The Moma Dance included Funky Bitch teases and Tweezer included Funk #49 teases. This was the first ever Meatstick to feature Japanese lyrics and Trey flubbed the words while attempting to sing them. Bouncing included a brief outro solo from Trey, which replaced the usual closing guitar lick. This show was re-broadcast on Japanese television.
Funky Bitch tease in The Moma Dance, Funk #49 tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "2000 Summer Japan Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez i just gave this show a 5 star review, but i have to admit, it was only for the tweezer. this bad boy is a monster. this is the best tweezer they played since '94. trey is all over this one, and the funk 49 teases are a mix of hilarious and power house rocking. the rest of the boys aren't slacking on this one either. as for the rest of the show, there is some good solid playing. taste is well played. funky bitch wails, and you have to love the 2000 moma dances. outside of a nice mango song and a solid jibboo, the rest of the second set after tweezer does not do much for me. a nice yem encore, on the other hand, does.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by mcgrupp81

mcgrupp81 Go listen to this Tweezer.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove Incredible Tweezer!!! The sudden emergence of Bouncing is superb and invigorating. I like the flow of set I, interesting choices. Axilla starts the energy at 10. Taste keeps the energy going and then the always sublime billy breathes appears. I particularly enjoyed first tube from set I. As already mentioned, Tweezer is the highlight of set II and the whole show. The rest of set II features great playing, but pales in comparison to the Tweezer. The flubbed Japanese lyrics for Meatstick was indeed humorous, and the YEM encore is just icing on the cake, and is a good way to end on a high note for a high energy crowd. Overall, great show, great energy. I wish I weres there (kind of a dumb statement, considering I wish I weres at all phish shows). If you listen to one thing from this show, make it the Tweezer and bouncing around the room that follows.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by life_boy

life_boy What a great way to kick off the 2000 Japan mini-tour. “Axilla > Taste” is fantastic, a great pairing. “Billy Breathes” may look weird as the third song in the set but it is gorgeous. “Funky Bitch” has a fun, deconstructed jam in the middle. “First Tube” is always fantastic and a great expression of 00s Phish jam synthesis and a blistering “Chalkdust Torture” is always hard to beat. Set I is fantastic, a nice mix of songs and dynamics, and the band sounds hyped and energized by the out-of-context location (both culturally and physically, with the smaller venue). Great performances of great songs.

Set II is when the band reaches for the stratosphere with an intense 30 minute “Tweezer.” Overall, it’s a beautiful, intense full-band jam. I have never heard a pitch for this version, never heard it referenced anywhere that I consciously recognized. I discovered it quite by accident which makes it all the more magical and is part of what continues to draw me in as a Phish fan. Things like this exist out there, in places you least expect. But I also want to mention that the pairing with “Bouncing Around the Room” may not look awesome on paper but it is so perfect when you hear it. The crowd loved it and it is a great uplift after the epic journey we just took. After that “Tweezer,” its understandable that the rest of the set feels a bit like a cool down. “Squirming Coil” is beautiful, “Jibboo” is so perfectly 2000 Phish, the first “Meatstick” with the Japanese lyric section, and a high energy “Tweeprise” to end it. “You Enjoy Myself” won’t get any write-ups on JamCharts but it’s a wonderful cherry on top of a fantastic show.

Jam junkies will only care about the “Tweezer” but I hope that many who love the Drum Logos show will take some time to soak in what Phish were doing overall on this mini-tour. It's not Drum Logos but it is a great peek at the band in a more intimate setting, really the last time that will happen ever (it seems). I love it. I have listened to it twice back-to-back and it certainly won’t be the last time.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ This show probably deserves an extra 0.1 or 0.2 stars, imo. I'm convinced it would get there if it had a nice official SBD remaster. Early first set is a gentle wade into the water with a great Taste, careful Billy Breathes, and crowd-hyped Golgi. The back half of the set is bangers only and the energy is through the damn roof. Slamming Funky Bitch jam, a rockin Moma and First Tube, and a huge fireball of a CDT.

Second set is a little controversial. Is this Tweezer good or is it just long? My answer is that it's both. i think if you were to split this jam into two, it would capture two great Tweezers, the first a bit more '99 in style and the second a bit more summer '97. Idk man if you put em together it sounds great to me. Not deep-end exploratory like the 93-95 era, but it's 30 minutes of fantastic grooving with enough dynamic variation and rearrangement to keep me engaged. In any event, the rest of the set continues the party with a really energetic Mango Song, a beautifully inspired Squirming Coil, a cool Jibboo, and the first Japanese Meatstick in history. Add in a YEM encore with the first B&D segment in while and hey, I'm happy.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by theghost

theghost I couldn't agree more with DemandOpener about this Tweezer... he's a little kind if anything. I just gave this one my full attention and I simply don't get the love for this. 30+ minutes at an extremely slow tempo, and virtually zero fresh ideas. So much brain-dead, auto-pilot noodling from Trey...sigh. But I never enjoyed 2.0 either so take my opinion as you will. Check out the Atlanta Tweezer from a couple of weeks later (6/24/00). That one is MILES better than this one and a big favorite of mine.
, attached to 2000-06-09

Review by DemandOpener

DemandOpener 6/9/00 Set 1:
No doubt about it, this is a winner of a set. On-Air East starts off strong and sloppy with an Axilla I chockablock with crowd energy. This energy manifests on stage as a Taste tsunami crashing on Tokyo shores. This Taste isn't jam charted, but finds some really nice space immediately and culminates in a torrential downpour of swirling guitar and crash cymbals. An "earned" Billy Breathes follows, perhaps a bit earlier than would normally make sense, but eventually wins over a chatty, excitable crowd with some watery effect-laden playing from Trey.
Poor Heart, Golgi, and Funky Bitch follow and are effective as a punchy trio to whip the crowd back up into a frenzy again.

A brief interlude into Moma showcases some atypical, quiet playing/singing from Fish and is a really nice way to kick off the final frame of the set. The enthusiasm for the moment spills over into a ferocious First Tube > Chalk Dust combo, which serves as the knockout punch to this "Japanese" Phish crowd. A lot of shows are described as "You had to be there", but this one on tape, you can really imagine what it might have been like: エネルギー!

I've made a few enemies discussing how I think that this Tweezer--all 30 minutes of it--is a bloated, overrated mess. In the car, on lot, during setbreak, at the urinal, any time a discussion about the Tokyo Tweezer pops up, I just HAVE to get involved. Is the Funk #49 tease awesome? Yes. Is Trey's incendiary guitar work enveloping the ploddingly-paced jam that takes FOREVER to go type II and lacks any major distinct features until about 18 minutes in enough to save this jam from being a hard skip from me every time it pops up in my "long jams" iTunes playlist? No. And yes, I still use iTunes for some reason.

I'm not trying to be negative on purpose; I'm just not seeing what everyone else sees in this Tweezer jam. It collapses in on itself like a dying star at about 15 minutes in, manages to rebuild back into Tweezer, kind of collapses again, does some cool spacy stuff for a while, but doesn't really "pay off" in a meaningful way like other long, challenging 2000 jams do (think Fukuoka Twist, Darien Drowned, etc.). It's not a terrible jam or anything, and is at least worth hearing because I think it does have an audience, but is nowhere near the tour-defining quality that one would likely apply to a 30+ minute jam. The jam does finally start to peak at about 25 minutes in after a good 10 minutes of searching, and it's enjoyable. This peak isn't transcendent or anything, but it's a good one.

The rest of Set 2:
Bouncing is actually about as closed to a jammed out Bouncing as you're going to get, as Trey thoroughly botches the end guitar part and decides to play a nifty little solo instead. Pretty cool!

The rest of the set has some great song selection, some old, some new, a hauntingly gorgeous Coil outro, and a classic YEM. A great way to kick off the Japan 00 tour, and a great show to choose to debut properly my brand new ranking system:

5 stars = All-time, transcendent show (there aren't very many of these)
4 stars = Great show (there are a lot of these)
3 stars = Good show with a few highlights or standout moments (there are a lot of these)
2 stars = Average show (there are a few of these, but Phish usually manages to be a bit better than the "average version of itself)
1 stars = Bad show (there aren't very many of these)

Anyway, this show is a 3/5. You'll want to seek out the entire first set if you can't get enough of high energy Phish, and the Tweezer (YMMV on how much you like it) and YEM from the Set 2.
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