Soundcheck: Percussion Check/Jam, Dog Log, The Landlady Jam > Low Rider Jam, The Old Home Place, Funky Bitch

SET 1: Julius, Cars Trucks Buses, Wolfman's Brother, Reba, Train Song, Character Zero, It's Ice, Theme From the Bottom, Sample in a Jar

SET 2: Down with Disease > You Enjoy Myself, Sparkle > Simple -> McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Waste, Run Like an Antelope


Antelope included Star Spangled Banner and Voodoo Child teases, and was dedicated by Trey to Fish’s then-14-year old cousin Jason Roberts for winning a guitar competition.
Jam Chart Versions
The Star Spangled Banner and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) teases in Run Like an Antelope
Debut Years (Average: 1991)
Song Distribution

This show was part of the "1996 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by Brandonclick77

Brandonclick77 A most excellent show and a very memorable Simple jam... it's worth a listen no doubt!
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by plaintxt

plaintxt Ah... ten twenty six ninety six. I've said those words a bunch because this was my first show. Today is its twentieth anniversary. And twenty years later, I still love this show so much. It's probably the show I've listened to the most - and maybe I have beer goggles because it was my first time but I still think the song selection and performance are fantastic.

My friends wanted me to go to 11/19/95 but I wasn't into the band at that point. It took another year, but I remember hearing MFMF for the first time and being so happy. Anyway, I went to this show with those same friends, and we had a blast. Even in the balcony, I could see that Mike was wearing bright green pants rolled up halfway. What a guy!

Lots of people don't love Julius. But I do! This is a strong version, with an uptempo driving rhythm that gets the crowd worked up right off the bat. I remember playing this version for my dad years later because I thought he would appreciate the swing beat. He didn't get it.

Other first set highlights include Reba, Train Song, and Theme. Reba has been my favorite tune for a long time. While this version doesn't have the bottom-of-the-gut antics of the studio version, it's well played and energetic. Train Song is so tender! It's fun to hear the band move from the wailing Reba climax to whistling to a quiet ballad without losing the crowd. The Theme is by no means an 11/23/97 version, but it's played well and turned the Coliseum into a fishbowl. Good times.

The second set opening DWD > YEM duo is probably the single biggest reason why I've returned to this show so often. I'm not a musician, but it sounds to me like the DWD was played in a slightly higher key than normal - especially Mike's opening line. Back in the tape days, I would rewind Trey's last solo over and over to try and figure out why it feels so right. I remember trying to explain it to a buddy "you hear that? It's like he's turning it around or something. It goes down and then up at first- but then it goes up and then down!" Yeah. I'm not a musician. But I also remember taking this tape with me when I visited a girl in France around 2001. I had met my (now) wife a few weeks earlier but had already booked this trip. On the bus ride out of town, I had the biggest grin hearing "this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way!" Also, this is how I like YEM to be played, with standout solos from Page, Mike, and Trey.

As another reviewer mentioned, this is an unusually strong version of Sparkle. Yes, it's Sparkle. But the crowd reaction is BIG.

The Simple from this show gained some attention after being released on Live Bait 8. I don't remember it that much, and that's possibly because I didn't know about Type II until much later. I do remember loving the McGrupp, and I'm still delighted that it was part of my first show. The Antelope closer is an absolute rage-fest. As evidenced by the Fire encore, Trey was pretty excited about Hendrix here. Thanks, Jason Roberts!

It holds a special place in my heart, but I also think that this show's energy and musicality make it worth the time.

Here's to the next twenty years :)
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by DaReba

DaReba First set : REBA!!! sublime Fish work than awesome type II jam. spectacular.
The boys have been on fire the whole tour. This is vintage Phish. mainly because I remember at this time each show being a real happening and reeeeAAL anticipation as to what the heck they would play. I really think it has to do with the MSG shows a few days ago. EPIC. Bar-Raising in terms of the spectacle Phish can deliver in an arena

Character Zero gets a turn for he third show in a row. for good reason. They were laying into back then. I still think they could take this a lot farther. This is a tight straight forward set I version

Five minutes into the Theme Trey changes voices and we get a real deep Theme. Fish is awesome as per '96 ( he is my mvl so far of the tour)
they lay into the set closing Sample also!

great DWD->YEM! the DWD was special at the end
Beautiful McGrupp. something happens and the crowd cheers during the middle.

waste has a very bevy psychedelic rid at the end that kills me
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay in hindsight, maybe this isn't as elite a show as others i attended, but it was still a solid performance nonetheless & quite an enjoyable evening. this might seem like an odd thing to point out, but they really nailed this particular version of "sparkle", holding it together even at breakneck pace, which seemed quicker than usual.....yeah i know, it's just "sparkle", but this version really stood out & was worthy of mention, LOL

while there weren't any segues or breakout extended jams to speak of, the playing was focused & the jamming still had many payoff moments. there's no shame in being a fan of this show, but admittedly i've been to better as well....
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround This was a go to tape for me back in the day. Not that it is a great show although it does have an all timer (Simple). I guess the sound quality of the tape and great setlist construction/flow always tripped my trigger. Anyway, on to the show…

SET 1: Julius: Great start, ripped pretty well.

Cars Trucks Buses: Standard.

Wolfman's Brother: Fish doing James Brown screeches, showing off for his cousin perhaps that was in attendance this night. The band still does not know quite what to do with this one, this was very short.

Reba: Solid yet unspectacular. Trey actually hits a few sour notes towards the peak.

Train Song: Standard.

Character Zero: Seems to have a little something extra.

It's Ice: Super creepy and Page is the leader of all that evil on the baby grand, awesome jam.

Theme From the Bottom, Sample in a Jar

First set summary: It’s Ice is sick, tons of replay value.

SET 2: Down with Disease: Absolute face melter, LOOK OUT! >

You Enjoy Myself: This one has it all, the funk and the shred. This YEM absolutely smokes, replay value for days.

Sparkle: This thing smokes and the crowd goes nuts for it. >

Simple: Live Bait vol. 8. This version is just nuts; Trey goes to the kit and Page lights it up on the baby grand. But all the crazy effects that follow that are mind-blowing, especially for this era. Whole different sound for this band. Page has a beautiful outro on the baby… ->

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, Waste, Run Like an Antelope ENCORE: Fire --- Felt like all of this as I just completed a re-listen was fairly run of the mill, standard playing. In my mind I remember appreciating the Antelope more than the re-listen provided me.

Second set summary: YEM and Simple are fantastic. YEM seems underrated and I am going to try and remember this one when it comes time to recommend dark horse versions of YEM. I would rate this show as a 3.8 out of 5.
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by tiggerphish

tiggerphish This was my 2nd show, and like the 11/95 Charlotte show, it had a good deal of songs I was already familiar with from the studio discs and Live One, and the rippin' Julius opener was a fine start. With a Reba that confirmed why it's a favorite of mine, and also It's Ice and Theme highlights from the set. Set 2 had really stout versions Of DWD, YEM, and Simple. and the usual hot Antelope closer. An excellent 2nd one for me.
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by seaorgans

seaorgans This was my first show and being an arena show, the lights remain one of my most vivid memories. I'm exploring this show again via an audience recording available on the Relisten App and

The Julius opener has a nice, toe-tapping bounce courtesy of one J. Fishman. There is a lot of energy in this version and the crowd is clearly eating it up. The CTB that follows fits nicely in this slot. I would love to see it occupy this space in lieu of Moma on occasion.

The highlights of the first set for me are Reba and Theme. Both build to gorgeous rolling waves and who doesn't like whistling!

Disease and YEM are both crowd pleasers to begin the second set. That Simple tho...this was included in one of the Live Bait releases and with good reason. If you only listen to one part of this show, this is the hot meat.

Antelope has the tension and release you are looking for
, attached to 1996-10-26

Review by wineguyjosh

wineguyjosh what an amazing show....during theme from the bottom, it seemed like they had laser-lite bubbles floating thru the the time they came out with an absolutely smokin version of Fire, I was rollin back and forth over the upper deck guardrail absolutely LOSING MY SHIT!!!!....first time I'd ever seen them and the only time I've ever seen 'em indoors....
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