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Review by spreaditround

spreaditround Carini: Can’t ask for a better opener than this! Standard and properly raged.

Sparkle: Not a bad place for this. Played well too.

The Sloth: Very cool, love it here in the three hole of the first set!

Maze: Momentum continues, and intensity ratchets higher. I love Maze in this slot. Very sinister, evil loops leading into Pages opening keys. Trey’s rhythm playing really pushes Page to extend his part and it works very well. Trey’s solo – interesting sounding effects at the beginning. Works well, very well. This is Maze has some length to it so kind of early on Trey throttles down a bit and plays around a bit. A good bit of trilling – impressive. Trey’s guitar is LITERALLY screaming at 10:46-10:58! First peak is exceptional, there is a second peak, and they build for one last peak but their seems to be a miscommunication here. Oh well, that was a massive Maze with that I would be happy to revisit.

Guelah Papyrus: Good stuff, nice playing by Trey throughout the lyrics, tasteful, subtle licks.

My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own: Show is really quite old school at this point. Picking and grinning.

Sample in a Jar: Old school continues. But first set is very first set at this point, know what I’m saying? Trey’s solo has some mustard on it. Cool continuation of the end that segues >

Rift: Old school first set! Trey is sloppy @ 2:51. Huuuuuuuge cheer at 5:15 during the pause before ‘And silence contagious in moments like these’. Crowd just loses their mind, from anyone that attended – what exactly transpired to bring such a visceral reaction?

Sleep: Hard for me to sum up in words how much I love this tune. Most would say this placement is not ok. I love it after that huge crowd reaction in Rift, think it’s a perfect compliment. But the tune that comes after it needs to be sharp… >

Prince Caspian: Now this placement? Yeah, not a fan. This would need to be an amazing version for me to justify where it sits and the fact that it did in fact close the set. This is a solid Caspian but to close out the first set, I feel like this does not suffice.

First set summary – Super solid, old-school set. No complaints outside of the closer.

Boogie on Reggae Woman: Pretty interesting that two of the best versions of this tune happened on the same date – this one and Chula from 9.18.99. At just after 9:00 this one settles down and meanders towards funky town. Mike and Fish really do a number on this segment, Fishman especially – total superstar. Great runs! 11:41 Trey starts something that you will hear later in the tour in the 9.27.00 Piper – its brief but it’s there and was heard earlier this tour, just cannot remember in what right now. ->

Twist: The segue into Twist is outstanding and originates from a wall of sound and effects familiar to that signature 99 Phish sound. Spectacular! Fishman does what he can to push this jam into a more upbeat tempo at 7:20 and is mostly successful. Page gets very jazzy at 8:20 on the baby grand, not something you will hear often in Twist – check this out. Things are getting mellow again in the early 9:00’s. The wrap up starts around 10:40.

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters: Huge cheer for The march of Colonel Forbin - And his fleet hound called McGrupp. The jam opens up with Page tickling the ivories like only he can. Crowd is restless/obnoxious – tons of yelling and whistling. Trey starts adding color around 7:20, Mike too becomes more prominent, and this is sounding fantastic. This is definitely Page’s jam as he leads the band through some truly beautiful areas. At 9:20 he begins to guide the band back into the song proper, but they are really taking their time with it. 10:01 and they are certainly back into normal McGrupp territory. Fish crushes it at 10:18 and the triumphant close begins albeit with a minute or so of space added in. Huge applause for this masterpiece.

Halley’s Comet: Just a straight ahead rager for 10 straight minutes – no subtle nuance to this one – just in your face rock and roll. Trey walked off as the band continues to play for a bit. Per someone that I trust that was in attendance and close to the stage, Trey took a glowstick to the face, hence the walk off. Who can blame him?


Axilla: More rock n roll, baby. Standard rocking Axilla, cool choice for the encore. First time ever played in the encore slot and only twice ever (11.21.09)

Taste: Only the third time played in the encore slot, and this is the last time they have done this as of the writing of this review (9.18.22). This version while solid does not have the full body of work as a great version although the trills at the end are sweet.

Second set summary – 4 song second set, that just does not happen very often. The Boogie On was great, Twist was solid, McGrupp was brilliant as was Halley’s. The encore selections were rare and well played sending everyone home on a high note. This show is above average for sure. It’s not a great show but it sure is a very good show. I would rate this as a solid 4 out of 5.


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