Jam Chart for shows in the city of Miami, FL (45 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-08-03 Stash Miami, FL 10:37 Being that it's August '93, you can expect some quality improvisation. This one has some twisted meanderings and a deranged little section near the end.
1993-08-03 YEM Miami, FL 20:49 Awesome B&D!
2003-12-28 Tweezer Miami, FL 13:33 Very soulful, steady, patient, David Gilmour-esque solo from Trey. Jam peaks a bit before slowly cooling off.
2003-12-28 Frankie Says Miami, FL 11:39 A beautiful but darkish jam develops on the back end of "Frankie Says" proper. The energy builds nicely, then recedes back to quiet space before > to a solid "Llama."
2003-12-28 Llama Miami, FL 6:03 > in from an extended "Frankie Says." Some awesome Page here and a cool and different Trey section.
2003-12-28 Jibboo Miami, FL 13:04 This one has everything to love about a good "Gotta Jibboo" jam - gorgeous Page/Trey interplay, a nice steady climb to the heavens, a massive peak that just plateaus and stays at the happy place, and whale call Trey delivers the icing on the cake. Sizable celebratory hose peaking towards the back half of the jam.
2003-12-28 Suzy Miami, FL 5:36 Jarring, near heavy metal-like "Jam" breaks out after the second verse of "Suzy." Gnarly and raw, it eventually mellows into space before transitioning to "Theme From The Bottom."
2003-12-28 Jam Miami, FL 13:38 -> in from Suzy Greenberg. A jarring, near heavy metal-like "Jam" breaks out after the second verse of "Suzy." Gnarly and raw, it eventually mellows into space before transitioning to "Theme From The Bottom."
2003-12-28 Theme Miami, FL 9:49 > in from a jammed out "Suzy G." The boys rock this one pretty hard, but it's different, well played, and interesting.
2003-12-28 Hood Miami, FL 13:36 Jam has a nice rocking section beginning about 7:50, returns to "Hood" and peaks with great struming by Trey.
2003-12-29 Piper Miami, FL 15:08 A quality jam develops, then the band returns to the refrain to close, adding on an "old" coda of sorts.
2003-12-29 LxL Miami, FL 9:40 Multiple peaks and a high powered crescendo ending to this sold version.
2003-12-29 Boogie On Miami, FL 7:04 -> in from "Twist." Short, but definitely gets beyond "Boogie On" into a nice groove before -> to "Ghost."
2003-12-29 Free Miami, FL 11:36 -> in from "Ghost." Jam starts in customary manner, but then features an excellent bass and guitar duet/jam.
2003-12-29 Divided Miami, FL 17:43 A moving version with some great, quieter moments before cycling up for a big conclusion.
2003-12-30 2001 Miami, FL 8:34 Lots of teases and some serious funk goodness. Oh and a full "P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)" breakdown jam that absolutely rules.
2003-12-30 Tube Miami, FL 12:48 Start-stop jamming before Trey takes the lead in a rocking jam. Eventually veers into an eerie "type 2" jam and segues into "L.A. Woman." This version is unfinished and was completed at the following show.
2003-12-30 L.A. Woman Miami, FL 4:04 -> in from "Tube." Debut of this Doors' classic and part of a thematic sequence. > to "BOAF."
2003-12-30 BOAF Miami, FL 10:17 Unusual and very good version that is bookended "L.A. Woman." "Birds" itself has a lengthy "L.A. Woman" tease, a crescendo semi-finish, and then segues back to "L.A. Woman."
2003-12-30 L.A. Woman Miami, FL 2:56 > in from "BOAF." Continues the "L.A. Woman"-type jamming. -> to "Makisupa."
2003-12-30 Makisupa Miami, FL 2:10 A short version that precedes the "P-Funk Medley." It comes to a full stop, as Trey banters about Fish singing "Touch Me" and then invites P-Funk on stage.
2003-12-30 Makisupa Miami, FL 1:23 "Makisupa" is reprised after P-Funk leaves the stage. Fish sings a line from "Touch Me."
2003-12-30 DwD Miami, FL 16:16 A nice and very different low intensity, melodic Trey-led jam emerges that is almost delicate before rebuilding to conclude.
2003-12-31 Weekapaug Miami, FL 11:50 Following an "Auld Lang Syne" tease, the breakdown section begins at about 4:00 and is percussive and rocking, with "Jungle Boogie" vocal quotes from Trey as well as teases. The return to "Weekapaug" is intense, mildly dissonant, and includes a "Divided Sky" tease.
2003-12-31 Stash Miami, FL 22:20 Excellent and very improvisational version that gets far, far removed from "Stash" before finally coming home. Multiple sections, including quiet rhythmic stuff, effects-laden space, and some great upbeat jamming.
2003-12-31 Runaway Jim Miami, FL 22:14 Serious improvisation here with multiple sections, most fairly intense, but also including some quieter ones.
2009-12-28 Makisupa Miami, FL 8:49 Fun version. Alt-lyrics abound (relatively speaking), and Mike responds in kind, his standout play driving sparse, interesting improv, featuring mini-solos from Trey, then Page, with Fish terrifically on- and then offbeat. Notable for its highly musical low-end, a tripped-out > breaks for "Harry Hood," which, for several measures, maintains "Makisupa's" thumping structure.
2009-12-29 Tweezer Miami, FL 16:35 "Manteca"-like jam into space.
2009-12-29 Heavy Things Miami, FL 9:11 Featuring far more by way of "fingers" than feet, Trey's nimble, direct attack drives this surprising, late-set jam, notable for its happy, carefree, vibe, welcome concentration of extra notes, and a few shreddy "peaks plus an ambient outro > "2001".
2009-12-30 BOTT Miami, FL 17:05 The surprise "Type II" jamming vehicle from a stellar second set of the '09 NYE run. This train leaves the station at about 6:15 for 11 minutes of quality, wide-ranging exploration. > to "Velvet Sea."
2009-12-30 Antelope Miami, FL 9:36 Short but sweet 3.0 version with multiple "Boogie On Reggae Woman" teases and riffs throughout.
2009-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 14:15 Subsonic (wow Gordo!) quantum-tunneling rock drill with an "Auld Lang Syne" jam that finds its way to the dentists office. [Great Mike early-on gradually builds to a nice peak. Then the jam shifts to a solid, snappy section replete with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and more, and -> to "NO2."]
2014-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 16:35 A tall and tasty tropical sun splashed sugar rimmed whipped cream topped boat drink shared with old familiar friends provides the expected results. ["Ghost" jamming turns blissful, settles into serene, quieter musing, energizes and returns to "Ghost" before finally turning funky and spacey and > to a strong "Theme."]
2014-12-31 Theme Miami, FL 12:49 A fresh and varied take on the typical "Theme" jam leads into a stop-start section that turns percussive before "The Birds" stylings lead the attack with a smooth -> Cities.
2014-12-31 Cities Miami, FL 10:35 -> from "Theme", this "Cities" jam starts with some nice staccato work from Trey, passes through a Manteca-like section, and settles into the 3.0 Type II bliss zone.
2014-12-31 Martian Monster Miami, FL 8:11 This excellent version focuses less on samples and vocal manipulation, while integrating a more nuanced sense of dynamics. At around 6:00, the band creates a brooding psychedelic mood, which culminates with guitar loops sounding triumphantly over the bass bomb-enriched, final chord repetition. Once again, "Martian Monster" closes out a highly regarded, hose-heavy set.
2014-12-31 Tweezer Miami, FL 17:08 Beautifully-interactive melodic jam that soars for quite awhile!
2015-01-01 Twenty Years Later Miami, FL 9:56 A plus outro with more varied guitar and organ riffing from Trey and Page that pulses into > "Winterqueen".
2015-01-01 Winterqueen Miami, FL 7:47 Nice chord strumming and other melodic variation by Trey in a fiery and crescendo-oriented jam.
2015-01-02 Mike's Miami, FL 10:06 Similar to 8/6/10 and many of the '00 versions, in which the jam is really more about a groove than it is Trey rehashing the basic "Mike's" jam melody for the 400 and umpteenth time. Both Mike and Fish play with ferocious intensity in this solid version.
2015-01-02 46 Days Miami, FL 9:50 At 5:40, the jam breaks into dark, funky groove with Page working the B-3. Great teaming by all four as each adds color to a solid version.
2015-01-02 Weekapaug Miami, FL 16:31 Very atypical jam section with Trey on Marimba Lumina and Mike on guitar, and fierce work from Page and Fish.
2015-01-03 Divided Miami, FL 15:29 An inspired jam which features strong soloing by Trey, great teaming with Page, and very solid Fish, whose fills and creative accents gradually power up as the jam intensity rises.
2015-01-03 DwD Miami, FL 25:46 The band makes a breathtaking, powerful statement with this improvisational and multi-section juggernaut. The now common 3.0 "Hose" style is enhanced by a swinging vibe and serious power rocking, bookended by great percussive funk.
2015-01-03 Sneakin' Sally Miami, FL 9:51 -> in from "Light". A minute-long vocal jam pushes into a more upbeat, rocking section led by Trey and Fish, before settling in murkier waters that lead to > Sand.
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