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Review by Shadowfox0

Shadowfox0 please release this show as a soundboard show I have many reasons but one is ummm it is 1998 so almost every show is worthy ok that is weak as a reason
better reason is The Lizards my favorite song ever was played to perfection
another reason PYITE opener is almost the best opener ever followed behind Wilson and YEM and Golgi Apparatus and 1999>2001
Enough silliness this show had my almost favorite Esther of all time and that song is a rarity and I like her better than all the girl bitches (yes better than FEE and REBA and SING MONICA (the slut we all know from college) not maybe quite as good as Tela my girlfriend is Amanda and Tela but Reba and Esther are close seconds wait does that make me a pedophile i hope not she dies anyways so statute of limitations grew out on charges for being the Armenian man that killed her w that voodoo doll of mine. . .great epic version of Esther BTW spoil alert in 2000 Trey's birthday SHE DIES!!! SHE IS DEATH SHE IS DEAD!!!!

Ok now onto serious shit
Make this a real release because yes it is 1998 and all shows from that year should be but i regress and i admit that is true but not good enough reason what makes this show even in the best year ever UNIQUE? The Wizard of Oz not played like the other ones like the If I Only Had a Brains and Wanna Be Like You btw those make sense and are fucking awesome mostly the monkey song in 1994 was hilarious and works as a Fishman Vacuum song but when they then made Dorothy and her Ruby Wave Slippers into a farce like the Sci Fi Soldier album i called bullshit and did not like it It is what Trey says in Bittersweet Motel direct quote Rock and Roll on a certain level is a bunch of BULLSHIT but music is NOT music is the real it is the realist thing in the world to me And i agree with you Trey but you also love Rock and Roll Gags and the song Cover so i have to call half of what you say is lies bullshit on you there because that is a MORE reference to your love of using Rock and Roll to your benefit when it suits you and then making fun of sell out bands like Green Day and Kid Rock when it suits you and i get it I hate Rock and Roll too but then why do you cover a song w that exact title so very often You have to ask yourselves these questions as growing men in the faith and married real men and I respect you guys you have been together the same original members for 40 plus yrs now whotf does that except the Stones and I hate the stones minus 4 or so good songs Torn and Frayed Loving Cup Satisfaction and Shine a Light on us Jesus i respect you both and i only respect bands like you as much as maybe The Smashing Pumpkins (the best GRUNGE band ever fuck Kurt Cobain and Eddy Vedder they know nothing of Halloween pain) and Radiohead Nirvana Foo Fighters Pearl Jam Eric Clapton Bob Marley Tori Amos DCTalk Third Day Caedmon's Call i bet no one reading this knows those last 3 because no one loves Jesus Leaving Chicago Anymore not even Phish after the MET in 2019 they fell away from the faith after Covid and so did my sister a so called Christian so i dont blame you guys

This SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW alone is the reason i want you to make this a live release It is the only sweet guitar solo melody version around The rest are Fishman doing a wonky bullshit drum solo mixed with vaccum garbage making fun of Dorothy and OZ and Judy Gardland and i get it she became a barbituate freak but Trey became a Heroin Cocaine and Alcoholic freak around this time from 1999-2006 so be humble and stop making fun of Good artists like Trey and Judy and Elvis and Johnny Cash yes JC and Judy Garland died of Barbituates and Elvis Dies of Heroin on his toilet in the 80s but Trey also could have I started seeing Phish live in 2003 and i hate to say this but high as fuck works for a while until you burn out in 2004-2006 I loved the early days too and it all falls apart because you are addicted now not to music anymore but Rock and Roll and Satanic lies called being a Opiate Drunk nightly till the drugs and alcohol stop working and you split up your band and blame it on an opera singer saying it is self righteous because the best artists stop at the pinnacle high of their careers because she never wanted anyone to think of her as anything but that sweet angel that she once was Trey has never spoken about that Opera singer he talked about on Charlie Rose Gee I wonder why One Charlie Rose turned out to be a freak pedophile that loved underage woman and lured 18+ girls to his apartment w no clothes on after a shower and said if you want a deal cuddle and suck my cock. . .wow Trey please pick interviews better after being sober because you and Rose were lost in SaTANIC LIES You guys should both be in hell but luckily and gracefully and there is no such thing as luck so you are blessed Trey and Charlie is CURSED by his lies I wanna hear more though about your bullshit half lies about why you never stopped at the height of your career based on this song bird angel that says i never want them to hear me as what i now am because i am not what i used to be What a crock of shit release this show it is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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