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San-Ho-Zay tease in Ghost
Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "1997 Summer European Tour"

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, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks If nothing else, definitely hear this stomping early version of Ghost, which clocks in at a full 30 minutes and stays interesting for most of that time. The Summer '97 Europe shows are charming and enjoyable without exception - just a wholly different atmosphere from the band's U.S. stuff. The shows to hear first are 7/1 and 7/2, in my estimation, but as the kids used to say in my hometown, 'You wouldn't kick this one out of bed.' Y'know something? I don't *always* miss my hometown.
, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by lattenjoe

lattenjoe For those wondering, the pause/cut in Divided sky was potentially due to tech issues from the brilliant sunshower raining down on us in this partially outdoor beer garden. (Imagine old brick walls covered in Ivy, and amphitheater like canopy covering most of the stage and audience with segments open to the sky.) It was one of the most beautiful Divided Sky's I've ever seen through the droplets. Since there were only a couple hundred in attendance, we could all hear through the stage amps even when the PA cut out briefly. Train Song here was likely in reference to the debut the Summer before in Nurnberg, dedicated to the phans following the tour on the Eurail trains. The Germans had such a friendly demeanor and the promoter and his team seemed to practically be giving beer away throughout the show. At this show and the Hamburg, Germany show in particular, few of the Americans knew that if you brought your glass back to the bar, you'd get a 1 Mark deposit back. Some buddies and I figured this out early on and were gladly collecting everyone's cups and trading them for full beers in the back throughout the show!

More of a review of the scene than the music, but take it from someone who was there, this was a fun time!
, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by uctweezer

uctweezer This lackluster Piper must have had fans wondering about this new song -- it wouldn't be until Fall tour that it realized its potential. A wanky My Soul next and they've already set a "we're not in Amsterdam anymore" tone -- this show lacks the exploration and energy of the previous two nights. But the set gets a little better from here: the first and only Divided Sky of the tour is a much needed wake-up call. The pause on this recording is kind of strange. It's not clear to me if the audience was completely captivated or if there just wasn't a large crowd there (or both), because for the first little while after the pause, it's dead silent. Nada. Then the w00ks start yelling... BoMD is fine, and Taste brings the energy back up (and yes, like so many other shows this tour, Taste early in the set signals Theme later in the set). But continuing with the up and down theme that is the embodiment of the come-down from the high-flying Amsterdam shows, Train Song splits Taste and Theme (which is quite nice as usual). Rocky Top and we're missing Paradiso already (that means "Paradise" in Italian believe it or not [tongue in cheek]).

BUT! In the huddle they realize that they can still win this one, and they come out and make everyone's night in one fell swoop: a 30 minute Ghost to open the second set! They pour their hearts and souls out on stage. About 19 minutes in they shift from typical Ghost themes to an almost bluegrass theme -- replete with Ghost vocal shouts -- and then they bring it back for a sort of reprisal of the main theme with lyrics and all. This is completely awesome and highly recommended. Besides a nice Hood, that was all she really wrote.

This is the type of show that makes me wish Phish.net graded on a 0-10 scale. I have a tough time giving this show 4 stars, but if a 3 star show is average, the Ghost alone brings this above a 3. I guess I should be thankful I'm not the only one voting here and we are presented with an ensemble, as this show is rated right where it should be: 3.5.
, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by westbrook

westbrook Not a great first set, but the Ghost in the second set is must-hear.
, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Piper: Standard. >

My Soul: Standard. >

Divided Sky: Standard.

Beauty of My Dreams: Standard.

Taste: Absolutely smokes, would happily relisten and recommend.

Train Song: Standard.

Theme From the Bottom: Standard.

Rocky Top: Standard.

SET 2: Ghost: This bad boy gets into a very heady space around 15 and a half minutes. Very cool theme realized around 18 and a half minutes, for some reason – for me – it has an old west sort of feel to it – like something out of a western, lol. >

Cars Trucks Buses: Standard.

Billy Breathes: Standard.

Sparkle: Standard. >

Harry Hood: Standard. >

Cavern: Trey blows some lyrics. Shocking, I know.

ENCORE: Character Zero – Standard.

Replay Value: Taste, Ghost.

Summary: Very bland first set. Can’t blame them coming off those two nights in Amsterdam. Second set is very blah outside of that all timer Ghost. I think the current rating of 3.77 is too strong. I’m a player at 3.6 out of 5.
, attached to 1997-07-03

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ Not the party that took place the preceding two nights, but good Phish is good Phish. Trey shreds on Taste. The Ghost absolutely goes places: after over 15 minutes of your typical Ghosty goodness, it goes totally Type II and spends the back half trying on a myriad of costumes. Really fun listening.

.net says the above paragraph is not long enough to be submitted as a review, so I'll add that I got a chuckle at Trey's request to adjust his monitor levels in the middle of Character Zero. Wonder if that was bothering him all show or if someone fucked up in the middle of the encore.
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