Undermind and Antelope contained Stash, STFTFP, and How Many People Are You teases. Disease was unfinished. Light included a Linus and Lucy tease from Page and a Manteca tease from Trey.

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Debut Years (Average: 2000)

This show was part of the "2015/2016 New Year's Run"

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, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by User_27592_

User_27592_ This show is criminally underrated and is a result of people rating setlists rather than the actual playing.

First set Stash>Undermind (yeah, it should have an >) was as good of first set playing as there was all tour. The Wingsuit was slow but Trey's solos were beautiful. And it was an incredibly tight Antelope to close the set. Straight forward Antelope but really well played.

The DWD is an animal. It does not get the credit it deserves because Mike was ready to go deep and Trey ripcorded into Dirt. I admit, that sucked. But we're spoiled. it was already 15 minutes of bliss before that AND I love Dirt.

Halfway was Eh, and it was a pretty unspectucular Theme

But that Light. I'm gonna be honest. I do not like Light. never have. But that song made a believer of me. Listening again now as I right the review. I'm not a review guy, but that Light compelled me to tell the straight story of a show that was rated too low. It was also an above average Fuego and a pristine Slave.

What do you want people? That show was fire
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by wombat26

wombat26 My 5th show, great time as always. Nice, laid back show to follow NYE.

First set-Stash is always nice to hear and this was a great version. The Undermind tease fest got the place going crazy. Wingsuit is a favorite of mine, and this version smoked. The Ocelot jam was fantastic. It was a perfect song to complement the laid back feel of this set/show. Lawn Boy is always fun, and my first Antelope to close the set was as awesome as I was hoping for it to be.

Second set- DWD got the place moving again, with a hot type 1 jam before dropping to type 2. Like many, I wished it would have kept going. Dirt is a nice cool down song, just came too early in the set. I have no problem with Halfway to the Moon, but I wasn't of fan of this placement. (Wish they played it in the first set and switched it with stash or Undermind). Nicely played though. No complaints with the rest of the set. Big Theme fan here, so I was happy to hear that. Light was probably my highlight of the night. This was my first time sitting in front of the stage at an indoor show, so watching the lights during the jam was absolutely breathtaking for me. Fuego was its high energy self, until the outro jam. This brief jam blew me away, I didn't want it to end. I could see Slave coming from a mile away, and Trey killed it. The glow stick war that broke out near me was equally as impressive. Great way to end it.

Encore- I love Farmhouse. Say what you want, but as the post show music over the PA would say, "Always look on the bright side of life".

Great night. Though not as good as night 1(my other show this run) I still loved it. Thank you Phish, see you this summer!
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by Tubular2001

Tubular2001 This show had a dynamite 1st set. "Heavy Things" brought some fire from Page, "How Many People" ROCKED the house and the ("Stash", "Undermind" < "Rift") segment was incredible! "Ocelot" and "Lawn Boy" were nice surprises and Trey always shreds "Wingsuit". He definitely didn't let us down. "Run Like An Antelope" was a scorcher of a set closer. The teases in both "Antelope" and "Undermind" had the crowd going nuts. Front to back, epic set!!

Set 2 starts off strong with "Down With Disease" < "Dirt". Nothing out of the ordinary as far as DWD jams go but it was still 15 minutes of some tight, blissful jamming from our boys. Gets a little funky for the last few minutes before they kick into Dirt which was nicely placed and beautifully done.

"Halfway To The Moon" and "Theme From The Bottom" were next and I can admit they both didn't go as far as where they've been taken in the past, with Theme definitely being the tighter of the two. Here's where things seem to get debatable among the community. I can see the argument for the songs being oddly placed or jams being weak but I think the band simply decided to go a little soft for Set 2 and certain fans got pissy about it. In the end, Phish can take songs/sets anywhere they please. After such an insane 1st set, The DWD was 15 minutes of face melting goodness. What more do you need people?!

Anyway...Light was very enjoyable and shouldn't be overlooked. The jam switched from funky to jazzy to ambient, back and forth often. It was hard to tell where they were going with it but the mystery kept you stimulated. Towards the end, I was feeling the funk coming on (as did Page since he seemed to go to clav) but the boys quickly went into "Fuego". A song with so much potential for epic jams but this one ended up staying pretty conservative. The Fuego jam did end up in the arms of "Slave" which is always a nice set closer. "Farmhouse" encore is a sweet tune to get for those searching for it and I think it reflected the overall vibe of the 2nd set. Soft, chill. I was craving another encore tune but it is what it is!

The band was not off, no where near it. There is so much beauty that shouldn't be overlooked in the material they chose for this show. This night was fantastic and will be underrated for years to come.


Set 1 - Undermind > Rift, Run Like An Antelope
Set 2 - Down With Disease > Dirt, Light

Special Notes:

5 Album Title tracks played: Undermind, Rift, Lawn Boy, Fuego, & Farmhouse.
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by TwiceBitten

TwiceBitten I thought was the tightest show of the run. Sure, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tunes of set two are maybe not what you would have wanted to hear in those slots, but this show contains plenty of standout versions and quality improvisation.

The first set of this show was my favorite of the run. Fireworks go off early in How Many People Are You. I knew we were in for a fun night when this tune briefly went type II. Up next is an above average Stash, a fun and tease filled Undermind, probably the tightest version of Wingsuit to date, a very well played Ocelot and an above average Antelope. A lot to love here.

Down With Disease to start the second set is it's usual jammy self, then come three songs with nothing out of the ordinary. I like all three tunes, so no real complaints from me. I've been coming back to this Light about as much as any other jam from the run. Totally effortless stuff here. I really like the sound Phish is working with here (and in Chalkdust, No Men, Blaze On, Tweezer and Hood from the other nights). They played some other types of jams this run but these one's stood out to me as good pictures of where Phish is at now and possibly where they are heading in the future.

I digress...This version of Fuego is another standout. While not in the upper echelon with the two Philly, SPAC and Portsmouth versions, this sits nicely beside the quality non jam chart version from Seattle for going a little bit outside the box.

Walking out of the show I remember saying that people would not like this one but love the next night with Tweezer and YEM (easy calls) and that definitely seems to be the case, but the way I see it is that this MSG run was a nicely wrapped gift for the fans. All four shows are thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

What a great year. Thank you Phish!
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer In the grand scheme of things (3rd show of four in the run, show after NYE) this was a very solid show with some very inspired moments. Stealing Time felt like an appropriate opener as the 1st "time" themed song for the 1st day of the year. Heavy Things was well received. It was my 1st Mike Gordpn penned How Many People Are You live and it rocked. The rest of the set was on point, an inventive Undermind, the best I've heard live since the epic Dick's '12 version. Rift was its usual fun self. Wingsuit, one of my top three favorite new songs of the 3.0 era, was my favorite song of the set, Trey simply slayed it followed by Ocelot, a very strong version but quite frankly I was expecting it as I wore my Ocelot shirt to the show, just had a feeling. Lawn Boy into Antelope was fun and entertaining in their own way.

DWD galloped out of the 2nd set starting gate and I embraced the Dirt/Halfway To The Moon, the former being another old favorite and the latter being another of my top three favorite new to 3.0 song though I can understand comments as to where they were placed in the set/show. A nice Theme segued into a Light that covered a lot of musical ground. I also totally welcomed the Fuego afterwards which was quite a bit jammed out then two more beautiful songs, the set ending Slave and the show closing Farmhouse.

Not the best of shows but certainly to these ears one where there were still many redeeming qualities to make it worth attending (from Undermind on in the 1st set and from Light on in the 2nd set) and I for one was glad to have been in the building for it. They had one more night to go and therefore paced the show and the run to reflect it. As I only attended the middle two shows I knew and enjoyed what I got, with the knowledge that Saturday night was probably going to be the blow it out night of the run, which evidently from most of my friends it was.
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by RickyBobby

RickyBobby Thirty some shows later, this show, my first show, still stands out in my mind. Not only was it my first time seeing phish, it was the moment I decided "yes, I will spend stupid amounts of money to see these guys all around the country."

The first set has a tight stash and undermind. But the highlight of the show, without a doubt, has to be Antelope. The Stash teases and Stealing time teases Trey sneaks in there are sickkkkk.

The second set has my favorite slow phish song in Dirt. Theme, Fuego, and Light were also pretty nice.

Moral of the story, Check out this Antelope, forreal.
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by strutyerstuff

strutyerstuff This may have been the weakest show of the run but the undermined was dirty and really enjoyed the tease fest, that disease>dirt was pretty blissful and the light was as per usual on point, overall still a strong show IMO. Could've definitely used an extra encore song, the standalone farmhouse definitely hurts a bit, but as the one reviewer said, making pancakes on the day after, Phish was absolutely the motivated friend. Just not strongest of the run.
, attached to 2016-01-01

Review by Runaway_Sean

Runaway_Sean This show lacked energy throughout, besides antelope, which is always fun but predictable. When antelope comes out...you know it is then end of the set. I wish they'd mix it up a bit and take some songs to type two that are generally type one (like the caspian from magnaball).

They could have saved show if they had gone from teasing Manteca to actually going into it during Light - that had be very happy to see.

I'm not hating on the band but the energy wasn't there. For some reason Trey doesn't like to get weird at MSG...the last real distant jam was 12/28/12 Tweezer which was beautiful.

By FAR the worst show of the run. Quite possibly the worst show I've seen IMHO but my unconditional love for them remains.
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