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Review by EvenCarlSagan

EvenCarlSagan Well, as I set down to write this tonight, (everything's still alright) my pad is very messy, got whiskers on my chin.
And but so, here I begin:

As we rolled in early to the big city in the afternoon yesterday,
the rain was just a bit light...& misty
& like,
stuff & things.

I'd felt that after a bit of a nap, I'd trek on out & check out Shakedown St. (or whatever the kids are calling it these daze).
Only about 6 vendors were set up that early, so I headed back in & to my room at the Riot High-hat Place to nap some more.
(In all this round-space dust-rock of a world, only my cat, Ms. Carly Sagan likes naps more than I)

Made it out again an hour later & was happy to find a "Trey is my baby daddy" lighter/leather case.
2 of these were purchased & I was set.
Everything was indeed right, so far.

Just before heading into the Allstate-Rosemont Arena to see the best band in the world, "The Phish From Vermont", we had to get some more presents for a friends B-day gift bag.
(I lost a brown beanie trotting across the parking lot - non-illegal ground score for somebody, pre-show..or trash can. I didn't litter! It was lost!)
The big old Tarjay had your average Chicagon wondering around in a circular hypnotic maze, just like The Phish From Vermont Fall 18' T-shirt would have printed on it. That dude in sunglasses with the X-Ray skeleton hand.
We would soon purchase it among other wares, from the official vendors inside.

I tried to buy the poster also, but my wife wouldn't have it.
She thought it was ugly.
I think I did too, but I didn't care.
Wanted it anyway.
Poster tubes banned or no.
My old Grateful Dead buddy, @Vegandad1969 had already got his framed after going to the Friday show with his family,
& I knew I could not be outdone by that louse.

Speaking of great peeps, I got to hang with my super cool .net buddy, @Cohron1 before the show even started & it was a blast, as it always is when meeting up with other .net friends that you've Pm'd with over time, yet never met "IRL" (Whatever that is).
I'll never forget a year ago when he sent me a ton of his old live audience Phish cassettes outta the goodness of his heart. Way cool dude.

So,the show..
It was a blast.
I didn't make it to either night 1 or 2 & it's a bit of a shame, because this run has things in it that compliments back & forth, each of the 3 nights.
@Kipmat & @Missblue75 did do all 3 & they did it right!

Fortunately, for me & my wife, they chose to rage with us this Sunday night & we were honored to share in their vibes w/nearby-personal-space vibrations breaking the speed of light-sound with dance moves unparalleled by your ave. dude or dudette.

Meanwhile, I was texting frantically w @MShow96 trying to relay how the Pleroma was here & now & everywhere (but especially here) because, like...the whole dualistic-dualism-cosmogony was bringing me down..(but my fingers were not working right). It didn't go thru.

I'd been hyp-motized by @kipmat's high Phish Wisdom.
Thinking of how there was gonna be no way in Gamehendge that any of these 3 shows were ever gonna end up in his "Underrated" thread, my mind was spinning & my vibes were not yet chill. I almost had The Fear.
1. Everything's Right
It got it going - the previous 2 nights had already let us know this, but playing it in the opening slot cemented that fact.
I hadn't read the news of the day & didn't know of any tragedy in the world.
I was only being there then.
Being here now for that matter,too.
Doesn't mean I don't care, but time & space have their place.

2. Destiny Unbound
I look over at someone & they are pointing at me. I point back.
I had my @DaleCooper original "Looking For Owls" shirt on (which got many compliments that night, along with my new skeleton-sunglasses scarf that I was going to give to Mike,if perchance I met him on lot) & all I can think is, "this is not my Buffalo Bill.
It is Jill &..Highway Bill".

4. Miss You
So,my wife whispered (didn't quite chomp) in my ear that this brought down the high energy vibe too soon (or something like that) & being my wife, she is Always Right (because I'm not doing that anymore).

But these songs that do mean something to us & the band need to be played sometime.
We need to have faith in the band.
So I did. And it payed off.

I let myself reflect, & in that moment pay respect in my thoughts to the many loved ones that have passed away these last few years.
By the time "You're everywhere" was sung, I thought of how even my previous pets can be seen in the faces & mannerisms of pets that are now in my care today.
How the glance of a face on the street of a random human jars me into thinking I just saw my grandmother who passed this last year. Or my dad 10 years ago.
And my conviction that it is true:
Just go back far enough in time & we're are all eventually related to each other & most likely, all really just "One".
What else would we be?
Say we get hit by a previously unknown,uncharted asteroid tomorrow.
The physical earth would be gone, but what of the spiritual earth that remains in this space?
We're Every-when-where & we're also Every-One.

5. Heavy Things
Hey, I missed this song earlier. Description not needed^
Time is not running backwards is it?

6. Petrichor
I knew somewhere inside that with the rain, this tunage would be played.
Phish,why you be so predictable sometimes?
I love ya anyway. Great Prog-Jam!
Is it Nektar influenced at all?

7.I Always Wanted Page To Want It This Way Because I Would Always Love Whatever Page Wants To Do & I Would Dance My A** off, How About You?
Astounding treat. Do NOT miss.

I'm not really all that into numbers, but that was number 22, I believe.
Earlier,my wife mentioned that she saw this cute older couple in their 70's, or maybe even 80's up behind us.
I looked for them again after this was performed & couldn't find them.
Really wanted to see the reactions to the Barber Shop Quartet Aquatic Craniate Animals singing this to us all.
Another treat. No tricks involved.
We think one person is old & another young, but in the cosmic framework of things, we're all relatively the same age now, alive & breathing on this earth.
Go back a few hundred or thousand years & there you'll see "old people".

Set break was weird.
I don't remember it & I might have got naked.

7.Buffalo Bill
Nope. Something else. I made @Vegandad1969 super Jelly 'cause he ain't got no Carini yet. Ha! Louse!

8.No Quarter
Place melted into a Zepp-Page mind warp
& Tool couldn't even match this.
Dark Phish.Screaming Phans (thought I'd never type that)
& magik of the next level.

9. I'm tired of numbering things now. Maybe..
Cities > Gotta Jibboo > Twist -> What's the Use? > Twist was gooey sticky (like the beer on the floors that were keeping me & my peeps from dancing & from tying my shoes) & also, it was just like the best cat meme you've ever seen.
Sorry,feeling Narcissistic again. I'll get over it soon. Send me vibes.

10. Shade
Song is Gnostic AF.
Performance was nearly flawless.
Check it before you wreck it & don't hate it or even rate it.

11. Plasma, Character Zero
ENCORE: Fluffhead
Just gonna finish this little piece of gonzo-garage philosophizing review by saying the 2 top performances were these last ditties. Which two?
Halloween will be crazy as I'll get out.
Expect the unexpected & or an Ohio Players album.
Maybe King Tuff's, "The Other".
I don't know.
I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Appy polly loggies for misspelled handles,memories & nudity.
Have fun.
Rage on until the dying of The Light.


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