Dave's Energy Guide tease in Twist, Close to the Edge tease in Theme From the Bottom
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This show was part of the "1997 Summer U.S. Tour"

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, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by uctweezer

uctweezer This is a solid show that feels a bit uneven -- there are some lulls in the action, but the high points are very high. In the first set, Gumbo is one for the ages, and in fact is the first ever jammed out Gumbo that was a sign of things to come (8/13/97, 8/3/98, 8/15/98). Ghost is huge too, and has an almost Crosseyed feel to it, before (setlist is mislabeled) > Swept Away > Steep > Loving Cup takes us into the break in unusual fashion. The second set has a rip-roaring extended Antelope early in the set (see what I mean about unusual?), and after Wading, we get one last peak (Twist -> Taste) before a victory lap takes us home. This is a top 10, maybe top 5 ever Twist, that goes full Type II, gets dark as hell, and somehow pulls itself out of the underworld for an uplifting -> Taste. If you only have 30 minutes to spend on this show, go for Twist -> Taste, but if you've got more time on your hands, check out Gumbo, Ghost, and Antelope too.
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by frantic0blivion

frantic0blivion also check out the ghost and twist->taste

some people might not realize, given how it has become more regular since, but twist was one of the lesser played songs from the 97 ghost-era batch of songs, however the band consistently took the jam for type II jaunts when they did play it

this is the first jammed out gumbo and is essential listening

the desert environment does interesting things to the mood of phish as displayed in antelope. check out 9.21 and 9.22.99 to hear more of this sort of thing

7.29 is a strong date for phish with excellent shows in 98 and 03 as well
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by slapadaBASS

slapadaBASS This show contains my all-time favorite Gumbo. So funky, with Page destroying the organ and Fish keeping it interesting throughout.

First jammed and funked out version of a song that I hope makes its return this year as the BEAST it should be.
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO Get this show simply for the 14 min funked-out Gumbo, 20 min out-there, atypical Antelope. Both reaaal nice!
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw Average 1997 is still good.

The show starts out with a typically Theme for 1997 which means a great Theme. Dirt is a very strong version for a song still deep in it's infancy. Ghost (another baby at the time) gets a really nice jam that is nice despite covering common ground of jams before.

A new (and soon to be rearranged) Olivia's Pool takes the experimental freshman set 2 opener spot. It rips quick and goes into a very non traditional Antelope. This freak Antelope veers away from it's typical mid section into deep space. It quickly simmers and builds to an ending that holds more weight because of the build, amazing Antelope. Twist moves into a nice evil jam before drifting into mellow space, fantastic early version (see a theme here?). Smokin Taste (what else is new?). Coil is fantastic and has a very inspired and long piano solo at the end.

Possum is a great encore, enough said.
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman It feels like the reviews and the ratings for this show don’t jive. I loved this show, if I could do 4.5 stars, I would. Gumbo, that Antelope, Twist, a Squirming Coil with hands down one of the best Page solos I’ve heard, and they weren’t in any hurry to leave in the encore. Glad they’re coming back to Phoenix in 2021.
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Overall a pretty average show and definitely doesn't reach the same heights as some of the more well-known Summer '97 shows. That said, it still has some groovy moments and some good jamming. The Gumbo and Antelope are not to be missed, and the Twist delivers some weird sounds late in the second set.

First set highlights are definitely Gumbo and Ghost. Gumbo brings the out that distinctive 97 funk sound early in the show and paves the way for the rest of the jams. Ghost is solid, but not nearly on the same level as the Lakewood or Denver Ghost.

Second set opens with the now rare Olivia's Pool before dropping into an extended and frantic Antelope. About 20 minutes in length, the buildup in this Antelope is wild and frenetic. It dissolves in a pleasant Wading before the final big jam of the night in Twist. Weird and dissonant, this Twist is very unique sounding. A solid -> Taste as the jam meanders and then some standards to close out the show. Page's solo in Coil has some cool and haunting moments. Overall good show, but overshadowed by the next night for sure!
, attached to 1997-07-29

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Theme From the Bottom: They loved this tune so much back in 97. Played it exceptionally well too. This is a rocking way to get this show off the ground. Trey gets some nice effects working before Page starts pounding out the ending refrain.

Beauty of My Dreams: Standard.

Gumbo: Trey’s staccato picking starting at 4:07 is sick – especially with Mike synced up tightly with him throwing bombs down! Trey shifts his tone to that signature summer 97 weirdness at 5:15 – you know the one ???? At 6:47 from Mike – this sounds exactly like the https://www.phishtracks.com/shows/1998-04-05/jam at 3:11 and beyond. Very similar! Things get very mellow in the late 10’s as Trey largely drops out. This meanders through until it ends around 14 minutes. An exceptional Gumbo! The first of it’s kind in terms of jammed out Gumbo’s and an absolute all timer!

Dirt: Super clean and crushed by Trey. Exquisite.

Sparkle: Standard.

Ghost: Goes along as you would expect and then in the late 12’s is cleared for takeoff as Trey guides the band into the stratosphere, the hose is in full effect here people. Gorgeous, repetitive theme is realized, and they capitalize on it in spades. In the early 14’s Trey falls back, and this gets quite ethereal and slides ever so nicely into… >

Swept Away > Steep > - Standard.

Loving Cup: Standard.

SET 2: Olivia's Pool:

Run Like an Antelope: Things take a turn for a quiet and introspective sort of jam in the early 8’s, very different for Antelope. Trey hits an eerie, scratchy loop in the late 9’s and it sounds like they are about to take you through something dark and intense. Quite the opposite, actually. This takes its time but works its way into an upbeat, major chord groove. By 12:30 this is more or less back in familiar Antelope style jamming yet still with a hint of that major chord stuff, thanks to Mike. Things are getting extremely awesome in the late 13’s as Trey is really ramping up the tension. An enormous, wall of sound emerges out of all this and then an orgasmic peak – just unbelievably nuts. Phish at their chaotic best! All timer for sure! >

Wading in the Velvet Sea: This was need after that face melting Antelope, great placement!

Twist: This starts getting very cool in the 9’s. Very dark and choppy. Wind is really picking up on the tapes. This jam gets very dark and dissonant in the 12 minute range, not one for the faint of heart – only for the seasoned psychedelic warriors, lol. Picks up a heavy metal, hard edge at the 15 minute mark. Page trying to lift the band out of the murky depths in the late 15’s with some beautiful runs on the baby grand, Trey finally gives in around 16:15. This gets absolutely beautiful!!! Extremely difficult and well executed segue into… ->

Taste: Never saw this coming, that was very cool! Trey’s tone in the 8 minute range is very interesting as he is just crushing the solo. Ferocious Taste, blistering as hell. A must hear! When you think they are done – they go for it AGAIN. Just bonkers! Another all timer!

Sample in a Jar: Some of the best group vocals I have ever heard in this tune are from this version, they sound GREAT. Trey can’t seem to get in the right key for a while as the jam starts. There is a huge cheer from the crowd in the early 3’s. It made me search the reviews on .net, saw nothing that would indicate why this happened. I then checked out https://phish.net/review/archive and sure enough per one review it seems a fan got on stage during Sample, and everyone went wild. >

Rocky Top: Standard.

The Squirming Coil: Not standard! Page and Trey funk up the solo until 7:05 when Page opts for the baby grand, super cool! Page’s solo is a must hear. Lengthy and especially in the early going, sort of atypical to my ear, almost minor key I think?

ENCORE: Possum – Are they teasing something in the intro? Either way it sounds great. The very beginning of the jam sounded sort of atypical to me, very cool as well. It quickly settles into your typical Possum jam.

Replay Value: Gumbo, Ghost, Run Like an Antelope, Twist, Taste, The Squirming Coil

Summary: Set one is short but delivers two outstanding jams! It must have been a windy evening as that is very noticeable on the tapes in many different songs unfortunately. Set two has the big guns as well and please don’t sleep on that Coil. Phish.net to my ear has this rating completely dialed in at 4.259/5 (139 ratings). Stellar show – the first of five at this venue in Phoenix.
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