Jam Chart for shows in the city of Denver, CO (17 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1997-11-16 Farmhouse Denver, CO 5:26 Debut features Page deploying the now familiar watery keyboard effects he would use for most of the '90s, while Trey briefly shows off his Hendrix-esque skills in a culminating trill.
1997-11-16 Timber Ho Denver, CO 16:17 Long intro to this big Set II opener featuring a jam that begins in typical "Timber" style, then shifts to delicate and serene major mode playing in the final minutes. Unfinished with a -> to "Simple."
1997-11-16 Hood Denver, CO 17:55 A remarkable version in which the band repeatedly tests the "Type I" boundary after 12:30, with Page in particular altering the harmonic underpinning several times. Closes with a truly magnificent peak and > to "Izabella."
1997-11-16 Bowie Denver, CO 17:32 Nice old fashioned "Bowie" that breaks free in a few spots and is flush with tension and dissonance.
1997-11-17 Tweezer Denver, CO 16:00 Very popular version, but check out the highlighted versions in this table if this version does IT for you (especially those in fall 1997).
1997-11-17 Ghost Denver, CO 21:20 Raging space funk. [The expected funk breaks into fantastic and towering blissful play, then shifts to great rocking and funk-driven jamming which gradually mellows. A fan favorite "Ghost."]
1997-11-17 JBG Denver, CO 17:04 After concluding the song proper, the band launches into a high-quality jam which retains Fall 97's tone and timbre but is also a bit of a throwback to an earlier era with its spiraling, "DEG"-laced opening segment. The second half finds a space more emblematic of the tour with Trey's ethereal wah chord washes and eventually calms down, landing delicately -> "JJLC".
1997-11-17 JJLC Denver, CO 14:05 -> in from "Johnny B. Goode." Page rocks the 88s, then Trey leads the band in a blistering, intense blues fest.
1997-11-17 YEM Denver, CO 21:29 A great, unconvential YEM to be sure... but still probably the most overrated YEM in history.
1998-11-04 Ya Mar Denver, CO 9:35 A cool little jam develops with Trey plucking staccato notes, Fish rocking the wood blocks, and Mike playing way up high.
1998-11-04 Frankie Says Denver, CO 10:20 A somewhat dark and low intensity groove with a swirling sense and cool effects from Page develops as the typical "Frankie Says" concludes and -> to "David Bowie."
1998-11-04 Runaway Jim Denver, CO 11:32 Unusual, somewhat ineffable version, which features more by way of wide-open spaces than compact, in-your-face jamming. Trey's 1998 style and tone is clearly on display, and the band does eventually coalesce to enter a bit more by way of a rocking, extended jam (listen for Page's interesting, and varied, contributions) which, in time, > for "Moma Dance".
1998-11-04 Piper Denver, CO 17:40 A nice building intro leads to a hard rocking straightforward "Piper" jam until 13:40, when the jam mellows into a nice low-key and rhythmic groove with delay loops. > to "2001."
2003-02-18 Moma Denver, CO 11:34 Average, somewhat slower than usual version gives way to a hazy jam with a very "2.0" feel. There are "DEG" teases just after 9:00, which are the highlight. Unfinished, peters out somewhat blandly and -> "LxL."
2003-02-18 LxL Denver, CO 13:29 After the initial jam, this version gets very serene but is still rhythmic. It then turns a bit dark with a shift to minor key that resolves back to major key and an upbeat sentiment, ultimately building to a great peak.
2003-02-18 YEM Denver, CO 22:45 "YEM" -> to a "Lion Sleeps Tonight" VJ!
2003-02-18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Denver, CO 2:12 -> in from "YEM." A capella version serves as the vocal jam for "YEM."
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
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