After Midnight was played for the first time since December 31, 1999 (208 shows). In Alumni, Trey added "from Goddard College" after the final "'cause I got a degree" lyric. Makisupa included the lyrics "Woke up this morning with a policeman at my door all I could do was shrug, and go back in my bedroom and smoke another nug." This show featured the Phish debut of Night Nurse; original artist Gregory Isaacs passed away the night before, October 25, 2010. Weekapaug was heavily teased by Trey in Mango before the segue into Weekapaug itself. Weekapaug subsequently contained a Can't You Hear Me Knocking jam, which featured lyrics from Ghost and Night Nurse, and was unfinished.
Weekapaug Groove tease in The Mango Song, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Ghost, and Night Nurse jams in Weekapaug Groove
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2010 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks Superb close to a strong week of shows! Phish will never be a reggae band, but the Gregory Isaacs tribute is just one of three reggae tunes in this show (if you count Trey's doofy original, Makisupa Policeman), and Night Nurse is probably the strongest pure reggae rhythm work the band has done. (Between Night Nurse, Mellow Mood, and the Have Mercy bustout earlier in the week, I almost convinced myself the boys were warming up to play Natty Dread for Halloween. ALMOST.)

Every song is juiced with something special; the boys are in their best 'Phish 3.0' form right now, no question. The Curtain (With) jam - which (Attention, Nerds!) is basically a Reba jam in Limb*Limb's meter, with all the roiling tension and tonal-shifting that implies - is customarily beautiful; the reggae tunes are groovy; Song I Heard... is pure rock'n'roll climax; Mike's and Ghost are on par with their best renditions of the year (Mike's Song is particularly encouraging).

But the best moments - the patient, multifaceted Light jam and the stunning Ghost > Mango > Weekapaug > Llama sequence - are as good as anything since summer 2003. Light is more insistently rhythmic than the celestial 8/7 Greek version, but just as rich, and few moments in Phish's recent history can compare to the feeling of ecstatic release shared by band and audience alike during the show-ending string of segues, with Trey belting out off-key lyrical callbacks and careening madly from one improvised transition to the next. It's old-fashioned fun in a distinctly new musical language: they've finally figured out a way to integrate the spare/spacy sound of their late-90's music, and the rock-hedonist haze of their '2.0' material, with their recent song-driven approach (itself a much more emotionally accessible throwback to their contained early-90's performance style).


What's missing is the ominous darkness that coloured Phish's greatest performances - the joyful peaks of those classic Fall '97 shows were all the more extraordinary for the forbidding valleys that preceded them. Not to say Phish 2010 are always cheery, but they're certainly a lot less inclined to give in to darkness and melancholy than they once were. For instance, compare this ASIHTOS to the canonical 6/19/04 version, which spends half of its 18 minutes in deep cold water before alighting on an icy shore. The much busier Amherst version resolves in a mighty wail from Trey's guitar, and if 'resolve' is a very fine emotion for a musician to share, it doesn't stay with you, haunting your sleep, like the distance and loneliness contained in the SPAC version.

Yet I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy the heartbreak and inner torment that produced Phish's pre-retirement music. The new happier Phish might not have any interest in the dreadful vistas opened up by their years of Weary Continuance - or maybe their interest is outweighed by sensible self-preservation - but after all, they're just four middle-aged guys. And we share in their happiness. And we've got the tapes. Those were scary years: the millennium clock counting down, resources dwindling, cliff edges growing nearer seemingly on all sides, deathly voices of unremembered times welling up from below, the boneyard of the past...

I wish to go back, sometimes, but also, certainly, to return afterward. Always remember that 'Go toward the light' is not an invitation to more life - and neither is 'Come into the dark.' That was the serpent's-voice of Chance calling out, but we (with this quartet of artists we love) content ourselves instead with Change, which is inexhaustible. And who'd begrudge his fellow human being's contentment, anyhow? Isn't that one of the things we came for?

You should seek out this show, along with (unquestionably) 10/19 through 10/23, 10/12, and (you have the hard drive space after all) the whole rest of the tour when you get a chance. That's a simple answer to the hard question, I guess.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by ColForbin

ColForbin VERY old-school vibe in the room, felt like I was back in 1998 at times...still feeling the post show buzz in a way I haven't since IT or maybe even Cypress. HIGH energy from the band.

You've all seen the setlist, the randomness of which was as awesome to hear live as it looks on paper. Definitely not planned either, several long discussions between songs re: what to play next. After midnight is a spectacular way to start a show, not sure what Phish original better fits the bill. Alumni had what felt like a pretty sweet little jam in the outro following Letter. Curtain With, maybe not letter perfect, but way better than the last time I heard it (Coventry). Mule duel section was just pretty much a Page solo, no duel to speak of, but still great. Felt like they nailed Walls of the Cave.

Second set had a very good Light jam, and then a Mike's Groove that blew my mind. Great loud, evil and fast Mike's Song, reminded me a bit of 12/30/99. Didn't know Night Nurse, but cool to go from Phish pseudo-reggae to real reggae and back again. Will have to check the recording, but Trey said something about smoking another nug, is this the first drug reference in Makisupa since the...unpleasantness? The Wedge was fun, are Ann and I the only nerds who still cheer at the Limestone part? The Ghost>Mango>Weekapaug>Llama was incredible. I don't think I ever expected Mango to come out of what was a wide-ranging Ghost jam. Great Can't You Hear Me Knocking jam in Weekapaug, and the Llama reprise was just icing. Awesome to hear everyone in the arena yell "Taboot!" at once.

As for the encore, well, you can't win 'em all. They'd earned a ballad by that point, so no complaints. Overall an really great show. I haven't listened to nearly as much 3.0 as some, but this has to be right up there with the best of it.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by bigc236

bigc236 BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by pquiles24

pquiles24 ok im going to put this short and sweet,

Better than my ufo, I liked it , I really liked it!!!!!!!"
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by n00b100

n00b100 Set 1: A very nice combination of typical 3.0 1st set songs and some rarities (Llama, The Sloth, AB > LTJP > AB, After Midnight), all played with a quite exciting intensity, which helps when a first set goes long (90 minutes!). Nothing is quite as mindblowing as, say, the 8/7/09 Sally or 7/14/13 Stash, but it's a first set, so that's hardly any sort of big deal. And the highlights - Mellow Mood (a harbinger for the second set), a remarkably Page-heavy Llama with a soaring solo from Trey, and the usual powerful shredfest in the closing Walls of the Cave - are more than worth your time. That's a lot to ask for out of a first set.

Set 2: After kicking off with a high-energy Possum, we get the first big jam of the night in Light, and it's another damn good version (it's incredibly how quickly Light developed its legs as a marquee vehicle in just 5 years, and even in 2 years at this point). The usual Light jam settles into a dreamier, quieter groove, with Mike stepping into the lead as Page plays his twinkling notes and Trey turns on one of his fancy toys; it's a nice piece of bliss, slightly akin to the 7/5/13 version, but with a more propulsive energy thanks to Fish's playing. Trey switches over to chords as Fish really starts hammering away like it's 1995, then heads over to the woodblock to really get those hips shaking. This is one heck of a dance party, and while it might not be at the upper tier of Lights, it's still one damn good way to get things going.

Mike's Song comes next, and it's got a little extra mustard on it (though it's a 3.0 version, so that's not saying too much), then a pretty decent Simple that floats to a close on a cloud...then things get good. Makisupa pops up, which is generally whatever, but this version actually serves as the wrapper for the debut of Night Nurse, which they do justice to and which I wish would come back some time. Makisupa returns to wrap up the reggae segment, then comes a nice rendition of The Wedge, and then they crank up Ghost to really enrich our lives. The Ghost shifts from a low boil to a major-key climb out of the clouds, with Mike stepping back into the driver's seat as Page helps build tension on the piano, then they rev back into the usual Ghost jam and come to a quiet, gentle finish and an equally quiet, gentle segue into The Mango Song. The Mango Song is a nice version, but then Weekapaug comes in (in the wrong key) and immediately takes this set to a new dimension, as after a few minutes of the usual Weekapaug jam Trey finds the chords to Can't You Hear Me Knocking, then starts spitting out lyrics from songs they'd played that night (first Ghost, with Fish and Page joining in, then Night Nurse) as the band charges into Can't You Hear Me Knocking proper, then closes out with the usual Weekapaug ending...or does at first, until Trey pulls out one final callback and yanks the band into Llama, leading to a strange Llama/Weekapaug mishmash for a few bars until Fish rights the ship and we get a proper Llama to close. That, right there, is as fun a set as the band has delivered in 3.0, and right up there with some of the crazier sets of the early 90s.

Final thoughts: the show of 2010, without a doubt. The first set is pretty good and full of rarities, and the second set roams all over the map, with callbacks and quotes galore, a great reggae one-off, and a super Light on top. If you haven't heard this show yet, run, don't walk.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by Mr_Miner

Mr_Miner Amazing concert and one of the best Phish shows that I have ever been to. Right from the opening bell with After Midnight a Blazing Sloth and Alumni > LTJP > felt like 1989. They could have played chopsticks for the rest of the night and I would have been happy.....lucky for us they didn't. The band needed a little break and the Mellow Mood Access Me was what everyone needed...then they hit the "restart button" with a blistering Llama.

The second set opener, Possum, was fun and drifted into a very nice Light that set the tone for the rest of the night. Mike's was heavy and moved into a welcome Simple and then the reggae theme continued with the MP -> Night Nurse -> MP....nice touch with Gregory Isaacs passing. Ghost got the place rockin again that dropped into an unexpected and very welcome Mango. The Weekapaugh masshup was face melting and the Llama reprise was unexpected and totally over the top.....thanks for that. Had a blast!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by NEKingdom

NEKingdom OK, so I've never really reviewed a show, but feel like this one deserves it. I started seeing Phish in 1995 and became obsessed, getting in some 50+ shows by the end of 1998. Then, things got weird with them, Trey started spacing out too much and in my opinion they became sour and predictable. Went to Coventry because it was "the last show" and 32 miles from my house at the time...well, that was the lowest point in my Phish experience and I left with the thought that I'd never go again. Saw Fenway last year and thought it was solid, but not the greatest show. I figured they just lost it and would never regain that energy I fell in love with when i was younger.
So, on a whim i decided to go to Manchvegas. I got cheap tix at stubhub and ended up lower level Mike side. Before the show, a dude my age was sitting behind me and we were talking about our Phistories and predicting show openers and whatnot. I picked PYITE, he though Split Open & Melt and we both agreed they were both likely. Again, Phish has lost their energy, their unpredictability and I was ready for another boring show...then After Midnight comes out of NOWHERE! OK, that's cool guys! Then the Sloth! Alumni Blues>Jimmy Page->Alumni was another surprise. After that, I turned to dude I was talking to earlier and we both threw up our hands as if to say "all bets are off tonight". Mellow Mood??! Really guys? They nailed it! Access me is a stupid pointless song, but whatever. Llama got things frenetic. All these dreams slowed things down and I was grateful for the opportunity to get a beer. The Curtain was awesome. Last time I heard this was the end of Coventry and represented very bad memories, so this one seemed a sort of rebirth of my love. Scent rocked, no duel but an awesome solo by Page. I love it's Ice and the Walls of the Cave...great closer! Set break I just sat there, evaluating the experience, and finally deciding that whatever they had lost, they've regained that energy and unpredictability.
Second set was the same as first: unpredictable and high energy. Mike's Song was fast and right ON. Makisupa had some fun lyrics. I've never heard Night Nurse but it was cool and chill. The Wedge was a nice surprise and Mango came out of nowhere. Weekapaug started very strangely, with Mike trying to get on the same page as Trey started it out of Mango. Llame reprise was another surpise. I left during Show of Life because honestly, this song sucks.
All in all, they threw us all for a loop tonight, played super tight and i feel like I got my groove back with Phish. Download this show if you can, it was a doozy!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by 46days

46days My first show after 13 years
Very high energy.
This show made me feel like a teenager again.
Can't wait for more
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by chief_d

chief_d AAHAAHAHHA three of us left Burlington at 3:15, got to Manchvegas at 6:00, pre-gamed it at this really rather good bar/bistro called the Firefly (check it out sometime), and then strolled in the front door of the arena as the lights went down, perfect! We had tickets for Section 225 (second floor, almost dead center in the back) ... as soon as they started playing After Midnight, we scrapped that idea and headed for the front. Not much trouble getting there, either ... by the time the song was done, we had dodged a few ushers and found ourselves in 109 with room to spare.

First set was basically a list of gems, all played with serious purpose, especially the Cave closer. Second set was proof beyond all doubt that they are not human : the Isaacs tribute inside of Makisupa, and jams out of Mike's Song and Ghost that will stand up as all-time great moments for the band. Had more fun at this gig than the ones I attended in '97 and '98 (and so did Phish). Hope you were there!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by scottsamiya

scottsamiya Wow, what a ridiculously great show. I just came off a 5 night run, missed Guyutica but got Augusta, Providence, 2 Amherst and Manchester, and Manchester was the show to see I gotta say... Song I heard the Ocean Sing... Its Ice, damn! What a great fuckin show!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by JMart

JMart Dudes, HOW is this mike’s not on the jam chart? It’s my favorite Mikes ever. Seriously. It’s not the longest, but it displays some of the things I love most about phish’s playing. Nasty page funk clarinet intro to the jam. Trey is super patient with the peak. These days I feel like you can hear the peak coming from a mile away. He consciously side steps the obvious peak moments and the tension builds so that when the payoff comes it feels more earned. After that it’s pure meltdown until they turn around for another fantastic peak shred fest.
For my money, when they play mikes well it’s about the most classic, telling phish jam out there. It’s so RAW and nasty. This one isn’t the longest, but if you know of a better one, please PM me ASAP and let me know.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by RunawayJim4180

RunawayJim4180 Yeah, what Noob said!

This was the first show of 3.0 where I felt like I was seeing the same band I fell in love with back in 1997/98. There was a decidedly old school crowd in NH that had been well versed in the ways of the Phish, and it showed with the epic pre-parties all over Manchester. We partied on the roofdeck of a parking garage, hit two bars on nearby Elm St. and went in 5 mins before After Midnight broke out.

You've read all of the musical reviews, but the Makisupa->Night Nurse->Makisupa is some super heady reggae from a bunch of white guys! The entire second set is top notch fire, so don't skip a beat there. First set featured some well played rarities, and arguably the best Alumni Blues I'
ve ever heard (the second segment of Alumni fucking smokes, WOW!)

Check this out, 10/26/10 was an incredible night of music that had the crowd cheering in the hallways of the Verizon Center on the way out (I love when that happens!)
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by IntoYesterday

IntoYesterday One of my favorite live music experiences. This show will always hold a very special place in my heart. The Ken Taylor print is hanging on the wall next to me.

That's all I wanted to say but they're telling me the review isn't long enough, so I repeat: this show was tits.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by YorkvilleBeerLover

YorkvilleBeerLover God I thought I reviewed this already.

I'm listening to this show again right now and it takes me right back to the floor about 10 feet off the stage from mike. Man o man what a time! I knew and called the Cool Ruler thing, but wow relistening what a fucking opening set. Nothing but fucking raging masterpeice. One of my favorite shows of all time leading up to my favorite week of music ever with 10.30, 10.31 to follow. I fucking love PHISH! This show will never get old to me - ring that bell mike!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by palmersinnocent

palmersinnocent The boy's were feeling it on the 26th of October. The sky crisp, the air cool(in Detroit.) Which is where I streamed the show from. The 1,500th show seems to be a milestone not overseen by the real fab four. *Note real fab four is a Halloween pun and assumes Phish in the costume of the Beatles. One of the best shows in the 3.0 era, no doubt. Thank you to all the Hood's out there, you know who you are ;) Phall Tour 2010 is amazing, looking forward to Manhattan, with eye's wide open ;)
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by cristilclear

cristilclear LOVE this show! So solid! I forgot that I had heard After Midnight at Big Cypress. I thought I was at Jerry Band for a second (RIP, papa).
No note about the Alumni Blues...wasn't that a breakout? Well, it was for me, hey! First live Letter to Jimmy Page for me- SWEET! Curtain With, one of my all time favorites. Scent of a Mule, Page always rips it up and he did again tonight. Now to my highlight, the OCEAN. That song always rips open shows to the core but tonight was completely over the top! I couldn't even believe it. The way that Trey and Mike constructed a musical rendition of the lyrical chorus,"Run away run away run away" was SICK. SICK. SICK! And yes, Ice was there but for me it just melted right into Walls which was sick too.
Possum=good. Light missed some transitions here and there. Mikes> the whole rest of the show: completely outta hand. Awesome! Thanks so much, Phish. Special night.
PS You should try to get that pricey band poster for Manchester!
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by JordyBug

JordyBug Firstly I WAS NOT at this show. I live in AZ now and I am hugely disappointed that I was not there. I went to high school in NH and saw my second show in Albany at the Knick (Dec 95) driving from outside Loudon . NH is so beautiful in fall and I can only surmise that the events that took place tonight were utterly epic. I know that the shows at UMASS were sick but if I dont read any reviews saying that this was a 5/5 show its a lie. This SETLIST ALONE means that the boys were absolutely feeling the LIVE FREE OR DIE love!!!! And I know personally some of the most hardcore fans come from where else but New Hampshire. I hope that my friend Ben P was released from the slammer for this show. Im not sure. Also Brendan M and Leslie S I hope you guys were there tonight. Oh and all the Philly kids too. I hope you know this is what living on the East Coast is all about. Enjoy.

All is well...

yours truly,
Jonesin for WestCoastShows
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by dutchbug

dutchbug This is the show that got me started. Damn, this was good! Check it out!

When they started playing After Midnight, I was blown away. Such a mellow, confident way to start a show. At the time, I knew the song only from Clapton, and I'd never really been to enthusiastic about it. Phish just blew me away with this. This is one of my favorite second sets...AB/LJP...MELLOW MOOD??!! Access Me really flowed out of that one (I haven't listened to the MP3's so I can't guarantee.) Then frickin' Night Nurse second set? Forget about it. I was frickin' blown away 100%. Sold.

I remember standing next to these high school/early college age dudes, one of them wearing overalls. These dudes were seriously getting down. Fun crowd. Think I worked the next day.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by outphishing

outphishing That was a special treat. Between the rairitys and quality of play that prob was the best (really is) show I've ever been to.
The first set was loaded with raireties, after midnight plain old rocked, ocien sing and walls of the cave were great but the curtain was some of the most insince playing I've hered they play in Years.
The seccond set was super slow and funky, that mikes groove hands down was some groovy tunes.
On a side note i had a great seat to, down low on page side, great vrw of trey strummin
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by JordyBug

JordyBug phishgutted-

The Curtain is the original song. The Curtain With is this song with the alternate ending Rift type solo.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by phreehand

phreehand being a young dude, I only got to start following these guys in 09... this was the best show i've ever seen. I finally feel like they are BACK, this was the show i've been waiting for.
, attached to 2010-10-26

Review by phishgutted

phishgutted Never really post about shows I didnt see but exceptions will be made and this one looks on paper about as good as it gets and happens to sounds like a hell of a party and one of the ones you want to catch. Rift slow mo at end of curtain????
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