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Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez falling after a pretty sharp show, us fans were expecting serious fire works on this middle night of the 3 night deer creek stand. they got most of the farm house stuff out of the way the night before, so it was time to dig deep tonight!

yamar: this was a very nice chiller opener, like ctb the night before. trey had some nice little explorations on the back end of this yamar.

the moma dance: this upped the funk factor a peg. it feels really well following yamar.

uncle penn: turning the vibe on its head, this classic bluegrass tune was well-received. they nailed it.

drowned: here we go! the first jammer of the night. they rocked this one out and started to get into a weird funky jam. i looked at my buddy and said sounds like santa cruz 94 chalk dust and....

chalk dust reprise: it was the 2nd run through the 'ol chalk dust reprise. many did not spot those, but the ones that did couldn't believe it.

chalk dust torture: of course, after the reprise, they have to absolutely bury chalk dust. trey blew the roof off the pavillion. good version.

theme from the bottom: this chilled everyone out a bit without letting the quality of the music drop a peg. good version. the whole band meshed well on this take.

cavern: great way to close out the set.

set 2

2001: many had the dwd/2001 debate for a good minute before fishman kicked into 2001. this was a good solid version. page came out of the gates strong. i can't speak for the rest of the crowd, but everyone in the lower pavillion was in the hot night of phish zone from here on out.

dwd: those that were pulling for the dwd opener got their jam next. this one really took off quickly and about 15 minutes in they hit a nice little groove. trey starts hinting around moby dick for a minute before everyone else catches on. fishman, of course, was the first to really jump on it, then it was go time!

moby dick/dwd: they did a full on take of moby dick that caught this crowd completely off guard. after a decently hot drum solo the boys slam this one back into the closing section of dwd. as that fades out a bit...

runaway jim: trey was gassed on this one. the "song" portion was played with a lot of energy, and you could tell they were looking to jam on this, but they did not take this one out to far before arriving back into...

moby dick: uh oh, was this going to be one of those sets... sure looks like it.

gbott: at first, i was bummed to hear this one. i thought it was going to be a momentum killer, and i was getting a little sick of hearing this one all summer but they surprised me. trey starts throwing some pretty hilarious moby dick lines in the middle section of gbott. the gbott guitar effect was used and the moby dick lines just sounded hilarious

harry hood: time for page to lead the fun! right after hood intro is played, page starts hitting some really funky moby dick/clavinet stuff. this hood really takes off, occasionally dancing around the moby dick theme, but with some really nice jamming along the way, this one finds its way to the typical land of you can feel good about hood.

character zero: this song annoys the piss out of me, but after such a hot set, who cares?!!!


1st tube: pretty straight forward until we begin recapping the nights fun...

moby dick: of course, we have to do one more!

chalk dust reprise: this was complete with some pretty funny trey banter about those that missed anything need to see the movie. some believed this meant a deer creek dvd might be on the way, but alas, never to be.... not to mention i didnt see any cameras. that's neither hear nor there, good way to cap off a great night!

set 1
drowned>chalkdust rep>chalk dust

set 2


this is one of the best shows i've seen them play. very good night. unfortunately, it left a lot for the 3rd night to live up to. the '00 deer creek run peaked right here. the first set of the 3 rd night was great, but the 2nd set really peters out after cross eyed.


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