Jam Chart for shows in the city of Bethel, NY (25 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2011-05-27 Walk Away Bethel, NY 7:04 Following a super -> from "Wolfman's Brother", Trey wastes no time choosing his line, and powers the band through an incredibly strong and spirited version.
2011-05-27 KDF Bethel, NY 12:48 A real hybrid that combines suave major mode playing with the expected minor rock.
2011-05-27 BOTT Bethel, NY 9:14 Great version with building energy and nice back and forth between Page and Trey.
2011-05-27 Boogie On Bethel, NY 9:03 Staccato jamming gives way to a "Type II" slowed down, effects-laden outro and > into "Waves".
2011-05-27 Waves Bethel, NY 13:51 Fantastic playing by Trey in the jam proper. Beautiful, lush and serene outro jam. In many ways the polar opposite of the haunting outro from "IT." Transitions to a solid "Prince Caspian."
2011-05-27 Caspian Bethel, NY 7:33 > in from a great version of "Waves." Although shorter, this version suggests the band's willingness to take the jam segment in new and different directions, with subtle and cohesive playing. > to "C&P."
2011-05-28 Cities Bethel, NY 8:58 Nice little extended outro with a good Trey-led peak.
2011-05-28 Halley's Bethel, NY 12:03 Percussion driven, exploratory version that manages to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short time.
2011-05-28 Gin Bethel, NY 11:47 "Gin" -> "Manteca" > "Gin." The "Gin" sections, although largely straightforward, include improvisational playing by Trey. "Manteca" includes "Golden Age" jamming, with fans thus dubbing this version the "GoldenGinTeca."
2011-05-28 Manteca Bethel, NY 1:44 -> in from "Gin." The jamming just before and during this "Manteca" includes teases of "Golden Age," causing fans to dub this version the "GoldenGinTeca." > back to "Gin."
2011-05-28 Gin Bethel, NY 0:59 > in from "Manteca" to end this fine version.
2011-05-28 BDTNL Bethel, NY 12:10 The band incorporates a lot of "DEG" teasing/jamming into the standard format. The mood shifts back and forth from bright to dark several times, with "DEG"-like playing at various times throughout, before returning to "BDTNL." A very cool version.
2011-05-28 Makisupa Bethel, NY 7:35 An energetic, funky jam emerges at around 5:30 after some chanting on "House." This is a fun, well-played version.
2011-05-28 Hood Bethel, NY 12:38 This "Hood" has a really nice jam that sounds similar to "Faht" at times. Returns to "Hood" to close.
2022-07-22 Golgi Bethel, NY 6:38 While there are scores of clever ways to approach this surprise show opener, it's simple enough to say that those with a stub in hand were on hand for some of the summer's best music. Forget that those who simply love the song heard precision play; Trey, post some of his coolest rhythm guitar (it's such a great song), tacks on an utterly atypical jam segment, but one that, like charming a snake, feels mesmerizing, organic, and pure. And the crowd is there to help stick the landing. What a terrific moment. (See 8.6.22 for more fun play.)
2022-07-22 Sample Bethel, NY 14:18 > from a jammed out "Golgi Apparatus", the band plays what was at the time the longest version of "Sample" to date. Some slinky work by Page kicks this jam off and the rest of the band follows suit. The jam eventually winds its way back to the song proper, as was custom in Summer '22.
2022-07-22 Gumbo Bethel, NY 9:23 In a summer full of surprise jamming tunes, the return of the "Gumbo" jam is surely one of the most welcome for fans of the song's output from '97-'03. This longest version since that heyday touches on familiar staccato funk and upbeat calypso before ending with a rough-and-tumble -> to "Saw it Again".
2022-07-22 Timber Ho Bethel, NY 8:37 Before there was "Plasma," Phish explored similar sonic terrain via "Timber," a soulful cover with dark undertones, rich and dynamic Fish, a tune affording space for Trey to deliver some of his most devilish licks. No surprise, then, that following one of 22's most inventive opening sequences, the "science" here so applies, a version arguably featuring the best "Timber" full-band improvisation since... Well, who cares: Just tune in for some of the Finest in the Nation.
2022-07-22 YEM Bethel, NY 24:17 The ongoing "YEM" revolution of '21-22 continues in the idyllic setting of Bethel Woods. After a competent if not perfect composed section, the band delivers a potent Type 1 romp in the post-tramps jam. This then gives way to a lively, if brief Drums and Bass section with Mike slathering edgy distortion all over the place. A brief vocal jam ensues, followed by Trey picking up his guitar and building a 60s soul-esque groove out of the VJ ether. This builds to an uplifting, spirited jam with multiple Trey-led peaks.
2022-07-23 Vultures Bethel, NY 7:33 There's Utica. There's Mann. Since 09, however, one can easily argue this is the band's best performance of a song that, when examining its history -- like "The Wedge," or, to a lesser degree, "Esther"-- shifts shapes through a number of manifestations and, as such, deserves extra consideration. Or not. Simply enjoy an excellent rendition that, true to any form, features on-point Fish and incredible Trey.
2022-07-23 Undermind Bethel, NY 13:05 After a strong Trey led first jam, rather than the expected ending, we get 6 or so minutes of extended jamming kicked off by a "Moo" sample from Fishman and delay runs from Trey. Never straying too far, but enhanced with synthy flourishes from Page, the jam becomes moodier and darker before taking on a relaxed and dreamy vibe that brightens to a conclusion and > to FEFY.
2022-07-23 C&P Bethel, NY 16:45 Leaving "Crosseyed" behind after 6:00, this version gallops into a beautifully layered jam on the back of some great work from Fish which runs through 14:00 when it tilts back towards home with sludgy electro effects until > "Miss You".
2022-07-23 Set Your Soul Free Bethel, NY 21:01 "Fourth quarter" magic. No two ways about it. A brief straightforward jam follows the song proper, followed by a brief "Crosseyed" tease/jam. The band then proceeds to dive perilously deep into wide-open space. Musical pivots abound everywhere without hesitation. The band members challenge each other both rhythmically and harmonically to deliver a jam that is high energy, dark, complex, and dissonant at times while never becoming disjointed. Imagine the 8/6/21 "Simple" crossed with some of the deepest moments of a Summer '95 "Tweezer" jam. Magnificently intense music, must-hear. "
2022-07-23 Twist Bethel, NY 12:57 The celebratory yin to the set's preceding yang in the form of a wickedly dense "SYSF", this jam starts off pretty mellow and gets slightly more askew with a descending pattern at 7:00 and shortly thereafter starts the climb to the mountaintop and later erupts with an exaltation of "Still Waiting" at the summit.
2022-07-23 Fire Bethel, NY 5:58 Google: "Trey Anastasio and Chris Cottrell" and you'll find a very real post from Trey expressing just how much he loved Chris, and the love they shared for Hendrix. Best friends, they regularly played Jimi on the stereo, standing in front of the speakers together with Chris leaning into Trey's face yelling: 'Stain!!! Listen to that sustain!' Chris, frequently backstage, would cheer as Trey walked on, saying: "Stain! Sustaaaiiiin!" It'd be nice to think that Trey, back at Bethel, channeled not just his inner-Jimi, but Chris, as well, when, improbably, closing an impossibly cool encore, he lays the "Star Spangled Banner," just rife with sustain, atop the others who continue to run through "Fire." Amazing.
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