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Phish's Costume Is Exile; Nye Is In Miami

For tonight's second set, the band will perform the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. Playbills are already being distributed on site. The song database is being populated with the new songs (Loving Cup and Sweet Virginia have been played previously), and complete song histories will be posted within the next week or so. The same Playbill also confirms that New Year's Eve will be in Miami, FL, as suspected by many since early June. The Exile set will reportedly feature Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (horns).


, comment by Hendrix_Phishinfloyd
Hendrix_Phishinfloyd The more and more that I hear about this phest I am kinda glad I didn't get to go.. Not much of a fan of The Stones, and I'm hearing reports of some small (compared to Coventry) issues on-site. I'll listen to it from the comfort of my IPOD. Still good to have you back, Phish!
, comment by poster
poster This will be dank. Can't wait to hear it.
, comment by Tburk8386
Tburk8386 Why would the build all this hype and then just lack lusterly announce the album. There is a catch something will change. Plus with the exception of a few highlights,that isnt even a great album!
, comment by kevinAreHollo
kevinAreHollo ^agreed. give me 'black and blue', 'some girls,' or 'emotional rescue' over that any day.

prediction: phish IS the new rolling stones.
, comment by FluffheadWasADan
FluffheadWasADan That's fine if you like your smacked and freebased out of their gourds Stones Records. Exile is sick, just look at all of the heavy hitters that were part of making that record. Billy Preston, Dr John, Graham Parsons, you are right, not that great.
, comment by tarodave
tarodave Trey and the boys are back to their old tricks again playing crap. Of all the albums they had featured on their web site why would they choose that one. Hubris and arrogance. Oh by the way, EXILE is not very good, and Phish's interpretation of it, did nothing to improve it. What a wasted opportunity.
, comment by rbosco11
rbosco11 Hendrix and the people complaining...

I am not the biggest fan but I also have my share under my belt (i've been to 87 shows since 96 and I have been to all festivals since the Clifford ball). I've been to several NYE shows, hampton and all that stuff we know...

This festival + halloween run (yes, they put both together) was amazing. This is the first time we had a 3-day festival also, if I remember correctly. It does not top Florida, in fact nothing ever will. If you were there, you will prob agree w me.

The album covered was awesome. The Stones is the most classic rock band and Phish nailed the album in a 2hour set. Get a copy and you will be listening to it day and
They nailed every note. It was epic. the crowd went crazy and the vibe was amazing. This was a great choice for the scenario.

As for the festival, not sure what you are hearing, but security was super easy going (despite what people tried to put on the web), the crowd was selected since a lot of those "techno lovers" that hang out after the shows in the east-coast didnt make it here...the grounds and structure was 'off the hook', the venue speaks for it self...

The logistics was amazing (no traffic, no problems what so ever, no missing songs due to parking lot issues, etc). The weather was beautiful - perfect actually, under the californian sun. this was an overall great festival and very special. Much better than It, conventry (well, these were both weak compared to the ones from previous years...). In addition, i believe the total number of attendes was around 45,000 which is amazing for a festival!!!!! It made the site so clean, relax, and good to be around. A lot of people, but not overthetop.

Phish delivered an amazing album (cover) a lot of great songs, and all their heavy hitters:, free, yem, fluffhead, reba, 2001, mike's, tweezer, slave, jim, antelope, ghost, bowie, hood, golgi, etc etc etc

Furthermore, they also played an acoustic set where the entire crowd sat-down on the floor for the first 1/2!!! everyone was relaxing and enjoying the sun after a long crazy and amazing halloween night! Epic! Great festival Phish! Thank you so much!!!!! The album was a great choice and you guys f..n' nailed it to perfection! Could not have been any better!

All 3 nights for 200 bucks, also!!! You guys know it!
, comment by Scott
Scott I wasn't thrilled about Exile compared to most of the other choices, but dang, they nailed it, they just hit it out of the park, followed by a killer set III, this was a classic show. I don't care for the "Phishbill" -- I wish they'd keep the surprise under wraps and publish their liner notes after set II -- especially considering the way-cool montage that introduced the Halloween costume set. I was somewhat disappointed in the selection, but it was awesome, a far better show than 1998. I'm not sure the phish sets reach the heights of 94 and 95, but Exile will probably end up with Remain in Light as the most successful costume sets ever.

Hubris to cover the Stones? What did you think about the Beatles and the Who? Doesn't that kind of close the circle there with one double album from each of the 3 greatest rock bands ever? Hubris? Read the Phishbill... this was done out of respect, not hubris. If the set had fallen flat, it could have been lame, but they crushed it. I don't own a single Stones album, but I know a band in the zone when I hear one. Naysayers stand down.
, comment by jugglerswithfire
jugglerswithfire I actually am not a big Stones fan myself. I had never listened to Exile (and still haven't listened to the Stones version). This imho is the beauty of Phish. Being able to add two beautiful soul singers and horns, learn a double album and execute such beautiful music was something I will never forget. Watching them then the next day get stripped down to their barest bones acoustically really provided the full spectrum and rejuvenated my heart and soul
, comment by freakwentphlyer
freakwentphlyer Amen Rbosco11 and Scott! This night was epic and while it was not my first album choice and I had never even heard the Stones album, I knew they were firing on all cylinders. They blew me away. The energy on the polo grounds was amazing. There were smiles all around and why not? The band was playing their asses off and backed up with a smokin horn section. And some are upset they announced it on the playbill? Seriously, how long did we wait for this? I've read bitchy comments from fans about the whole "map" fiasco and how they were pissed about "baby games" the band was playing and now there are some pissed about them revealing too early? Apparently they can't win. Fickle fans.

As for the venue, it was amazing. Period. Even way out in the field, the sound quality was fantastic. And as for the fest in general... security? Please. Each time I entered the venue, some dude tapped my torso 3 times and in I went. At the main gate they didn't even open our luggage. When they asked if we had glass bottles and we admitted we did, they let us go anyway! "Put it in a cup" he said. At my campsite I was surrounded by people from L.A. with weed from clinics and they smoked constantly. On Sunday fest security rolled up on us on horses while we were smoking a joint and reminded us to drink water and apply sunscreen. They didn't even blink about the joint. My only complaint about the venue at all is that it was so big that we had to hike a ways to get to the port-o-potties. Everything was a huge walk and there were lines everywere but really... for a fest this was about as good as it gets. "Naysayers stand down" indeed. Naysayers should cower. Phish busted out an epic show. Unlike anyhthing any other rock back could attempt. Cya at Fest 9!
, comment by mgouker
mgouker phish comes to Florida when I'm in Brasil. LOL. Oh well.
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