return to "Jim."
1999-07-21 Funky Bitch Burgettstown, PA 8:10 Definitely among the better versions even if it's "just type I."
1999-07-21 Taste Burgettstown, PA 12:37 Extended, unhurried and skillful soloing by Trey. Only very gradually does the band notch up the intensity.
1999-07-21 Mike's Burgettstown, PA 12:53 Once again, the band uses the instrumental space in "Mike's" to launch a groove-based jam. In this one, there's a nice ebb and flow of energy, with great Page B-3 action around 7:30. As the jam progresses, it gets increasingly incendiary, with good '99-style Trey shredding.
1999-07-21 My Left Toe Burgettstown, PA 16:08 -> in from "Simple." A swirling transition jam meanders for bit, but after 8:00 it finds its full stride, and the result is gorgeous and lilting improvisational playing. -> to "Caspian."
1999-07-21 Weekapaug Burgettstown, PA 12:41 Mike is strong and out in front, leading another extended, funky breakdown jam. Gradually, Trey and Page take the lead back, riding atop the groove as it returns to "Weekapaug" proper.
2000-07-07 Gumbo Burgettstown, PA 9:06 Real tight groove, with no one member leading.
2000-07-07 Divided Burgettstown, PA 16:32 A completely different style of play, reflecting the sound of 1999 and 2000. Anything but hard rocking, it's graceful, emotive music, with Mike, Page and Fish leading the way.
2000-07-07 Funky Bitch Burgettstown, PA 8:05 Stays "type I" but rocks exceptionally well.
2000-07-07 Maze Burgettstown, PA 9:16 Like 4/5/98, there is a -> to "Shafty," but here it's in the middle of Trey's solo, and then there is a -> back to "Maze."
2000-07-07 Shafty Burgettstown, PA 2:20 -> in from "Maze." The first serving of a "Shafty" sandwich (4/5/98) was open-faced. This one has "Maze" on both sides. -> back to "Maze."
2000-07-07 Maze Burgettstown, PA 3:12 -> in from "Shafty" to complete this cool and unusual version of "Maze."
2000-07-07 Ghost Burgettstown, PA 17:21 Polyrhythmic wormhole to 1995 which switches gears toward a wide droning gyre ornamented with spirals and dimensional flanging and a vaguely tubular resolution. [A haunting version which breaks into a distinctive dark groove at 9:00 and stays there, with little of the typically blissful jamming associated with "Ghost."]
2003-07-29 Jibboo Burgettstown, PA 11:36 Despite "Gotta Jibboo's" rarity in 2.0, it remained a consistently strong offering when appearing in shows. This version always feels like it's about to peak, but the band continues to push the jam forward and deeper at each turn, offering variety to create a more complex "Jibboo" than meets the ear.
2003-07-29 SOAMule Burgettstown, PA 10:12 "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" jam by Trey and others in response to Page's solo.
2003-07-29 Fee Burgettstown, PA 7:51 "Maze" tease in a jam that sticks close to the normal outro with an added repeating riff from Trey. Page also contributes on the synthesizer before the -> into "Timber."
2003-07-29 Timber Ho Burgettstown, PA 7:45 Great segue -> in from "Fee." This is one angry mule! Packs all the rage of the earliest versions. At 5:25, almost breaks free from "Timber" proper, but shortly returns to the fold.
2003-07-29 McGrupp Burgettstown, PA 9:05 In the only version from 2.0, the others join in with Page for more of a rocking jam, with great Mike and Fish. There is also a sense of back and forth between Page and the others, giving the jam energy and a playful aspect as it builds to a solid conclusion.
2003-07-29 C&P Burgettstown, PA 25:50 This version is long and explorative, but it keeps rocking all the way to the 20 minute mark, after which it gets spacey. It's a very percussive jam. Even when it hits a spacier segment, the jam still moves with focus and direction. GREAT VERSION!
2009-06-18 Tube Burgettstown, PA 7:15 A great 3.0 version with an extended clav solo from Page while Trey compliments him with funky rhythm playing and bent notes. Trey then takes the lead into the upper register. Later in the jam, Trey returns to rhythm playing and Page gets down on the MOOG.
2012-06-23 SOAMule Burgettstown, PA 11:04 Most improvisational version in 12+ years that includes an extended Mule Duel with Page on theremin at one point.
2012-06-23 Simple Burgettstown, PA 9:21 The typical jam breaks into a short dreamy, lightly pulsing abstraction, before settling into extended transition space and > to "Light."
2012-06-23 Weekapaug Burgettstown, PA 10:20 Nice plinko-style funk breakdown, a second little Mike/Page breakdown, then more improvisational play before an unsual conclusion which -> to "Seven Below."
2023-07-21 Stash Burgettstown, PA 14:45 Gets a tweak and changes keys shortly before 7:00 but retains "Stash's" light-on-its-feet jazzy swing. Later, a lovely underwater passage leads into major bliss, where the jam stays for the remainder.
2023-07-21 Sigma Oasis Burgettstown, PA 16:17 All four members are right up front contributing creatively without hesitation, actively listening, remaining locked in and punchy with direction. An upbeat set 2 opener that segues neatly into "The Final Hurrah".
2023-07-21 The Final Hurrah Burgettstown, PA 9:00 -> from "Sigma Oasis." This fun tune has an upbeat jam for a while before giving way to a slowdown with Trey soloing over the rest of the band creating a cool texture for him. Fish really shines here. The jam dissolves and eventually > into the debut of "Pillow Jets."
2023-07-21 Pillow Jets Burgettstown, PA 11:12 Phish debut version downshifts after 6:00, becoming more moody and atmospheric before mounting another round of heavier rock which washes into > "David Bowie".
2023-07-22 Everything's Right Burgettstown, PA 22:30 Opening the second set for the first time in ten plays, this version hearkens back to the heavy-hitting 2021 "ERs." The band is fully locked-in, navigating the jam as one entity. Trey eventually winds back to the "Na na na, yeah" lyrics of the song before it > "Soul Planet."
2023-07-22 Soul Planet Burgettstown, PA 14:13 Hard-charging out of the gates through 7:15 when it settles into an ethereal transition, then winds up again for a heartening resolution and floats into -> "Twist".
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