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I Can't Turn You Loose tease in Gumbo
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "1999 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1999-10-01

Review by antelopehood

antelopehood This was a very solid show that doesn't get much recognition, hence, this being the 1st review, and the show happened in 1999.
The 1st set looks pretty standard on paper, but it was full of energy, and very well played.
The 2nd set just seemed to flow so perfectly. And of course, you thought Fluffhead would surely close it out, but good ole Slave decided to put an exclamation on the night. I'll take any 2nd set that includes Antelope, Fluff, and Slave. And a little Hendrix for an encore? Please and thank you.
, attached to 1999-10-01

Review by PunkDwarf

PunkDwarf This Gin is top notch Trey stuff. Check it out.
, attached to 1999-10-01

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This is an overall fantastic show with a few bumps along the way.

Set 1 is pretty straight forward until Gin kicks in. This Gin jam starts out with some beautiful loop layering by Trey, followed by some great hose. Into some great tension and release peaks, top notch. Limb By Limb is the only other notable song from this set, standing out above a lot of average versions throughout the year. It picks up about midway as Trey goes faster and faster into a great peak at the end.

Set 2 has Antelope in the odd slot of 2nd song. This version contains a great extended mid section. No type 2 and nothing really new but just a great lengthy Antelope mid section that any Antelope fan needs to hear. Gumbo goes Type II early into some great funk interplay, and dips into a subtle dark groove. Julius contains a slightly extended solo that Trey tears up. Fluffhead is pretty average and even has a little flub at times. But they way I see it is after the first half of this set Fluff is a fantastic cherry on top. Slave is also very strong containing some very patient Trey, excellent execution. Bold as Love? Well it did what it does.

This is a very very good show. I was on the fence about giving it 5 stars but it was just below the consistency I would give to a 5 star show. Still an excellent show.
, attached to 1999-10-01

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture: This Chalkdust lights the crowd on fire, it’s on!

The Moma Dance > Sparkle, First Tube: Standard and Solid.

Bathtub Gin: Big time hose jam. Crowd gets soaked thoroughly from 13 minutes on. Check out the 16-minute mark. Big time peak! This is an all-timer! Trey is a Jedi!

Heavy Things: Standard.

Limb By Limb: Ripped this one a bit.

Cavern: Standard.

First set summary: Tons of energy, crowd is very hyped. Heard many stories over the years how crazy the lot was pre-show. This surely spilled over to the show, fans sound like they are nuts. No ballads in the first set, lots of ragers, an all-time Gin and a strong Limb. Very nice first set. Here is a great thread on Ames, lots of lot stories: https://www.phantasytour.com/bands/phish/threads/4838775/10-1-99#page/1 />
SET 2: NICU: This was the 5th and last time NICU opened a second set. Fun fact. >

Run Like an Antelope: Is that The Lion Sleeps Tonight tease at 2:45? Listen to how patient and slow that this jam opens and eventually evolves. That is what Phish has been missing since they came back in 2009. I don’t know why that is, but it is sorely missed. I love the effect Trey employs starting at 7:20, sounds like Zeppelin playing Stairway to Heaven backwards. Nice release at 10:49 out of a good amount of tension. Solid Antelope right there.

The Horse > Silent in the Morning: Standard >

Gumbo: Again, like Antelope; just listen to how patient this jam is. This jam revels in the mellow and the murk. 9:35 Trey on mini keyboard. But only briefly (thankfully). Jam is eventually getting louder at 10:20, Page banging on the baby grand. Just a minute later this mellows out again and one more minute later… >

Mountains in the Mist: Lovely, fits perfectly. Beautiful.

Julius: Check out Trey’s held not from 6:28 through about 7:05, impressive. They rip this Julius >

Fluffhead: While not the most technically proficient version, this one has some heart. Listen to Trey’s Fluffhead vocal hold. End shred is very nice! >

Slave to the Traffic Light: This is what we call perfect placement! How about these loops in the composed section, absolutely awesome to ratchet up the intensity and then into that pretties. God, I love this band. Cannot believe how this rowdy got so quiet in the 5:20’s, so much respect for the band. Listen to Trey at 6:55, this is perfection. 8:05 briefly sounds like Ramble On. The crescendo is crushed pretty well, a bit of difficulty but it’s all about the energy, y’all. That Gin in set one is straight fire. I know I am likely overrating this show, but my grade is a 4.4 out of 5. How’s them apples?

ENCORE: Bold As Love: Perfection. Absolute perfection. Nothing says the band is feeling it (for me) like a well-placed Bold as Love. And there you have it, people.

Second set summary: That set just really does it for me. No all-time versions of anything but everything is in its right place with the proper energy. Antelope, Gumbo, Mountains in the Mist, Fluff and Slave all have replay value for me.
, attached to 1999-10-01

Review by ox01a4

ox01a4 So this was my 1st show. I got a free ticket from a friend at Western Illinois University and hopped in a 3 card train of people who had already been fans. I had heard a live one and liked some of the songs. I had no idea how this would change my appreciation for live music. Since I had little frame of reference there was not many songs I knew. I missed Chalk dust as we were still trying to get into the show.

The first thing that hit me was the light show, and how the entire audience was completely in tune and entranced with what was happening on stage and above the stage. We did not stay in our seats the whole show and were kind of hopping from area to area so it was cool to get different views. I think this was just during set break but it has been 20+ years so who knows. I guess some folks had seats one place or another and there was what I know know as the traditional shuffle of moving to the best open area which can accommodate your friends.

They closed with a song I knew from a live one which was great and by the time they covered Bold as love I was already sold.
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