Sweet Jane was played for the first time since October 31, 1998 (354 shows). After Sweet Jane, Trey informed the sign holders in the crowd that the band sees them the first time they're held up, so there's no need to hold them up throughout the show and block other fans' view. Page then dedicated Limb By Limb to the people behind the sign holders. Disease was unfinished. Sand contained Walk This Way and Weekapaug teases from Trey. During Twist, Trey said Mike's and Page's names with the letters twisted around. Gin was unfinished, featured a Twist quote from Trey, an On Broadway tease, and Trey saying Fish's name with the letters twisted around. Antelope featured Ride Captain Ride teases from Trey and Page, Twist quotes, Trey and Page saying "Marco" with the letters twisted around, and a "Marco"/"Polo" band/audience call/response.
Jam Chart Versions
Walk This Way and Weekapaug Groove teases in Sand, Twist and On Broadway quotes in Bathtub Gin, Ride Captain Ride and Twist teases in Run Like an Antelope
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "2012 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by andychatfield

andychatfield The sign that Trey took from the front row before "Limb By Limb" read "Chinese Warhol".
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez Ah phish fans... After getting ripped sideways the night before, everyone anticipated bigger and better things. As for which night is better, I probably side with the first night due to the rediculous strength of the first set, but I'm not going to argue against this show...

Set 1
Crowd control: I really don't like this song. Super cheesy. Although, it was some what fitting considering how rigorously people were being searched getting in the doors, at least at th gate we went through.

Dinner and a movie: here we go. This was a good version that got the crowd jumping.

Sweet Jane: personally, I'll take cool it down over sweet Jane all day, but hey, we already got cool it down. This was icing on the cake. Good version.

Limb by limb: this limb was solid, but the banter before was hilarious. Don't bring signs and hold them up too long, but we're going to play this guy's sign...

Possum: a solid rocking version. Many dog on possum but I'll take it. It provides trey a sure fire structure to get his blues wailing rocks off.

Mound: after going nearly 70 shows w/o a mound, I got my 3rd in 2 summers. This was a good version and everyone came out of the middle section in sync and soaring.

Life on mars: this set was starting to feel a little hodge podgey, but it was definitely high end hodge podge. Personally, I love this song, and I thought they did another nice job on it.

Mango: a solid version. Trey didn't sound so sharp the last couple times I saw him play this tune, but everyone sounded good on this take. As this one wound down, trey had a little curveball prepared for everyone...

Bbfcfm: boom... They packed maximum weirdness into this wild one. It seems they could have built on this one but they went in a different direction...

Strange design: weird choice after bbfcfm

Boaf: trey sounds very in control as they slam down a nice type 1 jam on this one. It doesn't travel to far out there, so it moves easily back into the traditional ending.

Halley's: I'm a sucker for this song. Once again, trey takes a dominating solo here, but as they are prone to do these days, they shut the door on this one rather abrubtly and go into...

Wmggw: well, if you're not going to get a Halley's jam...
This was a nice pleasant surprise and as phish does, they did this rock classic justice.

This first set was not as silky smooth in the cohesiveness department as the night before's, but it was still a good solid enjoyable set.

Set 2:
This is not a flawless set, but there is still some must hear stuff floating around...

Dwd: I always kind I cringe when this opens a second set because its become pretty predictable, but this dwd is no freaking joke. It's the best one I've seen since the monster from the creek in '03. This one explores 3 or 4 very interesting musical ideas. Also, they move seemlessly between these ideas. Around the 12 min mark or so, trey really starts wirking on a very undermind'esqe groove. I was really pulling for them to drive into it, but they move away. Right as I accepted they weren't going to shift into undermind, trey cranks up...

Sand: this sand is not your daddy's sand. In fact, none of 2012's were. Instead of gordo and fish just sitting on the beat and letting trey bury it, trey rotates brilliantly between rhythm and lead, and fish and, especially, Gordon are constantly shifting the beat. Gordon packs so many different grooves into 8-10 minutes it's insane. Like the dwd before, they move seemlessly between different ideas, and gordo just shines throughout this sand. He accentuates his bomb filled bass grooves with some beautiful flurries of notes for accentuation. This sand moves nicely into...

Twist: this twist was pretty fucked from the get go. Trey missed a verse, and then he had some word play fun. I think the lyric flub threw him off, so the twist jam just never happened. Many had visions of them pulling off another monster, being hot on the heels of the beast in Cincy, but it was not to be. Instead of jamming, they go into...

Rift: well, trey needed to hit th reset button.

Bt gin: bam!! Just what the doctor ordered. Only the 3rd 3.0 second set gin. They quickly move away from the typical gin formula into some very thick "storage jamming." Gordon and fish have some heavy stuff layed down, and trey and page really get something going here. It sounds like this could be heading into gorge rock and roll territory, but it slacks for a moment and trey pulls the cord.

Now, in the realm of phish, I try to focus on what is and not what could have been, but this jam kills me. Maybe it was out of gas and trey wanted to pull it before that was evident, but it seemed if he would have held out a bit longer, this gin could've been an all time keeper. Either way, trey, in what was a pretty smooth segue, moves into...

Fluffhead: well, it's played a lot, it killed the gin jam, but I love this song! They put a lot of fire behind this super sharp version.

Ride Cpt ride: this is a nice rare score and I liked the somewhat odd late 2nd set placement. It went nicely with...

Antelope: the deer creek antelope returns!!! They didn't just play this song at every creek run from '95-'04, they ripped it. Sadly to many, the deer creek antelope had yet to pop up in 3.0. This was a good solid version with some nice ride Cpt teases. Sure, it's the second time in 3 shows I'd seen a 2nd set close with antelope, but fuck it... It's antelope!!

Cavern: well, I thought it was going to be another standard enc but...

Sanity: good version. Funny placement. Love it!

1st tube: phish closes the creek run down rowdy style. Not my favorite tune but it does the job. Beats another loving cup...

All in all, a damn fine night of phish. Dwd->sand is a fantastic 1-2 punch. Sure, gin didn't do what I thought it could do, whatever that means, but it is a nice departure from the norm. This is another sharp 2012 performance making the deer creek run a strong candidate for 2nd best run of the year... Behind dicks, of course.

Set 1: sweet Jane, life on mars, wmggw (yeah, cover heavy)

Set 2: dwd->sand(must hear!!), bt gin(very interesting and worth checking out)
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by DiscoEyedUch

DiscoEyedUch got laid after this show
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by PhishMarketStew

PhishMarketStew 22 debuts in Noblesville and just enough jamming to satisfy mostly evryone. this show doesnt really stand up to night 1 as far as i can hear. i almost wish they'd save some of these bustouts and spread em out over a longer run of gigs. we probably won't see alot of these bustouts again on tour this year and it seems like there getting played just for the sake of it. the 2nd set starts off really well until Twist gets ripped for another 2nd set Rift. Everyone chases a 2nd set Gin and when they tore into the opening of the song I was sure that we were about to get an amazing Gin. but instead it got the treatment that Hood's been getting with an unfinished ending and an abrupt > into Fluff. I don't really understand the decision to play the shortest Gin since probably around 93' but it didn't work for me like the unfinished Hood's have. other than that head scratch er the 2nd set is pretty damn good. Once again we get another fun filled Antelope and another well crafter and unpredictable encore. phish has been crafting the best encores of 3.0 by far this year, maybe ever. Still, as usual, phish gives us over 3 hours of music, showing extreme dedication to their fans in the midst of filthy filthy heat out there in corn country. Ive seen a dozen bands this year who are 20 years younger than phish and barely crack an hour for complete showtime so the best ticket in music didn't really dissapoint when you put it in perspective. Alpine Valley should be off the daisy chain.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by MyPhriend26

MyPhriend26 This was yet another great show at Deer Creek. It would be worth 5 stars if the first night hadn't been better.

The first set through BBFCFM is perfection. They really took their time and played everything very well. I was a bit disappointed that both BOAF and Halley's had almost zero improv. I love the placement of those two songs back-to-back, but they both felt a little rushed.

The DWD > Sand to open the second set is some of the best jamming from this tour so far. If you haven't listened to it yet, you're missing out. I do love Rift, but I thought Trey's decision to abandon the Twist jam was a little hasty.

Fluff > RCR > Antelope speaks for itself. Trey absolutely shredded the latter two, and Page really shined on Fluff.

A really surprising and energetic encore capped off a spectacular two days at Deer Creek. "I lost my mind just a couple of times" this week.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by EducateFright

EducateFright I attended this night and the previous night: my first time at Deer Creek. Though I've been catching shows since 1996, and am from Michigan (close enough), until now I'd never actually been to this venue that is so loved by Phish fans and so storied with tales of epic shows. Having heard (downloaded) some of the shows leading up to Deer Creek - Riverbend with its stunning Simple > Light > Paug, and Blossom with that jaw-dropping Golden Age > Ghost (love that haunting Ghost jam) - I was hoping that the momentum would continue to build and bubble over for the Deer Creek shows.

Plenty of Phish shows have crazy weather stories that go along with them, and one this was no exception. Central Indiana was the hottest since the 1930s, said the weather reports. As we drove into Indiana for the first DC show (which, BTW, did not disappoint), we started to experience the epic heat - we'd step out of the car for a break and come back 5-10 minutes later, suddenly realizing that we were dripping wet.
The heat continued throughout the 29th, and with greater humidity! We got some dinner before the show, and all the sudden the sky got evil dark. Soon enough it started to rain like crazy - and hail! The wind was stupid strong. BUT, soon the storm passed, leaving the air wonderfully cool... at least for a while.

Set 1. I'd never heard Crowd Control and I don't remember much about it. Then BAM, Dinner and a Movie! YES! Second song and the lawn was just RAGING. They nailed it. Sweet Jane - another song I didn't know (I snuck off to the bathroom for that one). Limb x2 was nice, and then they ripped a new asshole in Possum. Possum has surprised me a number of times in 3.0, c.f. the Blossom Possum from 2011... this one, as I recall, just ripped HARD. Great to hear Mound, of course. Live of Mars? was completely unexpected and they played it wonderfully. I'm a big Bowie fan (meaning David Bowie the musician), so I was thrilled, and really quite surprised at how well Trey nailed all the symphonic crescendos. All smiles for the Mango Song. I was extraordinarily excited for BBFCFM, as it's one of my favorite Phish songs (really!). I'd never caught it live before, and I was flipping out with plenty of happy first pumping.
If I remember correctly, the rest of the first set was well-played, but short and to the point (which has been rather common occurrence thus far on this tour... not that I'm necessarily complaining).

Set 2 is perhaps a little bit hazy for me. My buddy and I were both quite happy with the song selection. I had no idea what was going on with Trey and his mixed-up name-twisting. The whole place erupted when Sand segued into Twist. Fluffhead was tight, which is how I like it. ;)

The highlight for me was definitely the encore. Sanity? Are you kidding me? Talk about another song that I would have never ever expected! This was just so much fun. It was great to watch the huge monitors hanging from the pavilion and clearly see how sincere Trey looked as he sang the unsettling lyrics. First Tube was a great way to wrap up the DC shows, being a wonderfully energetic tune. Near the end Trey was doing his overly-excited hop-up-and-down, take-two-steps, hop-around-again thing (exactly as I remember seeing him do it from a video of the Tweeprise that closed one of the Island Tour shows from back in 98).

According the this fan, DC lived up to its reputation. I made lots of great memories.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by phloyd79

phloyd79 Just came here to say... tears streaming down my face during Ride Captain Ride, THE cover I'd been chasing for 13 years, following a Fluff taboot. Capped off with pure and unbridled bliss to finish it off. I remember bouncing up and down the aisles uncontrollably during First Tube. What a heater (literally) of a run..
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 also the two ride captain ride teases in run like an antlope were so smooth, very sick
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by Frizz

Frizz Raging Possum.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by Nova2001

Nova2001 Everything sounded great. Highlights for me were aplenty, and consider this show to be my most favorite seen of 3.0 very sick. Deer Creek is still big fun.
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by Hoffdust_Torture

Hoffdust_Torture Coming into this night I thought it was going to be hard to top the magical joy ride we got from 6/28. I would say we got another very solid performance laced with many bustouts and heavy hitters that didn't leave anyone dissapointed. The collective cohesiveness we saw from night one was left out of the first set to delight us instead with one bustout after the next. Highlights for me in the first set were Sweet Jane, Mound, Mango Song->Big Black Furry, Birds, While My Guitar.

Second set picked back up where night one left off. Out of the gates the DWD->Sand->Twist grabbed me and I found my self back on the intergalactic space ride I was on during last nights second set. Even though this Twist didn't have the layers and girth many have this tour it still was placed perfectly for me in the set. To my delight I then got 3 of my favorite Phish songs in a row with Rift->Gin->Fluffhead. Trey's crazy lyrics during Twist and Gin left a memorable uniqueness to the set. Showed me once again the band is just having a lot of fun right now. Ride Captain Ride played well to the theme of the night as bustout city. I think everyone was happy to round out the set with Antelope. This kept the party going and kept the dance grooves going.

Cavern->Sanity->First Tube finished things off in perfect fashion and ended one hell of a Creek run.

I think many left this show happy and they definitely got their money's worth and then some. Not at the level we got in night one but still left us with a lot of versions to listen back to.

Thanks again boys!!
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by sharin_in_thegroove

sharin_in_thegroove The second night of my first experience of the historical venue Deer Creek. After adjusting to the heat the first night, it only got hotter the next day (thank goodness for shakedown street for the cold refreshments).

The first set got off to a quick start with a semi-rare Phish tune Crowd Control. It was my first time ever hearing the tune, but it suffices as a set opener to get everybody moving. From there, Dinner and a Movie, which hadn't been played since the '11 UIC run in the same exact same set placement, surprised many but was a welcome addition. The elusive song selection didn't stop there with Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane being busted out, the first time in over 14 years and only the 3rd time ever.

The first set didn't end there with surprising songs; Mound and Life on Mars? were both played for the first time since SBIX. Musically, the highlights of the first set would have to be the tight Mound and Life on Mars? (thanks soundcheck), and the raging Possum.

Now for my favorite part of the show and coincidentally the first leg of the '12 tour, the 2nd set.

The musical highlights of the night all occur here. DwD was energetic and flowing. Sand was just flat out jammed out, definitely a must-hear highlight and in my opinion DwD>Sand is the highlight of the tour so far.

Twist had a clever maneuver from Trey, which broke from the usual Twist verses, that he twisted Mike and Page's letters in their names around. Twist was tight with more room to jam, although it was abruptly cut off with Trey leading the band into Rift.

The Rift was a basic one and not out of the ordinary. Bathtub Gin held a very tight jam led by Page when Trey was "twisting" Fish's name around. Although the Gin is short (only 8 mins), it is a pleasure filled 8 minutes that segues seamlessly into Fluffhead (another one of my favorites).

The Fluffhead was played very precisely and tight with little miscues. Out of Fluffhead came Ride Captain Ride, yet another rare bustout. As it was my first Ride Captain Ride, I was ecstatic when it was being played.

And to close the second set, Run Like An Antelope was a blast. With teases from Ride Captain Ride, Twist quotes, and more it's an action packed Antelope that ends with a little game of Marco Polo with the band and the crowd.

The encore was raging with an always energy filled Cavern segued into a Sanity. The sanity was insane. The band knew they couldn't leave everybody off with Sanity, so they busted right into the groove full First Tube.

To wrap it all up, the second night of Deer Creek had it all with many rare live songs in Crowd Control, Sweet Jane, Ride Captain Ride, and Sanity, jam filled ragers in DwD, Sand, and Bathtub Gin, and tight played complicated pieces like Fluffhead and Mound. The combination of these made for a great time for everybody at the show. I'm glad to be able to say I was there, and I enjoyed being there with all of you who made it as well!
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by AlumniBlues420

AlumniBlues420 Whenever I see a phish show as good as the night before (night 1) I always am so satisfied and even wondering if the band can be held up to the same standards again, but sure enough Phish manages to amaze everyone. Playing an equally awesome show night 2. 2 nights of creek are some epic shows!

both nights are a must download in my book!
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by JonBaker

JonBaker The weather was still hot as hell until bad weather moved through the area around 4, dropping the temperature around 20 - 25 degrees which made things much more pleasant to deal with. I was then looking much more forward to this show then the night before. They started off with a tune I was not familiar with, Crowd Control. Interesting tune followed by a great Dinner and a Movie. That's the first time I've heard them play this one. Then came a surprise, Sweet Jane. Another first for me. Then Limb By Limb. This tune is like Wolfman's, I gotta be ready for it at the time, other wise, a no go. I was bummed this time. Oh well, can't have everything. No big deal. Got through it, and then Possum, a crowd favorite. It picked right up from there. Then came another major surprise, Mound. I love this tune and was lucky to have heard for the first time last year down in Cincinnati. Things were starting to pick up. Then came a weird one which I'd never heard, Life on Mars? Kinda strange. The Mango Song was next which I like, followed by another strange tune, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars. This was only the second time I've heard this tune. It's an odd one, to say the least. From here it picked right up with Strange Design which a lot of people don't care for, but I do. Then came Birds of a Feather, followed by another crowd pleaser, Halley's Comet. The came a great ending to the first set, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The crowd really got into it. The second set started off with DWD. This one was a lot better than the one I heard a week before down in Cincinnati. They went into a decent Sand followed by another great tune, Twist. Then came a fast song, Rift. It got the crowd going. Then came a tune the crowd usually loves, Bathtub Gin. Another sing along for the crowd. Then came a song I didn't expect them to do since I heard it the week before, Fluffhead. They returned this song to the rotation back in 2010 and have kept it around ever since.The crowd loves certain songs and this is one of them. Once again, you never know what to expect from this group. Then came another surprise, Ride Captain Ride. Everyone loved it. Then came a closer I kinda expected, Run like an Antelope. They love to play this tune here. This is the fourth time I've heard them play it at this venue. For the encore, they played three tunes. Cavern, Sanity and First Tube. The crowd really loved Sanity and First Tube. What more can you ask for, another great run at Deer Creek by Phish. I've seen Phish's last ten shows here at Deer Creek and hope to continue this streak again next summer. Had a great time as usual except for the heat on Thursday and hope to see everyone again next summer at DC!
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by Victor_Cleave

Victor_Cleave The author has removed all of the text from their comment
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by bouncin7

bouncin7 Glad I waited 69 hours or to to comment on the 2nd set of this show. I was center pavillion by Kuroda with my brother Todd who flew from Littleton, CO. Down With Disease blasted like a water cannon right in my balls and just kept building and smacking and I recall screaming Pine Knob 6/3/11......do it do it do it do it...vibe around me was contagious JOY non-stop all ages and of course, mostly dudes, but I did meet an 18 year old cutey who said she was ready. This Disease cured sinus headaches within minutes. Psychedelic rock & roll measuring cupfulls where Trey took over taking this jam to several places around Noblesville - like in the forest when your balloon is half full or your joint is stank done made you so high, the idea of time doesn't exist whatsoever - right here, right now PHISH DISEASE 2012. Lick it up while it's here! Then SAND came and the audience erupted into a funk dance paug groove surrendering 100% to our Vermont heros. Thank you for the dance fest. As TWIST AROUND glued to RIFT, that is where I backslapped every dish soap around me. RIFT??? RIFT!!! OMG thank you! PErfect. Take me to the edge and please push me off. Ride Captain Ride filled with audience participation, entire band grinning ear to ear. SANITY did come my weigh - Deercreek 2012. First Tube Last Tube TUBE - OMG YES YES YES - hand me a towel. See you next year. Thank you, PHISH. With love ~ Thank you PHISH
, attached to 2012-06-29

Review by mmbyem

mmbyem Great first set and encore. One may look at the second set on paper and say.."What a sick set", however many of the songs were a bit rushed and felt a bit filled in for the Deer Creek event. Ride Captain and Antelpe were nice with a great encore. Highlights for me...Mound, Mango, BBFCFM, all the way through the end of the set left me NICE! Thanks again for a great summer vacation Phish and Phriends.
Hope everyone keeps having fun and the band takes a few more chances on stage. If it does not work sometimes making the mistake is the most beautiful thing! Peace!
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