Divided Sky and Mike’s Song were aborted due to sound problems. The first set then ended early so that the crew could fix the P.A.. More problems arose during Sparkle, which was subsequently aborted. Trey asked the crew to turn the monitors around so the band could play through them. While they worked, the band told jokes. Trey even asked Fish to tell the Prison Joke but the sound was fixed before it actually happened. The jam out of Halley’s included a First Tube tease. Weekapaug included On Broadway teases.
Jam Chart Versions
First Tube tease in Halley's Comet, On Broadway tease in Weekapaug Groove
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer European Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by Capricornholio

Capricornholio PA problems bailed Trey out of what has to be one of the worst Divided Skys ever. And (sorry Trey) he started fucking up before the PA did on that one.

Other than that, it boggles my mind how underrated this show is. Show me another show with two 20 minute jams in one set that scores below a 3.0 average score. This "second set" is nothing short of amazing. Killer Jammed out Halley's, and an all-timer Mike's Groove with a great Mike's and a cool Weekapaug (complete with On Broadway jam) sandwiching a transcendent Simple that runs the gamut from blissful Simple jam to ambient atmospheric to uptempo rock and stretches for 24 minutes. Even GTBT gets a little extra jamming.

Don't blame Phish for the PA problems, this show is a winner.

4.25/5 grade A Phish
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO Awkward and anti-climactic for a European tour closer. The Halley's comet is longish, like 20 minutes and Mike is laying down this evil ominous backbeat while Trey messes with delay loops. Listen to this show if not just for this.

The AUDs of this tour are phenomenal! If you are in the fence about AUDs look into these for sure. I wouldn't trade mine for nuthin'. Of course, I taped em'. ;)

3 stars. Not Grate, not bad. Listen to the Halley's and the banter.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten I thought I'd chime in seeing as a lot of the reviews are negative and this show has a low rating due to the aborted first set. There are still some strong jams here that are definitely worth your time. Halley's is the epitome of mellow 98 funk. Trey keeps it pretty low key but I like what I'm hearing. Around 12 minutes in he drops the First Tube lick over a year before Phish ever played it. The jam eventually ends up in some Star Trek territory. Mike's and Weekapaug are standard for the era, but that means pretty good. They play Simple in the middle of the Groove and it drifts into ambience but brings some heat starting at 15 minutes. This segment is totally unique and the highlight of the show. Fishman brings back the First Tube beat for awhile and all is glorious. You should probably also listen to the Mike's from the first set for some context.

Also, the night before this an exceptional show (better than this one for sure). Tweezer, Drowned, Hood > Izabella. If you're reading this and haven't those, then good God, go for it right away!
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by zarathustraz

zarathustraz To the best of my knowledge, the melody Trey finds towards the end of the Halley's jam will emerge at least two more times in '98. In Phish's next show in Portland, 7/15/98, their first American show of the tour, this melody will be integral to the jam that follows Horn; and we'll hear it again in the jam that follows NICU on 10/30/98. There may be other renditions of this melody, but those ones are for sure.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by Lucyspaw

Lucyspaw The last show of their 98 Europe tour had a few glitches to say the least. There were issues with the venue, which I don't think had seen anything like a phish crowd come through. I'm not sure they were prepared for such a thing. I heard some fans complaining they were raising drink prices as the run progressed. Then on this night the sound was going really bad. At one point they even tried playing with just the stage monitors. On some down time I remember Trey and Jon joking with each other, Trey even said, "Who's the guy that like to hang out with musicians? A: The drummer" ba da bump. I think Fish responded with something like "How do you slow a guitarist down? A: You put sheet music in front of him." Eventually the problems were worked out and we were treated to a rollicking second set. After the show I ran into Mike and Page outside the venue. A young woman was showing Mike how to do some dance there in the street. Eventually I slipped off into the Barcelona night. The next day I took the train to Sitges and met a couple of other phans from Lawrence, KS. Great time and my first trip to Europe!
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by User_35532_

User_35532_ Look, yea, set one is kinda a wash, but come on, if they had ONLY played this Simple and nothing else for this show, it’d still be at least a 3/5. Don’t miss out on this show, this Simple has that special sauce that meanders like a lot of the Europe 98 jams do, but has several different passages that develop into some amazing music and is a jamming style they don’t really run with for the rest of 98. The Mike’s Groove surrounding it is slick high energy type 1 playing.

Then we have the Haley’s which is again type 1, but is a long drawn out cow funk groove and peaks well.

Listening in on tape, this is closer to a 3.5-4/5, depending on if you can just get over the abbreviated length (which should be easy since there are plenty of other shows to listen to afterward).

I get it, tour closer, technical issues, it was probably a bummer to be there, but look at how they made the best of this show and what they managed to salvage. This is sitting at a 2.8 right now, putting it in league with Vegas 04, that ain’t right. Everyone should check out this set 2, it is still very much worth hearing.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by theghost

theghost My mind is also boggled that anyone would single this show out as a stinker. Even a bit boggled that the Halley's and Mike's Groove (the Simple in particular) aren't beloved, hall-of-fame tracks.

The DWD to kick it off is no slouch.... perhaps not fully loosened up for the head of the song but I've heard lesser Disease jams exalted by the "sophisticated" phans. But yeah, the rest of the abbreviated first set is simply problem-filled. Feel free to skip.

The Halley's is one of the greats in my mind. I remember when I first heard the version from 11/22/97, I was startled but thrilled to hear the jam not take off like a rocket ship (the traditional plan), but instead jump off a cliff and free fall into an abyss. This one is similar....it falls down into a relaxed trance-dance kind of groove that I'd think would appeal to the modern fan. I love this version.... it's right there with 11/22/97, the Great Went, 8/3/98, and 12/7/99 to me.

As others have noted, the Simple is as good or better than the Halley's, but the Mike's Song setup is really nice too. The Weekapaug isn't super special (although I like the On Broadway breakdown part) but the suite as a whole is also right there with many highly regarded Mike's Grooves. Ok, the Sample>GTBT is pretty mediocre by the standards of the day and not a very strong finish...some demerits there I suppose. I like Brian and Robert. This isn't a particularly special version and I could understand fans being underwhelmed by the choice for the encore if it didn't go into a quick but excellent Taste.

I don't know... I suppose the Halley's and Mike's Groove are the only essential tracks, but you've got over an hour of ELITE Phish right there. Plus about 20 minutes of DWD and Taste that won't disappoint either. FAR, FAR from a bad show. Don't overlook!
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by Culture_Czar

Culture_Czar This is a show I'm unlikely to ever revisit again, especially in full, but not because it's a bad show (I've definitely heard way worse.) The PA problems are obvious and terrible and distracting. It's distracting on headphones and I'm sure it was a nightmare for the band, but they valiantly pushed through anyway. The loud pops from the PA impede on more than a few songs and I just can't see going back in on this when there's so much excellence out there without issue. That said, Trey bombed on Divided Sky badly. Like sooooo badly. When the wrinkles get ironed out it goes off pretty well, but given how good the rest of this tour is (especially Prague 2 and the Copenhagen run and Barcelona 2) I just don't see returning here.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by bdubs

bdubs I was soo let down by this show. Divided Sky was aborted but right before that, Trey flubs worse than I ever would want to hear...painful. The sound was messed up and it never was perfect. The venue sucked and Phish really started to show their not so smooth side during this tour. I was definitely not so stoked for the US shows after this run. Luckily Phish brought their "A" game when back in the states. This is one of my top 5 least favorites. Would have been better off hangin with Spaniards doing something Spanish...I suppose. Sorry if this is negative. You win some and lose some.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by conradjohansen

conradjohansen Must hear 20 minute Simple and Halley's with a First Tube jam and some awesome banter with the band taking shots at each other.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, FRIDAY 07/10/1998
Barcelona, Spain

SET 1:

Down with Disease: Tons of sound problems before and a few more briefly in the intro, big popping sounds. This DWD is a smoking Type I that they do finish.

Dogs Stole Things: Popping sounds in the intro. Standard version.

Divided Sky[1] - Trey has flubs that start at 2:37 that go until about the 3 minute mark. Some of the worst flubs ever from him. They stop playing at 3:44 as they are overwhelmed by the sound issues.

Mike's Song[1] - You can hear just how frustrated Trey is when he deep sixes it all to see if the techs can fix the problems.

SET 2:

Halley's Comet: More pops 1:20 into this one. This is a very chill jam, groove oriented with all four parts being equal. The loops Trey set up the beginning roll through the entire song. The First Tube tease comes into play at 6:42 on the Jam track on the Phish.in source. Pretty cool considering it obviously had not even been played yet. They shift gears in the late ten minute range – a sparse ambient jam comes into play. Tons of room to stretch out in here. Trey and Fishman ramp up the tension big time at 12:15 with Trey putting a heavy metal feel into play, but this is brief and then the song ends. Would recommend this version, would be a great jam to chill to late at night as you are drifting off to sleep.

Roggae: Standard >

Sparkle[1] - Aborted, Trey says he can’t deal with the popping again. He says they will play through their monitors, turn off the mains and this will have to be a quiet concert. Better a quiet concert than nothing. Then the joke telling begins, funny stuff.

Mike's Song: Solid, one jam version. They took out some of their frustration in this one with some aggressive playing. >

Simple: At the 12 and a half minute this one breaks into Type II territory. Deep space! Very heady territory. This lasts for about three minutes – the crowd gets a clap along going and this seems to spur the band into action as they get things ramped up. This theme from Trey – I know I have heard it before somewhere, but I cannot place it. Not a tease, but another jam I have heard from Phish before. This is super sick! This goes on until about 5:15. The heavy metal low key groove continues to progress and evolve. Fishman is incredible in the last couple of minutes of this and he is a guiding force in getting this one to segue eventually into Weekapaug. Don’t let the track listing fool you though, this is still the Simple jam until 1:45 into Weekapaug. Would highly recommend this Simple. I feel like it flies well under the radar. Couple of reasons for that – this show is underrated because of all the issues. Number two, it doesn’t have one big signature moment or climax. But the body of work is undeniable with tons of greatness throughout, 24 minutes’ worth. Great version!! >

Weekapaug Groove: Standard version other than the On Broadway stuff that starts at about 9:15.

Sample in a Jar: Standard >

Good Times Bad Times: Standard.


Brian and Robert: Standard.

Taste: Rare placement, only the third time in the E slot, all 1.0 versions. This is a strong Taste.

Summary: It’s really too bad they couldn’t have gone to the monitors only solution much early. A lot of time was wasted but what are you going to do? Halley’s is very good and Simple is an all timer. But outside of that, tough way to end the tour. Would agree with the current rating on Phish.net of 3.046/5 (66 ratings).

Replay Value: Halley's Comet, Simple

[1] Aborted due to loud P.A. problems.

Divided Sky and Mike’s Song were aborted due to sound problems. The first set then ended early so that the crew could fix the P.A.. More problems arose during Sparkle, which was subsequently aborted. Trey asked the crew to turn the monitors around so the band could play through them. While they worked, the band told jokes. Trey even asked Fish to tell the Prison Joke, but the sound was fixed before it actually happened. The jam out of Halley’s included a First Tube tease. Weekapaug included On Broadway teases.
Your rating:
Overall: 3.046/5 (66 ratings)
Halley's Comet, Simple
First Tube tease in Halley's Comet, On Broadway tease in Weekapaug Groove
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