Jam Chart for shows in the city of Madison, WI (23 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-11-08 Llama Madison, WI 4:50 Some bluesy Page B-3 action, and sick Trey shredding. [Note: virtually every version from '90 - '92 features incredible playing by the aptly named Machine Gun Trey. You really can't go wrong with any of the versions from this period.]
1991-10-04 Magilla Madison, WI 4:15 Page opts for his organ to employ cool, spacey effects. A cosmic, studio sort of sound, which greatly enhances the jam. Trey modifies his tone, accordingly. Page reverts to a more traditional sound and solos ensue before the band makes a nice > into "David Bowie."
1991-10-04 Bowie Madison, WI 10:51 Almost immediately breaks from the standard. Strong and dissonant improvisation, with an unexpected section of quiet space before the storm rebuilds. Short but powerful.
1992-04-30 Stash Madison, WI 8:50 A very good version with brief departures beyond standard "Stash," and lots of tension and dissonance.
1992-04-30 Antelope Madison, WI 12:05 Improvisational jam that gets well beyond typical "Antelope." Machine Gun Trey and Mike rip it.
1992-04-30 Tweezer Madison, WI 11:30 Hysterical, must-hear opening segment. Colonel Bruce Hampton on trombone.
1992-04-30 YEM Madison, WI 18:53 "Welcome Christmas" (from How The Grinch Stole Christmas) VJ.
1992-12-08 Wilson Madison, WI 9:02 An extended intro with extra silence and space hints at the quiet, yet potent, improv ahead. The band stretches out what is usually a short vamp preceding "BLAT BOOM" into three minutes of avant-garde, atonal, knotty, bizarro Phish interlaced with secret language cues (the "Aww F**k" signal is especially potent).
1992-12-08 Llama Madison, WI 5:07 > in from "Wilson." Danger: listening to this version could cause your brain to involuntarily explode.
1992-12-08 Stash Madison, WI 9:56 Trey is like a demon possessed here. Doesn't matter that's it's inside the box, it's a great version.
1992-12-08 Mike's Madison, WI 8:49 The jam has a bit of a darker sentiment, amplified by some "MLB"-like jamming towards the end of the first jam. The 2nd jam features repetitive, heavy metal type playing, which transitions nicely back to the typical closing sequence.
1994-11-20 Stash Madison, WI 11:56 An absolute thriller, moderately exploratory, but intense with great tension building throughout.
1994-11-20 If I Could Madison, WI 6:59 Great and different version with the "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo.
1994-11-20 Bowie Madison, WI 16:36 Fantastic, exhilarating, "Oh my god it's so f_cking good" jam.
1994-11-20 Reba Madison, WI 12:46 Another jam informed, early on, by a passage of quiet, contemplative play, and marked staccato playing from Trey and super Page. Fish is busy upon his blocks, and Trey works through a great theme (infused with a warm tone) beneath which Mike offers mellow "underwater" grooves to lead the band through a deliberate, and, at times, what sounds like "grinding" build towards a rousing conclusion dominated by Fish and Trey.
1995-10-24 Fee Madison, WI 5:48 Delays/effects and -> to "Llama."
1995-10-24 Julius Madison, WI 9:10 Blistering, second-set opening powerhouse.
1995-10-24 Theme Madison, WI 11:21 Strong "Type I" version is yet one more example of why 1995 was such a stellar year for the band.
1995-10-24 YEM Madison, WI 27:30 A !@%^^!# MONSTER!!!!!!
1995-10-24 Antelope Madison, WI 16:48 Although largely "Type I," this version is one of the most thrilling and intense ever. The tension and tempo start to crank up after 8:00, and even more so after 10:00. At 11:30 it sounds like "Rocco" is starting with no peak, but then there's a cool, thrumming jam section that sounds like an Antelope running, before building to the expected peak.
1998-11-06 SOAMelt Madison, WI 14:34 Great straightforward '98-style funk groove, and apparently one of Mike's favorites from Fall '98.
1998-11-06 Simple Madison, WI 13:03 And... another gorgeous jam that eventually dissolves into serene space.
1998-11-06 Caspian Madison, WI 10:56 -> in from "Simple." At about 8:10 the jam downshifts from typical '98 full power "Caspian" mode to a more sedate and pensive one before a nice transition to "Fluffhead."
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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