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Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed First show at MSG tonight. Great seats and GLORIOUSLY GREAT tunes.

White Winter Hymnal. Cool. Debut. ACapella. Powered Donut plug. Breaks the "S" streak for BD S1 Openers. Fun!

CTB. Finally!!!! Where have you been??? You always sound so splendid. Locked in. More fun.

My Soul. Great version! Better than S1 opener in Pittsburgh. MSG is bringing these guys to a stellar point of precision.

Roses. F yeah! Jam that shite!!!

Very Long Fuse. Jam even more.. grind up your jam... eat it real good... and keep eating more jam because it just tastes so good.

Gumbo. Set breakthrough #1. There's not alot of versions that top this one. I mentioned precision before.. now add it the deep dark delicious funk to go w it. Must listen... Indeed.

Yarmouth. We love funk and jams.. More please.

Pebbles. Another unburied gem coming out at the right time for all to appreciate. Pebbles got a bit nasty too like everything else since Roses.

Farmhouse. Another first ever (CTB, Pebbles). Farmhouse and Pebbles give this audience all kinds of breathing room for the masterpiece to come.

TUBE. Holy wtf moley. Gumbo built a bridge and Tube just knocked it down with 2 big axes. Oh, and throw a couple drums and all kinds of keys in the mix and destroy any other jam in S1 tonight, which is not easy to say (I really love that Gumbo, but goodness gracious that Tube was fn good). A phenomenal S1 closer that is every bit as good if not better than PittCaspian last week in the same roll.


I think for anyone reading the setlist on paper needn't be too concerned about length of jam or song. I'll try to be brief if I can (no promises).

Carini. Welcome back to MSG, Pete. We much like it when you get mean and jam a lot. And downright lumpy.

Mr. Completely. I was at the Pittsburgh show last week when this monster was revived and had the dust and cobwebs removed. It emerged as the beast most of us know that it is. Not everyone yet, but most of us. I cannot truly express how surprised I am that I heard Phish play this song twice in one week (let alone 15 years!!!!!!!!). I loved the Pittsburgh version and always will. This one may have done more in less time. And there's that precision again.

1999. This set cannot get more unpredictable. Seriously. I mean I know there's the "line in my pocket reference " but did anyone remotely expect this song to (basically) last about 15 minutes? I don't think they took it for such a ride in the glory years. But why not now?!?!? WOOOO!!!!!

Steam. Deep. Dark. Spooky. Funky. Darker. Darker. Jam away we go!!!! Beat Steam ever.

No Quarter. More darkness. Crazy good jamming abound with this version also getting best ever nods. Boys won't quit.

Zero. Some people who just read this on paper think "maybe Phish phoned it in tonight". Au contraire mon frere. Zero has always been a great damn song and this version absolutely slays. This building just exploded with sound, lights and happy phucking faces (or phaces... either way).

Encore give us another fun debut/powdered donut reference and the cherry on top for a top to bottom exceptionally well played and performed evening for all involved.

I loved last night. I love tonight. Why do I have to choose? Really, I don't. The Golden Age of Phish is here (and that's even before they wind up playing a 20+ minute Golden Age at some upcoming BD show).

This is my favorite show I've been to and I could not have enjoyed it more. Thank you Phish team (crew included) for doing an amazing job and giving me a true MSG first memory to remember for a long time... Indeed.
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