Trey teased Streets of Cairo during Meat. Trey teased L.A. Woman during Tweezer. Trey teased San-Ho-Zay in No Men in No Man's Land. Page teased In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in Twist. Piper contained a Tweezer Reprise jam and quotes. Also Sprach Zarathustra included Martian Monster teases.
Streets of Cairo tease in Meat, L.A. Woman tease in Tweezer, San-Ho-Zay tease in No Men In No Man's Land, Tweezer Reprise jam with lyrics in Piper, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida tease in Twist, Martian Monster tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra
Debut Years (Average: 1995)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed And tonight’s episode of Don’t Miss A Sunday Show will be starring Tweezer Tweezer Repriser III .

Complaints of Phish playing too slow were quickly and swiftly answer.

Llama. Lightning Bolt opener. HUAH
BBFCFM. Smack in the mouth.. HUAH HUAH
Meat. Seems to keep getting more stank on it w each play. Saw it Hartford 16 and this version was even more scrumptious.
Alaska. If the haters come out of this show (which I doubt) just looking to pick on lil ole Alaska.. then I always tell’em to relax.

Tweezer then pops up in yet another beautifully welcome S1, and a very fine placement indeed. This Tweezer didn’t f around and brought some heavy, expensive goods (w many lights flickering and vibrating taboot). BRAVO!
> Gin. Oh of course, why would we lose the momentum we’ve had the whole set? No No says Gin... fill the tub up with lots of toys and bathe like it’s your birthday. These aren’t the longest versions of these priceless songs but like most shows this week.. very tight.
> Curtain With. A later than usual placement here but not to be outdone by the 2 songs prior. This might actually be the highlight of the set if we had to choose. It was full of them.
> CDT FTW to close S1 and rock the new top off of MPP in splendid form.

S2 was poised for something to prove after the best S1 in awhile.

TWEEPRISE right out the gate.. Welcome Back!
NMINML, a welcome jammy platform to mold the freshness of this whole show.
> Twist. 2013 Revenge Tour continues and brings the WOOOOO’s out for some fun.
Prince Caspian not a vast exploration as many of late (Pitt Caspian namely) but still went very well in this set.
> Piper (another 2013 revival) that got good, like really really good and fast, from there we got our first tease of the prise to shortly come.
BDTNL. Ladies f’n love this song. My most seen Phish tune (9 total to Ghost, Hood and CDT all w just 7) and always a complete treat.
Speaking of Hood, a standout version to bring S2 to a close.
Encore sees Heavy Things, Bug soften our hearts for a minute before an anticipated and welcome final Tweeprise. I venture this is the first time Tweeprise has begun S2 AND ended a show. Who knows.

So like 2014, another Tweezerfest of sorts with tons of substance, moments, great playing and (most importantly). FUN!

Curveball will be great for all those attending and no worries about how well Phish will play. This was the best show of the week (barely edging out Raleigh, which isn’t easy for me to admit).

Looking forward to seeing the boys next year!!!
, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by gratefulphishy

gratefulphishy Wow. That’s all I have to say. What a great night to see the P Fish.

Tonight a friend of mine that I stayed with in DC decided to make this his first show at the last second. He had never heard of phish but appreciates lots of music. I’m always kind of sceptical because let’s face it Phish is kind of an acquired taste. Yes they are the best in the world to me but without hearing them it’s kind of hard to explain them. So I was interested in what his reaction would be. I told him that he couldn’t have picked a better day being that it was a Sunday at MPP. On the way up to mpp the rain was really coming down. Not looking good for the start of the show.

We got the best spot on the lawn. Same spot I was in for the previous night. The show started right around 730 and immediately the rain had stopped.

Llama opens. Everyone in the place freaks out and gets moving. Never can go wrong with that as an opener.
Bbfcfm is next. My first one and it’s insanity. My friend thought it was a little weird but appreciated the comedy aspect of it.
Trey goes “let’s pick it up a little” then drops in on a Meat. This one is absolutely nuts. I swear everytime they play it, it just keeps getting better.
Now I’m not a huge fan of Alaska but this one was especially good. Trey shreds towards the end of the jam and my friend goes “wow this dude is insane at guitar” I said “you just wait til they drop something like a tweezer, then you’ll see”. Not even two seconds later Tweezer drops.
First set tweezer you can’t complain. Not the biggest jam but definitely worth a relisten.
Then they bring in Gin. This one is short and sweet but my god did it rage. At this point I was losing my shit. Probably the highlight of the first set. Well worth listening to.
Curtain is always nice. This one was very good.
As soon as I thought the set would be over Chalkdust comes in. Once again a pretty short jam but a great way to end the set.
First set gets a 5/5. The best first set of the summer so far. My friend was blown away at this point. The crowd was fired up and I was itching for the second set.

Tweezer Reprise kicks in. What an awesome way to start it off. Gets everyone dancing and ready to go for what was to come.
NMINML was suppper funky tonight. No huge peaks but lots of pockets.
Twist is short and sweet like most of the jams but had a impactful jam for the time.
Caspian gets thrown in. Nothing out of the ordinary and the shortest jam of the night.
Piper gets going and I knew that it would be the highlight of the set. An absolute bonkers jam that goes right back into Tweeprise. reprise of the tweezfest at MPP and everyone lost it.
They had to throw in one chomper hit but BDTNL isn’t the worst of them. A great jam out of this one too.
2001 was the best I’ve heard live. I’ve seen it a lot but this one was just crazy with the funk. Better than the Alpharetta one imo. My friend really appreciated this one.
Hood drops and I was excited. A complete bliss jam. This Hood is well worth the repeat listen.
Second set gets a 4.5/5. Only a couple longer jams but we didn’t even need it. The perfect song selection with short but interesting jams. The set is really worth listening to as a whole.

I had to dip out for the encore and I was pretty disappointed but wasn’t super bummed after only getting a heavy things and bug.

This show gets a strong 4.6 to me. Just a absolute stellar time tonight even with the rain. My friend had an absolute blast and was like “dude I can’t wait to see these guys again.” He said of all the guitar players he’s seen (Clapton, Angus young, Santana, etc) Trey was the best he’s ever witnessed. I said that’s just the magic of phish. Tonight was one of the best shows I’ve seen in person. Thanks again to the band!
, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by Koa96

Koa96 S1: [Llama] our first one of 2018! And such a treat to open the show! I was quickly reminded of the two massive banners at the SF show which had written "SLOW LLAMA" and "DRIVER"...the boys acknowledged the Driver but had to wait to tonight for the Llama! [BBFCFM] is another 2018 bust out and keeps the energy sooo high starting off, Trey even jokes that they are going to "speed things up" so they bust out [Meat] another first for 2018! and a little jammy taboot [Alaska] do we have a theme of 2018 bust outs going? YES, yes we do! And all though its a slow, feel good song, it has a great jam for mid set...and then it happens [Tweezer > Gin > Curtain WITH > CDT]...In my opinion, this has to be one of the best 4 song runs in a long time. All four songs are part of deep phish history and lore. Other than Hood (which we get later!) what else can you slot here? Open for debate of course, but for me, with how it flowed, it's top-top shelf phish. And they absolutely nail it. The WITH was the highlight for me. And that's only the end of set 1!

S2: [Reprise] as an opener! Clearly, combined with the end of Set 1, this show is reaching legendary status [NMINML] is a fan fav off the new album and super groovy [Twist > Caspian] is another epic two song run, love the placement and tightness to this [Piper > BDTNL] sets us up for a great finish and they don't disappoint with [2001 > HOOD!]

The encore had it going too with fan (and radio!) favorite Heavy Things [Bug>Reprise] to end it - WHEW!

Gotta breakdown and emphasize set 1 here cuz it's so great...basically split into twos perfect parts (1) 2018 bust outs > (2) Epic Diamond nugget of a set 1 closer with tweezer>gin>curtain with>cdt. The fact we get a Reprise opener in set 2 and so many of (my personal) favs with NMINL, Twist, Caspian, 2001, Hood...this show is easily top 3 of summer thus far.

Don't miss a Sunday show!
, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by Josh006

Josh006 Not to be overly juvenile, but it’s hard to give this listing evEn a modicum of legitamacy... “Tweezer Reprise jam and quotes”? After Piper we got more of a Tweeprise than the opener! #ThreeTweepriseNight !!!

This was noted originally, then someone caved to some couch terring haters. Least that’s my guess! Haha
, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by charleschanwick46

charleschanwick46 It was a smoker. All Night. I never took a bathroom break.

Llama got things going nicely, While going from the lawn to my pav seats BBFCFM was playing and I always like to watch the staff of the venue and see their reactions. When Meat started playing everyone started really grooving- the plaza was loaded with people dancing. It was quite a site and it was basically its own separate party the whole night. Oh boy was I glad to be in the pavilion for this night because the night before we were in Chomper Town, I try to shrug off people talking the best I can (out of my control), but N1 at MPP you could barely hear the band over the talkers.

Alaska- I absolutely love this song and it gets me every time when Trey is just rippin solos. Tweezer- Short but solid - smooth transition into a smoking Gin (Hose). Got feels in with Curtain. Then an absolute FIRE CDT (Hose X3).

Tweeprise to open S2 was everything you would hope for. NMINML - Gordo was hitting some basslines at 7:30 that got my nips hard, toe tapping stuff. Twist slowed it down a little but still hype- I have no problems with saying I like Caspian- I love to look around the room when Caspian plays and I take it all in. Piper- just when things started getting into hose territory, it was like a WAVE just took over me and the crowd, Tweeprise happened and took MPP into another universe- almost like everything you have done in your life was all leading up to that point, pure orgasmic joy- the roar of the crowd means you know that Phish were, in the best way I can describe it, hitting everyone's G-spot- serious squirting going on, ie: HOSE. They could have ended it there and I would have been fine. I really like BDTNL and thought it was placed perfectly in the set- another song to look around and take it all in. 2001- WTF- this is was down right sexy- super space funk with Mikes bass and Trey blasting off those effects that were just melting my brain, not a single person wasn't moving - DANCE PARTY USA. Harry Hood- perfect closer- all the feels, Hood will always have a special place in my heart and when executed perfectly it really rustles my jimmies, twas the case here. Solid Encore with Tweeprise to take us home.

This was a perfect setlist on a perfect night at MPP. My friend who couldn't be there said this was the kind of show why I have seen them over 250 times.

Blaze On.
, attached to 2018-08-12

Review by User_43385_

User_43385_ Is it just me or Trey teasing Everybody Must Get Stoned by Bob Dylan during Alaska from about 7 minute mark through rest of guitar lead? Maybe just coincidence but I think I heard it during the show, couldn't place it, then had to go back and relisten yo figure it out, almost like a Mystery Jam Monday.
Amazing show from top to bottom!
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