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Review by Halleysphun

Halleysphun Well Pholks, I'm soo happy to be posting this review. After a great 3 day mini run, and my first back to back to back shows(since the 90's, and at different venues) I am so convinced that Phish are, completely smokin hot!!! I'm from Ohio, and Ohio got some serious love on Sat, and Sun. I'm posting only 1 review of the Blossom show, because in my humble opinion, that was the best of the 3 shows(for me!)

KDF> Pretty good opener, Trey did some pretty hot jammin' at the end of the song and it was very..bouncy :) , but it brought on a hot atmosphere and the crowd was sooo loud!! I knew we were in for a treat..

Guyute!! > ..was beautiful!!! I love this rare treasure and was so pumped to listen to the whole band gel, and as they did moving through this song I once again started to feel this would be a tough set to predict and that feeling of 'anything is gonna happen now' really set in and my phish 'o meter hit high gear with excitement!

Fuck Your Face > Always a fun song, feel spoiled since I heard it at Alpine 10' and now again, but I remember how the band played that night and they were feeling it now..

Foam> I thought this was very well executed, and the randomness was great ..Mike really started popping the bass here..phish o meter getting higher!!

Ocelot > Love this instant Phish classic song..great bump 'n groove dancing jam..

Rocket > dippin into the Little Feat catalog again was a great time!

Back on the Train > Pretty good groove, great to hear, I like how they extend this song since it first came out and love how it went right into

Guelah Papyrus > Paige was really hitting the keys hard and shined through this one..love that guy!

Tube > Great jammin vehicle and nice pickup of pace from the 3 previous tunes..felt the Antelope comin on..felt again like I was at Alpine last year...

Antelope! > GREAT version, check this one out..Trey really starts having some show phun hear, both vocally and with that guitar that seemingly always can 'sing'!! (Guyute, Antelope best set l highlight for me)

Set ll

Birds of a Feather> Great opener, haven't heard it in a long time..and Trey put some serious noodlin' in this one...he sounded great and I was pumped for set ll

Possum> The best Possum was the blossom possum! I love this song live, always so much fun and not only did this not disappoint. Trey was jamming hard now and the band seemingly melted and blossomed back up, in absolute perfect sync, jamming..then melting..then blossoming ..then melting....into..

Steam > .unsure for about the first 35 seconds then that bluesy beat was moving me right along..looking forward to this jammin vehicle moving forward..loved it and love being there for a great 1st time song treat!!

Piper>....when the steam lifted the Piper was calling..and it was a great setup..loved the transition and love Piper..but the Piper was really summoning someone I haven't heard from, but hold near and dear to my heart in every way...

The Lizards!!! > I phreakin love this song with every once of soul in me. I immediatley had goosebumps while the band led me through the forrest..there was one cool breeze that hit me, right when Trey hit the melody and I just wanted to burst out of my skin with happy joy! Paige once again had me playing air keyboards(which is much harder then air guitar :) and Trey was perfect..this was a great group effort..Fish and Mike were brilliant and I loved hearing one of my favs at my home venue..you all know how good it feels to get it at home like that!

Sneakin' Sally> When it first started, the first few notes sounded like a tease from 'Back to Ohio'..but oh boy, this was def. a highlight for me..Mike was 'Slappin da' bass' hard and Trey jammed and just kept groovin and poppin through the end or the Blossom Jam..the band was having fun and the crowd was phreakin goin nuts!

Harry Hood> Have Mercy> Harry Hood

..nuff said..I have been waiting for Phish to have more segues and last year they didn't have many at all..I love, love, love when the boys transition and leave to play another song and pickup where they left off..this was magical..and Mike was awesome poppin again..Have Mercy was well played lil tune back into Hood..this will leave you feelin' good folks!!!! Real good.

Character Zero > Harry dropping right into Character was such a big boost and it was a perfect fit..one high to another...this is such a great rockin' tune...I was goin nuts with goosebumps again, and I knew how good this show was cause I was still stuck thinking about the whole second set and my head never really caught up with what was goin on and I was stoked!!! ...'These things are true that I forget..but no one taught that to me yet', and it was totally OK!!!!!! :)

Encore: Slave to the Traffic Light

I love the way Fish brings you into the song..he's such a good drummer..this was beatuiful..Trey was def. getting tired, but I can't say anything cause I was so tired from dancing and dripping sweat..I have NO IDEA how these guys play so flawlessly for sooo long and have the stamina they do. I am so impressed with them and proud to be a die hard fan. I'm honored to have seen such a show and the memories that Phish have given me over the past weekend will continue to inspire me to ..I don't know..just inspire me period! ..maybe to get more tix to another show!!! I loved the shows, I love Phish..THANK YOU!

Phish O' Meter for this show = I didn't know, I was that far gone!!! yeeehaw!!! :)


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