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Review by s1177375

s1177375 Not sure why this one got such a great review Not the 4.0 rating of god were they in my opinion more like a 3.5 show-but I didn’t really do it justice I only talked about the first four songs and then I went to sleep the beginning did not rivet my mind that’s for sure or keep my attention so I drifted off but today I listened to the rest of it and that Trey 2 note tease two different guitar notes from Camden n3 teased it during Meat and again during Twist and that was fun because that harkened back to the best show of the tour last nights tour at Camden. I did love the opener and I like doing a billboard top number one song from the 60s that nobody knows NOW but everyone knew then that’s a really cool idea and it was a quirky song so it fit phish repertoire very well and I’m sure the lyrics were meant for somebody in the audience they doesn’t like or something I don’t particularly like the lyrics myself because I can’t relate to them I always want to kiss my wife and I will never stop loving her and to stop loving doesn’t make sense to me so I don’t like what the song is about but I love that they are still doing covers they can do covers all night as far as I’m concerned because I’m tired Of certain songs specifically Julius character zero bouncing around the room poor heart friends not singular the plural from big boat lifeboy bug death don’t hurt very long basically Any song that is anti-God or atheist stick or agnostic in theme the only anti-God song that I love and I actually do love is Olivia’s pool that is a great funk song and I just tolerate the lyrics because it rocks so cool-and a few others I just would rather never hear again time turns elastic that can go to nowhere land like Friday they need to take the Friday jam the guitar solo at the end from 12 2803 in Florida and just do that by itself without the beginning four minutes then the song has potential but otherwise shelf the fuck out of it not even Texas deserves that crap OK so back to the show specifics the AC/DC bag had a very nice opening very mellow it reminded me of the Nutter Center 97 version the only song that got me really start being interested was meat meat was a great version so for me to start the show started with meat that’s where the energy actually got good there was a really big flag during both mama dance and Phoebe and because feed and have a jam at the end like it did 69 2009 in Camden you never made up for the lyrical flubs Trey just said fuck really loud and it was they were just off tonight I don’t know why people think this was a good show they were not in their element they were nervous and fucking up all over the place the bathtub gin was the highlight of the first set the walls walls always rocks but this Walls wasn’t anything special neither was the bathtub but it was the best thing in the first set well actually home was the best thing in the first set it had a I think the first time they’ve ever jammed it and you can jam anything they did it with lawn boy which really surprised us and now they did it with birds of a feather finally home wasn’t by no means 20 minutes long but it was really fun so I will only remember home from the show the down with disease was really really good but it almost always is fuck your face is obviously going to appeal to the crowd but it wasn’t a great placement and it wasn’t anything special because it was in a bad show and the Harry hood was great but short and sweet not expansive opener or ended parts I like they played the whole SASS I have a softspot for that song I thought it was gonna be the last set song I ever heard when they broke up 2004 And the first time I ever heard it at Camden the 30 minute version blew my freaking mind. So a recap home and meet and bathtub that three song chunk is worth listening to the downward disease is worth listening too and first tube is always amazing but the encore sucked and I know I love fee but it was a bad fee all in all I do not get the fish fans this time do not understand where they’re coming from Just because it’s a SPAC show doesn’t make it great automatically if they are off their game. Ummm they pissed in our ears tonight bittersweetly lol. Still waiting for a Dont you want to go >let’s go opener


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