My Sweet One included a long pause due to problems Mike had with his bass. The Esther intro contained Random Note and Aw Fuck! signals. Mike's Song contained several Walk This Way teases. Trey teased Buried Alive in Maze. Fish referred to Love You (which included the use of a gong) as “Woody’s Gong” before the Harpua.  Harpua included a Jimmy Olsen’s Blues tease. During Contact, Trey brought his grandmother on stage and danced with her after telling the audience it was her favorite song.

Jam Chart Versions
Walk This Way tease in Mike's Song, Jimmy Olsen's Blues tease in Harpua, Buried Alive tease in Maze
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by Mikesgroover

Mikesgroover The final show at the beautiful Capitol Theater. I was home from college in California and had spent a few hours the previous night trying to score a ticket. I was unsuccessful, but managed to find one for the following night, which holds up today as an excellent show.

This show encapsulates all the early-years weirdness and goofiness that has become part of the Phish mystique. Rift hadn't been released yet, the Minkin sculptures hung behind the stage and Page wasn't yet playing a grand piano on tour. The first set songs were pretty straightforward, in spite of the technical problems during My Sweet One. I had never heard Mike's Song before this night and this INCREDIBLE version immediately lodged the song in my heart as one of my all time Phish favorites. They used the smoke machine for this 20-minute Mike's Groover, and so much smoke poured out of the thing that it literally enveloped the theater to the point where you couldn't see anything. A must-hear Mike's Groove.

The second set was strange to me. I was surprised to hear a traditional Jewish anthem woven into a beautiful instrumental melody. Tweezer is relatively direct, but after the Bouncing and Coil, things got weird again with Fishman using a gong for Love You. It's the Harpua that really shines in this second set. Trey sarcastically mocks the Spin Doctors, referring to the "hit song on the radio" by playing a few notes of Jimmy Olsen's Blues, which was in the process of getting overplayed on MTV and rock radio in late 1992. Back then, we didn't know that Phish would long far outstrip the Spin Doctors in popularity and longevity.
, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by ChalkReprise

ChalkReprise The Contact sounds weird b/c Trey was slow dancing w/ his grandma on stage.
, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Second, and last night at the Capitol Theatre, eighth show of Fall Tour. Interesting how much feedback there still is in the monitors after the previous night. Pretty good recording.

We start off with equipment problems tonight. No bass. So Fishman is hanging out by himself for a minute then they play an ok My Sweet One basically without Mike. They use the pause at the end, which Trey dubs "Capitol Punishment", to remedy the situation. Right into a good Foam. Solid, no real problems, just getting settled in and very dynamic. Stash is really good, nice and tight. Esther has everyone chiming in on the circus theme during the intro. Trey does an offical signal too. Esther itself is good as is Chalk Dust. Rocking as usual. Trey flubbs a pinch of the intro to a standard Sparkle. Fast Enough is quickly getting tight and hot every time they play it. Great song. The creepy ending fades as Fish leads them right into a pretty tight ATR. Trey gets off a pinch in the middle. Mike's is solid but, not very adventurous. Pure rock. Sounds like the smoke machine is on at about six minutes in. Hydrogen has it's usual problems and sounds very tentative. Not very tight at all. Weekapaug is great but again nothing too special, just straight up rock and roll to make a great closer here.

Suzy starts the second set and has Fishman kind of shifting tempos up and down making it a bit disjointed at times. Page rips a sweet solo though. Paul is the other bluegrass call of the night and again Page rips it up. Tweeezer brings the funk with a different type of start and a little rough over the Ebeneezer part. Great jam though. TMWSIY is ok but rough towards the end as this one is kind of rare. Avenu is great and has a great Cactus solo. Fish cuts ahead into a Maze intro leaving the reprise until later. Maze is solid! Page again, and Trey do excellent jobs on their solos. So then we are back to TMWSIY reprise which sounds even more rough than the first installment did. Fish leads them into a supper fast Bouncing, which you can tell Trey is trying to slow down. It remains faster than normal and is average at best. Coil is pretty tight and gives Page another chance to shine. While lost in his solo Trey and Fish switch to go right into a super charged Love You. Complete with band intros, a rocking vacuum solo, and Woody's Gong. Having skipped the intro we have the usual HYHU before the switch back. If that wasn't enough! Oom Pa Pa, Oom Pa Pa...We have ourselves a Harpua! This one musically starts off kind of rough from Page's part, but is great by the end, and has a great continuation of the voyage inside Fish's head from the Forbin's story the night before! Very, very funny stuff from Trey. A second Golgi for this tour gets called up to close the show in style. Nicely done.

So Trey comes out and introduces his Grandma Jean and says Contact is her favorite song. They proceed to murder the intro repeatedly and pretty much the whole song is a funny mess. It almost sounds like Trey left the stage to see his grandma because he is missing from the mix during a lengthy Page solo. They kind of pull it together by the end making it respectable. Tweeprise is very welcome and expected. Good way to wash away the mess Contact left.

Pretty good show tonight. Page really shined in the second set. The rough spots were mostly in the rare songs. Now for a day off, then on to Pittsburgh!
, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by MrFoot

MrFoot Missed the first night as was at my annual Arlo Guthrie show at Carnegie but so grateful to make the final show at the Cap. I had a great night at this all-around solid show with some noteworthy highlights that make it more than worthy of a re-listen 30 years later.

Great versions of MSO, Foam, Stash and Esther with secret language. Fast Enough For You >All Things Reconsidered>Mike's Groove finishes the first set off in style.

"Sorry, that was so long." Fishman's simple apology for the lengthy vacuum solo in Love You - and it was pretty long - where are the stats for length of vacuum solo?

Go back inside Fish's head and enjoy excellent versions of MSO, MWSIY>Avenu Malkenu, Harpua, Contact and others!
, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by telascomet

telascomet Set 1

On the second night of a Phish's two night stand at the Capitol Theater our beloved men from Vermont chose to open the show with My Sweet One. Like all My Sweet One's this one is a lot fun. What sets it apart is right before the final note were all the band members sing "Name" there is about a two minutes of banter between stage and crowd, as Fishman declares "There is a problem with the Bass." Then after fixing what ever needed to be fixed they launched into Foam. Which is nice throughout and contains very strong playing from Trey. Following Foam is Stash which doesn't stray far from the norm but brings the heat non the less. Then we begin the story of Esther (which I believe is one of phish's most underrated songs) with 2 secret language signals in the intro this version of Esther is standard. As Esther comes to a close Trey starts up Chalkdust and Trey really brings the heat on this particular this is a showcase of tension and release. Then we laugh and fall apart for about 3 minutes. Until we calm down with an always beautiful rendition of Fast Enough For You, which fizzles nicely into All Things Reconsidered. To end the Set we are treated to an awesome Mike's Groove, and I mean awesome. The Mike's in particular packs a serious punch. After a high energy Weekapaug the crowd is left to their own devices for 15 minutes.

Set 2

Phish opens this set with a really high energy Suzy to get everyone's blood pumping. Followed immediately by a personal favorite of mine, Paul and Silas. Tweezer plays the role of the first opportunity for the band to stretch their wings in this set. The jam starts off with some nice little funk chords from trey while page stays on the piano. Until Trey takes the lead with some soloing atop an infectious groove from Mike. Trey then lands on a riff which Page and Mike work around for a solid minute of up beat jamming. But it doesn't take long for the jam to turn dark and that it does. The band then weaves between major and minor jamming for a while until segueing (kinda) into TMWSIY into Avenu Malkenu, but before completing the sandwich the boys elected to play a ripping Maze then returning to end TMWSIY. Bouncing around the room is placed nicely in the set and as always has a very beautiful ending. After Bouncing comes Squirming coil. To me Squirming Coil has never gotten the attention it deserves, it is one of those songs that really demonstrates what Phish sounds like. With that said this version is played well with a very nice piano solo by our beloved Leo. On the other side of the stage though we have the one the only Henrietta. In his two songs love you>HYHU he doesn't fail to satisfy the weirdness that we always crave from him. To continue the trend of weird and hilarious songs Harpua Succeeded HYHU. The narration of this specific Harpua is especially humorous with Trey giving a funny narration about how Harpua was looking for some action. The narration about poster is straight weird no other way to describe it. Any way give this narration a listen it's really funny. Golgi closes the set as it often did those days. Then a great one two punch of Contact> Tweeprise serves as the encore.

All and All this show is really Good lots of energy with some good jamming here and there. I would definitely listen to it if you are a big 92' fan. If not then at least listen to this Mike's song.

4 out of 5 stars.
, attached to 1992-11-28

Review by doggonedog

doggonedog "Mike Gordan, he is able to produce frequencies you can’t even hear"

Great show.
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