Jam Chart for the state of GA (157 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-06-01 Antelope Atlanta, GA 14:03 Awesome version with the "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo and Oteil Burbridge on bass. Great intro, good jam with a huge peak, and then a cool breakdown jam featuring the bass acompanied with scat singing.
1991-07-26 YEM Athens, GA 17:12 Fantastic jam segment with the Giant Country Horns!
1991-07-26 Tweezer Athens, GA 11:30 Strong version with the Giant Country Horns.
1991-11-09 Fluffhead Atlanta, GA 14:04 Few versions of this incredibly challenging song approach perfection, but this is one of the few, and for that reason is must-hear. The early, technically challenging sections are nearly spotless. Then the entire band gets on a red-hot tear working through Who Do? We Do! In Clod, Page and Mike are fantastic. Trey's blistering solo in Arrival is top notch. And Fish, he just crushes all 14 minutes of this superb rendering.
1991-11-09 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 11:11 Several quick "Band on the Run" teases from Trey.
1991-11-12 Brother Athens, GA 5:17 In addition to the customary dissonance and sick playing by Trey, this version also includes lots of great Page on the B-3, and some excellent playing by Mike.
1991-11-12 Magilla Athens, GA 4:09 Cool version with Trey's solo featuring a theme similar to "All Things Reconsidered," earlier teased. Laid-back and breezy full-band playing.
1993-02-19 Bowie Atlanta, GA 0:44 "Moby Dick" jam, teases and signal in intro. Jam itself is very good, if largely "Type I," with more "Moby Dick" teasing.
1993-02-19 Moby Dick Atlanta, GA 3:30 -> in from "DB." To celebrate Fish's birthday, the boys bust out a little drum-centric Led Zeppelin. > back to "DB."
1993-02-19 Bowie Atlanta, GA 11:10 > in from "Moby Dick." The "Bowie" intro continues briefly before launching the composed section and a solid "Bowie" jam with more "Moby Dick" teases.
1993-02-19 Llama Atlanta, GA 5:11 Jimmy Herring on guitar. Section breakdown is Page, then Trey, then Jimmy. They all rock it, hard.
1993-02-20 Divided Atlanta, GA 13:01 Fish rules the court here, and Trey is predictably fleet fingered in this powerhouse version.
1993-02-20 Fluffhead Atlanta, GA 14:20 With strong execution throughout, Page's shift to a baby grand is a big plus to the performance sound. The changes in dynamics, from the quiet sections of Clod, to the growing intensity approaching Arrival, demonstrates the band's confidence that they can not only survive, but even excel when performing this opus. Arrival is laid down with a paradigmatic 1993 sense of elan.
1993-02-20 Reba Atlanta, GA 11:42 Directly before "Tweezer" walks away, this supercharged "Reba" jump-starts this historic second set with wild and inventive play, notable for "Woody Woodpecker" teases and syncopated madness.
1993-02-20 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 5:29 Great opening section (with a "Straight from the Sewer" rap), and a "Low Rider" jam before a "Walk Away" sandwich! But there's not a lot of "Tweezer" in here. Can't really "rate" it as against others.
1993-02-20 Walk Away Atlanta, GA 3:41 -> in from "Tweezer." "Walk Away" is sandwiched inside "Tweezer."
1993-02-20 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 1:44 -> in from "Walk Away" to finish this "Tweezer."
1993-02-20 Mike's Atlanta, GA 7:57 Tease-heavy version includes melodic winks at "Tweezer," "Wilson," "Reba," "The Lizards," and "Stash." This version also includes a "MMGAMOIO" sandwich.
1993-02-20 MMGAMOIO Atlanta, GA 1:09 -> in from "Mike's Song." The first of several brief segues in the midst of an inspired and popular "Mike's Groove." -> back to "Mike's Song."
1993-02-20 Mike's Atlanta, GA 0:49 -> in from "MMGAMOIO" to complete a tease heavy version of "Mike's."
1993-02-20 Hydrogen Atlanta, GA 0:28 > in from "Mike's Song." Part of an epic tease and segue-fest, the "Hydrogen" sandwiches brief versions of "The Vibration Of Life" and "Kung."
1993-02-20 Vibration of Life Atlanta, GA 0:59 -> in from "I Am Hydrogen." All part of an incredible and hugely popular segue-fest "Mike's Groove." -> to "Kung."
1993-02-20 Kung Atlanta, GA 1:38 -> in from "The Vibration Of Life." Both are sandwiched inside of "I Am Hydrogen."
1993-02-20 Hydrogen Atlanta, GA 2:59 -> in from "Kung" as the roller coaster segue and tease-fest continues.
1993-02-20 Weekapaug Atlanta, GA 2:57 A strong "Type I" version of "Weekapaug" that passes through "Have Mercy" and a "Rock and Roll All Nite" jam in the midst of one of the craziest tease and segue-fests of the band's career.
1993-02-20 Have Mercy Atlanta, GA 1:54 -> in from "Weekapaug Groove." This incredible "Mike's Groove" is a segue and tease-fest, with 12 bona fide ->'s in a single set. -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-02-20 Weekapaug Atlanta, GA 1:01 -> in from "Have Mercy" as this incredible tease and segue-fest "Mike's Groove" continues and -> to "Rock and Roll All Nite."
1993-02-20 Rock and Roll All Nite Atlanta, GA 0:53 -> in from "Weekapaug." An audience member dressed as Gene Simmons joins the band in singing this Kiss classic. -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-02-20 Weekapaug Atlanta, GA 1:32 -> in from "Rock and Roll All Nite" to wrap up an incredible "Mike's Groove."
1993-02-20 Hood Atlanta, GA 13:14 -> in from "HYHU." A cool and very improvisational jam, coming at the end of a historic show. Shredding, intense peak.
1993-02-21 Esther Atlanta, GA 10:43 Reggae style and other fun throughout the intro, as if to set the table for Page. And Page responds in kind, his playing strong throughout the version, both when soloing or providing fills for Trey.
1993-02-21 Antelope Atlanta, GA 12:25 Frenzied and chaotic version that briefly pushes out beyond standard "Antelope" several times. Page expertly adds dissonance to the harmonics.
1993-02-21 Stash Atlanta, GA 10:38 "Stash" -> "Manteca" -> "Stash" at the close of the jam. The jam itself is also very good, with nice improvisational action throughout, an unusual ending, and a -> to "Lizards."
1993-02-21 Manteca Atlanta, GA 0:45 -> in from "Stash." Sweet little "Manteca" jam towards the end of a very solid "Stash." -> back to "Stash."
1993-02-21 Stash Atlanta, GA 0:55 -> in from "Manteca" to complete this strong version of "Stash," which ends in an unusual manner and -> to "The Lizards."
1993-07-31 Mike's Atlanta, GA 8:58 Cool "Heartbreaker" jamming highlights the 1st jam, while the 2nd had good rhythmic, repetive play which is also decently melodic compared to some '93 siblings.
1994-04-23 Stash Atlanta, GA 11:47 Similar to 4/20/94, except that the jam gets further away from the norm as it develops, becoming more malicious.
1994-04-23 Esther Atlanta, GA 9:12 Super musical, this version, which features "Caravan" teasing and wonderful Page, boasts incredibly strong soloing (Trey) and remarkable full-band play.
1994-04-23 Antelope Atlanta, GA 11:58 A gripping version with nail biting tension and dissonance galore.
1994-04-23 YEM Atlanta, GA 17:59
1994-04-23 Who By Fire Atlanta, GA 3:20 Follows "YEM" serving as a vocal jam of sorts with Colonel Bruce Hampton joining on vocals.
1994-10-25 SOAMelt Atlanta, GA 15:10 Incredibly improvisational. At 7:00, the jam heads off in a great, creative and unusual direction. Then after 10:00, there are some on-the-spot duets - Mike/Page, Mike/Trey, etc. followed by a rising thunderous roar as the jam returns to "SOAM."
1994-10-25 Weekapaug Atlanta, GA 13:15 An incredibly improvisational "Type II" version. The jam grows increasingly dissonant, then breaks away altogether into classic '94 space. Then it morphs into a pulsing and rocking section with unusual vocals, before powering up, exploding back into "Weekapaug" and -> to "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav."
1994-10-25 JJLC Atlanta, GA 11:02 -> in from "Axilla (Part II)." Big Red shreds the ending here, with a -> to "Big Ball Jam."
1994-10-25 Possum Atlanta, GA 11:50 An excellent, creative, and increasingly intense jam which includes some unusual Page B-3 action, multiple, blistering hot peaks, as well as Trey teasing "The Rover" in the intro and full band teases of "Kashmir" and "Magilla" in the jam itself.
1995-06-15 Stash Atlanta, GA 13:29 Psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat as the tension ratchets up. Unfinished with a -> to "IDK."
1995-06-15 IDK Atlanta, GA 7:06 Segues in smoothly from Stash. This unusual version is played much slower than normal and carries real weight. The bizarre jam in the middle features Fishman on trombone and Mike on power drill.
1995-06-15 Antelope Atlanta, GA 12:15 A good thriller. Not as improvisational and exploratory as many '93s and '94s, but this one compensates with riveting tension.
1995-06-15 Bowie Atlanta, GA 25:13 "Bowie" picks up right where it left off in Providence, and summer '95 includes a number of spectacular, "Big" versions. This first one, while sticking to the "Bowie" theme longer than most, is exploratory both within that framework, and certainly once it gets beyond.
1995-06-15 Slave Atlanta, GA 12:39 Some great playing by Trey throughout, and Fish seems to quicken the tempo as the jam progresses to add dynamism.
1995-11-09 Divided Atlanta, GA 16:56 Astounding collective musicianship here. In this scorcher, the band nimbly stretches the chord structure, phrasing, and timing in such a deft manner that it's almost imperceptible.
1995-11-09 Simple Atlanta, GA 7:28 Excellent and very rocking version, with Trey on the mini percussion kit, but in a great way.
1995-11-09 Reba Atlanta, GA 15:44 A chill and relaxed jam anchored by great bass and drums, colored with pointed fills from Page and wonderful playing from Trey. The band locks upon a cool theme, the groove easy-going as Trey augments his tone. Spirited play cycles through and into a passage featuring dynamic modulation and great syncopation. More great guitar builds steadily into a euphoric release.
1995-11-09 Theme Atlanta, GA 10:47 Some powerful playing by Trey early in the jam. Unusual and intense ending.
1995-11-09 Gin Atlanta, GA 16:03 Excellent, multi-dimensional version. From power jamming to beautiful quiet space to coordinated rebuilding including a great "Rift" tease, it's all here. -> to "TMWSIY."
1995-11-10 Runaway Jim Atlanta, GA 8:48 Opening almost as many shows as "CDT", it's impossible to decide upon the best "Jim" opener. Here, however, had song not followed "BATT", we would certainly find a version worthy of consideration. Trey's Leslie-soaked tone drips with color like some fever dream, and Fish's play, as ever, is unparalleled. Amazing play from an amazing show.
1995-11-10 SOAMule Atlanta, GA 13:02 Vocal/guitar jam by Trey responding to Page. Trey is nuts! Trey vocally joins Page at end of his second solo. Fishman kicks in on drums to bring on the klezmer. More crazy falsetto/baritone singing by Mike.
1995-11-10 YEM Atlanta, GA 14:22 A jewel. A perfect "YEM" which includes a "Crossroads" jam. -> to "Crossroads."
1995-11-10 Crossroads Atlanta, GA 2:44 -> in from "YEM." Awesome "Crossroads" jam in the middle of a perfect "YEM." -> back to "YEM."
1995-11-10 YEM Atlanta, GA 11:44 -> in from "Crossroads" to complete this perfect "YEM."
1995-11-10 Bag Atlanta, GA 10:14 > in from "Sparkle." With several instances where the jam grinds to a near stop, this is another '95 version that stretches the boundaries of "Bag."
1995-11-10 Hood Atlanta, GA 17:14 Outstanding version with a great intro. The jam begins with Trey soloing beautifully, and then he is joined quietly by Page and the others. The gradual but deliberate build up and glorious peak evince top level musicianship.
1995-11-11 Mike's Atlanta, GA 13:29 Solid 1st jam with good variation. The 2nd jam is relatively short by '95 standards, but includes another good Mike and Page showcase while Trey uses the guitar to create a soundscape background before hopping to the mini kit briefly.
1995-11-11 Weekapaug Atlanta, GA 11:18 A vigorously played version that packs a lot of punch. Strong funky elements enhance the excellent typical fare.
1995-11-11 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 9:39 "Lizards" teases. Cool drum solo.
1995-11-11 Fluffhead Atlanta, GA 15:32 Minor early issues aside, the playing in Who Do? We Do! is very sharp and powerful. In Clod, Trey seems to use a reverb-like effect, which pairs well with Page's soloing - a soundboard would be a huge plus. A full-throttle, slightly extended Arrival includes some sweet, Leslie-infused trilling by Trey near the conclusion. This is classic 1995 Phish.
1995-11-11 Antelope Atlanta, GA 11:50 Jam starts off largely straightforward but gets more out there as it progresses with key changes and rhythmic bending.
1996-10-31 Caspian Atlanta, GA 7:08 Straightforward, but a classic rendering that nicely captures the '96 style of "Caspian" jamming, and differs markedly from subsequent styles of "Caspian" jamming that would emerge in '97, '98, '99, and later. > to "Reba."
1996-10-31 Reba Atlanta, GA 13:58 > "Prince Caspian," this fan-favorite and Halloween thriller features notable full-band play, but is wholly dominated by Trey. Forceful and pointed soloing bends, but doesn't break around 11:00, with Trey shaping his tone and Fish breaking down the beat. Huge guitar builds and swells until arriving smartly at the "note."
1996-10-31 C&P Atlanta, GA 10:00 First version, with horns, and Karl Perazzo on percussion. Tight, fierce, and ends with a percussion solo.
1996-10-31 2001 Atlanta, GA 6:50 Karl Perazzo percussion craziness, with a lovely amount of loops throughout.
1996-10-31 Simple Atlanta, GA 15:03 With Karl Perazzo on percussion, a great rhythmic and funky groove grows out of "Simple" before groovily returning. -> to "Swept Away."
1996-10-31 Suzy Atlanta, GA 6:28 Karl Perazzo on percussion, Dave Grippo on saxophone, and Gary Gazaway on trumpet. "Born Under Punches" tease from Page. This excellent version has a completely different feel to it than 10/31/95, despite the similar addition of horns. This one has more of a jazz-like vibe to it, as well as strong percussion.
1997-07-23 Julius Atlanta, GA 13:27 Arguably the best "Type I" version ever. The jam proceeds through the customary progressions, then, just when your ear is expecting the final refrain, the band veers off into a fantastic, swinging, stylistically well-played extension.
1997-07-23 LxL Atlanta, GA 9:31 An excellent version which showcases the dynamic interplay between Trey and Page, while Fish and Mike keep the intricate rhythmic pattern steady throughout. Also has a fantastic peak and gradual settle.
1997-07-23 SOAMelt Atlanta, GA 13:10 Straightforward, but so loaded with the funk that it could only belong to 1997.
1997-07-23 Possum Atlanta, GA 12:11 The band remains in a lockstep groove as Trey tears through this Phish staple. The jam threatens to break away but then returns for a rousing conclusion and shoots off fireworks to close the first set of a highly regarded show. H/T @Tweezingspaceranger
1997-07-23 Ghost Atlanta, GA 26:40 Raging porno-funk that slides into a very mellow midi horn laden outro. [A multi-section masterpiece of funky '97 styles highlight this strong jam. Page skillfully deploys multiple keyboards, and the jam energy ebbs and flows repeatedly.]
1997-07-23 YEM Atlanta, GA 17:53 Unusually weird jam. Jeopardy theme tease. -> to "Rocky Mountain Way." (No B&D, no VJ.)
1997-07-23 Rocky Mountain Way Atlanta, GA 2:31 -> from one of the summer's marked musical surprises, Lakewood's supercharged and super weird "You Enjoy Myself." "YEM" culminates not in the characteristic vocal jam, but rather, a dense passage of shoegazing noise. As if the band is channeling their inner-Europe, this outro finds Fish working his cymbals, and the band unexpectedly opts to jam "Rocky Mountain Way," last played in 1991. After laughing their way through a couple verses, a snappy, bluesy (albeit brief) jam emerges, before being ripped by -> into a rocking "CDT."
1998-08-06 Wolfman's Atlanta, GA 15:39 The jam moves beyond solid funk to a mellow, ambient groove that gradually develops some funky legs and > to "Talk."
1998-08-06 Caspian Atlanta, GA 9:52 > in from "NICU." Another strong '98 version in which Page plays a noticeably strong role, but Trey's no slouch either. > to "The Mango Song."
1998-08-06 YEM Atlanta, GA 19:12 Funky but monotonous. "Running with the Devil" tease. (No B&D.)
1999-07-03 Gumbo Atlanta, GA 10:08 Funky groove, with nice interplay between Page and Trey.
1999-07-03 Taste Atlanta, GA 10:43 Enchanting. Page's solo features some unusual stylings and cool chord progressions. Trey's solo is a fairly simple, yet stunningly melodic, and includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease and playing vaguely reminiscent to "Faht". Different from the higher octane '97s, but definitely must-hear.
1999-07-03 Tube Atlanta, GA 7:56 Very melodic playing from Mike. Includes a nice theme from Trey midway through the jam.
1999-07-04 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 12:12 Mellow, easy going and stretched out version that gets away into a nice groove near the end. Very '99 sounding.
1999-07-04 Slave Atlanta, GA 11:14 -> in from a big "Ghost." Played at a slower tempo than usual, one is lulled into thinking the slowed pace will make for a weak ending. Wrong; this is an awesome version, and includes "What's The Use" and "Dark Star" teases.
1999-07-04 WTU? Atlanta, GA 7:56 Debut. The spaciness of '99 compressed into one song.
1999-07-04 Wilson Atlanta, GA 8:48 The solo starts in a metal chug but then pushes away at the boundaries, getting into some interesting rhythmic interplay, and sloppily-yet-joyfully landing on a descending Zeppelin-like riff preceding "Mike Christian". Lengthy, noisy, free jazz-like improvisation, with several false endings, arhythmic hits, and whammy pedal worship, before "BLAT BOOM".
2000-06-23 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 13:52 Sticks pretty close to the typical format, but the band really stretches this one out patiently, without a hint at all of feeling eager to get to the next song.
2000-06-23 Gin Atlanta, GA 15:38 This is your '00-style "Type I" HOSE jam. A great upbeat version, the tone and sound of this "Gin" is markedly different from other standout "Type I" versions like 8/17/97, 11/20/98, and 9/12/99. Released on Live Bait Vol. 8.
2000-06-23 Farmhouse Atlanta, GA 7:07 A classic '00 version in every sense, this "Farmhouse" serves as a foil for the 9/28/99 version, and features a much more mellow, restrained yet interesting jam including some cool repetitive riffs from Trey near the conclusion.
2000-06-23 Makisupa Atlanta, GA 6:07 Trey plays a spry, gentle solo that starts off lilting and pretty and then speeds up without ever losing its light feel. The version also has a nice vocal reprise and a decent outro.
2000-06-24 Moma Atlanta, GA 15:18 Show opener, and the longest "Moma" of "1.0." The jam segment is excellent at times but also gets a bit repetitive, especially toward the end. Nevertheless a noteworthy version.
2000-06-24 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 25:53 Courtesy of user @lizardwithaz: Patience is the key to this Tweezer, as Trey immediately gets a siren echo going and a commanding Mike takes over a laid-back soundscape, and doesn't let up. Once the band finds a groove and the siren loops drop out, Trey finds his way fully into the jam and guides the band through a jam fit for a lazy summer day, finding a fun progression to return to over and over, eventually finding the way to a ping-pong jam, with Mike, Page, and Trey all swatting notes back and forth before an incredibly satisfying drop into another Mike-led groove, highlighted by a "Tweezer Reprise"-ish progression and some thrilling hose!
2003-07-26 It's Ice Atlanta, GA 10:07 Swirling and extended jam, somewhat spacey, typical of the more improvisational versions from the early to mid 1990s.
2003-07-26 Taste Atlanta, GA 12:15 Trey has a long solo where the others ratchet-down the volume to near zero. Then, Fish kicks into gear, bringing the pulse and power back on. Full throttle finish.
2003-07-26 Piper Atlanta, GA 21:07 Another big and quality work of improvisation from a year of strong "Pipers." Incredible really. This version has multiple movements that weave together quite well, as well as a "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" tease.
2010-07-03 Caspian Alpharetta, GA 8:52 > in from "R&R." Band breaks away from typical fare at about 6:00 into a quiet but pulsing and rhythmic jam that transitions nicely into "Tweezer."
2010-07-03 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 13:12 Reaches a pretty good peak and segues beautifully into "Slave."
2010-07-04 Killing in the Name Alpharetta, GA 4:49 > in from "Harpua." This song rocks and kicks ass! > back to "Harpua."
2011-06-15 Foam Alpharetta, GA 7:45 Strong group play during Page's riveting solo, followed by a nice handoff to Trey who leads the boys in an inspired build-up.
2011-06-15 Timber Ho Alpharetta, GA 6:40 The band powers through this version with added verve and tenacity. Trey's intense playing is particularly on-point, the jam arriving at a bona fide peak before boiling over and cooling down.
2011-06-15 Julius Alpharetta, GA 9:31 The band does a nice job here of bringing the jam down nice and low, before raising it back up high at the end.
2011-06-15 Jibboo Alpharetta, GA 9:23 Clean and fast playing, gorgeous interplay from all band members, super clean and happy peak. Nice jazzy accidentals at the peak help with tension and release, especially when it hits the last and highest peak. Some light, airy, and rapid playing - more so than usual in 3.0 - from Trey in the peak.
2012-08-25 Maze Atlanta, GA 9:35 The boys whip things into a frenzy like the old days.
2012-08-25 Golden Age Atlanta, GA 11:16 > in from "KDF." Dark, space funk with Mike at the forefront for much of the jam. Mike also plays around with an exotic motif towards the end of the jam. > to "Free."
2012-08-25 CDT Atlanta, GA 10:14 Great version with a nice, upbeat move beyond "CDT" beginning at about 4:30. Grows more tension-filled before settling down some. > to "What's The Use."
2013-07-16 R&R Alpharetta, GA 11:17 Short but good jam which breaks into a nice, snappy rhythmic groove, settles some, rebuilds and grows funky before -> to only the 2nd ever performance of Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker."
2013-07-16 Heartbreaker Alpharetta, GA 3:37 -> in from "Rock And Roll." Nice funky take on this Led Zeppelin tune follows a funky "Rock And Roll" jam. -> to "Makisupa."
2013-07-16 CDT Alpharetta, GA 9:52 Compact, but musically loaded version with major mode playing and quieter musings > to "Wilson."
2013-07-17 Divided Alpharetta, GA 15:19 Some very delicate playing by Trey and great teaming with Page in this solid, summertime version.
2014-08-03 Gumbo Alpharetta, GA 7:14 Short but sweet. The first jammed Gumbo since 7/22/03 hits a funky groove with Mike on synth and a nice little peak.
2014-08-03 CDT Alpharetta, GA 13:12 Excellent and improvisational "CDT" which shifts modes and themes multiple times and has an upward sloping sense of momentum and energy. Great -> to "Scents & Subtle Sounds."
2014-08-03 Hood Alpharetta, GA 14:18 The band has fun, as Trey plays duets with Mike, Fish, and Page. Then Mike plays the fight bell while Trey plays rhythm on the mike. Once fully back in "Hood," the jam breaks into minor mode, recalling the strong exploratory versions from earlier in the summer.
2015-07-31 KDF Atlanta, GA 22:37 The longest and most exploratory version to date. Strong finish via some "Tweezer Reprise"-esque jamming.
2015-07-31 Martian Monster Atlanta, GA 10:25 After an improv-heavy, groundbreaking "KDF," the band goes old school with an instrument rotation based jam. Around 2:30, Mike and Trey switch rigs. Then at about 4:30, Trey visits the keyboard station, before moving on to Fish country where he is joined by Mike and Fish (~5:30). At about 6:00, Fish picks up the bass, and after 7:00, the band gets into an interesting, Mike-on-guitar led atonal groove that fizzles into a puddle of chaotic abstraction.
2015-07-31 Twist Atlanta, GA 10:25 Another great version which quickly departs the typical jam, shifts to major mode with serene and delicate play, and gradually builds power.
2015-07-31 Reba Atlanta, GA 11:55 Great late show "Reba" arrives via a sharp -> from "BOTT." A tight composed section leads to a strong jam, with super guitar matched in equal measure by on-point, full-band play. Unsurprisingly, then - yet surprisingly! - Trey manages to squeeze "Reba's" post-jam whistling into the ensuing "Gin," with Page's outright teasing a musical exclamation point upon this historic "couplet."
2015-07-31 Gin Atlanta, GA 12:45 Some fun teases bolster this one a bit, but the main story is the jam itself, in which Trey flexes his muscles and leads the charge to the top in a strong set-closing performance.
2015-08-01 Ocelot Atlanta, GA 10:25 Given that the "Heavy Things" after this version features a "Happy Birthday" tease, playing "Ocelot" wasn't the most overt "nod to Jer" on Jerry Garcia's birthday the summer Trey moonlighted at Fare Thee Well, but it is the most musically impressive. The word most associated with this version of the song is 'slinky'. In one more tribute to the Dead, the band takes almost three minutes before starting "Heavy Things."
2015-08-01 Tweezer Atlanta, GA 26:03 The longest version since Tahoe is gorgeous, in part, but does meh-ander now and then, despite a section where Trey repeats a "Born On The Bayou"-esque riff, and despite the final few minutes where the jam picks up momentum before petering-out with a loop'ed noise from Trey's guitar.
2015-08-01 BDTNL Atlanta, GA 7:41 Not the longest straightforward version, nor does it have the biggest peak. But Trey's playing is so spot on, just excellent.
2016-10-21 BOTT Alpharetta, GA 7:32 > from "AC/DC Bag," the band is quick to capitalize upon the vibe, and creates a soupy, "southern" groove. Page keeps everyone on point; Mike and Fish provide great break back beats; and Trey shows considerable patience and restraint, bending notes and shaping his tone, his soloing adding extra swagger to the strong, straightforward play which drives this version to a close.
2016-10-21 DwD Alpharetta, GA 21:08 Trey dominates early, powering the band through familiar ground and creating an "old school" vibe. From here, several distinct improvisational sections emerge, with strong contributions by everyone, including a masterful Marimba Lumina section a la Trey.
2016-10-21 Winterqueen Alpharetta, GA 8:35 Airy and introspective, Mike and Fish create a space which Trey and Page fill with truly dynamic interplay. Great guitar drives this version to a strong conclusion.
2016-10-22 Simple Alpharetta, GA 16:01 The first "Simple" of Fall Tour picks up right where Dick's left off. The jam moves to dark but mellow space, and after some probing, Trey finds a magical riff that he just won't let go. By the 11 minute mark, his bandmates have all hopped the gravy train and the gearshift is set for Interstellar Overdrive. Fishman aptly suggests "Saw It Again" in the post-peak decompression, but Trey has other ideas (> "46 Days").
2018-08-03 Ghost Alpharetta, GA 20:50 Galaga and Zaxxon battle Space Invaders in the resplendent Echoes of an exploding Dark Star. [One may not need not a chamber to be haunted, but the best Ghosts - at least of late (and for sure: this is one of the best) - appear orchestral in nature. Fluid, nebulous, and wholly organic, deep brain-grooves give rise to a series of music images which, like paper dipped in water, slowly form to bloom, presenting a picture of exactly what this band is capable of, whatever the set, and whatever the year. (This, and the closing refrain is both chill and humorous.)]
2018-08-03 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 16:52 Effect-heavy improv with layers of sounds eventually climbs, and builds, soaring to a blissful, thematic peak before grooving to an albeit brief return to the "Tweezer" theme.
2018-08-03 Carini Alpharetta, GA 20:24 After a stereotypically dark "Carini" jam, a happy groove quickly develops thanks to strong Trey-Mike interplay. An extended passage of very quiet and mellow jamming follows, eventually rising in energy roughly halfway through the jam as Trey goes whale call and Page switches focus to piano. The first intense peak washes over, coursing on the back of Fishman's ride and intense whale call. Three short minutes of peaking wind down to ambient space, only to be propelled straight back up thanks to Mike and Page directing the jam into a new key. A quiet-yet-plinko jam develops as the energy builds on Fish's polyrhythmic snare and cymbal work. Flirting with darkness for some time, the jam eventually yields to murk, grime, and effects-laden darkness before finally winding down to Trey-based loops and Page on the organ.
2018-08-04 CDT Alpharetta, GA 9:55 Another Alpharetta thriller. Clocking in at less than ten minutes, this version, like 8/3/14, arrives in waves, and features infectious energy and surprising improvisation. Trey repeatedly augments his tone and works his effects as the band explores several distinct shifts in rhythm and tempo. This builds to a celebratory rise and rousing conclusion.
2018-08-04 Maze Alpharetta, GA 9:56 Page delivers on his end and Trey suitably ups the ante, bringing the jam to a head with a strong tension-building solo.
2018-08-04 Soul Planet Alpharetta, GA 23:40 Pivots out of the verses into a grimy jam that briefly picks up speed before devolving into envelope-filtered-Mike-led funk, then blossoms into a warm and relaxed jam full of delicate synths from Page and sympathetic Trey soloing. Things take an anthemic turn at Mike's urging, then appear to be coming to a close, but then gathers up energy once more and builds to a driving peak. But rather than close out, Fish and Page lead the way to another filthy and funky groove, with tinges of 2.0 jamming style, before dying out and > into "ASIHTOS".
2018-08-04 Piper Alpharetta, GA 13:56 Cool jam, with a longer than (lately) intro (or at least it feels that way). While not riffing "Manteca" in its customary phrasing and/or meter, the band toys with this sound for some time, before Page and Trey yield to Mike, who, in effect, propels the version, which cools and > into "Possum".
2018-08-05 Reba Alpharetta, GA 11:53 Just a great version, with the band coasting through the composed section, creating, as their effect, that old-school unison. Entering the jam, Trey's play is focused and deliberate, his tone rich and warm, soaring atop a bedrock beat and striking a wide array of notes - these colored by Page's fills (first electric, then acoustic) - as Mike and Fish push the version to its build, with along-the-way Trey playfully stepping to his mic and "sing-songing" before Fish toms the jam to a perfunctory peak.
2018-08-05 Golden Age Alpharetta, GA 18:42 Begins with a familiar swinging rhythm and Trey playing echoing, organ-like leads before switching to a heavy auto-wah tone. The next segment brings a shift to major and coalesces at 14 minutes when the jam begins its trajectory to a buoyant peak before briefly heading back to the song's riff with added "Reba" whistling/teasing.
2018-08-05 2001 Alpharetta, GA 9:07 A reminder of all the things that make "2001" great. No words (though some fun banter); incredible use of effects; and teases of "You Sexy Thing" and "Tweezer Reprise". The only version to ever close a show, this "2001" is among the best of this era.
2021-07-31 Everything's Right Alpharetta, GA 15:08 Fish starts toying with his "YEAH" sample during Trey's crooning at the end of the song proper to let him know he's ready to jam (the sample also makes an appearance or two later on). This is the band fully leaning into one of their most reliable "jam vehicles" and sounding like one organism. There are multiple parts that make the listening wonder, "Who's playing what?" Page rocks his synth to give this jam that quintessential 2021 sound, he and Mike have some excellent interplay around 14:00 before Trey takes everyone back into the chorus.
2021-07-31 Foam Alpharetta, GA 8:11 While not as fast as a 93 (or even come 9/3), the version is extremely well-executed, and typifies one facet of what’s so fun about Phish: Four friends playing as one. Trey’s play is self-assured, his warm tone welcome and offset by fantastic Fish, whose fills and flourishes standout - even for Fish. Mike anchors the version as the band hits their changes and takes their runs, with Page predictably great on his concert G.
2021-07-31 CDT Alpharetta, GA 26:08 With an "and away we go" hand gesture from Trey, the band moves into parts unknown, maneuvering first into an upbeat and sprightly major key groove, then briefly turning more contemplative, before bursting into another fabulous uptempo major-key jam. Trey then goes to his "sludgy" effects and finds yet another key, and Fish turns on the Bunsen burners and the band blasts through one more wonderful groove. Damn good stuff, sir.
2021-07-31 Caspian Alpharetta, GA 9:31 An important aspect of 2021's incredible sound is Page on acoustic piano. > from "Steam," that wonderful play is on display here, offering a sort of melodic grandeur as Trey, in pure "Caspian" fashion, soars. Play soons become heavy and rocking, with Trey's shift in tone, if not pitch, exactly, evoking earlier eras. Pushing and probing, the jam doesn't quite break free, but offers a lot by way of artistic exploration thanks to Page, who compliments Trey's impassioned play. Powerful percussion and thunderous bass round out what feels like a classic, throwback, arena-rocker. Fun and > for a unique mid-set "Golgi."
2021-08-01 Antelope Alpharetta, GA 11:38 No muss, no fuss, just a particularly cleanly played "Antelope" from early Summer 2021, with Trey's chops still in superb quarantine-honed shape. And the peak ain't too far away from the old days, either.
2021-08-01 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 33:53 Among the most magnificent versions in Phish history, this one's improvisation traverses a host of gloriously bedazzling galaxies that are, at times, as mind-expandingly thrilling as they are soulful and divine.
2021-08-01 Twist Alpharetta, GA 11:14 > from a world-class "Tweezer," the band isn't content to relent, or cool, using "Twist" to slowly build one facet of one of the summer's finest sets. Fish dominates, but with restraint, offering both a solid foundation and fills that amaze and delight. Trey's delicate, pseudo-mystical play weaves in and out of rolling, scattershot percussion, as if set, before finding a mesmerizing melodic line, to charm a snake. Page - again on his piano - adds a touch of grace beneath long blasts of sustain, with Mike, in typical fashion, working to blend it all together before wisely breaking for "Piper."
2021-08-01 Piper Alpharetta, GA 11:02 The third jam in a superb three-jam sequence with "Tweezer" and "Twist", this "Piper" quickly strips down to a fierce quicksilver take on the usual "Piper" jam, with Trey adding some color with his effects pedals and Page going to the synths for some extra flavor. Picks up speed as Trey switches keys and Fish holds down the tempo, then comes neatly to a stop and > into "Farmhouse".
2023-07-14 Tube Alpharetta, GA 12:41 Comfortable in his pocket, Trey abandons caution and strikes any number of notes. Tapping grace and "YPC" licks and offset by pointed Page, full-band perfection incites classic effects-laden Phish whose tube builds to break at 11:17. Wonderful stuff.
2023-07-14 Caspian Alpharetta, GA 10:05 Sticky-hot set closing version soars through the Georgia air. Fleet-fingered Trey playing dances on top of familiar melodic space. The band settles, and eventually breaks the music down, leading to a tease of Pink Floyd's "The Nile Song". This then builds to a celebratory and rousing finale, replete with wall-of-sound textures and super-sonic bass.
2023-07-14 Ruby Waves Alpharetta, GA 25:46 A Fish propelled, space hopping rocket that sizzles thanks in large part to the drummer's restless shuffle. A big version that only gets bigger, gathering speed from a brief orbit near a certain planet, it explodes in loopy peaks before a full return.
2023-07-14 My Friend Alpharetta, GA 14:27 Longest "MFMF" to date. Maintaining a nice line that develops during the song's outro, discordant, near cacophonous and quite percussive play drives fluid Trey, whose dark soloing would sound at home in a recent "Melt" or atop a tower.
2023-07-15 Runaway Jim Alpharetta, GA 11:03 Strong show-opening jam >'s to "Foam," completing one of the summer's classic throwback moments. Tight, full-band play is marked by no shortage of 23's sound, most notably found when, exploring tonality, Trey's out there striking notes and justly changing shapes.
2023-07-15 Set Your Soul Free Alpharetta, GA 14:47 Major summer highlight that Mike fans would do well to follow. Late, though. When Page lays into his synths. Here, Trey eventually takes control, setting free his soul with such metered control as if aiming past the sun (listen for Floyd this summer) and those such great heights that this Trey-fav song affords. Astounding.
2023-07-15 Tweezer Alpharetta, GA 29:13 Phish's 2023 "Tweezer" rampage continues with yet another monster version from Alpharetta. Stutter-step delay grooves, kaleidoscopic psych-bliss, and big-boned muscular funk form this delightfully hearty stew before a heroic, guitar-laden hard rock strut brings it all home. ->"Golden Age".
2023-07-15 I Always Wanted It This Way Alpharetta, GA 15:00 > from "Golden Age." Page really shines on this version; his piano shines midway through the jam. Mike comes bombing in, and he and Trey lead the band into a great, feel-good summer groove. By the 11 minute mark, you'd never know this jam came out of Phish's "techno" song. Things eventually wind their way back > "Tweezer" to complete the sandwich.
2023-07-16 Gin Alpharetta, GA 16:42 Some pretty standard "Gin" fare until about 12 minutes in and Page moves to the synth and the jam really takes flight and becomes must-hear. Trey's soaring play leads the way as the band weaves its way back to the song proper.
2023-07-16 Carini Alpharetta, GA 15:57 Laid back but never languid, the improvisation is breezy at first. Shaped by Trey's plucky tone and sustain that leaves room late for Page to shine on piano. The jam gives us an arm raising peak before dropping into a deep trench of groove where the band mines one final chunk of filth before returning to "Carini".
2023-07-16 Sand Alpharetta, GA 16:19 The band eschews the typical "Sand" guitar-led jam for immediate introspective exploration. The music grows inward, with Trey's thoughtfully psychedelic approach leading the way. Page's enveloping synth and electric piano textures spread the music out, while Fish and Mike provide an indefatigable, dynamic pulse. The music eventually returns to the "Sand" riff to close, and > "Reba".
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