During Wilson, Trey said he repeated a verse because he was extra excited his friend Rog (Roger Holloway) was in attendance. My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own was last played on December 28, 2010 (109 shows). Prior to the start of the second set, Trey was given a Red Sox jersey (with "Phish" and "13" on the back) and draped it from Page's piano. Waves was preceded by a "Charge!" tease by Page. DWD was unfinished. Ghost contained alternate lyrics.
Charge! tease
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2013 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

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Review by cristilclear

cristilclear This was a solid show as any Phish show goes. If you like the dark thread then this show had it. Wolfman's>Wilson started the stitch. Curtain With was meticulously played and dug quite deep. There was much digging to be had last night. They took their time with the whole first set and it felt long. The Rift through MMGAMOIO was kinda poppy but the last two songs upheld the thick dark thread and somewhere in there Gordo twanged out a couple very fresh bass lines (the kind that probably required some practice) and then dropped a gigantic bass bomb. I think he dropped that sort of earth-shattering bomb last year at Worcester too. It's distinguishable from other "bombs" because the building actually shakes and people who weren't necessarily paying attention shudder and look fearful.
Waves, a beautiful second set opener maintained the darkness into Carini and then Prince Caspian came along and womp womp womp woooooooomp. Right around here my friend, who hadn't seen a show all summer nor fall until now, said, "Way to bring the show down," when Numberline followed the Prince. I assured him, "they have been ripping up Numberline hard". Which they did. Ghost maintained more darkness (which we like), Dirt is one of my favorite songs, DWD, eh. Sneaking Sally was a nice alternative to Boogie On. I wondered if they would play both of those songs in the same set. Cavern was nice placement out of Sally. The Antelope tied up the dark stitch nicely. During the Suzy, that friend of mine said, "Ok, time to go Cristilclear". "Uh. Uh," was my reply. Good thing. I suppose some people could take or leave the Rocky Top>Good Times but I'm calling that four- song encore a third set and I"LL TAKE IT because there is no where else I'd rather be then right there in Phish's very large pocket. Good Times has been solid all summer and continues to be this fall. Party on!
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Review by SlavePhan

SlavePhan Very likely the best 3.0 show I've seen. Chalk that up to wonderful song selections that can just make a show (see Vultures instead of, say, Ocelot, and Curtain With instead of, say, Yarmouth Road) in addition to beautiful and thoughtful jamming.

This was my first Centrum show in 15 years ('98) so I was very excited to be back. I noticed a strong start with a highly energetic Wolfman's. Wolfman's, to be sure, can often be a 6 minute automatic song, but this was a nice treat. Trey flubbed the lyrics during Wilson, which, he explained, were because he was excited that his friend Rog (Roger Halloway) was in attendance.

A well-executed Curtain With was very nicely placed and boy the composed section was well done. I was also really happy with the (near) end of the set Vultures, a song that isn't often played, but really varies things up, is spicy, and gives Fish some wonderful breaks.

A fan presented Trey with a Red Sox jersey at the start of set 2, which prompted a Let's Go Red Sox cheer, and a charge tease from Page. Trey put it up on Page's organ for the remainder of the show.

I just loved the Waves call, mainly because it had been over 10 years since I had seen Waves, but also because this is such a wonderful mechanism for the band to jam in two different spots (the lilting jam in the main part of the song, but also the feedback ambient end). The second-jam this night was a gorgeous 5 minute expo, riddled with some back-lighting. It was so somber - almost hauntingly so.

Carini was a great choice after this, too, mainly because the song has been such a great vehicle as of late. I thought Page lingered on the clav a little too long in this one, but hey, at least they were listening to each other. I'll take that over a 5 minute Tube any day.

I absolutely dug Number Line - things were really clicking and I thought it was one of the better versions I had heard. But the real meat of this show is this 13 minute Ghost(ing), which features a lyrical flub by Trey to start, along with some jabs from Fish. Right along 7 minutes, after a clunky start, Trey fiddles with a few notes and the band begins to launch into a soaring yet still somber jam - it reminded me a lot of the Tweezer from Charlotte a few years back (8.26.12) - and I was just happy that the band extended the musical idea for quite a while, even continuing into a gorgeous groove after the main peak somewhat died down. Afterwards, the woman next to me, and older vet, yelled out 'thank you...finally'. She was as happy as I was to have heard a nice sustained and well-executed jam like that.

The Dirt choice was, again, just so great and it was little things like this that made the show sparkle. In the past 4 years, I would've normally expected another slow song of average muster ( read: Joy, Broken Heart), but Dirt, which hadn't been played in 47 shows, was so much more fulfilling (and a song I enjoy so much more, too). That was followed by a DwD which was short, but contained a just beautiful outro few minutes which drifted quietly down, guided by a series of Trey-chords that worked wonders.

At this point, they probably could've called it a night and I would've been happy. But Sally was a treat, as was the post-Cavern Antelope that I don't think many people saw coming. 4 song encore was long and unexpected and we could tell that the band was really happy.

In short, one to relisten to. I'm as critical as you'll find out there, but this was really an absolute hell of a show. It made the 3 hour drive back to New Hampshire the same night totally worth it.
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Review by Doopes

Doopes Let me know if I'm totally wrong on this... but wasn't there a living after midnight tease toward the end the 2nd set or in the encore?... and wasn't there diff lyrics to ghost?... I swear trey was adding something? Idk?
But w that being said...
First set was good... great opener w Funky Bitch... Wolfmans was solid... loved the 46 days set closer!!
2nd set started a lil slow for me. . Would have rather got a PYITE.... but wouldn't we all!.
The carini was totally funktified and was a big highlight for me!... the Cavern and Antelope were amazing as well..
The encore that never ended... Contact, fun...Suzy, awesome... Rocky Top (hadn't gotten one since 96!! Lol) and then Good x Bad x!!! Amazing way to end it!!
Overall good show!!
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Review by n00b100

n00b100 Fall 2013 is (to me) my favorite jaunt in Phish's long and storied career since Fall 1999, but that wasn't written in the stars or anything; after the disappointing Rochester show, we'd essentially had one damn good show, two reasonably good shows (the other Hampton shows), and a below-average show (although I still have a soft spot for Light -> GA) one-third of the way in. It is only with this show - after a pretty good "brake-testing" show in Glens Falls - that the tour really achieved liftoff, as everything from here to Atlantic City boasts strong second sets. With the tour having concluded, it's worth going back and looking at the four show Worcester-Hartford-Reading run, as good a four show stretch as the band has put together.

Set 1 is probably the most diverse song-wise of the run, with a bustout in MMGAMOIO, an always-welcome Cities, another very good Type I Wolfman's (which feels like a way for the band to work their chops into form for the second set), and a Curtain With to boot. Set 2 starts off with a truly overlooked jam sequence, led off with a "Charge!" tease just so we know the band means business (and were keeping up with the World Series). Waves, which deserves a much better fate than the marginalization it's received in 3.0, leads things off, and the outro works itself into a mid-tempo rock jam that dissolves into space and then rebuilds into a Mike-led SPAC Melt-esque jam, powerful without being ponderous, before Trey pushes into Carini. And this Carini, while short, is my favorite moment of the set, as Fish steps into a driving beat and the band locks into a groove, with Trey offering some nice licks, before things get weird and plinko-y (a weird effect randomly entering like the Tahoe Light), Page takes over, and things ride out to a fuzzy, atonal finish.

Caspian and #L come next, and any disappointment over two "song" songs taking up 2nd set real estate is washed away as Ghost steps up to the plate. Ghost dips into a minor-chord pool, in which the band wades for a spell while searching for a next move, then go into a big-time hose jam (which they did in Hampton, but hey), Trey ripping off his usual trills with Page leaning hard on the organ, then as the jam dies away the whistling notes of Dirt are heart. Dirt is a nice landing pad to give the crowd a breather, then the fog of noise that means DWD surprisingly starts up (surprisingly, since we are nearly an hour in), and the band takes DWD for a short yet no less welcome ride. Fun standard versions of Sally, Cavern, and Antelope close the set, then comes another surprise - a four-song curfew-busting encore to really send things out on a high note.

Final thoughts, part 1: the weakest show of the 4-show run, but you can surely see the scare quotes around "weakest". A very good show to set up the next three nights, with a second set that keeps up its energy from open to close and features a very good jam sequence in Waves/Carini.

Final thought, pt. 2: how is it @deceasedlavy heard one thing, and yet everybody else on this review page heard something else?
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Review by Errand_Wolfe

Errand_Wolfe Excellent show, my first of the tour. Probably the best song selection thus far, in my opinion.

There was a long delay getting people in the door, so get there early folks! They started late and played a couple of standards so folks wouldn't miss anything "big." Funky Bitch and Wolfman's.

The show truly took flight with a rousing Wilson, with the crowd really getting into it. WILLLLLSONNN!!!!

Curtain (With) is always a treat. The Cypress crowd must have been in low attendance, as there wasn't the usual pop for "We follow the lines going south!"

Cities hit the sweet spot, and Rift was solid.

Free was pretty sloppy, except for the final harmonies which were the best I've heard in years.

Then My Mind's Got A Mind Of Its Own... blew my mind. Haven't heard that one in AGES!

Vultures is always at the top of my want-to-hear list, and they ripped it up. A rockin' 46 Days closed out the first set.

The 2nd set started with a beautiful Waves, followed by a face melting Carini. They really ripped into that one.

A sloppy and unfinished Prince Caspian followed, as well as Backwards Down The Number Line which is one of those songs that tends to take the steam out of the crowd. Overplayed in the extreme. But they played it well, and drew the crown into the choruses.

Ghost was funky, with lyrics changed to (I believe) "I never told you, the Story of Lugosi" - perhaps to commemorate Bela Lugosi's 131st birthday on October 20th?? 5 days late, but still cute. The jam was a madly dark funk-fest that was one of the highlights of the show!

Once again, Phish hit the sweet spot with a spot on performance of Dirt. I always love to hear that one.

Next up was my personal most-overplayed-song-ever -- Down With Disease. Did they tear it up? Of course they did! But man, can I possibly go two shows in a row WITHOUT hearing DWD?!?

DWD went unfinished, and went into a fantastic Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley that really got the crowd moving again.

Cavern came next. A very solid one, the crowd actually giving an extra cheer once Trey got through the lyrics! Way to go, memory circuits!

Run Like An Antelope wrapped up set two and was good, not the best I've heard. But it always serves to make people happy, and there's nothing wrong with that!

We were then treated to an unheard of FOUR SONG ENCORE! Contact was such a perfectly sublime choice. It touched all the right notes, musically and emotionally, and drew everyone together. The dance party exploded once more with Suzy Greenberg. Rocky Top followed, solid as usual. I always get a kick out of this one.

They ended with what I consider to be their best version of Good Times, Bad Times that I've ever hear. What a way to go out!

Well done, boys!
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Review by cristilclear

cristilclear Oh yes, after reading everyone else's reviews I was reminded of a couple things.
First, Kuroda's light show did kick something up a notch last night. Those tunnels, spinny lights that roll all over everything: well, he created one big tunnel with the spot lights while fading in and out of brilliantly subtle hues of purple, green red and such. This tunnel effect was 3-dimensional, creating an illusion of light that was holographic in nature. It was very transforming and nothing I've experienced before. Kudos to Kuroda indeed.
Secondly, Trey did sing different lyrics in Ghost. Well, I guess it was Ghost. Sometimes they all roll into one. But he mentioned JACK. And then during the Suzy, again Jack was mentioned. Fishman said, "We told you about Jaaaaack". You can speculate about which Jack is in order here. I'm guessing one, Jack B. McConnell. Which opens a whole other pandora's box of reference. We know what he can do.
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Review by pikepredator

pikepredator Really strong show, start to finish. The band had the courtesy to get funky bitch out of the way while we were finding our seats. They were locked in for the next three tunes. typically HOT wolfmans, then curtain with was beautiful!! the highlight of set I, it really showcased the best aspects of 2013 phish. very emotive playing. Vultures 46 days was an unexpected and satisfying way to close the set after four typical tunes. vultures had the woo-ing during the ending (which led to a little confusion as to if the song would ever end . . .) and since trey wanted it to happen I woo'd along in spite of myself. fortunately it was the only appearance of the woos and I think that is just the right amount.

during setbreak my buddy commented that set I seemed a little short, I told him I'd trade the Taste>Cavern for more meat in set II. turned out to be pretty accurate as set II was almost 90 minutes of very solid phish. Waves>Carini delivered the goods, strong jamming out of the gate. both songs went to great places, carini in particular found a superjuicy groove, don't sleep on it just because it's short. it was the highlight of the show for me. Caspian #line was a good palate cleanser before the really strong 4th quarter. no long jams but each one made it's point, Ghost was creepy before building to a firey peak and settling into a well-placed dirt, then DWD>Sally mirrored the vultures 46 days as being unexpected at that point in the set. Cavern Antelope was frosting, the antelope is short and to the point but also totally unexpected.

and a four-song encore . . . the band didn't want the show to end any more than we did.

can't wait for tonight!!
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by dscott

dscott As at least one other reviewer has commented, this show had a strange dark energy to it. This resonated with my own personal darkness that nearly led me to skip this pair of shows, until the person who shut off the lights last year talked me into getting on the road. So, with a late start I drove like I did when Phish first played at DCentrumU, cursed the traffic jams, threw my bags into a hotel room, paid $35 for parking, and walked into the room just as the band hit the stage.

Bunky Fitch was a harmless kick-start of an opener. Wolfman's snarled hard from the get-go, and it delivered a straightforward staccato funk-rock romp. Wilson proved that they can still have fun with their flubs, as Trey made up the Rog and Pete alibi on the fly, looking at nobody in particular as he claimed to spot good ol' Roger in the crowd. The Curtain felt so tenuous and fragile, with a few rough edges, and then With was the triumphant release that it's meant to be. Beautiful pitch-shifting by Trey on the receding jam, more seabirds than whale in its timbre. So glad I didn't skip this show!
Cities was dark and repetitive, like a bleak former bastion of new england industry. Rift kicked us back into the light, the rapid-fire With segment serving as a giddy yin to the darker yang. Free was straightforward and stomp-tastic. Then a surprise that hadn't been played since the last time I saw them in Worcester - Mike's got a voice of his own! Vultures was another nice curveball, performed sprightly, and bringing out the "Woo" in Woostah for the emphatic coda. Speaking of emphatic codas, 46 Days raged type I hose *and* pimps to bring this set to a close.

Waves??? Waves! A dark, brooding opener. The jam is a bit warbly and lurchy, but it finds its slippery footing for a coherent little rock diversion before crashing onto the lumpy shore of Carini. This one got into oozy, No Quarterish territory before suddenly collapsing as Page stood up and walked a few steps away from his keyboards. Then, a jarring start to a hideously disjointed Caspian, which mercifully recovered for a solid albeit brief jam before a surprisingly clean and flowy transition into BDTNL.
Roughness in the verses again, but the show took off and never looked back when Trey shredded his solo like a redheaded maniac. Ghost had the dirty bounce going, and the altered lyrics must have been an inside joke or something. Yep, they're still phucking with us after all these years! Jam had some familiar near-teases as it traversed 3 different mood before getting buried beneath the blissful Dirt. Heartfelt and haunting, as usual. Then, the set opened once again with DWD!! Crisp and sufficiently shreddy, the closing jamlet briefly reprised the story that the Ghost had told (same tease-ish guitar melody), and out of nowhere they're Sneakin' Sally into the setlist! Relatively brief version, but authoritative and they seriously stick the landing on the vocal jam. Cavern is bouncy and slappy, a tasty little bonus nugget to finish the set...unless an Antelope emerges from the cave with a noteworthy playful gallop. This one gets dark and creepy before the run up to the rye rye.
The encore delivered, and delivered, and delivered, and delivered. Page's solo in Rocky Top is especially worthy of attention, and did I hear Fishman say "proctologist"??? If so, it was apropos for a night on which they kept pulling song after song out of their collective arse.

Long show. Long review. Short version: Thank you, Phish!!!
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by spaceanteloped

spaceanteloped I was attending my phirst show this fine fine fall evening.

Late start though I certainly didn't mind. I was really into this whole atmosphere, driving down to DCU was glorious. The fall leaves all over as we whipped across the highway and twisted up to the venue.

My brother and me, he scored some tickets 2 nights before, calling me at work to get to night off.

Musically, I'm actually gonna admit I knew a fraction of the songs presented. MMGAMOIO, 46 Days, Ghost (yes, the alternated lyrics, but really, no other band could fuck with this, sounds tighter than any other song, also check out the Suzy Greenburg) Oh, and they played Contact for me [:
I was at my 1st show, but my first concert ever. Gold!!
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by ColForbin

ColForbin [Posted as part of the official Phish.net recap of the show]

What set this show apart from so many other 3.0 Phish shows was not the jams to start off the second set, although they were excellent (particularly the dreamlike journey to ambiance and back in "Waves"). What made this show special was the late second set appearance of "Ghost" and "Down with Disease," a time when many other 3.0 shows tend to shift into jukebox Phish and run out the string. "Ghost" in particular featured some soaring major key melodic riffing by Trey that was not unlike the incredible Great Went "Bathtub Gin." A four song encore was gravy on top of one of the best front-to-back second sets I've seen. Must hear.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by vtspeedy

vtspeedy I'll leave opinions about the music to everyone else. Suffice it to say their playing was spot on..But what made the show oh so very good was the flow and the lighting.

The contours of both sets were flawless to my ear and heart. Whether by calculation or by happenstance the setlist reached peaks and released back to slower ballads and around again without ever losing the energy or allowing the crowd's attention to wander. I like Number Line but I don't disagree that Trey's penchant lately for dropping it into the middle of second sets can change the flow rather abruptly. Not last night. Apart from being a great version, it provided a nice release from the intense jamming that preceded it, gave everyone a chance to happily dance for a few minutes before rolling back into the ghostly goo. As did Alaska in the middle of the second set at Glens Falls. . Nice. Likewise Suzy, which often as an encore feels like a bit of a Saturday night throwaway, fit well in the fun four song encore. Happy happy indeed.

Kuroda's lighting this fall deserves big kudos. Gone are the screens and washes from summer tour, replaced with a more focused intensity well-suited for indoor shows. And the crowd loves the raining bubbles and golden twirlies he's painting on the seats behind the stage. We were in section 201 - straight back and up - great seats to witness the full glory of CK's mastery. Its a good show when both the ears and the eyes are completely satiated.

Well maybe not completely satiated. Can't friggin' wait for tonight. Gonna be massive.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by TooManyUrkels

TooManyUrkels I was at this show with a close friend. My first time dosing in an arena, bugged out a little but had a great time. Late-night Worcester post-Phish is a weird scene, especially so whilst spun. We accidentally went the wrong way coming out of the DCU and ended up by some theater crowded with what I thought were attendees of a Juggalo convention. Strange vibes but made it out alive.

Listening back to my attended shows, this one comes off as a collection of thicc type-1 renditions from top to bottom. Definitely not a bad thing for a Friday night, but not super engaging in hindsight. This show is what 3 stars ratings are for.

Highlights: The Curtain With, Waves > Carini, and the encore
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove Overall, this is a pretty strong show, especially the second set. Highlights:

1) The Curtain With: I always love a Curtain, especially With. Beautiful execution

2) Cities: Nothing too revelatory, but the ending has a cool whammy jam if you are into that kind of thing

3) Waves: The worst part of this jam is its length. I could have enjoyed many more minutes of this. Starts with a throbbing insistence from Mike and Fishman, swept quickly up by Trey into ethereal bliss. Towards the end it gets a little more raging without losing its blissful quality. Unfortunately, its only the beginnings of a truly super jam. Fortunately, it does give way to...

4) Carini: And boy does this Carini get to some very cool places without delay! Very cool plunko jam emerges from Carini's heavy metal jaws and this is dirty funk reserved for the darkness of night. Lots of trippy effects put to good use. Hard to not shake around to this one.

5) BDTNL: I have to agree with the show notes. Good type I jam.

6) Ghost: Silly lyric changes aside, I could maybe understand why this jam is overlooked as it is in the meat of set II and that its kind of a heady, psychedelic meandering rather than party rock. However, its perfect for your early morning coffee and by the time the caffeine kicks in, this motherfucker peaks into a beautiful sunrise hose. Page is particularly great during the hose part of the jam. Good stuff.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by Sunny

Sunny This was my first ever phish show and ill be honest i knew funky bitch ,wolfman, wilson, free, run, suzy and GTBT i was a noob back then. I was also sick that night and after the show i came out to my car window smashed and all my tools stolen. But needless to say it was an amazing show i couldn't wait to go see them again. I recommend the show to everyone and anyone.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by BeenYouToHaveAnySpikeMan

BeenYouToHaveAnySpikeMan Drove all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia with one of my compadres. His first show.

Really fun first set. Nothing particularly special, but the atmosphere was great. Wilson > The Curtain With and Vultures > 46 Days were both nice runs - set ended on a definite energetic high note.

Second set was a mixed bag, but the highs were very high. Waves > Carini was in interesting and rewarding combo, unfortunately followed up by a real stinker of a Caspian. I was personally pissed about this, because a certain Japanese Caspian is one of my favourite live Phish songs of all time and this was the first Caspian I've ever heard live, so I had high hopes. Backwards Down the Number Line, normally kind of a lame song to me, was pretty great by comparison, but when Ghost hit… wow. Just wow. I thought, "This is going to be the highlight of the weekend!" I was wrong. Dirt was a nice little ditty. More a piss break than anything, but for those of us that didn't have to go it was a calming little rest stop before Trey did his usual steal-your-face with an above-average DWD. Not as good as the DWD I saw in Toronto on my birthday (7/22/13), but still a very solid rendition. Sally felt kind of like just a convenient landing spot for a band that maybe had overextended a bit on DWD, but it was well-executed if not particularly memorable. Cavern was very well done to me - "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes!"

For me though, the highlight of this show and the highlight of the weekend was the set-closing Antelope. I really don't understand how people haven't been giving this one the respect it deserves. No, it's not the funkiest Antelope, but it's something better; it's an ever-accelerating, dark, jazzy thing of beauty. I really can't recommend it more. What a set closer!

The encore was everything you've heard: practically it's own set at four songs, it begins with the lullaby that is Contact. I told my buddy, "Sorry bud, guess they're wasted after that second set, looks like we're getting a group hug for an encore, great first show though." How wrong I was! Suzy was ripped ferociously by all involved, Rocky Top was a fun little jamboree, and the night ended with a rocking Zeppelin take that had us falsely looking forward to the upcoming Halloween show when we should have just been anticipating a reprise the next night, when they laid down a killer "No Quarter".

Cheers Phans, and to those of you who were there, thanks. New England was beautiful this fall, I'll follow the line going south anytime.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by dogogbyn

dogogbyn Fall tour 2013 was indeed a blast and marked a high point in 3.0 Phish. I don't have much to add to the already stellar and well-written reviews here. However, I would recommend (given that you have time) a listen to the Backwards > Ghost > Dirt > Disease segment of the show. Of course the Waves > Carini gets the most phan attention--and with good reason. Yet there's something about a mid-to-late second set Disease--a Disease that doesn't have to sit in the opener slot--that's so pleasing. Great show, great crowd, and I feel lucky to have been there.
, attached to 2013-10-25


FACTSAREUSELESS To my fellow fan who thinks Trey is treating Phish as a curious side-project.....well, you clearly don't know the man. I see someone who is winning at life at the moment and thoroughly enjoying the ride like a kid. He and his bandmates have great joy in their playing and I believe they are pushing the envelope forward these days, not riding out the string like many bands have done and continue to do.

Anyway, the show....Very good show with high energy. I don't have a lot to add to many excellent comments above other than to say that this Carini is overwhelmingly powerful. It took my breath away. What a groove. What a musical statement. As they ended the piece it seemed to me that the whole band sort of looked at each other in amazement and kind of didn't know what to do next. I think the disjointed Caspian reflected this. But they recovered and played a whale of set to finish things off in high style. But this Carini....man there's no other band on the planet right now that couldn't pulled that off.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by Phishsx78

Phishsx78 I will admit I was not at this show, nor any others during fall tour, but I did listen to the fall tour and one time I stayed at a holiday inn...seriously this show is absolutely beautiful. How is this not the best show of fall tour? I don't get it? I love you.
, attached to 2013-10-25

Review by shdavis745

shdavis745 This was show number 10 for me, and what an awesome night to celebrate. My friends and I made it into Worcester later than expected thanks to Massachusetts traffic. One of my buddies and I came up on a pair of floor tickets, which cost more than I'd really wanted to spend, but why the hell not? For whatever reason, floors could only enter through one door on the back of the DCU which we found after 45 minutes of waiting in lines, only to be sent away by security. We finally made it into the venue about halfway through Funky Bitch. The first set was incredible. I felt that the band was connecting with each other better than I'd ever seen before. The Curtain With, MMGAMOIO and Vultures were all new to me and were all well played. That 46 Days though! Man oh man that was genius! We ended the first set satisfied and ready for more. Waves > Carini is an ambient rock odyssey, and set the pace for what was yet to come. The rest of the second set was just amazing, and it's hard pick highlights. It's also worth saying that Kuroda was on fire as well, his lighting seemed to accent what the band was doing in such a perfect way. The four song encore was a real treat as well. Every time the lights would go down, I'd start collecting my things to beat the rush out, but they just kept coming back with more (Very Return of the King if you ask me). Contact and Suzy Greenberg are always fun for me, but the crowning jewell was the best Good Times Bad Times I've ever listened to. I'm a huge ZepHead so it always gets me stoked to hear. We left Worcester with our faces melted and minds blown, stoked for night two. In short I'd really have to say that this is the best show I've seen them play, which multiple people have reminded me I say after EVERY show. Which is true, because that's what keeps bringing me back, but this one is definitely special. Here's to ten more!
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Review by Wombat60045

Wombat60045 Phriends-

What I meant was "GO-STING" not "Ghost-Sting".

I was so excited that I was the first to notice that I made some type-o's...

Let's hope for another Barn Burner tonight in Woostah!!

Unfortunately you have to write X amount long in order for your comment to be published on this phishy site... So I'm going to ramble for a while. Thanks for listening!!

I was raised a Dead Head but turned onto Phish in 1993. What blows my mind about Phish is their ability to literally throw down night after night. It's very rare that the boys don't throw down like Rochester a couple nights back...

With regard to Fall Tour 2013... I webcasted 10/19 Hampton Coliseum last Saturday with my girlfriend on a gigantic flat screen. To make a long story short, the music was phenomenal as were the lights... The boys came back the next night 10/20 and totally destroyed the Hampton and you all know what I'm talking about. Then last night, 10/25, they in my opinion top the 10/20 show. Jesus Christ!!

I'm I grateful to have Phish and a lover that will share the experience with me and even join me on the road most of the time!

I'm done now.
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Review by Wombat60045

Wombat60045 Phellow Phriends-

I'm shocked that I'm the first to post the following comment. My phriends and I were listening to last night's Ghost this morning and noticed the following Halloween hint. During Ghost Trey says something to the affect of "Ghosting", but what Trey is really insinuating is "Ghost-Sting", perhaps in reference to Sting's album "Synchronicity" which it's the albums 30th Anniversary. Boy would I be pissed that I settled for NYE MSG over Halloween in the boys are busting Synchronicity out in a couple days.

Happy Halloween Kids!
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Review by mblum

mblum These guys are on fire.

I had been listening to 10/20, but then 10/23 was so joyously good I got captivated by it. Now godamit I’m mesmerized by last night’s 10/25 show. How can they find all that new funk in Wolman’s after all these years? Ask ‘em. All four of ‘em: page is owning it right now and Mike found a baseline so badass natural (over and over, but check around 5:50-6:50) it’s shocking they didn’t write it that way in the first place. Carini is entirely brand new. How the hell do they do that. So psyched to return to Atlantic City!
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Review by beerman

beerman Plenty of good comments on the music already. What I really enjoyed the most was the energy of the crowd and how well the guys played off that. There were moments when it felt like the crowd was driving the music, and other times when the music was driving the crowd.

The first set was hot and funky. Happy we were blessed WITH (was beautiful)! Page was all over the keys last night and just killed it every tune. Second set went through varied moods from mellow jams, back to funk madness and ended on an always-great-set-closing Antelope.

Yeah that encore was incredible. We were seated behind the stage and it was great watching Trey motion "one more" to Fish after Suzy and Rocky Top. What a great night of music and fun.

Take care of your shoes!
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Review by vtspeedy

vtspeedy I'll leave opinions about the music to everyone else. Suffice it to say their playing was spot on..But what made the show oh so very good was the flow and the lighting.

The contours of both sets were flawless to my ear and heart. Whether by calculation or by happenstance the setlist reached peaks and released back to slower ballads and around again without ever losing the energy or allowing the crowd's attention to wander. I like Number Line but I don't disagree that Trey's penchant lately for dropping it into the middle of second sets can change the flow rather abruptly. Not last night. Apart from being a great version, it provided a nice release from the intense jamming that preceded it, gave everyone a chance to happily dance for a few minutes before rolling back into the ghostly goo. As did Alaska in the middle of the second set at Glens Falls. . Nice. Likewise Suzy, which often as an encore feels like a bit of a Saturday night throwaway, fit well in the fun four song encore. Happy happy indeed.

Kuroda's lighting this fall deserves big kudos. Gone are the screens and washes from summer tour, replaced with a more focused intensity well-suited for indoor shows. And the crowd loves the raining bubbles and golden twirlies he's painting on the seats behind the stage. We were in section 201 - straight back and up - great seats to witness the full glory of CK's mastery. Its a good show when both the ears and the eyes are completely satiated.

Well maybe not completely satiated. Can't friggin' wait for tonight. Gonna be massive.
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Review by deceasedlavy

deceasedlavy Trey's playing in this show was mostly atrocious. If you listen, you'll hear, most prominently during Wolfman's, Wilson, Cities, Free, Antelope and GTBT, that he's scarcely staving off ugly feedback groans. It's just a total lack of precision. I'd say maybe half of his chords in Curtain were crisp and correct. Fish seems to have lost a step as well, and the two were not at all in synch, battling each other for control of the tempo in Curtain, Carini and Caspian especially. Mike seemed to be the only one trying to generate interesting motifs for the others to gel with, but nobody else was listening. Carini was the obvious highlight, maybe ten minutes of somewhat original music in that jam before Fish jarringly slowed it down and murdered it. Ghost was generic bliss rock default jam for the 47th time this year. Trey suddenly caught fire for a couple minutes in Disease and it was glorious. Otherwise, it's kind of telling how often Trey cracks up during this show; Phish is kind of a joke to him these days, something fun to do in his spare time. And as recently as last year it seemed like he was actually taking this thing seriously.
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