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Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam One of my favorite all time jams in this Ghost. I particularly love this jam because it contains two distinct sections: hose and funk/rock. This jam really has it all and features patient playing, interplay, exploration and HOSE.

Live Phish timings-

Post composed jam:
3:38- Band drops into jam. Page on clavinet, Trey with some flanger effect and wah, Mike with a clean sounding thumping bass and Fishman on a straight ahead hi-hat rocking beat. Trey noodles around for a bit with Page layering and Mike showing some great patience.
5:30 Trey settles on a lick and vamps on it for a bit. Page answers with a synth straight out of a spaceship, sending the jam into full funk. 6:30 is all Page, with Trey answering with some delay loops and wah scratches.
7:00 Gordo plays a beautiful bass run that goes a bit outside and seems to signal movement from the funk vamp, to a more direct jam sequence. Trey starts to play with more direction, Page comes in with the grand piano but plays the same type of building lines.
8:00 Gordo does something with his bass that builds the tension and creates a wall of sound. Awesome line.

8:30 Trey hangs on a note and modulates the jam. Mike and Page immediately follow suit and Trey hops back on the whammy. This is A+ communication and listening by the band members.
9:31 After playing around a bit, Page pulls together a line with Gordo that really shape the future of the jam. Amazing patient playing by Trey before he jumps in with a melody. Fishman also gradually opens up his hi-hat adding to the "wall of sound" that is slowly being created. The modulation to major is creating a blissful sound that, as I said, is highlighted by the bands patience in reaching this point. What ensues is the definition of HOSE/BLISS JAM/FACEMELT.
11:30 The effect Trey puts on as he trills his line of notes is juxtaposed well with Fishman's splashes and Page's rapid playing.
12:20 Trey lets out a signature fall '97 high sustain. The effect he has on his guitar here is beautiful.
13:00 This segment here is the highlight for me, Gordo drops a bomb worth of destruction, Fishman answers with a bouncy kick drum beat.
13:40 Trey takes off the effect and backs down to a crunchy distorted riff. Once again, A+ communication as the entire band follows suit immediately.

14:10 This Gordon bassline will destroy you. Jam moves into a second segment. This second part of the jam is groove based and a nice comedown
15:54 Trey and Fishman lock up perfectly here as Trey lays down some scratches and Fishman destroys his splash cymbals.
16:26 Trey unleashes his guitar screaming melody and Page switches over to the grand piano. Fishman and Mike lock up immediately.
17:11 Trey lays down an effects laden chord and the jam kinda stutters for a second. Fishman is still destroying the drums with his fills and Trey goes back to the wah as Gordo thumps a neck braking bassline. Fishman switches around his beats going from ride to cowbell.

18:00 Fishman lays on the cowbell beat and him and Mike lead the come down part of the jam. Page comes in with some funky dancing on the clavinet(?) and Trey comes in with a noodley melody high up on the fretboard. They do some playful playing 'outside' but remain in a funk groove.


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